Buffalo Bills appear to be committing to Dawson Knox at tight end

Buffalo Bills appear to be committing to Dawson Knox at tight end


Not shitpost Friday, but is this year Knox breaks out?


Yes. See flair.


That’s all I need to confirm his break out


I think it could be.


Highly doubt it. I just don't think that offense is one to support a TE.


they have no run game, he's gotta get some work if josh allen is passing it 40+ times a game again


Why didn’t they sign someone like Ingram?


Knawson Dox


Thank you for your input. Very valuable


This is not surprising really. While he hasn't done as much as we'd have like, it was pretty clear there wasn't gonna be a drastic change at the position this late. If they really wanted to push him or even jump his spot, they would have made a move much earlier in the offseason.


I thought they’d at least keep Hollister. You’re right though. I was going to drop Knox for someone tonight, but it looks like I’ll be holding.


Meh, Hollister is your garden variety TE2 type (IRL) that is not much more than a role player and a waiver wire clone you grab midseason for a random emergency start in fantasy. Seahawks fan.


Very good chance Hollister resigns with the bills still, they have 2 or 3 guys headed to IR and will have space for him. He was a vested vet so he didn't have to clear waivers


Dont read too much into this. Beane is currently employing "roster shenanigans" trying to get guys on IR etc. Dont be surprised if Hollister is back on the team by the end of the week. They just cut LS reid Ferguson but he will DEFINITELY be back on the roster. There is a pretty good chance they do the same with Hollister.


The problem isn't Knox so much as it's him being buried in the offensive depth chart in that system.


The problem is definitely Knox when he does get looks but rewards them with bad drop after bad drop When you're already buried and then mess up your limited opportunities, there is no path to fantasy relevancy


There's a reason Knox kept getting reported as "odd man out" which is what made the Hollister cut a bit surprising to me. Knox has some issues he needs to get over. The problem isn't the volume - Buffalo passes the ball a LOT. Knox got into his own head about this. I think attending Tight-End University might have helped him out a bit and he knows this is his make it or break it year - but he still had some drops in preseason. Hopefully Hollister being cut gives him a bit of a boost of confidence but this is the wrong team in the wrong year to be getting over your mental issues.


I think this is the only correct comment in the thread




Yes same here. I have to drop him unless I am able to make another deal. He has the tools to be a great player.


I just dropped him for the Ty’Son


Ertz trade brewing?


We’ll see. He certainly flashes some big play moments. On the other hand though, he has weird concentration drops and just very unsure hands.


He caught a bunch of TDs late in the year after being injured and having covid. He is an athletic freak and a guy you hope puts it together in year 3. I think this is probably his last shot before the Bills look elsewhere.


Hey Bills, come get Ertz