My small gut feeling is that the deal falls through and we’re all disappointed




Pats fan here, I'd be elated if this Rodgers deal fell through, not disappointed. I'm also sick of every "analyst" acting like Rodgers to NYJ is already done, when there's a very real chance it doesn't.


I think the reason they act like that is because Rodgers had pretty much made it clear he’s gone in Green Bay and the flat out said he wants to play in NY. Sure, Green Bay doesn’t have to trade him, but then he can just retire and they get absolutely nothing for letting him leave. If they trade him, they get something out of it. That’s why it’s taking so long is GB doesn’t have a lot of leverage, but they’re still trying to get the best deal possible.


New York doesn't have any leverage either, that's why this is taking so long and honestly might not happen. Green Bay knows New York is fucked if they don't get Rodgers. And New York knows Green Bay is fucked if they don't get Rodgers contract off the books. The only one who has leverage in this situation is Rodgers. But unfortunately, Rodgers doesn't make the decisions. So we're in a stalemate that may not get resolved any time soon.


It's dumb, since they're both fucked if they don't do it, they should just take slightly less than what they're getting and go ahead and do it. Jets and Packers acting like the worst dynasty owners in my leagues. Would rather suffer from no deal than make a good deal instead of a great one.


I think you just invented game theory


Looking forward to the movie based on my life, "A Beautiful Procrastinator."


Business students in shambles rn


That's probably what will happen, it'll just take a while. This does have real life implications, after all.


Green Bay has to pay Rodgers the same whether he retires or gets traded. There's no getting unfucked either way


Disagree here. The Jets always have more options; trade for another QB, trade up and draft one, roll with Wilson again. I'm not saying that these are GOOD options, but they ARE options. Green Bay can *try* to shop him elsewhere, but the Jets are the team who basically built around him this off-season, so it's unlikely that any other team is going to offer more than they are. My best guess is that Green Bay might stall/shop him around a little more before the draft but will ink a deal before the first pick is called. Because at some point between now and then A A Ron will pick up the phone and tell them he's just going to retire if they don't trade him to New York and the Jets will tell them they're going to find a different QB and every other Rodgers offer will be worse (and irrelevant). Otherwise they'll just be holding an empty bag.


Green Bay absolutely has leverage. What's NYJ's backup plan if they don't get this deal done? Rodgers coming public with his plan to be traded just gave GB more leverage. They are in no hurry to get a deal done. Might as well let the Jets feel some time pressure.


> What's NYJ's backup plan if they don't get this deal done? Carson Wentz is still available




What happens in GB if Rodgers shows up to camp? GB wants to see what Love has. That will be a complete debacle. I think the Packers have leverage right now, but the longer this goes on, the more the Jets get. It’s basically a staring contest.


I’ll give you that they have a little more leverage than the Jets. But GB absolutely doesn’t want Rodgers to just retire and they get absolutely nothing for letting him walk. To me, that’s why everyone is acting like it’s a done deal though because it’s extremely unlikely that it doesn’t happen. It’s just taking so long because GB is trying to squeeze as much out as possible.


I think GB would be content with Rodgers retiring vs just getting a measly 2nd for him or some shit. GB has more leverage. Also their cap with Rodgers on the roster right now is in good shape.


No, GB doesn't want to walk away with nothing for sure. But I think they realize that Rodgers isn't retiring and they have NYJ by the balls. I think it's unlikely it doesn't eventually happen, but I don't think it's a done deal. This could stretch out into the summer. For once, they can give Rodgers a taste of his own medicine holding *his* future hostage.


Haha, I love that. It’s nice to see the shoe on the other fit. As a Bears fan, anything that inconveniences Rodgers is music to my ears. Although I own a LOT of shares of GW haha, so I eventually want him catching passes from Rodgers and not Zach Wilson.


It is 99% going to get done, don’t be dumb


There is a 50% chance it gets done. Either it does, or it doesn't


And 100% reason to remember the name.


Mom's spajetti


Just because there’s only two options doesn’t mean they have even odds of happening.


I'm no mathematician, so I have no idea


Just because there are two possibilities does not make it 50% 😂


Lol if only that’s how probability actually worked. “There’s a 50% chance I never die - either I do, or I don’t”


50% chance your already dead, that means there is only a 25% you die and a 25% you never die.


I'm not being dumb. It hasn't happened yet. If the two teams can't agree to a deal, it won't get done. That's a very real possibility and it's ignorant to ignore it. Whether or not it's likely to happen isn't relevant. As of right now, it hasn't happened and there's no guarantee that it does.


It will get done. If the Packers don't make the deal they've now botched the departure of two of their all time great QBS. And he'll retire out of spite and they'll get nothing in return, in turn pissing off the entire fan base. If Love is mediocre they'll never live it down.


The Packers aren't just going to give him to New York for nothing because they're afraid Rodgers will retire. They're not willingly going to do charity for a team they're actively competing against, even if it's a different conference. >And he'll retire out of spite and they'll get nothing in return, in turn pissing off the entire fan base. They'll do the same if they trade Rodgers for nickels. It's pretty much a lose-lose situation unless New York ponies up.


Rodgers doesn't have to retire, but if they drag it out and he shows up to Packers camp they owe him 60 million dollars cash. They can't cut him because then its 100 million dollars dead cap. The salary cap for a full team is 225 million. Rodgers ultimately has all of the leverage here and he's spiteful enough to show up to camp and practice like Ben Simmons on the Sixers just to wreck their financials for years.


They actually lose cap space by trading him unless it's after June 1st, believe it or not. Rodgers has all the leverage, but the problem is Rodgers isn't the one making decisions. The Jets are utterly desperate for a quarterback. If they don't get Rodgers, they're fucked. The Packers are desperate to get Rodgers contract off the books. If they don't give up Rodgers, they're fucked. Green Bay wants to get rid of Rodgers but doesn't want to give him up for nickels. New York wants Rodgers but doesn't want to give up meaningful draft capital for him. So now we're in a standstill that may or may not be resolved in the near future.


Rodgers doesn’t show uo to camp anyway. Why now?


The Packers are in the driver's seat on this. They have all the cards. No matter if he stays or goes, they're in a position to win this. So they should ask for the farm. Jets have already been making moves to appease Rodgers as well, which I find funny in a sense because he's not even on the team yet. I believe Packers want at least 1 first, possibly 2... If 2 firsts, you gotta be sitting there thinking... Well ok why not Lamar at this point for the Jets. He's younger, better but will want more money.


How in the world do they win if he stays


The packers are in no way in the drivers seat. Lol if they don’t trade him they’ll have to deal with a massive cap hit and an absolute shit storm media circus. Rodgers is spiteful, he will make things very uncomfortable for that organization if they don’t move him. And Rodgers has publicly said he wants out already so that takes away even more leverage from the Packers, nobody is going to pay out the ass for a 39 year old player that has requested a trade. If I’m the Jets I’m offering a 2nd and they can take it or deal with all the bs. Could maybe be convinced to give up two seconds but no way in hell should they give away a first round pick to a team with little to no leverage.


...a massive cap hit they signed up for AND have the capacity to take on. I agree Rodgers will make it hard for them but tell me what is new. All the years Rodgers gave the organization gray hairs... Maybe this is also payback in a sense. If the Packers are not in a position of power here, then what is holding this up? Deal should be done by now right?


Why take that on though if you could just wash your hands and move on with an extra second round pick or two? Lmao the only reason to do that would be out of pride or pettiness and that is not a smart way to run a football team. The Packers are not in a position of power. They have a disgruntled player publicly asking for a trade, in what world could that be considered a position of power? The hold up is they are asking for more in return than what is reasonable, not sure what’s so hard to understand about that. Things will get more and more uncomfortable as the offseason progresses. The Jets don’t have to trade for Rodgers. They might be better off using the picks the Packers want to trade up and draft a QB that would fit more with the timeline of their young roster.


Yea, I never said it was smart, but I could see them doing that OR just prolonging the process to make him sweat. I completely agree what the hold up is, but the Packers know what kind of asset Rodgers is, age be damned. They are going to squeeze as much out of him, a multi MVP, as they can. Especially, as I said, the Jets have been making moves for Rodgers. Imagine doing that and still not getting him. Packers know the Jets WANT this and they know Rodgers WANTS this. Yea, if I'm the packers I'm fine with whatever the result is. A good organization would do as you say and use their draft capital to go get one in this draft but this is the Jets. What was their last good starting QB they drafted?


They’re not getting 2 firsts 🤣. 1 would be an incredible coup and I won’t believe that until I see it


Exactly about the 2 firsts... But as I said they're in control. So why not start out ridiculous and go from there. That's how you negotiate


If they get a first it will be on draft day imo. I think the jets will be very shifty this draft with their newly acquired 2nd rnd pick


I agree 👍


Lamar to Jets, Rodgers to Baltimore.


Wouldn't that be an interesting turn of events?!?!?!


I would disagree. Packers are holding the hot potato, they don't want to have to eat Rodgers' contract, they want to move on. The jets are the only buyer for what they're selling. The alternatives are to take what the Jets are offering, or to get nothing and eat salary. That's not to say the packers have no leverage, they do. They know the Jets are dead-set on getting ARod, and that gives them leverage... but the Jets aren't the ones holding that contract right now. TLDR: Both teams have some leverage, it's just a matter of who blinks first.


Not wanting to eat the contract is one thing... But they are cap compliant with Rodgers on the team (Packers). It's not ideal but they can do it. Like I said, they hold the cards.


Found the Jets Fan


True, talking strictly fantasy wise


Not us Elijah Moore owners…hopefully. Lol


Elijah Moore is not on the Jets anymore


That’s exactly my point! Elijah Moore’s potential no longer rides on the Aaron Rodgers deal. Meaning if the trade falls through, Moore is unaffected.


Him having Watson guaranteed as QB for the next 2 years is better. And the Browns have no 1st or 2nd round picks to add a WR to compete with him.


Deal falls through. Packers move on. Rodgers retires


I don’t see it for 2 reasons: 1. They don’t need him to be that good to win games, just not that bad 2. They won’t give up nearly the amount to get him and contract won’t be on the books through 2028 Maybe he won’t be as good as expected which I could see, based off last season he likes to take time to get chemistry with guys. But there’s no way they turn into a dumpster fire


Denver had an outstanding defense and still got rolled most games. They didn’t need him to be THAT good. But Wilson wasn’t just not good, he was downright bad. Rodgers has been excellent (the Most Valuable Player kinda excellent) under two different head coaches and offensive philosophies. Wilson only had Pete Carroll, who (rightfully) refused to let Russ cook. As a fins fan, I’m really hoping this deal falls apart 😂




[the Teddy Bridgewater "bar"](https://www.google.com/search?q=children+hurdle+race&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwiP2bDX7fT9AhXIF2IAHYQjBOgQ2-cCegQIABAC&oq=children+hurdle+race&gs_lcp=ChJtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1pbWcQAzoHCCMQ6gIQJzoECCMQJzoECAAQAzoHCAAQigUQQzoFCAAQgAQ6CQgAEIAEEAoQGDoKCAAQigUQsQMQQzoICAAQgAQQsQM6BggAEAgQHjoFCAAQogQ6BAgeEApQ1gdY70Bgm0JoAXAAeAKAAYoCiAHmJpIBBzIyLjIzLjGYAQCgAQGwAQXAAQE&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-img&ei=bb4dZM_uBciviLMPhMeQwA4&bih=658&biw=393&client=ms-android-google&prmd=isvn#imgrc=RHz3sIMd5KrVeM&lnspr=W10=)


Wasn’t there a stat like if the Broncos scored 17+ points they’d be in playoffs or something? I’d hardly call that being “rolled”


The defense was so good, the broncos only needed the Russ-led offense to score 17+ points in a game and they were likely to win. Not being able to score 17 points in a game means your offense is absolutely terrible


I guess it’s your usage of “rolled”. To me that screams they can’t stop anybody, not that they can’t score.


26th in the league in points differential…they got rolled


Yeah, our offense was so bad, it went from top 3 scoring D, then they just didn't care and went to bottom 5 scoring D last 5 games or so.


You're being pedantic.


I had the same understanding. Ah well.


Yeah I remember seeing that, they would’ve been like 12-5 if they’d just scored 18 every game lol


You’re forgetting one factor. Rodgers is awful with change. Hell, one new wideout, takes him about half a season to get partially comfortable. Now add in whole new team? Oof. If hypothetically let’s say, the whole GB team minus Rodgers changed. I would have no expectations on having a good year.


This Remember how he refused to attend OTAs and thus had no familiarity with his new WRs? How's that going to play out on a new team?


As some one who lives in Denver and has gad to watch a lot of broncos games. The offense has been shit for at least 5 years. Every aspect. Russ was not gonna fix that.


No way the Jets end up as a dumpster fire... wow haha


I mean there are ways. NY trades for Rodgers and week 1 Rodgers gets dumped on his collarbone. Boom Zach Wilson is starting. Dumpster fire.


Or they just continue being the Jets. The NFL doesn't work like Madden, it's not all about roster talent.


Continuing being the Jets is, for most of the last decade, a dumpster fire.




I'm not sure if you are questioning a decade or implying it has been much longer than a decade. I didn't want to include the AFC championship runs, so I just went with a decade.


I think its safe to say a lot more than a decade despite that little blip of success with Rex and Sanchez


With 3 ROY candidates who legitimately all look like future stars (or already are), a solid defense, and a good coach I don’t anticipate them falling off very easily.


I agree with this. But that is a long way from "no way"


Not that outlandish of a statement. But it all hinges on who their QB is and how healthy Hall is. If Breece stayed healthy or if they had even average QB play, they probably would have made the playoffs. But once Breece went down, there was no hiding the absolutely abysmal QB play. And even then they still barely missed the playoffs.


That's alot of "ifs" to try and back up a "no way" I'm not saying they will suck, but you can't reasonably frame them as a lock for anything given their history.


We're talking about 2 ifs and they are mutually exclusive. Their offense fell apart after Halls injury. But even so, a decent QB would have kept them in it. It was abundantly clear to anyone who watched those games. 7 of their 10 losses came in the last 8 weeks. And 5 of those 7 were 1 score games. At the hands of Wilson, White, Flacco and Streveler.


I think we're having two different conversations. You are making the case that the Jets have a solid chance to be a competitive team. I don't disagree, there is plenty to be optimistic about. My point is that it is possible that it doesn't play out that way. I believe this because of what I know about probability theory, and the Jets history. Our points are not mutually exclusive.


I get what you’re saying, and agree. I have the same thought process on this.


I think my “no way” is being taken a little too literally so I’ll rephrase. I believe the jets possible outcome for wins next season could fit a binomial(17,.52) distribution, assuming Rodgers is their QB and barring catastrophically bad luck. Obviously there are circumstances where any team can turn into a dumpster fire but I don’t see it happening with their group, too much talent and I think saleh has a solid culture growing.


Perfecr thanks lol! But ya it is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. I know it probably seems trivial, but I do think that spraking in absolutes leads to problems in communication. Basically because something is presented as objective fact when it is not. In this case it is more like an assumed likelihood, not that I think you had any ill intent. Sorry to nitpick. But I do agree with your main point. I would put money on the Jets being a top 10 team this season if they land Rodgers and there aren't horrible injury issues.


Yeah, this will be somewhere in between Favre to the Vikings and the last year of Peyton in Denver. It's not going to be a disaster.


Rodgers is the king of protecting the football. That change alone, they make the playoffs.


There has also been no other QB in NFL history with a TD/INT rate as efficient or safe. Not Marino, Manning, Brady, nobody comes close. And while Russell Wilson was a damn good QB a few years ago, he was never a perennial MVP candidate, top 3 all time conversation type QB like Rodgers has been for a decade.


Rodgers just making sure Lazard and Cobb gets paid before he retires😂


People are underrating Rodgers because they don't like his persona. I wouldn't be surprised if he makes the Jets a contender for the super bowl immediately.


Rodgers is easy to hate, and people who don't follow the Packers forget that he was severely hampered by his injury and lack of weapons and early season OLine issues. Plus anytime Rodgers feels slighted he's at his highest motivation. Rodgers should play at a pro bowl level next year and he won't be stealing rushing TDs. Be excited if you own Wilson.


No, everyone knows what been going on with the Packers because we all talk about how they fail to draft weapons for him every year. Last draft was a surprise when they brought Watson in, but Watson was a rookie who missed time. So that wasn't going to turn things around right away. And we all were shocked Rodgers wanted to keep playing through the injury when it was a long shot for them to make the post season and they needed to see what they had in Love.


That drop against the Vikings early in season was the most satisfying thing as a Vikings fan


"we were all shocked that one of the NFL's most competitive players continued to play through a minor injury when his team still had a shot at making the playoffs " 🤔 are you sure you're paying attention?


The thumb of your throwing hand is not minor at the QB position. It literally effects the ability to grip the ball and the release. The slightest hit will further aggravate it. In what looked to be a lost year and a pivotal point to know what they had in Love, they wasted time pursuing an post-season they ultimately missed. So they accomplished nothing and actually hurt the franchise.


Kindly review the medical terms "major injury" and "minor injury" before wasting more of my time.


You're wasting your own time. I'm not putting your fingers to the keys. And the definitions of minor and major depend on context. Or did that completely go over your head? Medically speaking, yes, a thumb is just a minor. In context of the game of football and the position of QB, which is what we are talking about, it's a major deal.


I mean in 2020 the Packers scored the most points in the NFL. In 2021 Tonyan and Jenkins tore their ACLs and Bakhtiari never recovered from his torn ACL. Not to mention MVS was out 6 games as well. And yet? Still top 10 in points. This past year was a complete disaster and they scored the 14th most points. The Jets were 29th for comparison.


I don't agree with his politics, but the fact of the matter is he can still make every throw in his arsenal. He's toned down the scrambling a bit since he's gotten older, but let's not diminish what his abilities still are.


He should, but shouldn’t he also have made GB a much better team then what they have been in recent years? The jets roster really isn’t all that much better if at all than Rodgers recent teams minus last season. Guys also don’t get better at 40 unless your name is Tom Brady


They won’t even be favored to win their own division


Contender and Favorite are not the same thing


How much of a contender are you if you are overwhelmingly considered a wild card team at best by betting markets?


A contender is simply a team that reasonably could win without stretching the imagination. You wouldn't write off the Chargers or Cowboys just because they are in a division with a favorite. And thats probably the teir I'd put a Rodgers lead Jets team.


I’d be completely shocked if the Chargers or Cowboys won the Super Bowl. There’s a big difference between threat to win a game or two in the playoffs and threat to win the whole thing. But I agree that the Jets would fall into that same tier.


You have to remember this is the Jets so the bar isn't that high for a success lol. When is the last time they even made the playoffs?


Exactly my point lol. They aren’t really contenders—but I guess making the playoffs makes you a contender by Jets standards.


Exactly haha


Let’s put it this way, would you be shocked if they won a game or 2 in the playoffs? I wouldn’t, assuming Rodgers plays like Rodgers.


I’d be pretty surprised if they won two (likely road) playoff games, yes. He’s 39 years old. Nearly every QB’s play but Tom Brady has fallen off a cliff by their late 30s.


I think it’s more that he had his first down season after two great seasons. Something similar happened to Brady, Peyton, etc. before the cliff. He’s 39. It’s not a knock on who he was, it’s concerns about who he is!


Doubt it. He couldn't even get the Packers into the playoffs last season in a weak division, and he had years of familiarity with the team/coaches/scheme.


I wouldn't be surprised if it takes him several weeks to build chemistry with the new offense. Might be slow going outta the gate. A potential buy opportunity for a contender.


I can definitely see that, very similar to his first year under ML


Honestly, I hate to say it cause I’ll be rooting on Aaron. But he is horrid with change. I’d say half a season-ish before things start to get clicking. That’s why if he plays in 2024 the outlook is much better.


He obviously will make the Jets a playoff contender but Rodgers has failed in an easier conference with a team that was basically just as talented. If you're being extremely generous he's the 3rd best QB in the conference. If you're being honest though he's probably closer to 6th? Not ideal for an actual SB contender. I think he'll be fine but he's now older and going to a new team, new system. I'm not betting on him to win it all. I'd be kind of shocked if they won 12 games. I think they're more a 10-11 win team.


I think he will be like Favre to the Jets. Probably spend most of his time sending Dick pics.


Favre was 8-3 on the jets before he tore his bicep and kept playing throigh it


Why would he send pictures to Richard?


Hi dad


The 2022 Broncos and 2023 Jets are in much different spots going into their respective seasons. But it’s the Jets and this will end tragically




useful post, thanks


Rodgers decision making skills, ability to read the defense and ball placement are all above what Russ has shown the past three seasons. They are not the same. A backup QB just stepped in and had a better season in the same offense Russ led years prior. Rodgers will ball out.


I’m waiting for them to trade a bit too many assets for him, underwhelm, then he retires - leaving them with no picks, dead cap and probably still Zach Wilson.


I’m with you. A warning sign is all these other “moves” they are making in free agency. They’re all pretty lateral and throwing $$ at Rodgers buddies. They had a good WR room, decent TE room, and good RB depth especially projecting some additions in the draft. They needed to bolster the OL more than anything


Actually yea. 100% this. Aaron Rodgers wasn’t that great last year. It’s like everyone’s forgetting that ..


Agree %100


This has been popping up a bit lately. I appreciate you acknowledging it's based on nothing and a gut feeling. I will say a lot of people coming out with this take are just making an incredibly lazy comparison.


I have a feeling the trade won't happen. Like you, nothing to back it up, just a gut feeling.


Agreed. He will be 40 this season and spends his offseason doing darkness retreats and hallucinogens. After 5 days in the darkness thinking about nothing but if he wants to play football or not for $50 million this year, he still came out unsure. What makes anyone think he’ll be training rigorously through the offseason after showing that lack of passion? People will say you can’t predict injuries, but I don’t see how anyone could be surprised if a 40 year old QB who spends his offseason doing everything but football, and who got hurt last year, gets hurt again. People are also overrating the Jets. Their OL isn’t good - Bechton has been a busy so far, Vera-Tucker is returning from injury, and I believe they lost someone else. Breece will be returning from a torn ACL. Wilson was OROY, but the other weapons are Lazard and Hardman? I don’t understand why the Jets dont continue to trust the process and continue to build over the next year or two. They had 1 ok season and decided they’re a QB away. I think a longer term approach like the Lions are taking would’ve been a better idea


I expect it will be more like Brady to Tampa, good QB for the Jets, middle of the road for fantasy.


Brady was QB7 then QB3 his first two years in Tampa.


But Brady was QB 7, 3, and 12 in 2020, 2021, and 2022 respectively.


Damn, didn't realize he was ranked that high in 2021. I was thinking he was ranked around 10-15 the last few years. I'll change it to Tom Brady in just 2022 then.


Lol. Hey man, QB12 is still good. The disrespect.


As long as wilson eats I’m fine


I agree, Rodgers is coming off one of his worst seasons and age isn't on his side. Also seems like a jets thing to happen.


He lost his favorite target in Adams, Cobb missed time and he relied heavily on two rookies. He wasn’t as good as years past but losing Adams can do that to you.


Plus he was injured


Psh... Who needs a thumb to throw a football anyways


Jets gonna Jet. I was high on them, but then Rodgers started running their show without even being in the building, so I've sold all my stock on the 2023 Jets.


Wilson was terrible because of a horrendous coaching situation, both at the head coach and OC positions. Jets staff is much more competent


Brother the Jets' offensive coordinator is Nathaniel Hackett, the coach of the Broncos last year.


He's the reason why Wilson was bad and also the reason why Rodgers will be good apparently


And before that he was Green Bay’s OC with Rodgers.


He never called plays in GB. Seems like a well-liked guy by players, but LaFleur was the one who ran the offense.


He did call plays with the jaguars and turned Bortles into a good QB


Wilson’s last year in Seattle was really bad too. I remember screaming at the TV to throw the ball to wide open Metcalf about half a dozen times. Rodgers never sunk to that level


Jets staff now includes Hackett... Also, anyone who doesn't see how Rodgers instantly makes the Jets a legit super bowl contender is dumb. They were an average QB away from winning the division last year.


This. people are sleeping on Wilson hard. He clearly improved after hacket got chopped. Time to buy low folks. He will be worth a late round flyer in redraft this year at the very least.


Denver dealt with a lot of injuries last year to key pieces on offense. Wilson has lost a lot of mobility since his best seasons as well. It was just a perfect storm of sucking.


No. I watched Wilson play weekly from his rookie season, and in the last 2-3 years in Seattle I witnessed a decline. His ability to excel involved escaping the pocket, but defenders are quicker than he is today, so his number one skill is now gone. Rodgers does not have that same problem. I watched him live last year and he was the best QB I've seen play in my history as a fan. Rodgers isn't in trouble. The rest of the AFC East is.


Better than Mahomes??!?!


ya. i can think of at least a dozen 'old QBs to another team' that flamed out really bad. i can only think of 1, Brady, that worked.


Stafford to the Rams worked out nicely, as did Peyton to the Broncos. But yeah, it feels like it's one fuck of a risky strategy.


Gut feeling. Seattle hid R Wilson’s short comings. Remember “let Russ cook”? Seattle didn’t let “Russ cook” because they knew what he was the past few years. That’s not Rodgers.


I think he has more left in the tank than Wilson did, in terms of his skill set - Wilson is undersized that still needs athleticism to excel, and that is the thing that falls off soonest. Rogers is athletic but not in the same way. I think he'll do fine - even if he matches last year (which for him, was "bad"), that'll be amazing for the Jets.


Are you basing that off his performance last season? And if so, what exactly leaves you thinking he has much left in the tank at all?


Fine by me, but I’m also very biased and have zero stocks in Rodgers.


If Rodgers puts the training in on legs and core like he did after Jordan Live was selected, he can play closer to 20 and 21. If he doesn't, it may be closer to 18, 19 and 22.


They didn't make the playoffs last year. They trade a ton of assets for Rodgers, which locks their future. Rodgers causes ton of NY drama, only throws to 1 receiver for 2 weeks straight...yes that is on the range of outcomes I agree lmao


Yup, offseason lows are real


It'll be better but I'd be worried that rodgers is on a decline he looked old last year and kinda timid when it came time to taking hits... more like the focus was not on making the throw in some cases and more on protecting himself from big shots. We saw this w Brady the past season.


Jets country, let's fly


Looking like a Cesna not cleared for takeoff, at the moment.


Rodgers is much better but the AFCE is shaping up to be an elite division and their non divisional schedule isn’t friendly, it’s going to be a challenge. My gut feeling is Rodgers most successful path right now is in GB and the Jets is in waiting until next summer to add their QB1 but I know that’s nightmare fuel for Jets fans.


The gut might be thinking about a common piece to the equation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nathaniel_Hackett


I sure hope so. Go Dolphins!?


I think it’s a matter of when of if at this point. Both teams need this deal to go thru (jets need a qb, packers can’t have $100m in 2 players of the same position this season) so it will happen. To me, to get the deal done it’s going to have to seem like nickels for what they’re giving up to get Rodgers, because of his age and contract. The best case scenario I think will revolve on a clause that determines what round the 24 pick will be that the packers receive


I can see it. But I do think the Jets supporting cast is significantly better (Garrett Wilson > Sutton Jeudy, Breece > Javonte). What the Jets are doing is just more exciting than what the broncos have been doing when it comes to building up their rosters.


So I should sell high on Mecole Hardman?


I mean Rodgers wasn't exactly great last year. Not a single game with 300+ yards and only hit 3 TDs once. Looked to me like he fell off a bit of a cliff but people seem to be overlooking it


Gut feeling: Rodgers to the Jets would be a lot like what Rodgers to the Broncos would have been.


I don’t think that’s what’s going to happen but I love the take!


Rodgers is an all time great. Wilson is solid, but was always overrated. They are not the same.


Gut feeling, you’re wrong!


I see the connection here but think we will get a much different result. Wilson was never in the same tier of QB as Rodgers and IMO gets more credit than he deserves. Going by QBR (not perfect but it is something) Wilson's best season is Rodgers 5th best season. Rodgers 8th best season was 69.1, Wilsons 4th best season was 68.6 70 or better Rodgers - 6 Wilson - 2 60 to 69.9 Rodgers - 7 Wilson - 6 50 to 59.9 Rodgers - 2 Wilson - 2 And they both had the total bomb of a season last year with a qbr in the 30s Point here is the Wilson does not equal Rodgers and we all forget just how insanely good the Seattle defense was from 2012 to 2015. These 4 years are also 4 of Wilson's best 5 years by QBR.


Thats impossible Jets aren't giving up 3 players, 2 firsts and 2 seconds


Eh the broncos problem was play calling. Killed me to have Javonte and watch him be criminally underused.


I think it will be a little different in that Rodgers will not be the Jets’ backup plan for not being able to get Rodgers


Gut feeling: Don’t agree. I think Jets have superior pieces around him and get to play in a mostly weaker division.


If you're looking for real reasoning behind your take, Rodgers is 39 and nearly every other QB declined heavily by 40, including the vast majority of Hall of Fame QBs. The exceptions are obviously Brady, and Favre had a resurgence at age 40 with the Vikings.


No shot. Jets will be in the playoffs as a higher seed with rodgers.


I think it’s a done deal. Just have to get pen to paper. He’s clearly stated he’s done in Green Bay and is pretty much a Jet. He’s not playing the “will I stay or go?” game like years prior. The Jets also likely don’t sign Lazard if they don’t get Rodgers.


I think the coach makes a big difference. The Broncos had fired the coach the year prior and brought Wilson on to change the direction of the franchise. The jets are a good stable team, just need Rodgers to accelerate their offense. Not like I know better than anyone else on the internet, but it would be hard to believe that Sala would regress with a former MVP qb instead of a Zack Wilson/Mike white/Joe Flacco rotation. I think if the deal goes through the jets are completing for the division and end up a wildcard team worst case scenario.


It definitely won't be Brady to the Bucs. Jets have a young team and for some reason are in win now mode. Rodgers has nothing to prove unlike Brady who when he left New England wanted to prove it wasn't Belichick. Brady is also a team first guy. I think Rodgers sets the Jets back even further an inevitably just leaves next year


I don’t know the jets Oline situation, but it certainly cannot be worse than the broncos.


Def in the range of possibilities but I wouldn't bet on it. As a proud Bills fan since 1990, it pains me to say that the jets have 1 of, if not the best roster in football, sans a QB. Rodgers is likely going to make a title push. 🤮🤮😖


Absolutely love and agree with this take. Too much hype annnnd Nathaniel Hackett is involved again


Luckily for Hackett, he will have Rodgers there to tell him what plays to run.


non-SF, but i got love, lance, rodgers, and cousins. someone's gotta do well :0000


Packers won’t make a trade until June 1st. After that date they can spread his dead cap hit over 2 years instead of absorbing it all in one season


I disagree based on a few factors: 1. Rodgers was a B2B MVP before last year when the best WR in football was removed from his team (Russ has never received an MVP vote) 2. Russ had a serious thumb injury on his throwing hand before this past year and had other injuries throughout the year. Rodgers doesn’t have serious injury concerns 3. Russ downgraded in offensive weapons and Rodgers will be getting a serious upgrade.