A shining example of pure covidiocy.

A shining example of pure covidiocy.

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Marco Rossi of the Minnesota Wild hockey team is 19 in peak physical shape. Kids an absolute gym nut. Got covid recovered and then had his heart swell and almost fucking died. This virus can fuck you up without immediately killing you.


"Feeling pretty good now" - Herman Cain




"Tis just a bit of flu" Herman Cain day after the GOP SuperSpreader Event.


The people who fear-monger about myocarditis from the vaccine will completely ignore this.


That’s when the “only one in a million” line works for them. Never mind the 1 in a whatever more than a million chance of a serious reaction from the vax.


There was a Big 10 Baseball pitcher that caught Covid and died at the very start of this. There has been plenty of other examples of fit people getting it too. I don't know if it statistically holds up or not, but it seems like you are rolling the dice no matter what your health is. For older people with conditions you have roll less than a 5 and for "healthy" people you have to roll a 2. Statistically it happens.


Yup, it’s still quite rare in young and healthy people, and yet FAR more common than any serious vaccine side effect in the same population.


Ya but so many Americans consider themselves healthy who are really big fat eating and facebooking machines who lose their breath carrying in the groceries.


Ha, very true. Like Joe himself.


His face looks puffy and bloated in some of these screenshots -- not exactly the picture of health.


He takes a lot of testosterone and human growth hormone, which especially can cause that look.


What is he trying to do, induce prostate cancer?


No, he’s treating his inferiority complex.


If you listen closely you can. Hear small dick energy


Remember a story of a body builder who got Covid and was in a coma for a couple of months. Survived but came out of it losing all of his mass looking completely different. Yes it effects obese people a lot more but doesn't mean everyone else is immune.


I had a young marathonner with Covid drop dead from a PE at the beginning of Covid. Peak physical condition, zero health history.


Cam Newton also said it fucked him up…but he still refuses to get vaccinated so kinda hard to feel bad.


Being fit and healthy has nothing to do with whether or not COVID will wreck you. Remember that best seller fitness author/coach Bill Phillips? The [Body for Life](https://www.amazon.com/dp/0060193395/) guy? He got COVID in 2020 and had only a mild case. He figured he was a strong healthy guy who now had immunity, so he didn't vaccinate. Then he got COVID again in 2021, and it nearly killed him. He lost 70lbs, is confined to a wheelchair, breathes oxygen through tubes connected to a tank, has to talk real slow, and can't exercise anymore because doing anything, even mundane things, leaves him exhausted. It looks like the disease aged him by 20 years. Look: https://www.sacbee.com/news/coronavirus/article253708748.html https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2021/08/25/colorado-fitness-coach-coronavirus-vaccine-affil-pkg-vpx.kusa Several other fitness influencers have died of COVID. Clearly COVID is not scared of a person's muscles.


Joe Rogan is not fit or young, though. The man is 54 and frankly somewhat obese. He's a meathead who totally minimizes his own actual risk like the true dumbass he is.


Steroid bloat.


You noticed it too! I commented elsewhere in this post that Joe looks puffy and waterlogged.


Certain steroids like deca give that bloat


He's as bloated as Alex Jones.


The term in body building is "[Bubble Gut](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UqGaGqtu5oA)". See the link where a steroid enthusiast examines Rogan's bubble gut.


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I hate this bot


He has had the vaccine, he is not going to talk about it much (he let it slip once) but that’s why he recovered in a few days with antibodies and antivirals


If that's true than he really will be fine (as long as he didn't take enough ivermectin to poison himself). If he did get the vaccine on the down low and still mock the vaccines and tell everyone they were unnecessary, than he is an even bigger scumbag than I thought.


He is thinking about his audience and his money. I don’t know why people would think he has to have a high moral standards of any type. He works in entertainment for money not likes


Yeah, unfortunately his grift has worked on many an insecure, toxic masculine type.


Devil's advocate: if he were more reasonable he could lose his target audience to someone even more objectionable.


What? Proof!


Any links to where he says hes had the vaccine?


I agree, he is neither young nor fit … he is an elk meat head


Dudes got that Palumbo


Rogan is in his 50’s, dude is in great shape for his age though, but yeah Rogan is an idiot.


And taking Ivermectin! If Covid doesn’t kill him the formula will kill his kidneys and liver


Great shape? He’s fat. I guarantee his BMI is not in a healthy range.


[Joe Rohan’s fitness regiment ](https://www.google.ca/amp/s/manofmany.com/lifestyle/fitness/joe-rogans-diet-workout-plan%3famp) Take a look, the guy has a full gym in his home.


Working out doesn’t prevent you from getting fat. Plus he takes all kinds of weird possibly dangerous supplements including steroids and HGH. That dude is not healthy. Especially when you add the ivermectin that’s he’s taken on top of all the other junk he puts on his body.


Don’t get it twisted, Rogan is an idiot. He has a below 10% body fat composition though. You obviously didn’t look at the link, lol. He isn’t fat. I never commented on his health, but the dude is not fat.


I’ve seen plenty of pictures of Rogan. I don’t believe for one second that he is below 10% body fat. With all the shit he puts into his body it wouldn’t matter anyway if it was true. He is not a healthy dude.


Oh I agree, I bet he isn’t healthy, but the guy is way to vain to let himself get fat. You can be skinny and still be very unhealthy, and you also can be a little overweight and be healthy as a horse. Either way, my point is that Rogan isn’t fat.


If that’s his idea of looking good and fit, or if it’s your idea, I don’t know what to tell you. Dude looks like a bloated fat guy to me.


Cases like Bill Phillips really illustrate the key point of COIVD precautions: We do NOT know much about this virus. We don't really know who is vulnerable and who is not. I've read stories like his and I've read about 90-year old's shrugging it off. We don't really know how to tell if it's going to be a case of the sniffles, or completely wreck your life. The only way to know is to fuck around and find out.


I always tell people you can get the vaccine or you can spin the wheel. Being young and fit can reduce your odds, but you're still taking a risk of death or getting very sick. My anti-vax, "it's just the flu", buddy was knocked on his ass for a month when he finally got it. He has a new found respect for covid but he still refuses to get vaxed. Some people just don't learn.


I like that phrase, 'spin the wheel'. Brings back memories of The Price Is Right oddly enough. But instead of money on the wheel, you have sick as hell, death, lifetime of disability etc. Funny you mention "it's just the flu" because I think one of the reasons my wife and I have been taking COVID so seriously is that we both had a bad time with the flu a couple of years ago. I was off work for over a week and it took the both of us a month before we felt normal. When COVID was referred to as "like a bad flu" we both noped out of that!


It's still relatively early in the pandemic, but there could be certain genetic factors that predispose one person to absolutely being wrecked by Covid while for another, it's like a bad cold from which they recover with no need for hospitalization. The catch is that we don't yet know what those factors might be.


Bruh, the information and content of your comment is incredibly insightful, not being sarcastic, I totally mean that. Young and healthy people are dying, and your comment really leaves no question that people like Rogan are overlooking and downplaying an incredibly serious issue. They should be held accountable for their actions socially and legally. Since the legal thing is unlikely, we can use our tools on social media to do so, and we won't forget what he's done.


Wow. I did several rounds of body for life when it was a thing. Sad to see that.


Pretty sure that guy you posted in on steroids. A lot of fitness gurus you see on social media are on steroids, which all play a huge part in getting severe side effects from covid. Not saying you wont get super sick if you don't take steroids though, but you're way more likely to get sick if you take drugs, and joe rogan takes steroids.


Thank you for mentioning this! Not enough people have. My family member was young and in fine health and went to the ICU on the ventilator while her friend was fine. It’s just really random how it happens.


Bill Phillips isn't young though. He's 56.


The person you're replying to just said fit and healthy, which is Rogan's argument since Rogan himself is only 2 years younger than Bill Phillips, sitting at 54. He's also definitely less healthy and taking worse care of himself than Bill was lol.


Two of the fittest people I know are two of the worst affected I know after contracting Covid. Luckily, neither were hospitalised, but both took 4 or 5 weeks to recover enough to be able to just about function....one of them is a lorry driver and he can't strap his loads on his truck, so has had to go back home instead of work for a few more weeks. My Mum is immune compromised and tested positive with no symptoms.... go figure that out. She should have been really ill, but was fine - just had to isolate. Covid doesn't discriminate.


Since he moved to Texas he's becoming dumber by the hour. Is it the Texas heat and sun frying his brain? Who knows. At least he's worm-free now. That's something.


He's always been dumb. I'm really surprised people are just now seeing that.


He really *has* always been dumb. But his show hasn't. There was a period much earlier on, when he was having legitimate scientists and journalists on the show from time to time, and he would just ask his stupid questions and do his stupid bits but also allow these actually intelligent people to say their piece. And he would sometimes *appear* to be learning something, or at least not arguing against it because he, back then, recognized that he didn't know wtf he was talking about. And yeah, back then, when I used to listen to it, there were a lot of comedians and a lot of MMA people and, towards the end of my listenership, a lot of hunters and people like that, and I always just skipped those unless it was like, a comedian that I actually cared for. But there were also some pretty interesting, intelligent, and thoughtful people and Joe's an absolute dumb shit but he was once a good interviewer, at least for someone dumb like me, because he was asking the same dumb questions I was. Now that he's really just closing his circle and surrounding himself with people willing to give him his confirmation bias, now that he's fully thrown in his lot with the right wing, now that he's moved to Texas, now that he's become one of the most successful media personalities of our time and has stopped giving a shit about what his channel used to be, he's an absolutely lost cause. The very last time I listened to the show was when he had Adam Conover on because I like Adam Ruins Everything so I was interested to hear it, and to just hear Joe Rogan bully and abuse Adam Conover the way he did while they were talking about the rights of trans athletes, I had really just had enough of Joe Rogan by then. He's always been dumb. He hasn't always been a total asshole, at least not to my memory.


I know why you mean. I loved his podcast the first few hundred, maybe a thousand. He was more open minded, more wide ranging and I got a lot of motivation to exercise and take care of myself from his general attitude about fitness. But he became just a republican/libertarian talking toe (hesitate to call that thing a head) and moved away from all his wild comic buddies like Duncan Trussel that made his show so fresh and new and cool in the early days. Now, my 65 year old stereotypical Fox News war hawk moderately racist dad sings Rogans praises. That was the kicker for me. I can’t even tune in to selected guests I’m interested anymore. His fucking groaning tired voice just vibrates off my eardrums and makes me want to throw a baby off a building.


Dumb people with some sort of gravitas, like having a radio show or being President, who validate dumb/harmful beliefs that idiots hold are why we are in the state we are in right now.


A lot of people are dumb and dumb people find profoundness in dumb things.


During Trump I called it confirmation bias on a astronomical scale. The got told that all the horrible shit they believed was correct.


Rogan is dumb peoples idea of a smart person


Given what SCOTUS is allowing Texas to do it should be walled off. I keep hearing about slippery slopes and taking body autonomy away is a steep one.


God I hope Tom Segura, Christina P and whoever else followed him down there don't start drinking daddy's Qool-Aid.


Tom Segura was talking in his podcast in Spanish about the son of a whore Governor not allowing mask mandates. And to get vaccinated you fucking cunt so the hospitals don’t get full. So far he still has a head over his shoulders.


A huge portion of America is becoming dumber by the hour.


*since?* tbh I think he showed his true colors when he started parroting all the bitching about LA that Republicans do, and subsequently talked up how great Texas is, and then right away went to dinner in the Governor’s mansion. He been like this bro.


You are right, the signs been there. He had so many interesting and intelligent guests back in the day, one might think that somehow rubbed off on him, but nope, he's gone full bananas.


I’m out of the loop on the guy. Wasn’t he only an MMA announcer gone podcast guy? Did he become the next Rush or something?


Lots more alcohol, no weed?


>Is it the Texas heat and sun frying his brain? I moved into the Arizona desert about 16 years ago and I don't think it has fried my brain. With that said, you must excuse me now, I have to go down to the local veterinarian office and get some heartworm pills for ~~my dog~~ me. I have a slight headache and heard that it can help.


> Since he moved to Texas he’s becoming dumber by the hour. Having a **very** stupid governor doesn’t help either..


> Is it the Texas heat and sun frying his brain? I moved to Texas 6 years ago from a northern state, always joke that Texans are heat addled. The longer I live hear the less it feels like a joke.


I won't say I want him to die but if someone vaccinated dies because he blocked a bed, I'm'na be fucking pissed.


Joe Rogan is a complete fucking idiot.


Joe is a young Rush Limbaugh. Fucking idiots are listening to this Pied Piper.


Can't believe I once thought he was a smart guy. I'm so embarrassed.


I didn't think he was necessarily smart, but he used to be pretty level-headed, wtf happened


See that mindset is one I just can't comprehend. I'm relatively young (that's slipping away more and more these days), active and eat well. Don't smoke, don't do drugs, I do drink but not often. And I was worried when I caught Covid. Not because of my own health, but the health of people who aren't as fortunate as me. People who have pre-existing health conditions. I can't get that mindset of not thinking about other people when talking about this issue.


That's the difference, we think of others. Too many Americans are deeply injured when they are forced to consider others. If you think "injured" is too strong a word, just watch their reactions, and listen to the words they choose. Hope you recovered well from COVID.


He looks like a thumb with a face attached.


Thats one of his jokes. He looks like a thumb with 2 thumbs.


I don’t listen to him so I had no idea 😂 it was literally the first thing that flew outta my brain and in the comment section.


It’s pretty wild how different he looks since he first started on television. HGH really changes the shape of your face. There’s a good reason why many famous athletes. (Lebron, Harden, Bryce Harper) sport beards, it’s to hide that transformation. The vaccine would have been one of the safest and most widely taken things he could of injected, but no. Personally I hold Daniel Ek, head of Spotify responsible for amplifying this fuck


It's pretty hilarious that CovIdiots screech about their bodies being holy sacred things that they would never dream of putting the vaccine in when they turn around and use things like HGH or unproven and possibly dangerous supplements as well as things like horse paste. They'll put all this crap in their bodies but a vaccine? Oh no, never!


I won’t link the tweets of pregnant women asking about ivermectin dosage.


Oh god. The poor children born to these people. :(


Healthy as a horse.


honey, the baby is neighing again. can you change his diaper?


If they get born at all after being dewormed as a fetus. Jesus Christ eh


You got any evidence that those guys are using PEDs? First I’ve heard of it.


All sports are dirty. The players unions tell the league when they can test, and the league has no incentive to catch its stars. https://www.complex.com/sports/2018/01/why-theres-never-been-a-ped-scandal-in-the-nba Same with football, soccer and baseball. It’s incredibly easy to beat a test if you know when the test is. See the documentary Icarus. Here’s some photos about the change of his head shape https://forums.rivals.com/threads/so-how-come-no-one-talks-about-lebron%E2%80%99s-ped-use.819577/


It’s called HGH


These guys who are abusing that stuff might risk triggering a disease called acromegaly which is caused by way too much HGH in a person's body. It can do awful things to a person's appearance and overall health. One extreme example was the actor Rondo Hatton who appeared in some Universal horror films of the 1940s as 'the Creeper'. If Joe is taking this stuff, he's playing with fire. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acromegaly](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acromegaly) [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rondo\_Hatton](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rondo_Hatton)


Oh dear god, why would anyone do that to themselves?


If Trump is the Clown King, Rogan is the jester in the court.


Don McLean rolling over in his grave…Fun fact, I took a music appreciation class back in the day…the prof spent x days or weeks (because I blew it off so much I forget)…I came back and he was still talking about that song. Sticks with me even 40 years on.


Flash back to when bill burr chewed him out for not listining to scientists


I *so* wish I knew what Bill Burr was thinking right now...


It would be interesting to hear Bill's thoughts should Joe end up in the Herman Cain Hall of Fame.


Why is this moron giving health advice? I hope people listen to health experts, not some random jerk


Because he's **smaht** and you're **fahking dumb!!!** Look at you, with your "zzzzzz... iimmm!" **Shat ap!** Just shaht-tha-fahk ap! Sorry, that's how Rogan treats people he disagrees with, from what I've seen.


He’s zero of the things he mentioned, hope he suffers.


At least he finally got rid of the worms.


The ones eating his brain? Hmmm, maybe that will stop him from being a complete dumbass douchebag?


I heard if you do have parasites in your brain, and you take the dewormer, that the parasites do die. But without extracting them they just rot, which kills you.


i honestly want his results documented while he takes ivermectin. Especially when he takes really crazy dumps. And then I want every doctor that ever visits him to have a full report thats public. ​ If there ever was a time to have a high profile scientific study on the effectiveness of Ivermectin as a better alternative to the vaccine (which is isn't but we gotta prove it anyway), this would be it. ​ But then again, there will be anti-vaxxers moving the goalpoasts anyway


He would be a great example... lets see how this plays out.


Oh, how the mighty fall.


I hope he loses sponsors because of this. Even better if companies like Spotify refuse to host his podcast.


Any day now, all those sponsors and 11 million people will bail because the woke machine told them to, again, for like the 30th time. This will be surely be the cancellation you're craving


The average quality of all podcasts is about to go up.


Exercise and eat well.... ummm, have you met the average American?


The best was when Bill Burr fought him on his show… “look at you, so fucking tough with your breathing!”


I haven't seen Rogan in probably a decade and man he looks like a sack of shit


Joe Rogan is now a combination of Alex Jones and Rush. Pure silly talk. It’s all monetary. Shame but that’s capitalized eyeballs for ya.


What a hypocritical coward. Dude uses his platform to diminish the efficacy of the the vaccine and the FDA as well as the transmission and danger of COVID, then he gets it and uses his resources to throw the kitchen sink of *approved* treatments at it. What a luxury. If he believed one word of his own tripe, he would have let it run its course. He’s *identical* to the secretly-vaccinated republicans who are actively killing people with anti-masking measures… as if such a thing has even a hint of patriotism in it. Joe Rogan is a straight loser. No generation has EVER been asked to do less.


How did he diminish the efficacy of the vaccine again? Can you offer a quote? I know there's endless karma to be had for channeling the woke machine at Rogan right now. His usage of Ivermectin comes from pulmonary critical care doctor Dr. Pierre Kory. Is he a coward too? How does this work?


That maybe might have been the case last year/earlier on but Delta don't play. This virus will shred you apart. Young or old, fat or fit.


Well Rogan is old and fat, so he's got at least two strikes against him there.




We have some good people moving here to Texas, but we also have some idiots moving here because ( after hearing all the bullshit stories about Texas )they think it’s cool to be stupid


Man I used to fucking love Joe Rogan. I've lost all respect for him.


If he dies of Covid I won't be surprised.


Is already recovering


what a fucking twat


Imagine being stupid enough to believe some old dudebro who has no grasp of immunology. If Joe Rogan’s gonna walk off the cliff, his viewers should do some research first before following him.


Roe Jogan is full on stupid. We all know that right?


The renowned fuckwit Joe Rogan, Masters in Idiocy, Doctorate in bugger all. Why does anyone want to listen to what this ignoramus "thinks" about medical issues.


Cardi B screaming "CORONAVIRUS! CORONAVIRUS! IT'S REAL!!" is my husband's ringtone because he's a clown who doesn't "trust" the vaccine 🤡


I was 23 and in great shape when I got it. Now I can’t taste or smell much of anything. Checkmate, Joe, you fucking moron.


Joe "The Thumb" rogan has a braindead take? and you're all shocked?


He knows people personally in the MMA community that are fit as a fiddle and almost died. What a nitwit


I don't get it. I'm not trying to sound like an ass, but I know I'm probably going to sound like one. Isn't it much easier to take 20 minutes out of your day to get a shot that was specifically made to help with the virus than it would be to find, buy, and ingest deworming medicine that who the hell knows what it will do to you?


That's like me saying: "if you're young, eat right, workout and take care of yourself, the odds of getting AIDS or HIV is incredibly low. Your immune system is solid and you shouldn't worry about having unprotected sex. AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, all that shit, only weak ppl get that." I would feel like shit knowing my misinformation lead to someone getting something that changes their lives forever. Come'on Joe. What's happening here??




Wow, You're sick! He said he's feeling much better, sorry to disappoint you.






4 miles is the length of exactly 63201.84 'Standard Diatonic Key of C, Blues Silver grey Harmonicas' lined up next to each other.




COVID patients often do before the virus takes them down again. The infection is a rollercoaster.


I used to love Rogan, but now..fuck him, but either way this makes no sense. Joe says someone who doesn't match who he is would probably be fine if they got covid. And then Joe gets covid and people are like...got 'em? In this video he's saying someone in their early 20's or younger who is healthy otherwise would probably be fine. Which, lets be honest, is pretty accurate. Then Joe, a guy in his 50's gets it and everyone is like...thought you said it was a fake disease idiot. Realistically it's probably worse for us that he got it, because he's going to be fine and nothing makes these idiots think they're right more than someone like Joe being right about the consequences of covid. I don't think he ever said it doesn't exist, I think he said if you get it you're probably fine.


and the thing is that he'll just put this all up as #cancelculture


Hahaha stop it


He doesn't look like he fits any of those descriptions lmao.




I really don’t care what he does but others do. He has a huge fan base and I’m concerned that many of these fans will follow his lead except they won’t have the funds to do it safely. He says not to follow his health advice but… people will. He knows this and yet continues to promote this reckless behavior. Any respect I once may have had for him has vanished.


Just another trumpmonkey freak ready for the iron lung !


He didn't vote for Trump and openly supported Bernie Sanders


A broken clock is right twice a day.


He’s right about a lot of things, mainly because he hosts a lot of accomplished experts in the field who are right about things.


I’m glad someone is bringing some truth to this thread


The devil is in the details! Who exactly are these 'accomplished' experts and what 'things' are they right about?


Biologist Bret Weinstein, who suggested lab leak hypothesis a year before media. Dr. Rhonda Patrick, one of the first to emphasize the importance of Vitamin D in fighting covid. Dr. Pierre Kory, pulmonary critical care doctor and co-founder of the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance. Care to discredit any of them for any valid reasons?


And now he has the trump virus and has openly ridiculed people for being vaccinated and wearing masks, Mr. Rogen, you are a fool and anyone who supports you is even more of a fool.


So much dishonesty. He hasn’t openly ridiculed people for getting vaccinated, that’s a disingenuous lie. He has advocated for vaccines and has said verbatim he’s not anti vax. You’re mindlessly riding the mob’s wave because it makes you feel good, idk, but you haven’t been right yet and you can’t even spell his name, all while you call other people fools.


Do we know if he’s been hospitalized? I know the wormer medicine is total bs, but if he just tests positive and recovers at home with mild symptoms he’s not really lying in what he says. I just want to keep everyone on here at least honest on what he’s saying (even if it is bs) and what he’s experiencing. Ignorance is bliss and karma’s a bitch but I’m not sure if he’s quite there yet


Did he survive?


Where did Joe get his medical degree? Im assuming he has one, right?


He got a degree from Dr Google


It’s funny a a bit hypocritical but Joe “threw the kitchen sink” at his bout with COVID taking 7 different medications but he’s said as long as you eat right and are physically fit COVID isn’t a big deal 🤔




i'm subscribing out of pure curiosity. Id hope that if he survives and has long covid this guy learns a lot and doesnt double down on the "just kettlebell swing and eat healthy" rhetoric.


[bass cover of that Cardi B rant (Mono Neon)](https://youtu.be/vk-eRXpYeyU)


Delta is a game changer. Folks who got the Alpha variant in 2020 who were asymptomatic or had mild symptoms before could develop severe symptoms once reinfected with the new variant. It seems the virus keeps on evolving. Your body might learn to defend against the Alpha variant but with the newer, more contagious and more dominant iteration it might confuse your immune system and thus unable to respond accordingly.


It's like.... he was surprised.


He meant dying from it, not contracting it. Context matters.


Cyber bullying is another shinning example..


I've got an easy solution. Get the FDA to approve Ivermectin and relegate vaccine sales to feed stores. All the vaccinated will still be vaccinated, and suddenly the unvaxxed will bolt from Ivermectin and rush towards their local Hay & Pray.


Ivermectin is FDA approved and has been used to treat people for decades


I stand corrected.


With all the headlines going around it’s easy to think it’s not a valid medication


Someone needs to take all the idiots out there talking smack before their infections and make videos with guess what bitch, the laugh! Coronavirus and this music


Is he even that young? He looks like he is in his 50s. I know he is older than me and I feel old.


So you distrust the vaccine, but then go ahead and take a non human dewormer with unknown things in it. Makes sense.


Ivermectin is not a non-human dewormer, it’s been used for humans for over a decade and used for horses secondary. Even two seconds googling could’ve told you this but you chose to comment nonetheless without doing an ounce of research. Makes sense.