If any one ancient myth actually happened exactly as described, how would ancient history be different?

If any one ancient myth actually happened exactly as described, how would ancient history be different?


Most myths originate from people telling "true stories that happened to a friend". We know how accurate those tend to be, especially after someone tells the version they remember hearing. Add to that how many people believe absolutely ridiculous conspiracy theories despite having relatively easy means to validate claims. Now, let us add the fact that at that time, many cultures did not really write down stories, but used writing just for administration and mysticism. Just imagine the same people as you meet on the street today to this situation.


I get the feeling that myths are a game of broken telephone played throughout centuries


That's pretty much what it is for oral traditions.


Neither taking myths as fiction, nor taking them literal, is a sensible approach imo. They are "fiction based on true stories" in some cases, "religious allegory" (moral and cosmological) in some, "hero stories" in some...


Do you not understand the concept of fiction?


What are you talking about? Everybody knows that everything produced in antiquity was 100% what they believed wholeheartedly in, and there was no such thing as fiction or suspension of disbelief. Those are inventions of the superior modernity brought forth by reason, science, modernity and the allmighty western civilization. HUGE /S That said, I do believe op's meme was ironic. At least everytime I saw this template the first image was supposed to represent an absurd idea.


in addition, there was literally nothing known as "metaphor" before shakespeare invented it


Exactly! How could anyone not of the great and holy English culture ever conceive of figures of speech?


Did you not read OP’s title???


I’ve always wondered what legends and songs may have been sung about this battle, and how long it took for them to be completely forgotten. https://www.science.org/content/article/slaughter-bridge-uncovering-colossal-bronze-age-battle


That's very interesting, thank you


Myths are history, but with different goals in mind by the teller. Modern historians (at least publicly) aim to figure out what happened, but for most of history it was about extracting a moral tale from the event