I was told that means you have cancer 😂


In my day it was one of the 'gay tests'




Equalling contrarianism with intelligence.


Also, equalling contrarianism with critical reasoning and skepticism


There's a great quote from, of all people, Pete Wells, the NYT food critic that goes something like "We overrate cynicism and underrate skepticism, and have a hard time telling the two apart"


Me, as a teenager. Ugh. I'll add on, also. Being unhappy all the time doesn't mean you're deep or smart. Sometimes joy is a far deeper emotion than sadness or anger.


Inability to take new information onboard and change your position on subjects.


Pretty much all intelligence actually takes. Keep on rolling that metaphorical Katamari.


Yeah, intelligence is literally the ability to acquire and apply knowledge.


**EDIT** I was permanently banned for "threatening violence" in this comment here: https://i.imgur.com/44Eyalr.png - not sure how that 'threatens violence' but appeal was denied so i guess reddit admins know best 🥴


Never changing opinions, even after proven wrong


It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled


It's infuriating the number people who are examples of this, sharing it on FB.


It’s hard to win a debate with a smart person, and impossible with a dumb one.


Don't argue with a dumb one. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.


And their entire argument is just "no it isn't"


Why yes the internet is 90% filled with those people


Think about how dumb the average person is, and then realize that half of humanity is dumber than that. \- Carlin


The problem with the exercise is that everyone thinks they're the above average half.


That’s part of the brilliance of the joke


The final episode of "Adam Ruins Everything" actually addressed this. It's extremely common for people to hold tighter to ideas even after being presented with evidence that they are wrong.


A lot of internet “debate” isn’t even about people actually exchanging ideas, but figuring out how to dunk on anyone who disagrees. It’s more like a sport/zero sum competition. Sadly the more divisive and inflammatory comments get higher “engagement” and are promoted by the algorithms, especially on places like Twitter and Facebook.


> Sadly the more divisive and inflammatory comments get higher “engagement” and are promoted by the algorithms, especially on places like Twitter and Facebook. Reddit isn't immune to that. People pile upvotes and awards on things they would like to be true and pile downvotes on anything that the group would prefer not to be true, even if its factually correct. The hype train cannot be stopped once started, creating echo chambers.


I'd argue pride has a significant impact on this type of decision making.


Well that and the fact that we tend to pile on when someone is wrong, I can see why someone would fight tooth and nail to avoid that scrutiny of everyone shaming them for having a wrong opinion on something


Good observation




Worse when they don't want to admit that they don't know much about it. There are people who admit they are not the most knowledgeable about a topic but will still give their thought.


I hate when they always claim that people hate them because they understand something everyone else does not when actually they're just fucking dumb and spouting bullshit


Difficulty understanding analogies. Using anecdotes in an argument as if they prove something.


> Analogy User: "Raising children is like gardening -- nurture them and be patient." > > Analogy Misunderstander: "Wow. So you *actually* think that raising children and maintaining a garden are the same thing." > > Analogy User: "No, I'm comparing the two things." > > Analogy Misunderstander: "I can't engage in good faith with someone who believes that raising children and maintaining a garden are the same." >


I see this so often on the internet it isn't even funny.


Any time kids or pets are mentioned someone self-righteous will jump to a lot of conclusions based on very little data


"ARE YOU REALLY COMPARING HUMAN BABIES TO ANIMALS?!!!" Why do people get so offended by comparisons? Comparisons aren't saying the two things are the same, they're saying they share some quality.


They are the same people who don't understand that an explanation is not the same as an excuse. Just because someone can offer an explanation for *why* something happened does not automatically mean that person thinks it's *good* that said thing happened. Nor does being able to explain another person's thought process necessarily mean one agrees with said thought process.


People who think "X is similar to Y" is the same as "X is the same as Y"


What a great analogy of what it's like to talk to someone who misunderstood the analogy.


I don't know, I don't understand -- would somebody's parents really name them "Analogy Misunderstander"?


No it's his callsign, he's a pilot


A bit of a segue but on the topic of anecdotes something I've learned about dumb people is they get WAY too hung up over one inconsequential detail of an anecdote and fail to see the general point. You know, the definition of an anecdote being a simplified story designed to be easy to digest and painting a general story. So you tell a funny story that happened to you today and they get all worked up because you got the weather wrong that day or something.


yes. hyperfocusing on unimportant details while the main point soars over their head


Looking at the finger, not the moon that it points to. My cat does that.


This is my mom whenever a guest is trying to tell a story. * Guest: So I was driving the car to the store where this crazy thing happe- * Mom: Which car was it? The red one? * Guest: Uh...yeah, I think. So I was driving to the store and I saw this- * Mom: Is it the red one we hit a huge bump in? * Guest: I think? It's not really important. So I see this- * Mom: *something else about the car*


Aggressive active listening lol


Impossible my reflexes are too fast.


Or attacking analogies for differences to the base case which have nothing to do with what is being discussed.


I met so many people that can't get analogies, that I must conclude that understanding then is actually sign of higher intelligence.


Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra!


Success kid, his mouth full of sand. Picard, his face in his palm. Fry, not sure if.


The analogies thing really gets to me. Try to use literally any analogy on Reddit, and you will without fail get the response “wow did you seriously just compare X to Y?” It’s just mind-blowing how many people are too fucking stupid to understand that using an analogy to illustrate a point does not mean you’re saying the two situations are the exact same thing/level of severity.


"Yes, I did compare x to y. I compared them because they share some similarities." "I CANT BELIEVE YOU THINK X AND Y ARE EXACTLY THE SAME."




Talking louder/over someone to win an argument




#**YES IT IS**




(throws chair)


Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!


God this drives me nuts. I've worked with one woman for years and this is her M.O., all while espousing shite about nothing. She retires in 17 days and I cannot wait.


A long time ago I was having an argument with my best friend. She kept getting louder and louder while I kept my voice the same. I finally told her, "The loudest person doesn't automatically win an argument." It shocked her for a second and she quietly replied, "It does in my family." That realization stuck with her and she did make an effort to change in the future. I always admired her for that.


That was heartwarming and I'm going to leave this thread now. Thank you.


Just another example of an intelligent person. She acknowledged it was an unhealthy behavior and tried to change. She still slips once in a while, but that's to be expected with a life long learned behavior.


Generational trauma.




Get it on a cake and say "This cake is for your coworkers, not you."


The cake is for *after* she leaves.


Trying to win an argument based on who has the better jokes rather than facts


Or talking faster to win an argument


"If I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don't know."


A fool thinks himself wise. A wise man knows himself to be a fool.


It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool that to speak and remove all doubt.


I never realized that Socrates and the band Kansas shared a philosophy.


All we are is dust in the wind, dude. Dust... wind... dude...


San Dimas High School football Rulz!


Oh man I love So-Crates


The road so far


Carry on…


Parroting the talking points without being able to discuss them, even in their most basic terms. That indicates that they have no knowledge, and no curiosity about the world.


This. Especially in politics, funny names and sayings might be ok on a sign in a protest or on a bumper sticker, but if you're using those in an actual argument I immediately assume you can't think for yourself.


Logic and nuance were early casualties in The National Conversation, Most people just seem to be after high-fives from other imbeciles.


It's just what happens when you've been in an echo chamber where they build up straw men to collectively hate. They have these sayings that the community says all the time because they are really good gotcha arguments when there isn't a real person to respond to it.


Oh yeah my answer would have to be parroting the talking points without being able to discuss them, even in their most basic terms. That indicates that they have no knowledge, and no curiosity about the world.


Or questioning things, taking a moment to realize that doesn't quite make sense and dissecting it and piecing it together themselves.


never, ever possessing the ability to admit that they're wrong, or don't know something, or have screwed up. no natter how obvious. talking in circles. saying anything educational is "boring".


I used to be an instructional designer who made elearning courses. In that field, we used something called the ADDIE methodology to systemically build out our courses/training materials. Any instructional designer worth their salt should know what this is. Long story short, my former boss kind of “inherited” the training team and absolutely refused to learn anything about what we did. She thought ADDIE was stupid/boring and instead obtained her “knowledge” of the industry by reading buzzfeed-style blog articles.


Googled ADDIE model and It seems very similar to DMAIC, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, control.


Which is just the scientific method lol. It's lasted centuries because it works so incredibly well.


People incapable of independent thinking and being unable to solve small problems by themselves.


My mother was "book smart" and could learn just about anything that was in a book. But she couldn't *logic* her way out of a wet paper bag. She'd need a pamphlet with written instructions. Fell for every kooky scam product, MLMs, infomercials, weird diets, and even a cult. Tell her two truths and a lie, she'd believe all three without question.


She sounds really sweet.


She was, for the most part, especially towards the end. Just had to know how to "change her channel" when she started ranting about whatever nonsense she'd recently picked up. Like "Hey, can we go check out your garden? I want to see what you've been doing with it. What's this plant for?" But like, if someone was hungry she'd share her lunch. She was always helping people and befriending the local homeless folks. My favorite was the time she took in an entire family, somehow stuffed them into my old bedroom for a couple months so they could save up to get their own place, and started learning Spanish so their kids wouldn't have to act as translators constantly. She was great at remembering and using information, just not good at evaluating it to decide if it was worth remembering at all. Eventually she thought it was *illegal* to put false things on TV, that it was all carefully checked first. But yeah, most of her nonsense was kind of adorable. When she finally got a computer of her very own, she spent *hours* reading the Windows user agreement before clicking Agree. *Read the entire thing*. Had to make sure she wasn't agreeing to sell her soul or anything like that I guess.


I mean, the reading the user agreement part is pretty smart. I never read them despite knowing damn well that's an incredibly stupid idea.


I definitely owe at least 3 companies my soul by now. I'm just hoping noone ever collects on whatever I've signed. Or at least that it's sexy or something.


> I definitely owe at least 3 companies my soul by now. I'm just hoping noone ever collects on whatever I've signed. Or at least that it's sexy or something. *A finger on the monkey's paw curls* Sexy for certain people, a great number of people, but not for you.


Mad respect for your mum for not only taking in a family to help them but also learning a new language later in life to be able to communicate with them instead of expecting them to make the effort! She sounds like an amazing person who was being taken advantage of by everything that's evil in the society. And hats off to you for recognizing that and helping her navigate/stay away from them without getting into a confrontation. The world needs more people like you and your mum!


Respectfully, could she have been on the spectrum? This is something I'm coming to terms with about my family history and your mom sounds remarkably like a few members of my family.


She certainly had stuff going on, but she "didn't believe in that stuff" so getting her diagnosed was impossible. The one time a therapist tried to talk to her, she went all high pitched and hysterical. But it was a solid part of the family lore that everybody was a bit "odd" or "off their rocker" or "feels like skittering around on the ceiling." And mom was at least second generation wandering about singing that song about "They're coming to take me away, haha, they're coming to take me away!"


[Fluid Intelligence vs Crystallized Intelligence](https://i.imgur.com/EG5dWmw.png) https://www.verywellmind.com/fluid-intelligence-vs-crystallized-intelligence-2795004


Very interesting!! Thanks for this!!


Lack of confidence and insecurity issues can cause this too. Not just intelligence.


Yeah, having crap parents will do that. My father often ordered me to do things, but never showed or told me how to, and then got mad, yelled and hit me when I failed or did it wrong. Thanks, dad, for the lifelong insecurities...




I’ll expand this to say people who think facts are just other peoples opinions


"alternative facts" This is perpetrated by the policy that all viewpoints deserve equal airtime. It gives uneducated people the notion that both ideas are equally valid so they can just pick whichever one sounds best to them.


> Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.' *Isaac Asimov*


damn bro you killed like 95% of the population this way


Just stating an opinion...I mean, a fact.


If I tell my mom a 100% accurate fact with proof, she can and will say "Well I disagree. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion". Yup.


I want to start by saying I don't know your mom and I'm not implying she is stupid. That said, check out the Boenhoffer's Theory of Stupidity video. It discusses this exact situation.


I will. I hope to see some of the things I do in there!


That's just, like, your opinion, man.








You joke but there seems to be a severe lack of both these days


My report card


Hey, it's a lot harder to get straight Ds than straight As.


I gave your mom a straight D last night, nome sane


I gave your dad a straight D in his A last night, nomsane


Are you certain that it was straight?


Damn you got me, it actually curves slightly to the right


As a teacher, this is wrong a lot more often than people think. I have had some brilliant students who simply didn't care about high school.


As a sped teacher, I went through the top 10 answers and have to say that none of these are examples of low intelligence. Many are examples of stubbornness, pride, brain washing, echo chambers and more. People with low levels of intelligence have a wide variety of personalities just like anyone else. Some are stubborn and ignorant, some are compliant and love to learn. Some are angry and easily manipulated, some have great emotional control. Some are lazy and some are hard working. People with low intelligence take longer to process information and struggle with complex topics that have multiple components working at the same time. Many struggle against this deficit and develop strategies to overcome. For some, the obstacles are too large and some simply don't have the will or behaviors to overcome their struggles. EDIT: Since a lot of people are identifying themselves in this post I really just want to point out that high intelligence can be a great trait to be born with but does not grant a person success or happiness. The reality is that its probably not even in the top 10 of traits most valued by friend groups, families, businesses, etc. Behaviors that can be trained like self discipline, reliability, friendliness, etc. will take you much farther in life than being able to solve complex problems at fast speeds. If you want to improve how your intelligence is perceived, remember that we live a society where no one can be an expert in everything. However, you can focus your time on a couple things that you enjoy and always be the smartest person in the room on those things. Chances are you have already done this to some extent.


I always hate these topics and feel like they should instead be titled "What are things that other people do that annoy you?". 95% of responses in these kinds of threads have nothing to do with intelligence. It's exactly what you said: >Many are examples of stubbornness, pride, brain washing, echo chambers and more. Which intelligent people aren't automatically immune to, and low intelligence people aren't automatically guaranteed to fall into. I'd be interested in seeing actual answers to this question, like yours.


>Which intelligent people aren't automatically immune to, It annoys me when people think that intelligent people have to be a certain way. Like they should be great students, always perfect, intellectual etc when they are as diverse as any group of people. There are intelligent people who are bad in academia, or can't write a proper sentence ( dyslexics) or even communicate with others properly but they do process things fast. That's why those lists we see on the internet "10 things that intelligent people do" are so misleading too. It's one of two tropes, the perfect one and the mad genius/ brilliant tortured artist trope.


Scrolled this far to not find someone just complaining about a behavior they hate


Yeah there’s a lot about opinions here and little about actual signs of struggles with cognitive processing. I once knew a woman who had her children taking into local authority care fundamentally because her IQ was so low. She was a lovely woman and loved those kids so much but she just wasn’t making the connections in her head needed to look after them, like taking them out with no shoes or socks in the middle of winter. Socks just didn’t occur to her.


A relative worked in child services (the admin side of things, not "field work") and the stories he has to tell! Parents having to be told that the kids have to be fed EVERY DAY, that dinner has to be warm, and yes, you have to check it is not too hot before you feed them. Stuff that most people consider super obvious, some people just don't "know" them, like you say, they don't make the connection in their brain, as in: it is raining, kids shouldn't get cold & wet, I must send them to school in a coat and with an umbrella. That chain of thought just doesn't happen for them.


Props for having one of the only real responses in the thread. There is a peculiar irony in the fact that like half the responses here are people calling people with opinions that differ from their own stupid and the other half are stuff like 'inability to tolerate disagreement' or 'lack of self awareness.' Lots of people here assuming everyone they dislike must be unintelligent and everyone who's unintelligent must be someone they'd dislike.


To be fair, a lot of the other responses are about low emotional intelligence.


Not being able to understand simple concepts. Had an acquaintance one time talk about how he’s going to open up a law firm for his wife once she graduates law school and passes the bar. He literally made it sound so easy, and when our friend group asked him questions like “how do you expect to buy an office straight out of college” “where will you get clientele that is going to work with you” “do you have money saved up so you can start working cases where you won’t immediately be paid?” his brain kind of short circuited and he reverted to “well we don’t need and office and we can work out of our house, plus we just need to win that one big case settlement then we will be jump started”. Sorry long winded….


I work with a guy who used to talk about opening a McDonalds. He would say anyone can open one, the bank just gives you the money because McDonald's is a sure thing. Well that didn't pan out obviously and he moved on to the stock market. By moved on I mean he screenshots other people's portfolio posts probably from right here on reddit and claims they are his accounts. In the time I've known him he's also tried to buy a racehorse, raided a girlfriend's bank account to buy "the next bitcoin" which immediately tanked and almost convinced some poor college kid he could get by on his bills by using credit cards to pay off credit card bills (no, not balance transfers either, literally told the kid to make credit card payments with other credit cards so he'd never have to make payments with real money). He insists everyone call him by his self-given nickname "big swole" and he's the dumbest mother fucker I've ever met.


McDonald's corporate has *very* strict standards for who and where they allow a franchise. Applicants have to have a certain minimum in liquid assets, or they won't even talk to them, and then your location has to be a minimum distance from any other franchise locations, have certain minimum population and traffic flow, etc. They didn't get to be a successful corporation by playing nice.


No no no. Big Swole told me "The Bank" will give anybody money to open a McDonalds because they are a sure thing. You just have to know to go ask for it. It's the life hack nobody knows about.


Bank: "Do you have a co-signer?" Me: "Yup, it's Big Swole" Bank: "APPROVED!"


my guy is Upgrayyd.


Also, you must already have an Out of Order sign for the ice cream machine.


not really- they come with the sign already in place


People with self given nicknames are the absolute worst, doubly so if they're self-aggrandizing


Best part is he isn't even swole. He's chonky at best. I remember the time someone asked him to bring a bag of flour from the storeroom to the kitchen. Dude couldn't lift it. A 50lb bag of flour. Didn't even try, just said it was too heavy. Had to send a girl in from the bakery to pick it up for him. We have a yearly staff meeting. One time he rolled up in a Cadillac and parked it across the back dock where everyone smokes, bumping loud music and posing with his sunglasses and designer jeans that still had the price tag dangling off them. 2 hours into the meeting his grandma comes busting in the building yelling at him to give her the keys back to her car all pissed off because she had to ride the metro to campus and she wanted her car back NOW. I could tell Big Swole stories all day long. He really is the dumbest mother fucker I've ever met.


May I introduce you to r/storiesaboutkevin


The best lawyer that I ever had worked out of his briefcase. We would meet in the hall of whatever court he was scheduled to be in. I called him on it and said he must just have 3 file cabinets at home and he said that he had 4, and that I was the first one to figure it out.


Should've gone to his second office behind the nail salon


Did he ride in a Lincoln?




She isn’t the one that had to figure out how to put stuff in holes. She just met somebody that knew how.


Difficulty with nuance. All situations are black and white.


Only the sith deals in absolutes.


That sounds like an absolute...


Holding strong opinions, yet having no ability to explain, defend or justify them.


I just say it like it is. Ok?


Sorry if I'm being too real for you


"People hate me because I speak the truth."


"The downvotes prove that I'm right".


Oh man that one pisses me off so much.


“I’m brutally honest.” These people fail to admit to themselves that they like the brutality a lot more than any honesty.


“I have no soft skills or desire for self improvement and think of my opinion as fact”


It’s about the third or fourth “why” where you see it. No answers. Channel 5 News with Andrew Callaghan is phenomenal at that. Why? Answer the person has thought about and prepared. Why? Little more obscure response, but ok I could see that. Why? Ok that’s definitely not true at all… Why? Straight up off the fucking wall conspiracy theory.


Andrew's great at drawing out the crazy: "Why do you feel that way?" "What do you mean by that?" "Tell me more about that."


It’s so crazy because he never actually says anything to draw out the weirdness either. People just do it themselves. And that’s why everyone trusts him so much, during his interviews he documents the actual story as told by the people that agreed to be interviewed.


This is what separates him from people like Jordan Klepper, who spend more time doing the talking and trying to create their own stories using other people. Andrew is a master at just letting the story create itself.


the flat earth community in a nutshell


The mental gymnastics those jokers perform to convince themselves Earth is flat…it’s almost brilliant and yet so horribly idiotic.


i got banned from the official discord server after i showed how they don’t have a cohesive explanation for viewing a sunset


Or that all the other planets we can see are roundish?


Yup, every single other major celestial object is spherical in the universe... except the Earth... because reasons...


And if you point it out they're like "they've been observed to be round, and earth hasn't" while ignoring the observable evidence.


I debated my friend on this. He told me this is a surpressed secret from Nasa to keep everyone on earth nihilistic because if we were to believe that the universe is large then the general feeling is that we on earth is inconsequential in the grand scheme of the universe. I simply asked him if Nasa is this consipratorial why are they one of the lowest funded organizations with about 22 billion out of a 4 trillion dollar budget? It seems like the gov doesnt care if NASA is only getting scraps for funding. He simply answered "Its enough to fly under the radar!" You actually fucking cant with these people.


You can't debate with Flat Earthers. Their worldview is so nonsensical that facts and logic can't penetrate. You might as well try to teach algebra to a cocker spaniel. That said, I did bring a co-worker around by showing him how microwave relays are set up, and how artillery calculation takes the curvature of the earth into account at longer distances. Unfortunately he still believed in chemtrails, and I'm sure he fell into the Q-hole.


Never learning from their mistakes


Listening to financial advice on r/wallstreetbets


I'd rather listen to a goldfish.


Not being polite to droids


Look, the sign clearly says we don't serve thier kind here.


Not hearing/understanding that there are other opinions.


People who respond with, "because that's the way we've always done it."


Not switching on your turn signals


Turning on your turn signal for two blinks when your 75% over into the next lane already.


I’ve worked with students with special needs for a very long time. I worked with a kid that was a Jr in high school. Every day we would do the ABCs, aft the 2 years I worked with him, the alphabet was brand new every day. How ever that kid hit 98% of his free throws on the basketball court, so you could say his kinesthetic intelligence was extremely high.


Supporting a politician and making it their entire identity.


It's honestly baffling to me.


Majority of the people in the Philippines rn🤓:




paraphrasing is understanding/comprehension which takes brain power


Tattooing your area code on your neck


My ex bf got his own name tattooed on him, I'd add that to the list


this would be great actually. if someone asks his name he can just turn and walk away from them, they look at the back of his neck and just go "of fucking course his name is dale" or something like that


The inability to see from other perspectives.


Never asking questions. Never having questions to ask. A lack of knowledge doesn't automatically make someone unintelligent. Lacking the thirst for knowledge is the true sign of a fool.


Ironically some people don't ask questions, because they don't want to apear dumb.


playing awful music on your phone speakers while on public transport.


Thinking you know everything.


Thinking in only black and white, no shades of gray.


And the other side of that: seeing a nuanced argument as indecisive.


Just look up Dunning Kruger effect, it perfectly summarises the behaviour of people wrt to their knowledge in a particular field. People who know less are often overconfident after getting started and learning the basics because they don't know what they don't know. On the other hand subjects matter experts are usually very careful what they say, because they know how much is there to learn and thers always a possibility that they could be wrong.


I always worry that I’m an idiot, and I think about the Dunning Kruger effect, and rationalize that I’m not overconfident in anything I do, so I must not be THAT dumb. But then I worry that I’m just a stupid person who knows about the Dunning Kruger effect, and have used it to convince myself I’m not actually as stupid as I really am… help


It's very possible to still be dumb without the dunning Kruger effect. Trust me I read a Facebook post about it so I know.


My favorite thing about the Dunning-Kruger Effect is that any invocation of it is itself an example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect, including the one I am typing right now.