Lynn Bowden Hope gone?

Lynn Bowden Hope gone?


Oh wow I actually forgot he existed


I say that about my wife all the time /S /S /S /S /S /S /S


Your wife is a guy?


Why do u still have him is the real question


He’s probably a drop unless you have some really deep rosters


Tough to see him go. I feel like he randomly pops back up to relevance one year




Relevance, you can read I know it




He had a snap share in the 90s and an average of around 7 points the last 5 weeks last year. I’d call that relevant


I hate that he entered the draft last year. He really was a good WR. Kentuckys QB situation was a such a shit show they basically just ran the wildcat all season. He lost a year of development at WR and entered the draft as a tweener.


Was he really a tweener? I feel like the raiders were the only team that viewed him as a running back. Then gave up on him when he was a horrible pass blocker in camp. Which shouldn’t have been a surprise given that he had never done it before. He was definitely a project at running back. Plenty of talent, just never actually played the position.


That's my point. He was a good WR. Played his final season as a wildcat QB/RB. He should've stayed another year and played WR. Instead he went pro and was treated as a tweener.


I think he could’ve used another year as well. But do you think he was truly a tweener? My thought was 31 out of 32 teams view him as a WR. For some reason, the Raiders were the one that thought he was a RB.


I mean he played well as a tweener as a junior so I guess yeah he was a tweener. I just think he could be a much better WR. Raiders always do weird stuff in the draft.


It's fun to say tweener


I'm going to be contrarian here and say I would keep him over White. White is 30 and out with a major injury. How much more do you expect to get out of him? Bowden on the other hand had some good games and could catch on somewhere else if not with the dolphins.


Was it ever there?


My question is when was there ever Lynn Bowden hope?




Dude was a 3rd round pick just last year. 😢


I had to. I don’t get why “pass catching RB” wasn’t good enough for the Raiders and Dolphins. Trying to make him a WR was always a losing prospect. He’s small, never ran a route tree and was a QB in High School/College. RB was an easier conversion.


What? He was a wide receiver in college, and the Raiders literally did try to make him a pass catching back. The Dolphins did try to put him back at receiver, but even there his role was pretty much that of a pass catching back and he never did run legitimate routes.


I may have it backwards. Either way he was completely mishandled/miscast.


I don't know why you think his role "wasn't good enough" for the Dolphins, seeing as how he is still on the team, and would probably be like WR4 if he wasn't out for the season with injury. They've said repeatedly they like what they've seen out of him


Set him free, and don't look back.


It was bad when the raiders drafted him to high and even worse when they still didn’t even want him




He might be someone to look out for next season, since it does say something that MIA decide to keep him on this sort of medical redshirt year instead of cutting him loose. But I cut bait as soon as I needed the IR spot.


His upside is turning into a really good slot WR but if you need the ir spot he probably should be towards the bottom of your roster. I wouldn't beat myself up about it if you feel you roster needs you to cut him then do it.


Ask this guy. He thinks Bowden is the second coming. https://www.reddit.com/r/DynastyFF/comments/hhmnzn/lynn_bowden_jr_is_a_problem/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Bowden probably has more left in the tank than White. JJ Taylor and Rhamondre will be taking a lot of the receiving work for the patriots and white may not have a job next year. Saying that, if another player gets injured you can probably drop Bowden for them


I drafted Bowden his rookie year. Have dropped and added hi. Back probably 4 times. Never has anyone in my league picked him up. I was going to put him on IR but gus Edward's was more valuable and dropped him again. Coming into this year I thought there was a chance, but now going into his 3rd year and no statistical data showing that yards breakout you'd lie to see, I don't think he is worth the keep unless you have no one else needing that IR spot.


I cut him today. Roster Clogger.


I just dropped him in my league that only had 3 IR spots to put Hasty on IR so yeah.