Devonta Smith. Dude has had multiple TDs called back, and based on his usage and targets seems like he's poised for a massive game soon.


I was gonna say Devonta as well 18 targets 199yds in the last 2 and vs Tampa with no CBs this week


Sherman is still there though right? Genuinely asking not sure what their CB situation is right now


It's a rusty Sherman and a bunch of jabronis right now for TB. Top 3 CBs hurt, but none are long term. Start all passing options vs Tampa for the next 2-3 weeks.


Seeing that Jamel Dean is listed as a full participant today, seems like he's on track to play (and if I'm reading correctly he's one of their top DBs isn't he?). Antoine Winfield has a concussion though so still some holes in that secondary.


Dean is the 3rd best corner. Murphy-Bunting and Davis are way better. Edit: Likely 4th best if Sherman gets back to anything resembling his old self.


Ahh got it thanks! Don't know much about their secondary


Bucs fan here. Watched every snap of Sherman's last week and let me tell you, the Fins went out if their way to target whoever Sherman was covering. He looked straight up bad.


He had like 6 days to prepare, pretty sure Sherman himself said he should have had more time to get ready. Give him time, he'll be good for you.


Don't doubt that at all. Was just saying how it looked. Definitely hope he comes even to 80% of form. Seeing him get beat by Preston Williams & Co was a tad disheartening haha.


Sherman is not really a player to be concerned about any longer


He is but he is looking like an old man out there


Just the multiple TDs called back makes me optimistic. I’m pretty sure Andrews had the same until last week and it’s just gonna be when does the positive TD regression hit? He also has at least 2 TDs that were denied from PI and gave his team 1st and goal at the 1.


He's also ALWAYS OPEN. He regularly toasts guys on routes. Hurts still working on timing and getting the balls to him accurately and timely. When/if that happens, look out.


Yeah you can tell there are some early growing pains in terms of developing chemistry -- noticed a few plays the last few weeks where Hurts threw to empty space thinking Smith was running a different route. Still, they seem to be getting more and more comfortable together every week, and Smith is quickly becoming a trusted target in the red zone. Helps that as you said, he's almost always opens and frequently has DBs on skates with his cuts. Seems like the concerns over his size affecting his ability to get off press coverage were largely overblown.


As a big Eagles homer, yea this. Even when he doesn't catch the ball he is the best Philly receiver at getting open since probably Djax in his prime. Don't know if that says more about his talent or the Eagles' recent WR problems though.


Doesnt his qb....ya know.... Suck?


AJ Dillon. Even if Jones is healthy I think the past two weeks are telling in that he’ll get around 12-15 touches a game moving forward. He’s arguably the Packers third best weapon behind Adams and Jones. Also since GB spent a 2nd round pick on him, might as well make use of the rookie contract. 12-15 touches a game would solidify himself into every week RB2 territory. Hope this doesn’t happen but if Jones gets hurt then he’s a sure fire RB1.


He definitely is increasing his snap share week to week. One thing to remember as well with both Aaron Jones and Dillon is that the Packers have played without David Bakhtiari all season and with Elgton Jenkins for only two games. Those are our two best linemen, and two of the best in the game. Running left is usually a strength, but this season it’s been a slog so far. I expect both RBs to explode over the back half of the season, when our line is (fingers crossed) finally healthy and the weather turns cold.


Believe it or not Zack Moss if he can stay healthy


I know deandre swift is a top end guy but I still think he hasn't even begun to peak yet.


He’s a 5 star man


Hes not a starter runningback, he's a finisher runningback


At some point this season i think he will start to see a 70% snap share, and that’s when we will be the magic.


He was 73% and 74% the last two weeks. Where’s the magic?


Well, it looks like 50:50 given the balance of touches, but if you look at his production it resembles Kamaras usage and production a bit.


Oooh baby! Yea!




It's crazy too, cause they run in the same offense but His holes have been much worse compared to his running mate Jamaal. He's made all his bones breaking ankles off passes and in the red zone. Get him some open field to run through and oh Mann.


Chase Claypool. More opportunities with juju out of the picture. Last week was only the appetizer. We’ve got a full course meal coming our way boys.


I'm in the process of trading Knox for him so hopefully you right




As a Steeler fan...I'm not super wild about Claypool's long term fantasy outlook. Ben is obviously a shell of his former self, and whose the QB next year? Haskins? Rudolph? I doubt the bring a big name in via free agency or a trade since that's not the Rooney's thing historically.


You don’t think they will draft/trade/sign a new QB? I don’t see them running with any of the bench guys.


I do think they'll draft someone, but I don't think that person will be a major improvement over Haskins/Rudolph. At least in his first season. The Steelers also have a history of being super boring at the draft and just taking "the best available player" regardless of positional needs. I don't see this season as tank, they'll finish 500ish, and draft in the 12-18 range. So unless they trade up (which again, is not really their thing usually) they're most likely not going to find a new franchise QB, or even a guy that can start year 1.


True, but I think Claypool is more of a long term play and on sheer volume he can still put up WR2 numbers. He’s already WR18 on the year in PPG with 1 TD... We’ve seen Mclaurin can be a WR1 with a QB off the street.


> since that’s not the Rooney’s thing historically Understandable for every other position but QB is it’s own animal. They’ve had Ben for 15 years, if Aaron Rodgers says “hey I want to come to Pittsburgh” one would hope they’ll do what it takes to make that deal


You misspelled Aaron Rodgers.


Watson or Rodgers


ARod is going to be a steeler next year, obviously


I just traded for him. Hope we are onto something here


I’m about to trade him away. While I think you’re onto something, him and a 23 1st for Kelce seems like a super fair deal for a contender/rebuilder trade.


I did two firsts and Claypool for Adams last year. Won the league and am in a good position to win it again. Go and get your guy.


Broncos had Von Miller cover Chase a bunch, which was a terrible move on their part. Double whammy of no pressure and poor coverage - they made the o line and Claypool look great, and Ben pretty competent. I need to see Claypool beat a physical CB before believing he’s shaken off matchup dependency.


No, Dionte


Eagles rbs Both have been efficient and surely they start getting touches and outside runs, an NFL coaching staff can't be this dumb


Eagles: hold my football


Assuming they won't hand it off to you to hold


As a Sanders owner, lol. He was getting benched at 5.3ypc+ last year.


What’s weird is it’s 2 different coaches now doing it to him.


It doesn't make any sense at all. He's very easily the best skill position player on our team, and we keep benching him for a jag doing a shitty Ekeler impression.


He also made a bunch of boneheaded plays at the end of the Panthers game. Boobie is also quite high and hype on himself, I'm guessing he's not somebody coaches get along with.


On the topic of the Eagles, DeVonta Smith - he’s had like 3 TDs voided by penalty already and just gets open man!


Were those TDs helped by those penalties tho?


The two that I saw weren’t Also got hauled down on a slant in the end zone that would have been an easy TD and lead to Hurts running it in from the one


I’ve heard people say this about Miles Sanders for 2 and a half years lol.


He's always been efficient


But the Eagles refuse to give him the ball for 2 and a half years and across multiple coaching staffs. That’s my point.


Yes so hopefully the new staff help their rookie QB


He was a top 5 RB in the final 8 games of 2019 so no you haven’t


Okay, you got me. Out of nearly 40 games, people have ONLY been saying this 80% of the time.


Also looking at their schedule… I think things will lighten up a bit, they may be ahead instead of always playing from behind. Should lead to carries


Lol eagles doing something rational? Won't happen


AJ Dillon. Good offense, getting more touches from Jamaal Williams vacated opportunities. And boy does he look good (and thick!)


Rashaad Pen^nvmd


Pretty sure by you speaking his name he's now IR the rest of the year.


Can't believe he was a first round pick, and can't see the field over out of work for 2 years Alex Collins now.


Javonteeeeee He's splitting the load already and looks great in pass protection. I think he'll start to take on 2/3 of the snaps soon.


Have you watched the Broncos over the past decade? They would rather split carries between a HOF and a practice guy than give one guy the bulk.


I'm a Broncos fan so I've seen every game for over two decades. 2020: Gordon 215 attempts, Lindsay 118, Freeman 35 2019: Lindsay 224, Freeman 132 2018: Lindsay 192, Freeman 130, Booker 34 2017: Anderson 245, Booker 79 2016: Booker 174, Anderson 110(injured) 2015: Hillman 207, Anderson 152 We had to go back to Peyton time to get close to a split. They always have a lead back that gets two thirds of the load. At least know what you're talking about dude.


Elijah Moore, it’s only a matter of time before Wilson starts to take more shots and improve all around.


He should be a top two targeted player on the Jets and might have a gunslinger for a QB. I can see it happening, but their offense as a whole has to make a leap.


Rookie coach and trash O line, but I think that ship will sail sometime this season.


Gah the oline is such a problem for them.


Beckton back soon.


Just got him in a trade. I’m here for this


Same man!


Smart man


What you pay for him?


He was part of a larger trade. Claypool and a 2022 mid-late first for Dobbins, Elijah and a 2022 3rd


Ooft no offence dude but give me the Claypool + 1st side all day.


Yea it’s one of those trades I didn’t mind maybe losing some value today at the chance of hitting big next year. I think Dobbins can come back in a big way and I had plenty of depth at WR. Tough to lose Claypool though. I also own 4 additional firsts


I like the Dobbins side better 🤷‍♂️


I agree, Dobbins is $$$


I own dobbins and I wouldn’t trade him alone for claypool and a mid-late first. I like claypool a lot but RBs are hard to come by and Dobbins is in a great system that he should do really well as the #1 guy. Just my opinion but I think you won that trade


Appreciate all opinions here. I can see it from both sides but RBs are def harder to come by and why I pulled the trigger


I agree. I've also tried to buy Dobbins on my rebuilding teams, but it's harder than I expected. Plus Claypool might peak this season (at least for the next 2 years) and fall off when Ben inevitably retires.


Got him today for Bryan Edwards and Damien Williams.


Dam..that’s an end zone dance acquisition


Wilson is a wreck. I don’t expect anything but Corey Davis from his games. That oline is dogshit and even if something holds up a bit, Zach just doesn’t look comfortable. After so many picks he’s got a mental issue now. Way to go J.E.T.S jets jets jets


It’s bleak now but this is dynasty. They’ll get their ish figured out eventually!


Didnt look so bad against the titans tho


Rondale Moore is well positioned. Elite young QB, surrounded by aging assets and JAGs, and he's already flashing. I give it two years.


I think he'll do it next year. I know a lot of people get compared to Tyreek but he's the first one I can see real similarities with.


Problem is, top 24 at receiver is really hard. There are so, so many good receivers. You start looking at who's not in the top 24 right now, and you realize there are a lot of really good, veteran receivers who are still outside of that. Ones who have even been in there before. Top 24 RB is much easier to break into, because of the scarcity of good, productive backs. Not down on Rondale really, but top 24 in year two would be some jump.


There is a good chance Hopkins is the only WR returning for the Cardinals next year. That would leave Moore as the WR2 in what is all but guaranteed to be a Top 5 offense in 2022.


Okay, but how many WR2s on elite offenses do we see not producing right away? Everyone said that about Kirk too. Everyone said it about Hardman. Both WRs in very similar situations with exactly the same draft capital. Its just not as easy as "plug and play WR2 on good offense is a top 24 WR season". I can see him getting there in his career, but there are *a lot* of good receivers.


Have you watched Rondale Moore? He really jumps out as someone special. He is heads and shoulders above Kirk/Hardman


Kirk is no where near the talent that Rondale Moore is. The WR2 in KC's offense is Kelce. The only other offense that can compare to Arizona is Buffalo's and they also basically have two WRs in the Top 24.


Kirk is a free agent and AJ green is aging. He’s a keeper


The plays Rondale makes for the team are unbelievable. Some sidelined catches, getting an extra 15 yards to put prater in fg range. His football iq is great and the talent is there. He also just took over Kirk for snap count last game


Rondale is electric but part of that is the 4 wr sets and space afforded to him. They won’t stop using those sets, but that type of offense will damage his consistency.


Two names that come to mind are Jaylen waddle and Amon Ra St Brown


I’m an Amon Ra owner and USC fan but I think Amon Ra’s value will decrease if Lions draft a wr or QB. Right now he’s a good fit for Goff who’s Adot is pathetic and only throws short to guys like Amon Ra or check downs. But if they draft a qb who can throw deep, will he get the same amount of looks? I don’t think so.


He just seems like such a low upside player in fantasy.


Yeah, he’s current day Juju. Yeah he’ll get targets and some PPR points but if averaging 5 yards per catch when would you ever start him?


A poor man's Juju was my comp for him coming out. Just imagine Juju, but even less exciting. He's basically Juju without the RAC threat. He'll remain on an NFL roster for a long time, but he doesn't really have a way that he wins (nothing to write home about athletically, a pretty meh route runner), at least without some unforseen future development. He's a "I guess we'll throw it to him if he gets open and we notice" kind of guy, as opposed to a "we gotta get him the ball!" kind of WR.


I'm surprised you don't have more confidence in ARSB as a USC fan. I'm a Miami fan but the few USC games I watch he looked like a star. Very physical and could pluck the ball out of the air. I don't think he's found his confidence yet in the NFL but that will soon come with the targets his about to get ROS.


I think he’s going to be good player in real life but not fantasy relevant. I think his physicality is inconsistent, he’s got decent route running not spectacular, he’s rac is solid not spectacular, he’s not fast or slow, his contested catch is not anything to write home about. Not the biggest guy either. Can only play slot too. Solid hands but wouldn’t say he’s hands are glue. But he’s dependable and he’s going to have a long career, but I’m not sure about star. He reminds me of Hunter Renfrow. I’m higher on Drake London and Michael Pittman than Amon Ra although they are much different types of receivers. I think London is the second coming of Mike Evans and Pittman reminds me of Robinson/Golladay type receivers. They have significantly more upside than Amon Ra and thats is/going to be reflected in draft capital.




With Kittle out maybe he'll start getting more work


Kittle will only be out one more week as they’re on a bye this week it was just precautionary and to give kittle a lil rest.


Kittle has to miss 3 games not 3 weeks so he’s first eligible to return in week 9. Bummer since I was hoping he’d be back for week 8 to cover Waller’s bye week for me


Aww damn


I traded him for Rondale Moore the beginning of the season and my league was jokingly saying they were going to veto it. Aiyuk still has time but I don't see his ceiling being what Moore's could be.


At the start of Next Season: Michael Carter is ranked in the top 20 RB Jerry Jeudy is a top 15 WR Joe Burrow is a top 10 QB Dawson Knox is a top 5 TE I may or may not own all of these guys for my rebuilding team.


Didn't know Knox and burrow were such great WRs 😂


Don’t know how I brain farted that!


wanna see jeudy healthy again


My favorite thing to do with WRs is see who has the highest number of targets/catches and the lowest number of TDs in the WR18-36 range at this point. The idea is to see candidates for positive TD regression. With that in mind, Jakobi Meyers. Yes, the draft capital isn’t great, and this might be solely for the short term. But he has 46 targets and no TD’s through 5 games, not to mention a really high snap count. He really seems like he’s on the verge of booming. I’m in a league with a bunch of Pats homers so I likely won’t be buying, but I think he’s a great breakout pick.


I love Jakobi, but he might be just one of those receivers who don't get as many redzone looks. They have 2 good pass catching TEs and basically have a RB for every possible game scenario, so they don't necessarily have to use him there.


Pat Freiermuth, if a decent throwing Steeler QB with competent o-line can emerge.




Rostered him all year and finally feel confident in starting him this week… so he’s gonna goose egg. Just calling that now.


How about that Toney guy? Literally just needs to put together a game or two when everyone is healthy and everyone is happy.


Terrace Marshall Jr. His snap % keeps going up. The talent is there. The targets are bound to follow.


Derrius Guice going to likely KC or Ravens and should be top 20 immediately. Pittman


Not sure if the Guice comment is a joke or not….


What do you think is gonna happen with him?


No shot he lands in Baltimore with the Ray Rice saga behind them


Baltimore was happy to welcome rice back until a video was released. Far as I know no videos of Guice out there.


I can’t imagine the league wants to welcome the PR storm that’ll come with signing Guice, especially given the Gruden saga


AB had as many off field issues with on field issues to boot earning himself an 8 game suspension and he came back. Guice could have been suspended indefinitely by the league but was instead suspended 6 games. End of the day the NFL is a business that has decided over and over again transgressors get do overs.


Agreed, but AB has the grandfathered in status of being a superstar and has Brady going to bat for him. Guice played in 5 games total and has no HOF quarterbacks lining up to give him their guest rooms. He might be supremely talented, but the league cares about optics. He’s been accused of 2 rapes at LSU, domestic assault, and sexually harassing a 70 year old woman. Dude sounds deranged, I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole.


They have actually shown time and again they care about optics only superficially with the suspension; afterwards everything is fair game. Time and again accused rapists, domestic abusers, and all around psychos serve their 2 game to year long suspensions and come back in to finish their careers. I’d list everyone, but I think anyone who has even passively followed football gets the idea. If your talent is high enough to improve an NFL team, you are brought back into the fold.


That’s it, I’m putting in a claim for Guice


Hunt and Mixon seem to have gotten free pass, Big Ben…etc…there’s a long list of Aholes that get another shot


I'm going to go with a actual hot take: Denzel Mims I honestly think the whole Jets offense is a bit dysfunctional right now, however, it seems that Mims has been able to sneak onto the field the past couple of weeks and often when on the field he actually does contribute and seems to have the trust of Wilson. I think either he will get more snaps post bye week or an injury to one of the Jets top receivers will open a spot for him and he will be able to produce and eventually find a roll for himself I also want to be clear that this is a hot take and that I could end up being wrong


So hot. But look at the data. Week 1 - 3 snaps, 1 target, 1 catch, 40yds Week 4 - 10 snaps, nothing Week 5 - 8 snaps, 3 targets, 2 catches, 33 yards If he can actually get a games worth of playing time he could absolutely break out. I just bought him for a 3rd round pick. I could look real dumb, but I could like real not dumb too.


Yeah I mean to be honest I wasn't very high on the Saleh hire and so far nothing has shown me that the hire looks good, the Jets look like a dumpster fire. I also hate to say this as a Wilson owner, but holy shit did he look awful in London, and yet somehow he seems to actually connect with Mims when he is on the field...yet they won't put him on the field? I don't know, makes no sense why you wouldn't want to make your rookie QB comfortable


Agreed. They are teaching him a lesson maybe? Idk. He seemed mature and collected at his press conference before London. Davis, Moore, and crowder are good. I get it. But mims looks good too! And Braxton berrios or keelan Cole getting the snaps? Come on man.


Yeah I mean personally I think they should start running more 4 WR sets and get Wilson a little more comfortable. I'm not saying run it a lot, but say on 3rd and long try it a little more to see if it is A) successful B) helps Wilson feel more comfortable


He's also a big dude. Red zone usage should go up.


Exactly this. The jets have trash tight ends, why not go 4 wide with Elijah and Crowder in the slot and mims and Davis on the outside! Would make it easier for Wilson to process the field when the defense has to spread out


Scorching lmfao


Haha thank you. Whenever a hot take post comes up I try to actually give a hot take


So wild that they won’t just trade him. Shits bogus as hell for the kid. He can play and has elite athletic scores/traits smfh


Have seen this one out there yet, Van Jeffersen. Him and Stafford seem to have good chemistry


Michael Pittman!


Bryan Edwards, here me out, due for a TD, high snap count, amazing build, heroic timing, but now his timing will be heroic from the start, not just the end, Bryan Edwards.


This is a solid take right hear.


Bryan Edwards Because


Worst drop I've seen this week though


Guy at my work asked my buddy who he should pick off of waivers...... He said "Who is Antonio Gibson?" So this opens a whole can of worms: 1. What idiot dropped Gibson? 2. Who did he drop him for? 3. How many teams? Turns out some taco dropped him for Nyheim Hines in a 10 team league..... And, the original guy is also a moron who obviously knows nothing about fantasy football lol


Still not as bad as Edwards' drop


Yep lol that happens in my league lol


David god damn Putney because I feel like it


We need a return man


This Tom Brady fella is starting to look pretty good.


Laviska Shenault, he's explosive Urbana just dumb but I think it'll happen before the end of the season


My boy Josh Palmer is going to assert himself as a long term asset in LA when either Keenan Allen or Mike Williams moss any time. Reasoning: he’s on my bench and I want to believe.


All aboard the Palmer hype train!


I got Palmer too. I have Herbert as well, and wanted to have someone young and tied to Herbert.


I traded Ty Hilton for him straight up right after the draft. The guy who had him took him literally the pick before mine and I was more than a little miffled. I had Hilton as a waiver pickup at the end of last season (I've never been a fan) and I was more than willing to part with him. Seems like a win to me.


Laviska Shenault. 💥💥


I wish this was true. But as long as Urban Meyer is there, I doubt it.


If Meyer makes it to week 10 I’ll be shocked


Not saying I expect it, but I would not be surprised at all if he was gone after this week if they are not at least competitive against Miami. With all the distractions he has brought to the team since his hiring (condition coach, Tebow, bar girl, dumbass quotes), added to being winless and really not competitive, AND added to the fact that after their bye they play SEA, BUF, IND, SF…I can’t imagine he lasts through another 5 straight losses


I was shocked when he was hired, I mean just everyone in the NFL world thought it was a terrible move. You’re right, he’s lost the team and this is probably his last chance. If they’re not close against a pretty bad Miami team he’s got a good chance to be gone.


Yeah same, I had to ask my league mates if I was missing something with why they hired him over Daboll and Bieniemy. I’m not an avid Jags fan but just seemed like it was a buddy hire to get 0 NFL experience over guys that have successfully built 2 potent offenses (arguable that KC’s offense is Reid’s baby) when you know you’re going to have a generational QB prospect and weapons to work with. Seems more like a Shad Khan issue that he can’t get the right guy in there. Ok, that’s all I have, thanks for listening.


I’m not sure that is going to be a problem the entire season.


It’s certainly wishful thinking but not impossible!


Quez Watkins. Snaps have gone up every week except against KC and he blew his previous % out of the water with 82% last week. He plays in prime time TNF this week against a depleted TB secondary in a game where PHI is expected to be behind early and often.


David njoku cause I just picked him up off waivers for the 2nd time this year. This time feels like the real thing.


I’d say Ruggs. Really interested to see what he does without Gruden there


I can't decide if this is good for Ruggs because he's talented and Gruden was just a derp, or if it's bad because he's not that talented and the next coach won't force volume just because they spent a 1st on him. I just traded for him last week, funny timing.


Ruggs is talented. You don’t get drafted in the first if you have no talent. Doesn’t mean it translates to success in the NFL though since system and coaching is everything.


Not sure what you mean by force feed. Last year he averaged 3.6 tpg while getting 66% snap share. This year he is averaging 5.6 tpg on 71% snap share. All this while averaging 41 apg. In other words this season he is getting a 14.4% target share, good for 57th in the NFL. I really don’t think the Raiders have been invested in feeding Ruggs the ball consistently despite him being possibly their most electric weapon. I believe this is because Derek Carr is a check down first QB and poor decision maker when trying to push the ball downfield.


Elijah Moore Please?


Mims? Plz?


With how the ravens passing game is looking Bateman could be a stud once he’s back


Or it could be too many mouths to feed in fantasy.


Waddle & Higgins


Henry Ruggs: He has been okay so far but could have had multiple huge weeks if Carr didn't over throw him constantly. I am hoping whoever takes over as head coach will take more shots at Ruggs.


Donald Parham cause why not.


Michael Carter if the Jets O can ever get moving. I think he looks electric out there. I think he’s gonna have several years of high end RB2 production


Khalil Herbert will be RB1 of the Bears next year. A team that produces a top 15 RB damn near every year. Team will begin to add offensive line help to protect fields.


Whooooah what happens to dmont in this situation He’ll definitely be an rb1 one day tho I believe


What about Monty?


Pace will not pay him and will probably trade him for a 4th or 5th rounder. I predict the Eagles or Rams.


Pace isn’t going to have a job next year so….


Finally a take that is actually hot! Love it!


Just traded for him :D


Obligatory Josh Gordon


Tough one, cuz a lot of consensus top 24 guys at RB and WR have fallen flat and slumped, and a bunch of other guys have skyrocketed already (Mike Williams etc.) I'll go with...Hardman? Gainwell? Kmet? Digging deep here. Problem is I don't think any of them will become a 1 at their position and the first two in all likelihood not even a 2, but maybe just maybe have something a bit to prove/improve from current valuation. We'll see. Others I wanted to say, but didn't: Javonte, cuz Melvin's been decent still, so the breakout is delayed. Mims and Moore cuz it's crowded there and Wilson's gonna be a project for a bit longer. Meyers cuz IMO he's already 'broken out.' Rondale cuz I think it'll be hard for him to get enough volume consistently. Sermon cuz Mitchell is back. Claypool cuz technically he already definitionally broke out last year IMO. Laviska cuz even without Chark and even with TLaw coming into form, the team is in shambles and I'm sure they'll find a way to not have him reach is potential.


Jaylen Waddle. Now that fuller is hurt it's his time to shine.


Marlon Mack




Dante Pettis. No explanation needed