Those WRs you’re overlooking who could be the next big thing

Those WRs you’re overlooking who could be the next big thing


Jaylen Guyton seems like his ceiling is Tyrell Williams/Torrey Smith/Marquise Goodwin/ insert decently sized one dimensional deep threat. I own shares of him and I hope I’m wrong. As for now I’ll hold and hope for the those weeks where he has 3 catches for 90 yards and a TD.


Tyrell the Gazelle, you mean? Sign me up!


Guyton seems like a great best ball round 22 pick


I think you’re right. He’s a boom or bust deep threat. But if he could produce like Torrey Smith did in his first 4 seasons - at current cost - sign me up.


Honestly I could see them finding a solid role for guyton, but I think they’re more likely to take a receiver in the first round that will drain his value.


I would welcome a large role for him beyond “run deep, Herbert throw” which is what he’s done so far.


he’s fast enough to get separation over the middle too, they can definitely find ways to work him in


Since when is Colin Johnson an incredible route runner?


Since I’ve stashed him. Colin Johnson? More like Calvin Johnson.


Lmao so true bro. Dude if he's on my roster, he's clearly destined for success


Same, got him in three leagues. Locked in Alpha.


Such a thing as a WR 3 Alpha? Asking for my friend Gabe Davis.


Only works when you’re 6’4” and your last name is Johnson.


The correct use of ‘you’re’ and ‘your’ in your post has me very excited at 6am. Such a rare thing to see. I’m also a bit excited because I have Colin ‘Calvin’ Johnson shares.


him and trevor lawrence is gonna have that tall guy connection. shit is stronger than steel


Should be titled “Those WRs you’re trading for could be the next big roster cloggers”


I honestly can't believe he's gotten as much hype as he has off of one decent game where half of his fantasy points came from a TD reception. Like there are people in this sub that actually claim he will be the WR1 of the team...over Shenault and Chark. Not that he might be fantasy relevant, but the lead guy. It's insane.


Since birth. Stash him now.


I appreciate the commitment to the Duvenray misnomer


Nice, I love Campbell.


I like Campbell too but did that dude really extrapolate a full season based on one game played?!


Yeah, it doesn’t work like that. 🤣


And just like that The Patriots Jonas Gray has been announced the best statistical RB to have ever existed.


2/4 are already on my bench! Not sure this is a good thing.


Narrator: it was not


Why do people link to twitter? Which just contains a link to the actual content. Why not just directly link it?


This was actually an accident. Meant to link from website but it pulled the Twitter one. Didn’t realize until after posting. Sorry


It's not just you. I see it constantly.


Yea. I opened and immediately closed.


An extra click really doesn’t matter




I dropped him after the season ended but honestly might have to pick him back up after hearing Fuller is likely gone. I think he could be a really decent PPR guy to fill in for injuries/bye weeks


If Fuller leaves and they somehow don’t bring anyone else in at WR, it’s most likely someone other than Watson throwing him the ball. Chad Hanson is only ever sniffing a decent PPR guy if Billy B scoops him up and Wes Welker comes out of retirement to form the infinity gauntlet of white wide receivers.


Any thoughts on Preston Williams?


I fear his time has passed. I know, I’m not happy about it either as I’ve got him in a few leagues. The Dolphins will most likely add a WR in FA and/or the draft making Williams, an undrafted FA, irrelevant.


To me his skills don't jump off the screen, but I did think he had a better repoire with Tua than any other Dolphin pass catcher. That chemistry is not easy to explain with stats necessarily, but it looked like those two had a connection. In a league where I can keep 22, he is probably sitting at my number 23 roster spot, so I too have a decision to make on him. If MIA takes a WR early, then that may seal his fate for me.


I love Parris still


Lol Parris Campbell. They never ever quit. Imagine pining over a dude who hasn't produced more than 53 points PPR in two seasons in the league. One that hasn't produced more than 14 points in a game in his whole career, and only managed that from 9 - 11 yard dump off targets by old man Rivers, of which he only managed to catch two thirds of. A guy who was overshadowed by a rookie breaking 20 in their *6th career game* with no preseason and recovering from compartment syndrome. Pittman then going on to notch 17 points the next week topping his best once again. Yeah Parris has been injured. And yeah that *does matter*. He's played 8 games. Broke double digit production *twice*. So what is it that is so damn tantalizing? A MASSIVE 14 point game built on the back of 6 catches for 71 yards? Stud alert! That kind of one game a season production is sprinkled all over the waiver wire...under the TE category. The only reason the team hasn't cut him is because they have nobody else behind Pittman but Pascal. And Pascal has produced far more than Parris has per game. The second they bring in someone capable of playing in the NFL without a protective exosuit he's gonna be banished to the shadow realm.


He run fast. Also, Terry is a beast and Campbell put up better numbers in college so people assume he will be just as good.


He's going late in startups and can be traded for, for super cheap. I get everything you said, but he's worth a dart throw if he can string together a healthy season.


I’ll draft him late. He looked good before his injury sand has an upgrade at qb.




You make very compelling points for exactly half of the full argument. The fact is a lot of people feel like his lack of production can be explained away, and judging him ONLY on his production is the reason he’s on a list like this. He still oozes potential, and has looked explosive when he’s gotten the ball in his hands. Some dudes get drafted high and just don’t produce, like a Nkeal Harry, for example. His lack of production isn’t as easily explained away, at least by anything other than he’s simply not that good. When talking about players who could be bought cheaply today and pay off in a big way soon, few guys could pay off like Parris Campbell.


Just drafted him in round 13 of a start up. Ill take my chances he stays healthy.


Found the guy who traded Campbell away