Your best red paper clip story

Your best red paper clip story


Went from waiver Willie Snead to rookie David Johnson (after I saw his return TD and before he played RB snaps) to Mixon and OBJ (from a desperate contender who only saw Mixon's inefficient numbers and not his actual talent and had no other RBs and was stacked at WR). Ended up moving OBJ for AJB right when AJB got hurt early last year and OBJ had that huge game (dude was a contender and didn’t think AJB's numbers were sustainable and was scared of the injury). Basically turned waiver wire Willie Snead into Mixon and AJB.


In terms of trading for players and not picks, this is the winner. Amazing business 👏


Traded AB pre-MBC for Hollywood, a 2020 first (which became CeeDee Lamb) and 2022 first. Flipped Hollywood and the 2022 first for McLaurin. Traded McClaurin for Zeke and Mike Williams. Traded Zeke for Javonte and a 23 first. So traded AB for CeeDee Lamb, Javonte Williams, Mike Williams and a 23 first.


This is the winner


This offseason in 10 team half PPR SF: Mike Davis ➡️ Traded for 2.05 ➡️ Drafted Elijah Moore ➡️ Traded for 22 1st (projected early/mid) Not quite trash heap to stud but we’ll see in a couple of years


I traded Mims for a late 2nd in the offseason right after draft..…parlayed that for Dmont…just picked Mims up off wire to salt the wound… I got Monty for free


I traded Mike Davis toward the end of last year for a late 2nd that I used on Zach Wilson (single QB, obviously). I like yours better. But even with the benefit of hindsight, not sure who else I'd have used that pick on. Dyami Brown and Kadarius Toney were the best receivers on the board, and I ended up getting Toney with the 3.09 since we drafted in late August and the first round pick shine had worn off him by then.


Prior to 2020 season, traded Marlon Mack for Minshew. Then flipped Minshew for Rivers and the 1.07. (12 team superflex PPR league). Guy was hyped on Minshew mania. I then traded Rivers for the 2.06. Drafted Akers with the 1.07 and Aiyuk with the 2.06. During the season, I was chugging along but weak at TE (Gesicki was my only guy). Traded Akers + Jordan Love for Mooney, Waller, and a 2021 2nd. Took 2nd overall that season. The 2021 2nd turned into the 2.04 and I took Bateman. So turned Marlon Mack and Jordan Love into Waller, Aiyuk, Bateman, and Mooney


Non-ppr league I traded Raheem Mostert for Mike Williams and Melvin Gordon last September. This spring I traded Melvin Gordon for Cooper Kupp. This week I sold Mike Williams for Javonte and a projected mid 2022 first. So In essence I traded Raheem Mostert for Cooper Kupp, Javonte Williams, and a mid first.


Whoever paid Javonte and a 1st for Williams is a moron.


Forreal. I'm all for Mike Williams talent but people need to remember that he is on a contract year going to UFA. The Chargers tend to not pay up. He also has an extensive injury history, the guy gets banged up and misses time every year. I think he's a good player but there is so much risk involved with buying high on Mike Williams atm in dynasty. There's the injury risk, the chance he keeps performing well and tests the market and has his situation changed away from the crazy passing volume offense tied to a great QB. And he's a 5th year breakout, the last 5th or later year breakouts similar to this were Davante Parker (very similar profile, 1st round draft capital) and to a lesser extent Terrelle Pryor. Both WRs never matched that high output again after the year.


Damn, Mike Williams for Javonte and a first? Nice work


2 years ago I traded Julio for DK, Kittle, & a mid 2nd. Took Tee Higgins with the 2nd.


Not really paper clip, just a massive overpay for julio


Not the best ever but mine is - I drafted Raheem Mostert in the 10th of a startup veteran draft before last season. Immediately after the draft in May I traded him for DeVante Parker and a 3rd. I traded Parker straight for Ruggs late last September. Then in February this year I traded Ruggs straight for Sutton. In our start up, Sutton was taken 4.01. So I essentially traded 10.6 for 4.01 and a 3rd.


i wonder if there is also the opposite where you keep getting worse and worse players lol


Week 3 of 2020 season... Swapped Adrian Peterson for TJ Hockenson.


A week before our rookie draft in my home 1 QB 10 team half PPR league I traded 1.03 to a guy for his 2022 and 2023 1sts. He’s a middling team who I think will drop as he has older guys (thielen, Henry, Anderson). He then proceeded to draft ETN and I got Javonte (who I wanted) at 1.05 anyway. I dunno if I’ll end up with a house but I consider I have the blueprints to a house right now which cost me a hobbled ETN in the horrific Jags offence.


Not really trash heap but in my SF TEP - before the 2020 season I traded zeke for Terry and dobbins. I then traded dobbins for Gibson and 22 1st after 1st game. Then during season after dak injury Traded Terry and miles sanders for dak and TJ hock. So turned zeke and sanders into dak, Gibson, hock, and 22 1st.


Damn this is all high profile guys and you still made out like a bandit


I have one going on right now. Started with $100 faab -> spent $2 on Josh Gordon -> turned Flash into a 2022 1st and Jakobi Meyers We'll see who I'm able to turn the first into


The Josh Gordon trade...holy taco


You think I didn't get enough for Flash?? /s


So he’s willing to spend a 1st for Gordon but not beat a $2 waiver bid? Trade him $5 faab for his 2023 pick if he values it that much 🤣


Not to defend his logic because that would require the Chewbacca defense, but I had scooped Gordon up a few weeks ago before he was really on the radar the past few days.


Wait you got a first and Meyers for Gordon like... Recently???


Yeah, I had a post up with a screenshot but I think it got taken down


waiver wire alex collins and maybe a couple seconds for tyreek hill preseason 2018




was that 2021 1st early? who would give up McLaurin plus a first plus a third for just a first?


Mine isn't massive, but it's a good example. This happened in 2018-19. 1. Drafted T.J. Yeldon in the 15th round of startup. He was the backup to peak Fournette. 2. Fournette gets a hamstring injury. I trade Yeldon for Marlon Mack who was injured at the time with his own hamstring. 3. Marlon Mack comes back and has the best season of his career. 4. Trade Marlon Mack + 2.07 (JJAW) for 1.04 in 2019. 5. Trade 1.04 + 3.04 for 1.02, select Miles Sanders.


Not taking DK Metcalf at 1.02 will haunt you.


I think most people feel that way lol. Although DK at 2 would've been a very bold call at the time


He went 2 in our draft.


I'm sure it happened, but Harry was WR1 in most leagues, and the 3 RBs and Harry generally went top 4


I had the 1.01 and was full set on taking DK there. No one else was close for me. I ended up getting a great offer for the pick and shipped it. Turned the 1.01 and 2.03 into 1.04, 1.06 and 2020 1st ended up with DK and Sanders. Only moved the pick as knew I could play the board, the buyer wanted Jacobs hard, I knew the 2 would go for Harry and that 3 would take Monty. I gambled on Sanders still being there at 6 as the owner at 3 also had 5. So he went Monty and Parris. I tried to buy back in at 7 to get AJB, but couldn't get it done.


In one league I picked up Anthony Firsker, Elijah Mitchell, Tim Patrick, and I already had Garner Minshew. I traded Garner and Patrick last season for a mid-2nd. Flipped the Mid 2nd and Firsker for the 1.11. Packaged the 1.11 and Elijah Mitchell for Cortlund Sutton. Love it


Traded Gurley for 1.07 last year in a 1QB salary cap league. Traded 1.07 for 1.04 and Marvin Jones (guy wanted to dump his bad contract.) Then moved 1.04 and Jones with his bad contract for 1.05 and a third. Those picks were Ceedee Lamb and Joe Burrow. Moved Burrow this off-season for a 2 & 3 to the worst team in the league. So I traded Todd Gurley for Lamb and an early 2nd & 3rd.


In a standard league I traded the 1.01 (who was eventually CEH) for 1.04 (Swift)+Singletary+21 1st. Traded that 21 1st back to the same guy for Diggs+Pittman. So basically I traded CEH for Diggs, Swift, Pittman and Singletary.


10 Team 1 QB league. This may fit though there's a lot of other pieces involved: **Sept 2019** I gave: David Montgomery for: Team A's 2020 1st **Nov 2019** I gave: James Conner, Gardner Minshew, Team A's 2020 1st for: Joe Mixon, Team B's 2020 1st, Team B's 2020 3rd **May 2020 Rookie Draft** Team A's 2020 1st becomes 1.08 Team B's 2020 1st becomes 1.05 (CeeDee Lamb) Team B's 2020 3rd becomes 3.05 (Tua) **Oct 2020** I gave: CeeDee Lamb for: Team C's 2021 1st, DJ Chark, Laviska Shenault **Apr 2020 (post NFL draft)** I gave: Team C's 2021 1st, DJ Chark, Tua for: Saquon Team C's 2021 1st became 1.05 (Javonte)


So to break this down you gave: ​ Montgomery, Conner, Minshew, a 2020 1st for: Mixon, Shenault and Saquon?


Montgomery + Conner + Minshew for Mixon + Shenault + Saquon The only draft picks I gave up were the 2020 1st I got for Monty, and then the 2021 1st I got for Lamb


Traded 2021 1st for Godwin and 2021 3rd, drafted Gainwell. Traded Godwin for Darnold, Gesicki, and 2022 2nd. Traded 2022 2nd for Jrob. So traded 2021 1st for Darnold, Gesicki, Gainwell, Jrob.


To the Gurley owner in his last year on the Rams, traded Darrell Henderson + a late 3rd for 1.11 pick (Justin Herbert) in SF


2017 I drafted Larry Fitzgerald in the start up, traded him for 2.04. Drafted juju, rode juju for 2 years. Traded him for obj, had him in 2019 and couldn’t get anything for him. Reddit heartthrob killtec took over an orphan before last season. Traded him OBJ for Calvin Ridley and 2020 1.07. Flipped 1.07 for Allen Robinson. Turns out to be Larry Fitzgerald for Calvin Ridley and Allen Robinson. Odds are I’ll trade killtec Allen Robinson for a couple 1sts after this season.


I traded two 3rd rounders for Ronald Jones the night that Fournette signed in Tampa last year. Then Jones played for me, and I flipped him at the deadline for a 2nd and Denzel Mims. Used the 2nd on Elijah Moore, packaged Mims in the preseason with Juju and a future 2nd for Claypool. Just got in and out on Rojo and Mims at the right time.


So you gave 2 3rds, Juju and a second for Moore and Claypool?


Turned $1 FA buck into Lamar Jackson and 2 1st round picks in a 12 team superflex. Got Tyreek Hill off waivers for $1 FA buck which was amazing in itself. Proceeded to trade Tyreek for 2 1st which was not amazing value at the time. Traded down in the 1st with 1 of the picks receiving an additional 1 and proceeded to take Lamar at pick 10.


Half ppr league that just started. Drafted Ty’son in the 12th. Picked up Elijah Mitchell off of waivers just before week 1. Tried to package both for Mixon. Was countered with James Robinson and Javonte. The other night the ETN manager reached out about James Robinson. Flipped him for Michael Thomas and a ‘22 2nd. We’ll see how this progresses.


Idk if I’d call it bad to good but I traded my first rounder in 2022 for 2.05, 2 2022 2nds, and Logan Thomas then I bought Darnold with 2.05 (this was all when people didn’t know if he was gonna start next year) and then a week later My first was moved again and I sold Darnold for my 2022 1st back. Now that last trade isn’t as good but I think anyone would take getting 2 .2nds and Logan Thomas for free lol.


Oh this is a fun one. Our league calls this a daisy chain. We even bought a golden daisy chain necklace as part of the trophy. Anyways here’s mine. In my first year in Dynasty (2019) I traded away 2 2019 1st for Brandin Cook and a 2019 2nd. It was a steep price, and one that I regret. But fast forward, with that 2019 second I got Deebo Samuel. Then in 2020, during the draft, I traded Deebo for the 1.09 and got Justin Jefferson. I’m finally at peace with that original trade.


Traded Peak KC Kareem Hunt for 2019 1st and 2020 1st mid 2018 season-> Traded my 2019 1st + Dante Pettis (lol) for rights to 2.04 I took JJAW (L) and the eventual 2020 1.01. All in… Kareem Hunt for Joe Burrow and D’Andre Swift


Smaller scale but just did this recently in my home league Trade 2 late thirds for James connor at end of last season Use a mid 3rd round pick on Trey sermon who dropped (So Connor+Sermon cost me 3 thirds) This week Trade Sermon and Connor for 2024 1st and 3rd (get one of the 3 thirds back) 2 days after that trade 2024 1st straight up for Watson I basically got Watson for two third round picks by taking advantage of the rookie draft pick craze 4 months ago as well as the lack of RB depth recently


Traded 2022 2nd for reagar. Grabbed broncos D off waivers. Got bryan edwards in 3rd round of rookie draft. Moved reagar for AB before week 1, then sold AB,edwards, and broncos D for keenan. So a future 2nd, 3rd, and $5 faab for keenan


Just in the past few months I picked up Qadree Ollison off waivers. A short time later when he was getting a little camp hype I got a 3rd for him. Then some idiot in my league literally traded me a 2023 1st rounder for the 3rd rounder straight up during the draft when I was on the clock with that pick. Yes I know he's a moron/taco.


Traded Corey Clement for a 2nd during the 2018 draft which I used to draft Dante Pettis. I drafted Damien Harris the following year and traded Harris and Pettis for Cooper Kupp. The following season I traded Kupp for Diggs and a 2nd. Traded that 2nd as part of a deal for Kamara. Went from Corey Clement and Damien Harris to Diggs and a part of Kamara.


Added Mecole Hardman for $0 FAAB, then added Chris Herndon for $0 FAAB. Traded both in a package the next week for DJ Moore.


During last season I traded james white and randall cobb for derrynton evans,darnell mooney and a 22 3rd. It was around week 4 or so. I used that 3rd to move up in this years 2nd round when e moore fell to scoop him up. Not trash heap to stud but stud to hopefully more studs. This offseason I traded chubb and darnold fpr 1.11,1.12, 2 22 1sts and tonyan. 12 team sf TEP. with 1.11 i drafted wilson and 1.12 mac jones. I then traded jones and a 22nd for lance. Traded lance,higbee and 2 4th for 23 1st,2nd and 3rd and 24 1st and 2nd So Chubb,darnold,higbee,2 4th became wilson,tonyan, 4 sts, a 2nd and a 3rd


Traded Fulgham after his 3rd pop off game for Landry. Traded Landry + a 3rd a week later for Shenault. Traded Shenault for Claypool when Jax locked up the 1.01. In short: Fulgham (waivers) + 3rd = Claypool now


Started with waiver wire Kenyan Drake, before 2020 season. Traded Kenyan Drake (as new ARZ RB1) and 2020 1.06 (Henry Ruggs) for Michael Thomas. Traded Michael Thomas for Adam Thielen, Courtland Sutton, a 2021 1st (1.03) and a 2022 2nd Traded Thielen along with Michael Pittman Jr for JK Dobbins and a 2021 1st (1.12) Owner dropped Drake. I picked him up off waivers again. Traded 1.12 and 1.10 for 2.04 (Rashod Bateman), a 22 1st and a 23 1st. Traded Dobbins along with Cole Kmet and Jarvis Landry for Dak Prescott, Cooper Kupp, and Melvin Gordon. Traded Drake this off-season for a 2022 2nd. Net: Kenyan Drake, Henry Ruggs, Cole Kmet, Jarvis Landry, and Michael Pittman Jr for Courtland Sutton, Javonte Williams, Rashod Bateman, Dak Prescott, Cooper Kupp, Melvin Gordon, a 2022 1st, 2 x 2022 2nd, and a 2023 1st.


Traded Juju for Keenan and Gus Edwards. Traded Gus Edwards for Damien Harris(after Dobbins went down). Picked up Lev Bell for $0, traded Bell to the Gus owner after his injury for a 2nd and Minshew (2QB and I have Hurts). Traded Damien Harris for JRob (after ETN went down). Essentially I got Keenan Allen, James Robinson, Gardner Minshew and what is shaping up to be a very early 2nd round pick for JuJu.


Going into last year I convinced a “contender” that Dalvin wouldn’t be re-signed and Mattison would be the RB1 in MN. That “contender” gave me their “late” 1st for him. Dalvin ends up re-signing with MN and that contender gets decimated with injuries. The “late” 1st ends up as the 1.01 in 2021. I am set at QB so I trade that pick away for 1.07, 1.08, 2.03 and 2.04. Trade 1.07, 1.08, 2.01 for AJ Brown. That trade (among others) is what made me have an absolute juggernaut roster.


Not cool that you need to lie to get trades pushed through


How is that a lie? We both had the same information available to us. There was a lot of hype in the off-season about Dalvin not being paid. I took advantage of that hype.


I was going off the "convinced"


Too early to tell but I sold waiver wire pick up Bobby Tonyan + garbage for Fant at the end of last year


Mine is short and simple! 2019 Offseason - Elijah McGuire and DaeSean Hamilton for Kenyan Drake Week 11 2019 - Drake for 2021 1st 2021 1st turned into ETN. So Elijah McGuire and Hamilton for ETN.


I got one going on right now, traded Harris and a 3rd for Sutton and a 2nd. Traded Sutton for a 1st, Aiyuk and Bateman. Will eventually flip Aiyuk so who knows how big this will go lol


You got Aiyuk, Bateman, and a 1st for Sutton??


Yup, clear panic on Aiyuk and he wants to contend


Robert Woods for a 2nd in the rookie portion of our startup draft and Keenan Allen for a 2023 1st + a 2023 2nd -> draft Mac Jones with the 2nd I got for Woods -> Mac Jones+ the 2023 1st and 2023 2nd I got for Allen for Justin Herbert + Ty’son Williams -> Ty’son Williams for Nico Collins and 2023 3rd So basically Robert Woods + Keenan Allen -> Justin Herbert + Nico Collins


Think I’d rather have woods and Allen tbh


Maybe depending on your situation I suppose, but given my team is in a total rebuild give me a 23 year old top 5 to top 10 QB over two nearly 30 year old receivers


Well u didn’t say that lol Now it’s a dec deal tho idk if I’m sold on Collins yet


Nah that’s totally fair definitely shoulda clarified, I didn’t realize I left that out until I saw your response, my b! Oh I’m not either he was basically just a shot in the dark because I didn’t really want Ty’son Williams and I only included him to give the full trade tree. Honestly rn he’s magic beans to me, if he turns into something I’m ecstatic, but if not that’s fine too since I doubt Ty’son is really gonna be anything after this year when that Raven’s backfield is back healthy


I think I might have this. Traded mike Davis and Tyson Williams for a 2023 1st. I assume the 1.01-.02 in 12 team sf. Here is his roster. https://sleeper.app/roster/653400351721984000/6. I gotnyhek off waivers so it didn’t cost be anything


That’s a bold assumption this far out. Not that it’s not worth it regardless


If you see the team, you’d understand. Dude has no 1sts for 2022 too


Ooh I like this. 12 team SF, over the off-season I traded Watson for Sutton and a first. Then I got Hurts for that first. Then I just traded Sutton and Hurts for Baker and Saquon prior to week 3, effectively trading Watson post-scandal for Saquon and Baker