Future Season Payments on LeagueSafe

Future Season Payments on LeagueSafe


Dunno as a commish but ours won’t approve the trade unless if u pay for the year draft pick u traded. We only have to pay if it’s a future year 1st but trades are pending til u pay that year’s dues.


I do this to my guys as well, two years up front but if you wanna deal a pick 3 years from now It’s pending until you pay


Collect all future payments up front and only pay out after those seasons are done. $100 each year for 3 years then require $300 league safe payment. At the end of year send the winners their portion of season 1 winnings and leave the rest alone until season 2.


I just create another league for each league year


You can setup the year ahead for people to pay for trading future picks, just post the link in chat and people have to pay if trading future picks.


Pay into current season, carry over balance to following season when starts up.


Does that require every team to pay?


No Just the team you send request to. Just have to extend payment deadline to trade deadline., Then you can continually edit features


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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I was able to do a Custom League setup and set the payment deadline and payout date for future years. Somehow I didn’t see this a few months ago when I set up the league.