How to handle this:

How to handle this:


You reverse the deal. Bring in a new owner. Team B can send the same deal to the new owner.


Exactly. You should know how to handle this without even asking Reddit LOL. Reverse trade, new owner.


This is the way.


This guy said it


Fuck that, a deal was done. Not his fault everyone was a jerk and the owner couldn't handle it.


Make sure your owners can handle some shit talking... dealing with this in our Dynasty league and its a real drag.


Yeah a lot of it was pretty much ribbing until one owner lit into his ass. It's the 3rd or 4th time he's made a trade like this


Which is fair enough, imo. It’s not good for a league to have an incompetent GM, and if GM A won’t do his research, then he’s got no right to be surprised if other GMs get (publicly) fed up with him.


And, make sure they understand not to feed the trolls. Had to ask a more sensitive player to exit because they could just not handle the shit-talking.


Yea Team A can't make a league altering trade, then dip. If it was an owner who's committed to the league, the trade may stand. Reverse and let a new owner make that decision.


Man peoples threshold for league altering gets lower every day. Let the guy handle his team how he wants and he wouldn't have quit.


Yeah he would quit. Just after another 3 years of donations to realize he has no assets or picks because he was picked clean by the self serving vultures. Then you have a harder time filling the spot because team is so trash. Then league foles because there’s no owner to be found. This is the best case scenario and now entire league knows team B is a fucking snake


Yeah this sounds like a shit league, but not because of the guy who made the trade. Because of everyone else. That guy made the right move by leaving.


If you can't take some roasting after you make a brutal trade (note that they didn't tell the commish to reverse the trade) then maybe playing with people isn't in your skillset. It was a bad trade. I would have made fun of my friends for it too.


"Yeah a lot of it was pretty much ribbing until one owner lit into his ass. It's the 3rd or 4th time he's made a trade like this" - OPs comment somewhere else in this thread There's a major difference between some friendly shit talk and what OP seems to be describing.


I... Still don't have a problem with it... Haha. If you are the league taco, you're going to get some flak. If you can't take the flack mute the chat for a day or two.


> If you are the league taco, you're going to get some flak. Why not try and help that person get better at fantasy though? Isn't that just a massive positive for the league? If everyone is better, it's more competitive, and if they aren't making trades that stack other teams, it's more fun because one team isn't godly because they basically had a second team to take from. Don't give people flak in this situation unless they've refused help over and over again and are still doing this stuff.


Because it's 2021 and it's super easy to Google information and get better on your own. And if he's made four shitty trades like this already he's not going to do it and it's not anyone else's job to hold his hand like a little baby.


I'm not saying it's anyone's job, I'm saying you'd probably enjoy your league more if you put the effort in to help the guy. If no one ever offered to help, then no wonder he made four trades like this. If you don't offer to help, you're just going to keep losing to the people who take advantage and where's the fun in that?


It's a competitive game. The fun is in having competition to play against. It is not enjoyable to limit your own competitiveness to create a safe haven for someone who doesn't know what they are doing. The charity of helping an owner out sacrifices the nature of the game.


I guess I just look at it a lot differently. I enjoy the competition and having competition to play against like you said- I just think it's a lot more fun to have... well, competition. If someone in the league is so bad they're making awful trade after awful trade, then the league isn't competitive- one person is going to be easy wins, and other people will have heavily stacked teams. That's not fun to me because to me it isn't competitive, it's just an uneven competition.


We have no context for the previous trades or the fallout. It’s easy to assume that if the guy has made a bunch of trades like this people have told him to better research the trades better. Other than encouraging them to think over trades more, how else do you help them other than to prescreen their trades? In one of my redraft leagues this one previous owner made a bunch of trades over the years that gave someone else big upgrades without upgrading his own team. If it was a dynasty league and he was just fucking balance every year and all of his trades caused a big circus and everyone kept telling him to think about his trades were I would have felt perfectly validated tearing into him pretty good. If his ignorance is fucking with other people’s teams and money and he has made no indication that he’ll change his behavior I think at that point you have to be pretty blunt asshole so he either gets the message or leaves.


> Other than encouraging them to think over trades more, how else do you help them other than to prescreen their trades? I mean, my buddies and I often message about offers - "hey what do you think of this? would you accept this?" about other peoples' offers and trades. It's nice to have multiple opinions when you're making trades imo. As for the rest of your comment, I do definitely agree that if someone just keeps making these trades and refuses help when it's offered, it makes them likely to be an asshole. I think that's totally valid to be upset about and to be blunt about.


Yeah I have no problem with this. How soft do you have to be to not be able to handle some shit talk in fantasy football?! The guy who lit into him may have been an asshole, but if this dude is continuously making these trash bag trades then I have no problem with that either. The fact that the bad owner left over this… good riddance imo. Your league got better with him leaving


There's a difference between talking shit and being an asshole. If my league mates were truly being assholes to me, I would leave my league too. There is no reason to willingly surround yourself with assholes. There is more to life than fantasy football.


If it’s a free league, then sure I agree with you. If it’s a money league, especially a big money league, then I have no sympathy for him. He has a history of making horrible trades, and clearly the friendly shit talking isn’t getting through to him. So I have no problem with someone being a bit of an asshole to him as long as that person doesn’t go overboard with it. He wasn’t surrounded by assholes though, it was one owner being the asshole


>So I have no problem with someone being a bit of an asshole to him as long as that person doesn’t go overboard with it. OP said the guy "lit into him", and the trading owner immediately quit the league. I think it's pretty safe to assume he went overboard.


If the other people didn't call out the one dude for his asshole behavior, and if they continued to lay into the owner of team A for what is actually a relatively fair trade, then they're all assholes by proxy. I highly doubt this kind of behavior took place in a league with any real stakes.


This is why you should make owners purchase 1 season in advance


Watch Watkins have 80 rec 1400 yds rec and 14 td’s and Zeke have 400 yds 2 td 28 rec 140 yds 0 td’s, Fuller season ending injury 1st game back from his suspension and Lazard 17 rec 135 yds 1 td and see Team B lose his fucking shit the trade wasn’t reversed.


If team A leaving isn’t tied to team B then I think the trade should stand. If there’s any inclination that team A wasn’t giving his all or just accepted cause he planned to leave then I would veto the trade. Other than that, trade should stand.


Initially I’d say reverse the deal but from the comments it looks like he’s done bad deals in the past so why would you reverse this one and not all the other ones? Seems like y’all are cheating team b if the guy has done this numerous times but y’all wanna reverse this one because team b left. You said he knows he took advantage of a guy who hasn’t been the best in the past so isn’t that what everyone is supposed to do? You can’t reverse a deal and say well you knew the guy was trash so you can’t be mad even though we’ve allowed him to get robbed by others Lol this really looks like I’m team b’s burner


It's for sure a shitty trade but it's not league altering imo. Zeke is the biggest piece and clearly from the comments in this sub it is not outlandish to think that many consider him washed. All the other components in this trade are fairly minor. If other teams have taken advantage of Team A, it's not fair to Team B that his happens to be the only one that gets reversed.


If this happened in any of my leagues I Comish, the trade would stand. Team B gets absolutely butt fucked for making a good move as a GM if you reverse it. He bought low on Zeke... This is how you play the game. If I were Team B and you reversed the trade, I'd quit the league. If this is for money, hopefully the guy who bailed isn't being refunded and the new manager will not have to buy-in for this year.


That trade isn’t even that bad. Zeke is going to be worth like a 2nd in a month. Watkins > Fuller.


Yeah different people have different valuations on players. Mostert is also potentially more valuable than Zeke this season and moving forward. This sounds like a shitty league, but not because of the guy who made the trade. Because of all of the other owners who were assholes about it, and because of the shitty commissioner. The guy who left made the right move.


He’s probably been trying to move Zeke for months and everybody was lowballing him. This happens in my league sometimes, like I tried to move Mike Evans for months and was getting offered 2nds and shit, so I made a big package deal with Evans for DJ Moore and everyone was all salty about it. Like, I’ve offered this mother fucker to everyone in the league multiple times and now you think he’s worth multiple 1sts and shit?


Mostert is more valuable than Zeke this season AND moving forward, meaning after this season? I’m not sure how a 29 year old Mostert would have more value than a 26 year old Zeke who has basically been the top 5 RB every season. Even his “down” year last year he was still top 10 and was averaging well over 20 ppg before Dak went down


Yeah, that take is absurd.


It’s an absolute taco take to claim that Mostert has more value now and especially in the future.


> Zeke is going to be worth like a 2nd in a month One game where he pass blocked every single play against one of the strongest DLines in a league and you think he'll be worth a second in a month? What? > Watkins > Fuller. Sammy Watkins over Will Fuller? Are you out of your mind? Please explain your reasoning on this one.


Seen David Johnson, Gurley, Bell, Melvin Gordon go from top guys to nothing in a year. Fuck that shit I'm bailing on Zeke if I have him.


David Johnson and Gurley both had serious injuries/Injury histories. Bells got other issues. Gordon is still good and will be a value play this season. Why would you sell after probably the worst match up and game script for zeke this year at his lowest value? Why not wait for the inevitably better games coming up? This sub is the most knee jerk place ive ever seen


Goofy ass people here.




Could make it a lot harder to get a replacement in the league with a bad team.


Doesn’t mean Team B should get hoed just cause a shitty owner in Team A was allowed in the league. Buy in should be free year 1 regardless for all orphan teams


“Get hoed” 😂😂😂😂


“Get hoed” lmao he completely trader aped another team in the league. The only difference in this and a spiteful owner jettisoning off his players for crumbs before leaving to ruin the leagues integrity is that this guy left the league because he’s a pussy. You reverse the trade and the new owner can decide whether he wants to sell Zeke.


Every league mate had the same opportunity to “trade rape” the league mate that left and they didn’t. They missed their chance. Then they bullied the other guy into leaving.


In my bylaws I have a anti competitive trade clause. Basically if someone makes a bad trade and leaves the league shortly there after I have the power to reverse it. The trading partner might be pissed but it protects our competitive integrity.


Reverse and find a new owner.


It should only be reversed if the guy who left knew he was leaving before he made the trade. Otherwise it sounds like y’all are just pissy because you didn’t get to make the same trade, and team B should be rightfully pissed. Probably the best compromise, if the league is fully demanding the trade be reversed, is to reverse the trade and give team B something of substantial value from team A before finding a new owner. I’m in support of team B just getting the whole thing though. Unless my first caveat is true.


Absolutely not, reverse the deal. Don't even vote.


Agreed. Why on earth would the trade stand when the old owner made it in bad faith? No way on earth it should stand.


Reverse deal that is game breaking.


Is Akins supposed to be Akers?


Lol.... No. Jordan Akins


Is it Quez Watkins or Sammy?


Good ole Sammy


It might be lopsided, but it’s not completely terrible. Feel bad for Team A owner.


This is why you make people pay one year ahead. I mean obviously you *should* be able to get more than mostert and a 22 2nd for Zeke, but if no one was offering and he wanted out from Zeke, what are you gonna do. Adding Fuller to the mix though shows he doesn't know much about football, probably didn't realize how short Fuller's suspension is. Whichever way you handle it, make people pay dues for any year they trade picks away from at the very least.


Or he knew that Fuller is made of glass and wanted out from him too. I had been avoiding him for so long and last year I was about to admit I was wrong then it came out he was fucking cheating. Availability is the best ability and he doesn’t have it.


True, I have him in a deep league, 4wr, 3 flex, in that league, he's a perfect WR 6 for a situation like that, it's like ok great I can start boom or bust fuller over slayton this week.


Yeah, I could see that. If I knew I needed a boom week or I lose then he is the kind of player you might want. I’d value him higher in best ball I think. Generally I think people value him too high though. He should be valued similarly to D jax IMO.


I would disagree with valuing him like d jax now. D Jax is too old. But top40-50 for fuller is right I think


Obviously the trade doesn't go through since the owner is gone, if the new owner wants to accept that trade its on them.


Reverse the deal. No way a guy who's on his way out immediately after that trade can be allowed to ship off those players. Makes it extra hard to get someone to fill his spot if his team has been decimated by a shitty 11th hour trade on the dude's way out the door.


Reverse it. No question.


What not do to- let the trade process even tho the owner wants out


Is it a 4 TE league? Lul


Reverse the trade. If the league voted to uphold the trade then revote. You don’t have to rush this. I have had a similar situation. Being a commissioner is a thankless job, sometimes you have to make decisions tough decisions but you don’t have to do them impulsively.