Can Felton become more?

Can Felton become more?


Until Hunt is gone, I doubt he will be a consistent producer. Hunts contract lasts through 2022 and I don’t see Cleveland trading him unless there is serious 1st or 2nd round draft capital thrown there way (which is extremely unlikely). Best hope you have is that Felton does well and takes over the RB2 role in 2023 or he converts to WR, but otherwise his consistency will be an issue imo


Landry and/or OBJ should be gone after this year (prime cut candidates). Thoughts on him playing a slot role for Cleveland?


Definitely! His college production in all facets (rushing, receiving & returning) has translated well to the NFL and will keep him on the roster no doubt. I think getting slot work makes the most sense and he can be motioned and used to create mismatches


I could see this happening where he take a lot of slot work. Still unsure about the volume, but this would make him semi-relevant


Yikes, 1st or 2nd round capital for a 26 year old RB that will be 28 when he’s an UFA? I’m guessing he’ll produce well and take one last big contract elsewhere after the 2022 season


I think my point with the draft capital is that he’s much too valuable for the Brown’s identity that he won’t get traded away for like a fourth round pick


I like Felton to develop into a slot WR and take over after Landry leaves. Could become a volume PPR play taking mostly low ADOT check downs.


Solid option for churning the bottom of your roster


I’m hoping they move him solely to WR and play him out of the slot.


This week he may have added value with lack of WR depth they have. At senior bowl he practiced as WR


Biased Browns fan here... I have both Schwartz and Felton as bottom of roster stashes. Not expecting much - except maybe next couple weeks with injuries - until 2023.


He’s a playmaker. Playmakers get the ball. How much will he get it? Who knows. But he’s going to be involved




Best shot is after Hunt leaves (if he leaves...), or if they can convert him to a slot WR.