This pencil holder at my university

This pencil holder at my university


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Bruh in india ull be seeing swastikas almost everywhere lol..that fuckin hitler ruined it for us


Nah take it back! Surely if one generation can make it an absolute hate/murder sign, a few generations can undo it with a few generations of reinstating the positive background of the symbol. Also (serious question) I thought the "traditional" swastika was backwards from the "Nazi takeover" but I could very well be wrong


Okay so Swastika has been a very traditional symbol used in India and some other countries like Japan for centuries.It has to do with something spiritual and is used for good luck.When people own anything new here in India(mostly Hindus),they draw a swastika for good luck and prosperity. Now that it is represented as “Nazi” symbol by westerners becomes a lot awkward for us to explain.


Humanity can benefit from people learning the difference between the Nazi rotated clockwise swastika and other swastika symbols that have nothing to do with Nazis, that have predated the Nazis and continue to exist as the Nazis rot in the ground. Anyway, on a lighter note on swastikas while I'm here, here's a sub of neo-Nazis failing to draw Nazi swastikas: r/hailhortler


Swastikas are only racist if you want them to be


Now these are the truests words I've read in a long time


Bro it's like saying that naming your kid Adolf or Ossama is only problematic for those who want it to be I don't say all swastikas svould be removed, especially if there are ancient history, but don't be dumb


Swastikas existed in the Hindu religion centuries before Nazi Germany ever existed A religious symbol is very different from a name. If a terrorist group suddenly waged war against all other countries and they used the Christian cross as their symbol, would it make ANY sense to consider the cross racist? No, obviously not. Swastikas are only racist if there is racist intent behind them. By your logic all Hindus are racist


Bro you missed the whole point First of all, a terrorist organization has not the same impact as a country trying to conquer the world during WORLD War II. If a country or a coalition of countries used the Christian cross (like if it would be the symbol for war lmao, no one would take it seriously) as a symbol to exterminate other races, religion etc. however, I believe (it's a belief, not a fact) that the cross won't be seen as well as today Swastikas aren't racist, but in western countries especially, they have so much meaning that you just can't say "it's just an hindu symbol" as an excuse to draw, build, form swastikas if you're not even hindu




What *practical* purpose does this device have? It seems to be pretty close to the worst possible shape for holding pencils. Surely that can't be its intended use?


Same question here


It’s a pretty shit design for a pencil holder for sure. It’s only a 1/4 effective at holding pencils. Maybe the horizontal shelf was used to hold leaflets of paper for people to fill out or something.


where is the chimney?


To those like me: It’s a swastika shape




Not tilted therefore not the nazi symboo but a symbol of light in buddhism




Why not just put a bunch of pencils on the table or in one pencil cup? Maybe it's for the coronavirus and keeps the number of people who touch a certain pencil to a minimum?


It can hold up to nein packets of pencils