Here's an online magazine I made to hype up my league

Here's an online magazine I made to hype up my league


This is absolutely phenomenal! Too late for me this year, but do you have a template?


I honestly don't really have a template aside from the .pdn files (file for paint.net) for each page that have multiple layers. I do have a .pdn template for the helmets that are on the coach's poll page. They tiny ones there aren't impressive, but they start at about 800x800 pixels. That might be the most helpful thing if you want it. It helped me make these. [https://i.imgur.com/dGWpKg0.png](https://i.imgur.com/dGWpKg0.png) [https://i.imgur.com/6S42g6l.png](https://i.imgur.com/6S42g6l.png) Most of what's in the magazine that isn't logo related art is just stuff jammed into Google Sheets, the outlines are colored white to disappear, and it's copied over to [paint.net](https://paint.net).


Awesome, thanks for the tip! Was gonna say, if you could make some sort of fillable template, or (next level) pre-programmed sheets we could input data into to generate those team pages, you could sell that thing


Well done.. I do a preseason magazine and an end of season edition. Have things like a champions column where the previous years champ gets a page where they get to write in a gloating manner about their past and future success etc. A hot take section, and draft grades by a fake Mel kiper and Todd mcshay also included among other things. It can be a grind,, but makes the league feel more unique and have yet to have a person leave through four seasons.


That sounds pretty sweet. For all the stats I have in this one I have little real content like that. I normally have little blurbs on a team for the previous year and one for the upcoming year. I tend to overdue it on the logos/visual side. I'm going to have to brain storm a little before next off-season.




What do you use to make it bud? Just google docs?


This is so good! Your league mates should be super thankful that you put the time and effort into making something this great for them.


This is amazing. Definitely going to try something like this next summer (just did our startup draft). Can I ask how and what certain stats are? What is a Badass, Dumbass and Total Ass? How are you calculating the adjusted points and how are you projecting that? Are the starter stats pulled from a platform or is that something you manually tracked?


So, um... the Ass stats are pretty much just made up to make myself feel better when I lose. B.A.D.A.S.S. (Basic Algorithm for Deducing an Accurate Statistic of Superiority) is a full season stat that measures your team against the rest of the league for that particular season. It includes other stuff listed on that page, like PPG, median score, all-play win%, games within the top 25% of all scores, weekly high scores, and weeks in the top half of the league. It measures how far above average/expected you are in these categories. D.U.M.B.A.S.S. (I don't even remember my garbage acronym) is the same but measures how far below the average/expected value you are in either the same or similar categories (like lowest score of the week, games in the bottom 25% of all scores, etc.) TOTAL A.S.S. (Analytical Summation Statistic) is just those two numbers added together. Adjusted points per game or adjusted median means compared to the league average/median for that given year. For my projections I use a couple different sources including Fantasy Pros to get a general points per game for each player, then I go through the lineups and project a number of starts each player will get in the regular season. (I usually assign a starter 11 or 12 games out of 14 to account for depth, especially at positions with higher injury rates.) Once I have a PPG for the offense/defense of every team I just compare it to my average projection. I find that scoring can vary enough year to year that X points per game doesn't mean as much as Y points per game over the league average. The end result is always more spread out from top to bottom than the projections, but we start 16 players each week, so it ends up being pretty darn accurate.


That's awesome, I do a lot of similar stuff for my home league in terms of power rankings and other stats. Something I'd like to carry over to my new dynasty league is the starter page you had, where it's tracking who started for each team and how much they scored when started, is this something you were manually tracking throughout the year, something you put together manually for each team just for the magazine or is there some more efficient way to do it?


I would love to have a commissioner like you 😭


Great job!


I’m starting a Biweekly power rankings in our second year. I’d love to eventually do this. You’re a true inspiration my guy.


Dr. Kirk Cousins and Cole Beasley 😂🤣💀


This is really well done. I want to do something like this for my new league


This is really cool. Very well done. Nachos team is also fucking stacked


You're breathtaking!


Nice work! I just finished ours for our 2nd season.... Going take a few things from yours and add it to our next year: http://online.anyflip.com/hznys/wkzg/mobile/index.html


The champion taking LBs with Sermon/Lance/ARSB/Marshal on the board still is the ultimate flex. Hahaha


Honestly, you could turn this into a business. Charge commissioners some fee for the template. I would pay for this for some of my leagues.


Awesome and you must not have a life lol. Just kidding. Every league wishes you were in their league so they would have this. Well done.


Can't help but notice Nachos going all IDP despite having good LBs. Must be weighted heavier? Awesome mag!


Yeah, they score a ton in our league. They are easier to replace, but they're way closer to a sure thing coming out of college, and we have deep benches.. So if these guys keep passing on em, I'll keep making sure I don't have to pay against em.


I took all off-season, but I threw this together for my dynasty league. Gotta motivate 'em to keep forking over the money somehow. But I'd encourage all commissioners out there to see if you can lift any ideas and do something similar for your league. Even a simple off-season coach's poll can get some chatter and trash talk going. I used Anyflip to put the pieces together, but there are dozens of websites that do something similar. Most of the actual content was used with a combination of Google Sheets and an app called [Paint.net](https://Paint.net) (not a website, but an app.) The logos come from all over. Let me know if you're curious about how some of it is made. edit: I should mention that I drew some inspiration from a few things I've seen on reddit over the years like [here](http://online.anyflip.com/wpco/purf/mobile/index.html#p=1), [here](https://imgur.com/a/9FLv3wm), and [here](http://online.anyflip.com/juzc/bbcm/mobile/index.html).


This is incredible dude. Your league is lucky to have you. All the best!!


Well done!