What to do - Week 7 Byes

What to do - Week 7 Byes


It's the ideal situation to me in. You punt only 1 week and have a full strength roster for the rest. You should be thrilled.


This strategy was actually pretty meta like 10 years ago in redraft. It was called Bye-Stacking


Just start who you can and maybe you'll get lucky cause the opponent may be in the same boat


Week 7 is going to kill almost everyone. It's gotta be one of the worst BYEs in recent memory.


With CEH joining Dobbins and Akers on IR and JRob+Pollard on bye I'm going to have to start Collins and Perine as things stand unless I bite the bullet and bring up Dillon from the Taxi Squad. Carr in for Dak at QB too.


>What are my options? Punt the week.


i just had to trade for ricky seals jones at tight end. i have 4 tight ends either on IR or on bye next week lol


I got Seals Jones off waivers but Kittle, Logan Thomas, Irv Smith really should have been good enough for an entire year of football.


kittle, irv smith, knox, and cook for me. we are in the same boat


You could attempt to make a cheap trade for some QB rentals like Davis Mills and Geno Smith but it's probably better just to punt the week.


You have two startable qbs to fill the qb slots. Just roll with a different position in your SF for one week. Nothing to lose sleep over haha


You just punt the week. Don’t make desperation trades. Im missing kittle ridley deebo Mike Davis Matt Ryan this week luckily I’m only 12 projected points away from my opponent but I always planned on losing this week and being at full strength for ever other week. I’d rather be strong at the end of the season that at the beginning