I’m going to disagree with the other posters and say yes, absolutely that means they expect you to check emails and texts and take phone calls at all hours when necessary. Doesn’t mean you need to respond to them if they can wait until work hours for a response, but you at least need to check the emails/texts and assess whether they need a response or other action on your part. For example, imagine I’m your manager and we will be at a client the next day, and I email or text you at 8 PM the night before about dress code for the client site. Further imagine that you show up the next day dressed otherwise and tell me it’s because you didn’t bother to check your email outside of work hours, or worse, that’s it’s your “policy” not to do so for work-life balance. You had better believe you and I would be fixing to have a pretty firm conversation about the basic expectations of your position and exactly why the firm pays for your phone service/provided you a phone/allows firm emails to come to your phone.


That reflects poorly on you as a manager. If these details are being worked out late into the evening, and you expect me to see that message and act accordingly - yeah that’s on you


Officially - within work hours. Unofficially - varies by office culture. I generally didn't look at it 19h00 onwards and weekends. But that's in a "good" office


No. My advice is to turn off all email notifications on your work phone specifically so that you don’t feel like you have to check or respond at all times.


Ha! No. Definitely not.




What are the expectations then?


They give you a work phone so you can install all the shit you need


Install what precisely? And also is they use verizon?


From apps like outlook/teams/skype to their software for audit and so on. They also install a lot of software for tracking. I just joined so can't give you roo many details