Kiper: "JSN WR1, Quentin Johnston is a 2nd rounder" McShay: "Quentin Johnston WR1, JSN is a 2nd rounder" It's like ESPN knows what we want them to talk about. 🤔


they do lol. its probably mad easy to collect google search data


if facebook can immediately send us ads about something we talked about out loud (make a joke about cowboy boots and get 50 cowboy boot ads lol) then id think espn can target us too haha


Doesn’t Todd just throw shit together now because ESPN expects constant content from him and Mel?


Lol thats the same account that said “Several NFL scouts believe JSN is the only true WR1 of the class” a week ago.


Yeah that account is awful lol. Every post is “___ currently holds the ____ pick, this puts them in prime position to select _____ 👀”


And half of those don’t even make sense lol


They probably state the ones that don’t make sense to increase engagement/get more clicks.


Garbage account that steals info without credit or even makes shit up




I find it best to just ignore everything he says and wait for the draft


I find it best to just ignore everything that everyone says. I don't know of any of these draft "experts" who isn't worse than the consensus.


And where does consensus come from?


You average them together and it works. Every "expert" has several hot takes like JSN dropping to the 3rd or they just love Sean Tucker so much they think he goes as the first RB even ahead of Bijan. But when you average them out, you have Bijan as the first RB taken and JSN in the 1st. The averaging eliminates the incredibly stupid hot takes that bring down any individual "expert's" rankings.


Because we as a society love to argue. We create our own worst enemy.


Wasn’t just him. Hard to find a mock from 22 that didn’t have Willis in the first. One of the biggest industry wide misses I can remember.


True but this entire sub had Willis as the certified 1.03 prior to the draft last year


The difference is we aren't paid for our shitty takes lol


And they make shitty takes because it gets more clicks and commentary. No one is going to talk much about mock drafts that they mostly agree with.


I listened to kiper today and I’m with him. JSN was amazing when he played. I’m not letting an injury change my mind. You can dissect the Ohio st wr however you want and say he was in the slot, got easier dbs whatever. Guy looked at least as good as two of the best wrs that came out this year in Wilson and Olave. Sign me up.


He played with Wilson and Olave and he was the best pass catcher when all three on th firld. I’m sorry but for me he’s the wide receiver i want first unless he runs and it’s a 4.6.


No need to apologize. I agree. I just tone my feelings down on this sub.


I love JSN but I'm still waiting to see what happens when the actual draft comes.


And those same two receivers also both said he was better than them


AJ Brown said Elijah Moore was better than him. This is an empty talking point and I hope this discourse will move past it and actually evaluate the player.


It almost certainly won’t unfortunately


People in this sub really soaked that Moore nonsense up. You couldn’t tell anybody that wasn’t true back then.


Not gonna lie I bought into the Elijah Moore quote and now I may be over adjusting because I’m traumatized about having him on every team. Elijah never produced nearly as much as JSN




If you watch the video this comes from, that's really not even what happened. The interviewer asks who the best athlete of the three was and JSN raised his hand. I thought it was really awkward tbh.


Idgaf what they have to say


This is the way


I agree. Let him drop to 1.12 in my fantasy draft please.


Shoot, if he drops to 1.04 in 1qb I'll be happy


I got 1.03, I'm hoping the same.


You’re in the prime value slot this year. Trying to trade there from my 1.07


I have no idea why anyone still bothers with this account. It’s an absolute joke


JSN is gonna be the Tee Higgins of this draft. Watch his stock fall bc of injury, and remember how highly regarded he was months ago


OP butchered the title. They didn’t say he’s WR3 of the rookie class, they said he’s a “WR3”. Way way way worse lol


i’ll gladly take at 1.03 with good landing spot


JSN is good at football.


I mean, I haven’t seen many mock drafts that have JSN as the WR1 in the NFL Draft. Most of them have QJ as the WR1 and Addison 2, so this really isn’t a bold take.


Probably the scouts for the Raiders, they can never get anything right


Bought blue check mark 😪


Well NFL scouts suck at NFL scouting so….


I agree. JSN is overrated


I agree..... Hey. I think they're gone now. So we're taking him as a late 1st right?


After Kendre Miller


And I caught so much shit for saying something along those lines in this sub in October


I don't know what he is in this class. Here is what I do know. He can get separation almost at will. He has easy smooth transitions in and out of cuts. He is a much better route runner than Olave or Wilson. He has excellent hands. When a defender was on top of him it normally was because Stroud was late with the ball and he still could catch the ball on most occasions due to his strong hands. Here is what I do not know. I do not know how he will be with press coverage with NFL defensive backs because he normally plays in the slot. I do not know where he will land and with what quarterback and offensive coordinator. I do not know if he will be asked to play on the outside or if will he remain a slot wide receiver. I have not reviewed the other wide receivers in the class enough to know where he falls amongst the 2023 class. I think he looks like a better version of Chris Olave. I would say how you thought of Olave you should consider JSN. I would put JSN above Olave and Wilson. I would like more information on his injury from last season. Did the hammy get reinjured? Why miss the whole season? Was it just a precaution and protection for his NFL draft status?


So hes getting drafted top 15, got it


I can see the argument against it. Would be easy to eat in the slot with Olave and Wilson on the outside.


I mean , last years bowl game where Wilson and Olave both sat out he put up 15/347/3


Utah started a third year freshman RB at corner in that game, which everyone seems to have forgotten. Not really surprising to see him get burned all game, so that game doesn’t mean a whole lot to me.


I would implore you to look more at the film from that game. Plenty of situations where Utah was playing cover two and essentially triple teaming him with two LBs and safety help. The Db issues with UTAh are something to consider but he also displayed a lot of elite route running and spacing against zone that game


He was never triple teamed. I would implore you to do the same. A surprising amount of his catches came against man (I figured Utah would play more zone with a depleted secondary), and although he did an excellent job of finding holes in the zone and showed crisp route running, he already proved he could do that. And JSN spent most of the game in the slot, or even the backfield, despite Olave and Wilson being out. The most notable exception was his 50 yard TD - an excellent route no doubt, but against a confused Micah Bernard, so that means little to me. His best plays against zone were also more about Stroud in my opinion. He was throwing with NFL level placement and anticipation. That little wheel slant he ran from the backfield was such an impressive throw.


Well triple teaming is a misrepresentation on my part, so I apologize. While players weren’t particularly on him specifically, they were shaded to his direction . Here’s one [example.](https://twitter.com/HamAnalysis/status/1549504348194873344?s=20&t=6s-YFN_MPNi-XcJDccqQjg). It might be what you’re referring to. But what I really wanted to express is that JSN showed an ability to succeed despite being the focus of a defense. Something he hasn’t necessarily had to do with Olave and Wilson present previously. The fact that he was used in creative ways in the backfield and across other formations I think is also a plus . Teams like using players creatively like that these days. I agree having someone like Stroud throwing to you can make anyone look better.


That is the throw I'm talking about. The anticipation and layering from Stroud there is just absolutely outstanding. And while he was the focus at times, he definitely also had a fair share of 1v1 matchups against not top CBs. So while that game pops on the box score, I don't think it means a whole lot. As far as the backfield thing goes, I don't have a problem with it per se. But I would've liked to see more successful reps on the outside, especially against the press. When you're dealing with guys like JSN the question becomes is OSU using him creatively like that because it's just the best use of resources or is it because he struggles beat press on the outside? He's still my WR1 this year despite some of my reservations anyhow. But in comparing him to past years, he definitely falls short of guys. Imo this is a middling WR class at best.


I also think he’s the WR1 of the class, but I think he would’ve been behind Wilson , Olave, London , burks and Jamo this year as prospects. So I agree this is a weak WR class in general and very disappointing given the seemingly promising outlook at this time of the year last year.


Except Burks, I agree. Luckily RB and TE are loaded. And CB is absolutely ridiculous, although that doesn't matter for dynasty.


Lol maybe if you play in idp leagues, which I do 👀. But yeah hoping to really build some rb /te depth this year which I’m lacking.


*Cries in Ute fan


Like a trainwreck you couldn’t look away from


Several nfl scouts, aka like what a team or two teams worth of scouts lmao


Wish I could post the meme of darth sidious saying good right now


Good, please let him fall to me at 1.8


not a chance


Never know after the draft/preseason darling hype picks up. I sure didn’t think Garrett Wilson would have fallen to me at 1.10 last year, but it happened.


You think NFL Riokie Watch is a real source 🤣🤣😂🤣


Your 🏀s must ride shotgun if you do rookie drafts before the NFL draft. Fantasy analysts often get a lot right over NFL teams even. However there are always some huge misses every year . Players we have projected as first round-second picks that go in the 6th-7th to undrafted


Quick reminder why McShay works on TV, and not in an NFL front office.


McShay drunk again?


Several NFL scouts want JSN to fall to their team’s pick


Let him come to the Chargers please and thank you.