Transaction Addiction

Transaction Addiction


It's probably the quality and not the quantity of the trade offers they find annoying.


Yeah I don't think anyone would be annoyed if they were good offers lol


No but Im addicted to bottom of roster churning. It’s how I pick up the Tony jones and ty’son Williams, Márquez callaways early


Yep same, and I think thats actually okay tbh


Same here. Picking up new players is kinda my favorite part of fantasy football.


This is me 100% Got Ty Johnson, Tony Jones and Donald Parham


Parham 😍


Sexy taxi stash


Cheers mate Got Callaway and tony jones as well. This sub likes then... And yesterday i moved watson to IR (we let OUT players go on IR)... and although Watson's "out" in non injury related, i liked the move to enable adding jaret patterson... And next week i will move gallup's "out" to IR and add the flavor of the week Trades are hard to go through. Waiver adds are easier...


And then drop them just as early! 😂


I don't mind owners that send a lot of offers, but it's very annoying when they are constantly low-ball shit offers


Just stop sending annoying trades that clearly favor your team and leave the other guys with no benefit. Before you offer, always ask yourself the question: what would it take for this guy to accept this? As in, think about how it helps his team in a fundamental way, and if it does not in any way, just don’t send an offer because 99% of the time there is no point. With that being said, I would not put yourself on a 2 week trade restriction. The first two weeks of the season are one of the best windows of the season to trade, targeting buy low guys from panicking owners/ contenders or flipping WR2/3s on their team who are performing above expectations and selling high for draft picks


I stopped caring about annoyance a while ago, but I know what you mean. But at the end of the day, if it’s an active dynasty league, trades are good. Just don’t send trash offers and people shouldn’t care that much.


I agree 100%. I think I’ve come out ahead on a few off-season trades and a few owners have traders remorse. I don’t find it worth sending an offer unless you’ve done your homework. I religiously use DynastyRanker, DynastyAssistant and multiple trade calculators to find a good match.


Your league mates are probably tired of you trying to "win" every trade instead of finding mutually beneficial swaps. No one wants to trade with that guy.


Yes this 👆


You can sheer a sheep over and over, but you can only skin it once. Even if you both agreed to the trade at the time, if it’s a huge win for you, that owner might be reluctant to trade with you again.


You definitely lowballing


Just send an offer where ur clearly losing and your leaguemates will wait for your future offers!


Say it with me now, "Mutually beneficial." It's the secret to success.


I hear you. I'm one of those guys that is CONSTANTLY crafting trade ideas. I've made 19 trades since April in the league where I'm rebuilding. I thought the first week of action would calm me down but it's just got the hamster on a wheel that is my brain going even faster lol. I don't think mine are annoying anyone though. Mine are reasonable and fair...usually. As long as yours aren't one-sided all the time, I don't see why they'd be annoying. If trade offers in general annoy you, you shouldn't play dynasty.


You’ve gotta find out what they want from your team. Are they weak at a certain position? Do they overvalue someone on your team that you don’t think highly of? Are they rebuilding and value draft picks over players? Also a conversation goes a long way instead of a cold call offer that you just send out. I’m at the point where I reject “fair” or “even” cold call offers where people don’t talk to me first- it’s gotta be insta-accept in that case. You gotta put the effort in.