Raheem Mostert


Great pick. Because 1. Raheem hasn't displayed that he can stay healthy for an entire season and 2. the 9ers spent draft capital to move up for Trey Sermon (Shanahan is in love with both Trey's). Subjectively, Sermon is also my #2 back in this draft class after Javonte Williams. Objectively, the situation is set up to sell high on Raheem Mostert after a big week one. Problem is, you'd have to actually draft a 29 year old back in the first place, which I am not willing to do unless he falls to like the 9th in a startup (and I took Trey prior). Edit: realized I'm in the Dynasty forums.


I’m in win now mode and he’s my third RB and my others behind him are backups like pollard and Hines. What do you think I should try and get back for Mostert after a huge week one against Detroit?


It depends. If you list your roster, league format details, etc. I'd be happy to help.


How do you feel about Sermon then?


Not OP but, for this year alone, the sheer list of players in front of him concern me.




I think sermon takes over by the end of the year but Mostert could still provide great numbers out of the flex for a contending team even with sermon getting a majority of the carries


Chase Edmonds


As a contender with Edmonds/Conner I'd love to sell either but starting RB's are hard to come by so I might just have to ride them out for the season


If you're contending, do that. If not, sell immediately (when he breaks out) even if it means a season push. He'll net you a haul if he does.


Too many mouths to feed and he doesn’t get the RZ looks. In addition, I foresee Rondale getting some of touches around the line of scrimmage as well. On the plus side, AZ has a high powered offense so a score in the first game should yield a decent return.


Quintez Cephus, not the most notable, but would love to sell to get some value


This is a good one. I can't imagine he would beat out a high draft capital WR in the future years.


Probably Damian Harris, I like him but would probably have the picks if he has a decent showing


What do you think he value is if he ends week 1 with 100 yds on 16 carries and a TD plus a couple catches for 20?


I think that could get you a first if the owner is high.


Early second after that line. Maybe some contender might buyin for a late first if you send Harris + 3rd


I sold Harris and two 3rds for a 2022 first this past week.


solid for right now where do you see that pick landing - top, middle, or bottom third of round one?


It’s a one QB 14 team league. It projects middle. The guy has a couple elite pieces. Bad depth. So it could really go either way.


Sold him along with a second for Keenan Allen. I’m trying to compete this year, so I’m pretty happy with that.


Yea my plan is to package him with a second to hopefully get a first or a solid player(hopefully)


I feel like his stock is probably slowly falling now after that Rhamondre Stevenson showing.


How so? He showed out as well with the limited RB1 touches one gets in preseason( please don’t hit me with box score numbers in a preseason game) Harris solidified his role further, running down hill and hard. Pats love him




Curious why Gage?


He's a JAG at best. Falling into a WR2 spot on Matt Ryan's offense may look pretty now, but it won't last. Pitts is going to take more and more of the target share as the season progresses. Plus Olamide Zacchaeus(sp?) showed some flash last year so I'm not sold on Gage keeping the spot all season long. He's getting love right now and if I have shares I'm actively trying to sell them. If I can't, I'm hoping a nice game 1 gets some league mates to bite. Even if I'm wrong and he has a good season, I have very little doubt that the Falcons won't be trying to improve their WR corp via the draft or free agency next offseason.


Fair point, thanks. I have gage, zaccheus, and pitts so just wanted to hear someone else’s take on the situation


You bet! Even in redraft I'm fading Gage and hording Olamide at their current ADPs. Not that I'm high on Zaccheus for Dynasty but he's practically free whereas Gage is going for a 2nd+. I think there's a good chance they will have similar stat lines by season's end.


Sammy Watkins seems like an obvious answer


I own, and will continue to forever own, zero shares of Watkins. But for the question posed on this thread, this is definitely the right answer; he historically goes off early year before hibernating again.


Tyrell Williams. I'd love to get some draft capital for a guy I grabbed for free this winter.


These are the right answers. Swap waiver fodder for draft picks


Callaway in NO has been sold a lot this week. Free waiver fodder for late picks


Eason was a good sell a couple weeks ago in SF. Packaged him with Hurts and got Lamar


That's a straight fucking taco trade


I picked him up as soon as the Wentz news broke. Sold him to Wentz owner for a 2023 second, then sent that second and Elijah Moore for D Smith. Not a hall like Lamar though, that's crazy.


What have you sold for?




No one's buying Tyrell for a 2nd


Jameis Winston....if he starts


Add Taysom into this. I'd be flabbergasted if they don't both start 4+ games this season.


I've got shares of Taysom Hill that I plan on selling if he is the starter.


I don't see this happening unless Taysom gets hurt or has a *really* bad month, and I do mean month. Payton like control and I think the variability with Jameis is undesirable to him. He'd rather have a lower ceiling but a predictable floor than deal with Jameis and lose a game due to a zero braincell INT. I'm sure he's been scouting Jameis enough for the divisional matchups the 5 years he was in Tampa that he's acutely aware of the opposing viewpoint on him.


Then why would they resign him? I see Taysom as a glorified Tim Tebow. He's just willing to do more to be able to play than Tebow was.


All teams need a backup. He's a really good level backup for the price/market availability.


Look at the FA QB field outside of Winston... It's bad. Fitz, Dalton, Tyrod, Jacoby, Bethard, Flacco, Truibisky... Fitz won't go to a team and be a backup so he's out. Jameis is starting to look real good. Jameis has already been in the offense a year and every team needs a backup. Same reason they kept re-signing Taysom when they had Brees. No sense in drafting a guy as so many other teams likely took all the ones Payton had interest in and they likely want more time to see what Taysom / Jameis can do, what the rest of the roster looks like, and make a more informed choice on where to take the team without Brees. Sometimes ya'll get so caught up in the fantasy aspect you forget the football part of it. Team has to win ball games, ugly or not. Jameis or Truibs are the best options left in FA. Give me the guy that's already been here a year.


He’s sat behind Brees for a year, and has been working his arse off to impress. I imagine his discipline will have improved over the past year and particularly this season with him being in competition for the starting role. That said, it’s been too close to call so far.


>He’s sat behind Brees for ~~a~~ four years, and has been working his arse off to impress. I imagine his discipline will have improved over the past *four* year*s* and particularly this season with him being in competition for the starting role. See how we can just say this same thing about Taysom? >That said, it’s been too close to call so far. Has it been? Because Taysom has gotten the start at *every single* opportunity. Payton is seemingly unwilling to deviate to the level that a lot of people have expected would have *happened by now.* It's not a doors wide open situation. Taysom has a lead, not a huge one, but a noticeable lead and is the favorite by all accounts and situations.


Sorry, I did misread the post I replied to and was talking about Jameis being there for the year. Taysom got the start when Brees was injured _because_ he was there first, and Sean promised him that opportunity in the off season last year because of Teddy getting the start the season before. That doesn’t mean Taysom is automatically the heir. If you’ve been following the camp then you’d know it’s a very close competition even til now, and there’s no reason to assume it’s _just going to be Taysom_.


I've been following the situation very closely. I have Jameis as my 3rd on my roster at the moment. I see nothing that's convinced me that Payton isn't still leaning Taysom. Obviously either one of us could be wrong, but the "Why else did he keep Jameis" angle is just ignorant.


I agree about the latter point being ignorant. And that’s why the “Taysom has been there for four years so he’s the favourite” point is also ignorant. Underhill has repeatedly said that this race isn’t finished and there is no clear winner, so I want to see why you have Taysom as a clear-but-close leader. Jameis: 7/12 96yds 1TD 1INT 77.1 Taysom: 8/12 81yds 0TD 1INT 51.1 If those stats are anything to go by, it isn’t obvious either. To be clear, I have both rostered on one of my teams and am a Saints fan so don’t have a bet on either horse currently, nor do I have a favourite.


If he was looking for a lower ceiling but a predictable floor, then why not go for someone like Dalton or Tyrod? He must clearly see the potential with Jameis.


Are you talking about next year with that list of names? Or are you referring to the offseason previously before they all signed elsewhere?


2021 offseason FA period, march-whenever each guy signed.


Taysom hill sucks at throwing the football. Give a dc an offseason to scout hill, and he’s going to get picked off 3 times a game because he’s not a real qb. I don’t see hill as any less variable. Payton just barely used him as a qb, and teams aren’t going to allow that again. I mean, maybe hill improved, but last season, it was clear Payton did not want to use him as a traditional qb. And the one constant in the nfl: you need a qb. Lamar won an mvp, is infinitely better than hill, and even he struggled.


Ronald Jones


He's going to slay week 1 against Dallas. They were one of the worst if not the worst team against RBs. I think he's a buy and being highly undervalued if anything. I bought him this off-season but I can see him going 120 and 2 on opening day and have his value go up to probably what it should be already.


If there is any chance I can get someone to pay for hollywood, he's a gonner. I very much doubt that happens, especially since Bateman will be out so people won't buy in as much. Other then that, I'm in the opposite boat where I'm either not selling or waiting on breakouts.


I traded Hollywood a few weeks ago for a 23 2nd and 22 5th.


I’ve had Hollywood on the block all summer, not even a nibble.


I like this for both sides


Daniel Jones. Don’t want anything to do with the Giants


I had high hopes for this offense. I reached for Golladay in a startup and have made offers for D Jones and Golladay in another league; luckily they were not accepted because their training camp is sounding like a dumpster fire.


What would you sell for?




No one will even give a 2nd for him


He missed a lot of games last season, but his numbers in the games he did play were super solid (particularly the first 6 weeks or whatever it was). With a very different scheme, a new QB who doesn't seem to favor the slot as much, and much better WRs on the outside, I think his ceiling is way lower going forward, but I think a big game would be sufficient to make someone overpay for him.


If I could get a second for him I would sell, but I don't think anyone will offer that. He may just be one of those guys who dies on my roster because his production is greater than the return I would get in a trade, barring him being a piece to get another trade across the finish line.




The Trautman hype is already off the rails. I just don’t see it. If I had him I’d try to sell now.


David Johnson


Will Fuller, Marvin Jones


Gonna be hard to get a decent week 1 game out of Fuller lol


He might be hurt, but more so spirit of the question I interpreted could be like first game played. So if Fuller gets like 4 catches, 130 yards and 2 TDs I’ll sell for whatever the highest I could get him at


He is suspended week 1.


Even better, so he’ll be healthy for week 2


Ding ding. Real answer


That stat line still would be pretty difficult for fuller in week 1


So if he does it week 2 then I’ll sell him




lol how many Bucs RBs do you have?


Golladay and Cooks. Also Ertz. Tryna milk all the value I can out of them.


Cooks just seems like a late 2nd type of guy. Even with his 5th 1,000 yard season it seems like no one wants him at a fair price. Now, The QB uncertainty is also a big factor. I just don't see him pulling any more than a late 2nd.


On a SF roster with good QB depth, I'd put Darnold on this list.


Jalen Hurts, Julio


I actually think if Henderson balls out this season he will return as RB1 next year for the rams. But the safer bet is to sell if he starts of good. I would sell Amari Cooper. I think Lamb is the guy to own and if Cooper has a good week 1 I’m cashing in.


Emphatically, Trevor Lawrence in a SF league. For me, actually drafting him, though, is not likely. However, that is what I would highly recommend. You could get a lot in return and through following him since he was in high school, there are numerous red flags.


Red flags like what? The kid has never lost a regular-season game *in his life*. I just drafted him. Convince me to sell.


u/BillyScrimshaw & u/literacola06 I think to get an understanding of the why, we have to zoom out a bit. First off, is Trevor Lawrence a good prospect? Absolutely; very solid kid, incredible leader, and has done a fantastic job managing games. This will allow him to secure a sizable career in the NFL. The red flags are a product of the media's portrayal of him. In 2014, following in the footsteps of Deshaun Watson, he was a 6'5" freshman at powerhouse Cartersville in Georgia. He lead his team to the state championship game. That was when the legend was born. Since then, he has played for teams with a talent gap unlike few have had. Clemson enjoys an advantage in their conference greater than Alabama does in the SEC, and far greater than the Ohio States, Oklahomas and Oregons are afforded. Wins in the regular season come like clockwork, and will continue to under Dabo Swinney and D.J. Uiagalelei (a better prospect). With this in mind... First red flag. Under pressure, the kid doesn't underperform, he folds. Justin Fields thoroughly outplayed him at the Nike Elite 11 camp (annually anoints the best QB in HS) and that's where the current narrative started: gifting excuses for Trevor when he under-performs, yet spotlighting *every* positive. When he faced Fields again this past January, Ohio State dismantled Clemson, in large part due to Trevor's inability to make timely decisions. Again, the excuse train revved and Justin received little credit. Rewind a year, he completes under 48% of his balls for 234 yards and no touchdowns vs LSU. Joe Burrow's stat line: 63%/463/5. Folding under pressure is not something that can't be overcome. However, inaccuracy seldomly can be corrected. Ask any expert, Josh Allen is the unicorn. I've watched dozens of Trevors's games since high school, time and again, he misses 15 yard open crossers. At times they will be behind the receiver, requiring a pirouette to haul in. At times the receiver doesn't make an attempt because the ball is uncatchable. With the talent advantage he has been afforded, coupled with the generational talent moniker, you would assume his passer rating would be pretty good. All time single season FBS passing efficiency rating: **1. Mac Jones 2020** 2. Joe Burrow 2019 3. Tua Tagovailoa 2018 **6. Zach Wilson 2020** **21. Justin Fields 2019** **24. Trey Lance 2019** 50. Dwayne Haskins 2018 61. Tim Tebow 2008 **82. Trevor Lawrence 2020** 100. JaMarcus Russell 2006 I selected some popular names to provide context. His best season ranked 82nd, his other seasons were outside of the top 100. This shouldn't happen with someone who the consensus believes is "the top prospect in a decade". As for the media, it's better to be wrong with everyone else than wrong alone, so it's expected to ride with the hype. Unfortunately, that agenda gets passed down to us. As for anyone who picked up Trevor Lawrence, it's still a beautiful thing because the season hasn't started and the dialogue will not change until it does. If you can trade him for Trey Lance or Justin Fields plus a future draft pick, you will not only have a significantly better **fantasy** quarterback (this deserves its own post), but you will also have additional draft capital. This post was far longer than intended but it was nice to look up some stats as I place 90% of my fantasy decisions off film eval. Good luck with your seasons to come.


Great response, thank you. I’ve always been a bit confused by the Trevor rise vs Fields fall, they both seemed to just go too far both ways. Edit: for such a thorough, thought out response, take some Gold.


Three accounts, have never received gold. I will always remember this! 🙏


Are you watching this? More importantly, the excuse train from these announcers? This is why I have been willing to spend the time to write about it. Again, he should have a long career, he'll improve and maybe things will click. However, right now, his floor is the lowest of the top 5 quarterbacks, and typically the generational talent label requires the opposite (Andrew Luck, Saquon Barkley, Calvin Johnson).


Which red flags are you referring to? Genuinely curious.


Phillip Lindsay




I traded Mooney straight up for Pittman jr


Definitely not moving Mooney. Elite route runner, movement skills, YAC and speed deep. He matches Justin Fields's skill set to a T and seeing as we are in the dynasty forum, he'll only improve and could be a staple for years to come. Filling a long-term slot in dynasty is a hell of a win.


I hate to break it to ya, but there is probably more of a chance the 5th rounder with pretty abysmal efficiency metrics his rookie year busts than winds up as a long-term dynasty asset.


You are correct. There is a 2.8% chance he has a *single* WR2 season in his entire career.


Sure, that's what most people think, hence Darnell Mooney's ADP/ECR. Though metrics are good for reassurance, I'm a tape guy. Mooney's FBS tape shined. He hit the key indicators I look for during evaluation, so my opinion which was that I wouldn't move the kid if he has a fantastic first game. You will not get much in return (again, expert consensus) compared to the potential upside. He will develop throughout the season with a quarterback who can sling it to every pocket of the field. I encourage you to watch Justin Fields's tape with Chris Olave, then compare Olave's game with Mooney's. Trading him away presents too much opportunity cost (assuming the rest of the league is closer to his expert consensus as you are).


Respect for trusting your eyes and your gut, and that’s the name of the game in fantasy IMO. Hard to argue against the analytics on this one though, I usually try and trust my eyes when it comes to tie breakers between two similar prospects. Regardless, I do like watching Mooney as a player and agree if he hits it’ll be plenty worth it compared to what you would get his current market value. I just think his value is certainly inflated compared to historical players that have similar profiles and that is something to take advantage of if possible.


M Callaway, Ollison, D Harris


Amon Ra st brown. I don't trust that he'll have value beyond this season tbh


Idk why this is downvoted, very rarely do day 3 receivers put up good rookie seasons. And chances are lions add better talent next year through the draft or FA


His film wasn't great and his measurables are even worse. He's going to get targets based on lack of competition. Definitely a good sell. Never understood the hype for him.


Miles Sanders, Tyler Boyd, Corey Davis, Logan Thomas


Just traded sanders for 5 in my draft and etienne fell. I was ecstatic


Whoa. You can't just go trading away Corey Davis like that.


Selling Sanders and Thomas will come back to bite you imo


Sanders I agree, Thomas idk. Guys been in the league for 7 years and hasn't even been a blip on the radar. Well see this year how flukey that was. If he has another good year he'd be probably the first player let alone tight end to break out after 7 years


Especially when he doesn't get paid in Philly and goes somewhere that isn't addicted to RBBC like Howie and Lurie are. I know Doug is out of town but I think they will be a 4 headed monster with Sanders, Gainwell, Scott and Kerryon all getting touches so almost anywhere would be an upgrade touch wise.


That would be the 2023 season at the earliest.


Correct and when the season starts he would have just turned 26 and should have tons of tread left!


That’s not fair man. TEs are known to develop longer. I know Darren Waller had alcoholism to delay him, but dude is similar in age and breakout. Now with a more competent QB, I see Thomas as aTE1 this year


Waller is 2 years younger than Thomas. Logan Thomas is 30


Logan Thomas was also a QB until a few years ago. I watched almost all of Washington's games last year and he looked pretty legit.


So did Gary Barnidge that one year


Gary barnidge is literally the only guy in like the last 10 years at te that was a bad tight end after a 1000 yd season. With that said logan didnt get 1000 yards last year.


He has only been a TE for what, 4 years? Dude played QB exclusively for the previous 8 years or something, that pretty much explains it. He was always an awesome athlete, 4 years to break out into learning a completely new position at rhe pro level is pretty remarkable.


My thinking on Sanders and Thomas - I’m on rebuild but my reasonings differ: Sanders - very difficult to trade at a decent price right now imo, but rightly so. I think the concerns are legit despite his talent - he is likely to be in a 2-3 headed timeshare with a td running qb for the next few years of his prime and he hasn’t shown so far that he can stay healthy. It seems like even every week that he does play, he’s been questionable. A crazy week one or two game stretch would give me the push I need to help move him for fair value. Thomas - I picked up off waivers early last year. Nobody was expecting this guy to finish in the top 5 like he did. I don’t think his production is sustainable and even if it was it’s not likely long term. Nobody in my league is paying for him to the level he produced last year. If he has a couple good showings early, it would be wise to take a deal riding him at his highest.


Evans and Cooper. Can’t hold through this 2 year rebuild and need some picks.


But those are established players, I don't think their value really goes up much if they have a good week 1. You shouldn't have any issues selling to win-now teams right now.


You’d be surprised my friend. I can’t get a 1 for either right now. Looking for a couple good games and some contenders to go ahead and pay up. Not happening at the moment.


Really? I paid a future first and a 2nd for both players this offseason and feel great about it. I’d give a single 1st in a heartbeat.


Just attach names to them, and you see OP's league is just full of tacos. Evans/Cooper or next year's Bateman/Emoore/Sermon? If OP can't get any contender to make that trade, then that league is TacoTown


I mean depends on the league. If it’s superflex a mid to late 1st is more amongst the lines of pitts, etienne, willims, jamarr chase, devonta smith


Mostert. He plays detroit and is injury prone


Will Fuller


Nyheim Hines, got offered a first for him last season but I held on too long, eager to get rid of him


I am curious why. He is only 24 and a PPR gift for a low price. Plus he is a good handcuff (Mack is not going to stay healthy).


Jonathan Taylor?


I thought Hines was a good handcuff for Taylor and still got a lot of 3rd down work. He seemed worth keeping given that most people won’t pay for much for him


Oh gotcha you meant handcuff for JT, not Mack


For me it’s based on the offer that I previously got for him, if I get another offer for a first round pick I’m taking it 100%


Wow! A first? That is a good deal. I didn't think you could get that. That is awesome.


James Robinson and Deebo Samuel


James Robinson


On film, James Robinson is so good, I wouldn't be surprised if he retains the number one role. It'll be hard for their new staff to stomach, but in the end, it's about winning, which the Jags don't do much of. Change the mindset, flip the culture, show the kids that there are no favors. If Urban understands this concept, James Robinson should be an RB1 for several more years.


Mike Davis If I can grab a first for him that would be amazing but I'd probably try give up a 2nd/3rd with him for a first if he starts well.


I've had people inquire about Montgomery but don't feel like I've gotten an offer worth while (mainly 2nd round picks) because they think the end of his 2020 was a schedule fluke. If he starts out well, could see those offers bump up into the 1st round+ area.


Julio. Marquise Brown. And maybe Gus Edwards.


Cam Newton, Taysom Hill, Andy Dalton


I sold high on Cam last year after his big game week 2, in a deal for Josh Allen, one of the better moves I've ever made in dynasty.


Prob gonna get crushed here, but Elijah Moore. His hype train is off the rails, if he has a big week 1 and someone wants to trade me a a top20 WR thinking they found the next big thing then I'm here for it. I like Elijah, I just don't see many WR1 seasons in his future, more a ceiling in the range of a Tyler Lockett.


Depends entirely on the state of your team. If you’re contending, fine. If you’re not sure/need some pieces to break your way or you’re rebuilding you’re doing it backwards. He’s a rookie that’s tied to his rookie QB. I can’t imagine a better 4 year outlook than coming straight out of the gates blistering people. Corey Davis WILL deal with some kind of injury. It happens every year. Keegan Cole is whatever. Crowder is gone next year/being replaced by Elijah. Mims is unknown/young. The only true target competition in a year is if they A. Draft another WR high or B. In Corey Davis. I dunno why you think his range of outcomes cannot include a WR1 season. Because he has a small frame? Edelman, Steve Smith, Welker, Tyreek Hill and Antonio Brown have all had multiple WR1 seasons with similar sizes and arguably less raw athleticism outside of anyone but ‘Reek/maybe Steve Smith.


I really like the narrative and you might end up being right. I see Lockett as the most likely peak value, which would still be considered a successful outcome. My argument is that if I can sell him to someone who believes your narrative/ceiling and is willing to pay for it, then I'm taking that every time.


Same for me but Rondale Moore


Miles Gaskin


That's a hold for me. Im feeling a breakout. Another year for Tua to heel and learn the system the offense should be humming. Their D is no joke. He will get his carries to control the game. He just has to stay healthy.


But will he be the guy next year? Doesn’t it just feel like they will draft someone?


I get that feeling as well, as a Gaskins owner. I'll be holding him even if he blows up early though because I'm in win now mode and won't be able to get value in return for him that he'll provide me trying to make a run this year. Unless one of my other depth RBs really explodes as well that is. Then I might look to get what I can for Gaskins before he has a replacement drafted next year.


Najee Harris and Logan Thomas I’m rebuilding in a SF league (after a HORRENDOUS trade for Saquon two years ago) and thin at QB, was able to land Mac Jones and Harris in the first taking best player available. But given his age he doesn’t really fit my plan. Logan is pretty obvious I think.


what are you looking to get back for Najee?


DJMoore, Lockett, Golladay, Carter


Why DJM?


Because the hype of him being a perennial WR1 will pop right back up like it was last year, and I don't project him as that.


I love DJM but I think you are spot on. He may slide into some borderline wr1 seasons because he is a good player, but he’s probly just a very consistent wr2. Which is obviously great still, but he’s valued like he can be a consistent wr1 and idk that he can


Michael Carter?


Yessir. Always sells the day-3 depth chart darling that gets noticeable hype/ADP spike See: Jacob Eason 2 weeks ago


I'd want to hold Carter at least this year to see what develops. But if someone offers a king's ransom then you gotta go for it.


James Conner easily


If only I could. The absolute dream.


Had an offer for what would have become 2.02 after week 4 last season for him..


DJ Chark


Second year pro bowler. Third year injury-plagued but still productive. Forth year #1 "generational quarterback" upgrade. He was called out by Urban Meyer for being too light. So he gained 10 lbs of muscle. He was seen after training camp practices working individually with Urban Meyer. If that level attention doesn't scream "I believe in you", then I don't know what does. A guy with that level of raw talent, singled out by a new head coach, and in a contract year? I am the guy taking that trade on the other side.




Miles Sanders, MT, Higgins (also have Chase).


MT won’t be playing.


Yes I know that. Once he does. Same concept..🤷‍♂️


Higgins > Chase


I see this a lot.Bold to write on paper. So if someone offered you Chase for Higgins straight up, you take Higgins?


I will only say this because I'm not dumb with values and I understand where people are being drafted and such. I own both players in different leagues. And I feel much better about Higgins and his perceived value going forward then I do with Chase and what I fear may happen with him. I am not going to do anything hasty because he spent so much time away from football but I feel better about my Higgins Shares then Chae shares if that ramble makes any sense


Thats never really a useful question because you don’t need to do that. I’d much rather have Higgins plus the value difference between him and chase, but in a vacuum I’m of course going to take and/or draft chase higher because he is more valuable of an asset, even if I think Higgins is better Edit: idk that I necessarily think Higgins is better, but I generally lean to the proven player rather than a rookie and I’ve seen Higgins look good in the nfl and he has the body of a dominant outside receiver.


I also own Higgins and Chase in a league. Just curious, why would you sell? Do you feel Burrow can't support two highly productive WRs?


Ehh, don't Ike having two players in same position on same team. I drafted Higgins thinking he would be the #1 there. When they took Chase i almost ripped the TV off the wall.. Basically compelled me to take him over Najee...😭


Are you me?! Hated that pick!!


I was Boyd AND Higgins owner at the time of the Chase pick. Imagine how mad I was. Luckily I was able to package Boyd for Evans (Got fleeced there though as I traded Henderson too pre-Akers injury so yup) Just happy to not have to deal with that headache and I'm still very high on Higgins regardless.


The big one has to be Allen Robinson. There is no telling what his future looks like next year/if Fields pans out/ if he can age gracefully. He’s a physical WR who has has to make circus catches on the weekly to keep his team in games and usually pays for it with his body. The guy is supremely talented and one of my favorite players for any contender this year but if you’re not going for a ‘chip this year I’m personally moving him after a 20+ pointer. He’s going to fetch value on name recognition alone and the lure of “the QB upgrade” coming in Fields. If he moves to a team with a low volume passing game, or worse, has to split with an existing WR1 his value likely decreases. He’s been a back/back top 12 WR because he’s wickedly good, but also because of volume and lack of target competition in his offense.


Couldn’t disagree more on this take. ARob is only 27 and I think his game would translate well to almost any other team. He is talented enough that he will produce, even with a slightly lower volume. Bears were only 22nd in passing yards last year. The chance that he ends up on a team with more volume and a better QB is more likely than the opposite. If this happens, he could be a high end WR1 for years. Further, I can’t see any team with another WR good enough to make ARob the WR2 pay what ARob is gonna cost.


2021 will be his age 28 season not his age 27 season, which is extremely close to the point where WR value plummets. Even De’Andre Hopkins coming off of an elite year saw his value take a notable hit and he’s entering his age 29 season. Pending free agency where he could possibly end up in a spot where he isn’t getting whored targets also worries me a lil bit.


Unless I’m rebuilding (in which case, obviously sell ARob), I’m not worried about his trade value when I can expect elite production for the next 3-4 years.


AB, Marquez Calloway, Tyler Boyd just to name a few.


Trying to contend so the likes of Mecole Hardman, KJ Hamler, Ruggs and Deebo Sorry guess you said notable which maybe deebo is


Josh Reynolds Hollywood Brown RoJo


Mike Williams


Basically my whole team! Trying to take advantage of whatever I can. My list (1qb): Jalen Hurts Golladay Juju Rojo Miles Sanders James Conner Hunter Henry


Singletary. He’s been on the trade block for months and I’m a contender so I wanna acquire another WR


On rebuilding/retooling teams: DeAndre Hopkins & Melvin Gordon


Melvin was last year man, nobody is giving more than a 3rd for him now.


Mahomes..... JK


Mike Davis


I am not at all sure he will still be on my roster week 1 but if he can win the job (week 1) and have a good start to the season (week 1) I would love to unload Tyson Hill! I have a 2nd invested so getting something back would be nice. Best outcome I think is if they designate him as a TE and sees decent playing time, then maybe.