Panthers placed RB Christian McCaffrey in injured reserve, meaning he’s out for a minimum of at least three more games.

Panthers placed RB Christian McCaffrey in injured reserve, meaning he’s out for a minimum of at least three more games.


In my family redraft league, my girlfriend picked Henry 1st overall. I made fun of her since I got CMC 2nd. She’s currently dancing on my grave


Henry is the reason why I won my league the last two years. Dude is a beast, but really carried me down the stretch both years in my redraft league. The sad thing I was drafting 6th position in the first round this year and Henry only fell the 5th :(.


I was picking 7th and my plan going in was Adams if he was there, Zeke if he was there, and panic if neither were. Adams went 5, I was nervously watching #6... And he didn't pick Zeke! Danced up to the board and picked him immediately. Neglected to see that Henry had slipped - figured he was a lock to go top 4. Wife got him at 8 and is now undefeated :(


Oh man! Henry slipping to 8 is crazy. My girlfriend is on pace to win back to back championships and honestly idk how I’m going to live that down


> on pace to win back to back championships my man it’s week 5 lol


You guys have girlfriends?


Maybe look at the draft board before you make your first pick next time?


And here I sit in my dynasty league with Zeke, Henry, and CPat (why the hell I hadn't dropped him before this year is beyond me, but I'll take the win).


Same thing happened with me and my brother. I hate everything


I never thought I’d say that I’m glad to have sold a player of his caliber this off-season, but I am.


Someone remind me to trade this dude in the off-season when people start talking about him as the clear RB 1 again. Jfc


Traded him this last offseason for Scary Terry, 1.04, and 1.05. Currently have exactly zero regrets.


I drafted CMC 1.04 in a sf startup draft this year after Mahomes, Allen, and Murray were all taken. I hated the pick, and I knew I was trying to trade him as soon as I could. I was able to flip him and Kirk Cousins for a 2022 first, 2 2023 firsts, a 2024 2nd, and Mac Jones. I’m not in a position win right now, but I’m perfectly happy with how the future looks.


I traded CMC and DJ Moore (right after the CMC injury) for 3 2022 1st, Akers, Jeudy, and Jalen Hurts. People were saying it was a dumb move on my part but I’m feeling pretty good about it now


Now you need to sell Hurts (unless you're contending) because I can't imagine a world in which he's a long term starter.


Definitely. I’m trying to sell most of my team but the league isn’t very trade heavy so it’s tough


Solid haul! I ended flipping 1.04 and some pieces for Jefferson in the offseason (guy was desperate for picks) and used 1.05 on Lance for a superflex QB. Pretty happy with how it all turned out.


As an owner whose plan was to hopefully ride him to a championship this season, and then take the last opportunity to sell him for RB1 value in the offseason....I'm now worried I'll end getting neither


Traded for him last year and going all out to win the ship this year. Was hoping to sell him for a king's ransom after I won as well. Now outlook not so good as an 8ball would say.


Is he pulling the David Johnson special?


Buy low. He's 25. He's on a team that has built its entire offense around him. He's proven himself the best fantasy player in the league, by a good margin. He's hurt right now, but he's not dead. RBs get hurt. It's what they do. Try and make a list of workhorse RBs that haven't missed any time over the last 5 or 10 years. It's a very short list.


Derrick Henry & Zeke I think that's about it.


Cmcs issue is that they run him into the ground and have done for years. He’s likely missing another half the season again this year at least. He was the best fantasy player by a good margin for years but isn’t anymore. Kings rise and fall and his time looks done. You are right he’s not dead. But I can’t see him returning and getting 30 touches again on a consistent basis without getting hurt. Unless they drastically change now they use him. He’s on track to probably play less than 10 games in two full seasons. Now the time to move on from him if you can get a good deal back.


I don’t see how they won’t spell him more with Hubbard after he comes back, but what do I know?


Yeah his days of 30 touches could be over. Maybe a reasonable 20 haha


It was a brief spectacular run of two years. It sucks he's been hurt at the beginning of these last two seasons. All we can hope is he finishes out super strong and unhurt.


Yeah he was unreal. But they have just ran him in to the ground and it’s showing up now. Again I could be wrong. But I was fine with moving him after last season and this.


100% agree, hamstrings are a annoying injury for sure but they aren't the super scary career derailing type injuries that things like cartilage loss and concussions are, i.e. CMC's injuries aren't going to turn him into Todd Gurley anytime soon. Would be nice if he talked to Brady in the off-season tho just to get a little more pliable lol


How about Kamara?


Don’t trade for him. He is not going to be treated at a discount. You just have to ride him out if you have him. I have Gibson and Taylor in my league and no way I would move either for him.


If you are offered christian mccaffery for Antonio Gibson and you say no...


Lmfao not moving Gibson for CMC is overreaction 101


I just unloaded him for Tyreek. Totally fine with it.


Right David Johnsons best season was when he was 25 too, and he even put up a good fantasy outing at 27 as well. And he’s nowhere near as electric as CMC


Most frustrating player to own. My god.


drafted him #1 overall in 2020 startup draft. 5 healthy games in 2 years.


And he averaged around 25 PPG in the games he did play. Outstanding just can’t stay healthy sadly




Try owning MT


Try owning both.. and Deshaun Watson


I'm never one to shy away from an injury pissing contest lol try owning CMC, MT, Saquon, AJB, Logan Thomas, and Golladay.


🤝. I left out Golladay, Dobbins, CEH, Bateman, Irv Smith, and Gus Edwards.. didn’t want to scare the casuals haha


Yeah... I traded Mixon and a first rounder for him 🤡


I mean on paper i like that but this is a disaster


I offered the same beginning of season but was rejected


Saquon Barkley would like a word!


Price check on chuba?


About to go way up




You probably got him for a mid 2nd. Why the hell would you take that?


Fourth here.


Chuba was a 3rd round pick in SF


Nope not enough. Gonna have to give me a mid first or more because other than Hubbard I’m dead at RB.


Just offered a second, he accepted but we have a 24 hour snipe window, I’m not holding my breath


I’ve never heard of a snipe window. How does it work for you? Manager trading away the player can accept a better offer?


Any other team can offer a counter for that player within 24 hours. Has to be every player in the trade and can be countered to either side of the trade. Adds some intriguing situations. Value can go up quick


I like that rule. Wouldn't want to do it in any more than 1 league, but coll unique rule nonetheless.


I love it. It’s like an anti-taco rule. Keeps managers from picking on teams who are either dumb or desperate.


Is the snipe offer upto the owner of the player being sniped?


I’m assuming so. I’m not the commenter who described the rule, but I can’t imagine it working any other way.


If someone beats your offer, are you allowed to match? Like it would seem kinda BS if you had a deal to send him a 2nd and someone else swoops in with an offer of a 2nd + a 2024 4th lol


Yes you can re-counter, if it’s within the last 1 hour of the window. The time is extended for an hour for final deals


Ah ok, in that case, that’s kinda a cool rule.


Do you run your league on sleeper? Is this an option I can just add to my leagues next year or do you have to kind of track it manually?


My Fantasy League, the commish or one of the two assistant commishs push the final trade thru


Gotta be a 1st at this point. Dude in my league took him in the 2nd and absolutely would not see for that


A first for three weeks of a starting RB?


Yes be cause theres a 0% chance cmc gets hurt again this season, or next season. He just looks more and more injury prone as time goes on. Somebody will risk a 1st for him, and if not, hes one of the most valuable handcuffs in the league (behind mattison and pollard?




Paying a first for a backup RB is how you lose in fantasy


Yes but selling Hubbard for less than a first right now doesn’t really make sense


I'm not saying you should pay a first for him I'm saying you shouldnt trade him for less than a first. Hes a big hold for me


He’s been looking good and has an opportunity to show off more. His dynasty value could change big time beyond the next 3 games


A first is too steep. I just sold him for a 2nd yesterday and today I would want 2 2nds or a 2 and 3.


I MIGHT sell him for two 2nds if they are decent. Late 2nds or a 2nd and a 3rd? No way.


God damnit. Now I'm going to get lowball trade offers all week.


This is me any time Saquon sneezes.


I have saquon as well as CMC. Fuck my life. Running Fournette and ekeler this week. Maybe I can squeak into playoffs and finish strong. We're all gonna make it bro 😂


What’s crazy is Ekeler and Fournette is actually a really good tandem right now 😅


Lol, I can’t tell how upset you are


Someone tried to give me like....Cooks, Antonio Brown, a 4th rounder and like Pittman Jr. earlier this week. I can't wait to see what nonsense I get this week.


The number of hilariously bad knee-jerk takes in this thread is very amusing


Lmao legit this sub is so ridiculous these days




Just like that, my team is out of contention.




Full Chuba


I have McCaffrey. I want Swift. What should I ask for + Swift to get him?




Yeah, no way I'd take CMC for Swift straight up. That ship has sailed. Or sank rather.


CMC is a vastly superior weapon, in every way.


Means nothing if he's on the sideline. Ridiculous to value a player for how good he was 2 seasons ago. He has been overused and his body is wearing down, don't see how anyone can think he's gonna get back to 2019 form for an entire season again


Injuries are temporary, trades are forever.


Injuries are definitely not temporary. I still feel pain from a shoulder I hurt years ago


The best ability is availability…to which Swift>CMC


lol we seriously pretending like we know Swift is some super durable player? Swift is currently nursing a groin injury and has already missed more games in his first 1.3 seasons in the league (3) than CMC did in his first 3 full seasons combined (0).


So Renfrow over MT then too?


I mean yeah. Michael Thomas has not shown any of us that he's capable of putting up the numbers he did 2 years ago. He's got a bum ankle and is immature. I'll take the guaranteed 10 to 15 a week over zero for the last two years basically.


You’re missing the point. If *current* availability is the predominant metric by which you rate players in *dynasty*, you’re not doing it correctly. The best ability is availability sounds catchy, but it is utterly meaningless.


It’s not just current availability though, CMC has a history of unavailability that doesn’t seem like it’s going away at this point. I don’t think Renfrow vs MT is a good comparison but I would take RB7 over CMC for sure at this point. I’d rather have a lower yet still high scoring RB vs one constantly putting up 0pts every week.


Tô bem a weapon you should be able to shoot


This sub can be so stupid and reactionary, sheesh. CMC is worth a lot more than Swift, get your head outta your you know where


Based on what?? How many games are you fine with the "#1 RB" sitting out before his value falls? My threshold is somewhere less than 17 games out of the last 20. Soon to be 23 games with this IR designation. I mean how can you honestly look at his output and say you aren't basing his value off of 2 year old data. Look at the future not the past. Nobody saying he isn't good, but the first rule to being great is you have to show up. CMC ain't showing up if he on the sideline.


He's 25, none of his injuries are the type to leave long term damage (a la Gurley's knees) — I guess if you don't have Chuba maybe you're panicking on CMC but otherwise makes no sense not to just ride out the storm rather than selling low.


Nobody is playing for regular season wins. If CMC is healthy for the ff playoffs, whoever has him on their roster will likely win the ship. If you can sneak into your playoffs without him, you’d be a taco for trading him away just to snag 1-2 more wins. He’s a must-have player for win-now teams.


So you would pay top dollar for a player that you have to hope and pray all season that you get 3 good games out of him at the end of the year? That's a solid plan. Additionally knowing what CAR has spent on him $$$ you think they would risk bringing him back for the last 3 games of the season? That's assuming they are even fighting for a playoff spot at that point .. IDK seems like a lot of guesses have to go the right way for that plan to work out. Sure there is potential for him to help teams but compared to Swift there is too much risk IMO.


It’s a game of odds. If you think there’s a 50/50 chance that having that player will win you a championship, it seems like a solid bet to make. It’s all dependent on the situation. Obviously his value is down if he’s not going to be playing in the regular season much.


This is a lot of presumptions. Are we sure he's going to return to his same production when he comes back? Them running him into the ground hasn't been the answer so far the last two seasons. My only point is this presumes he goes back to a 90/10 split instead of a heavier timeshare with Chuba to keep CMC going for longer.


You can try it, I wouldn’t as a Swift owner, but maybe.


I have Swift. Im not selling for CMC straight up


That's a whole farm of bananas to me. This is dynasty.


Swift is younger, healthier, and has a good rotation to help save him from overuse. Seems like a smarter dynasty play to me.


Swift's ceiling is being a solid RB1 for years to come. Not too shabby. CMC's ceiling is being the single greatest fantasy player ever. I'm sorry, I don't think it's close. If we were talking about in Achilles injury, or multiple ligaments absolutely destroyed in his knee, then yeah. I don't think a hammy strain drops CMC into the range of more mortals. Again, he's barely 25.


wait to make the trade until when cmc is coming back off IR. then you can prob trade straigth up at least.


Have Swift, I’d need CMC+ at this point dude




This sub is full of reactionary idiots. Happens all the time


Seriously. What if CMC comes back week 9, and then avoids injuries like this again going forward for the coming years?


Swift is perceived as some kind of semi-generational athlete here by a lot of people, even though his actual play on the field comes nowhere close to matching his reputation.


I've been lead horribly astray by the consensus of this sub a few times. I think it's becoming clear that I really need to trust myself, even when an entire community online thinks differently.


Absolutely true.


Glad I didn’t sell the farm for him


Phew drafted him #1 this year in startup draft but made sure to pick up Chuba with my 13.1 Can’t wait to see the low ball offers I’m gonna start getting


Hate to say it but 6 games played in 2 years puts him in the injury prone convo and makes me really weary of him going forward


It’s two total injuries. Doesn’t make him prone. Prone is questionable every week and leaving every other game early


Didn’t he have several different injuries last year?


Exactly. Shoulder, ankle, hammy. It’s adding up. It’s interesting reading through old takes on CMC when he was a rookie. I saw lots of people worried that his smaller frame and physique would make him vulnerable to injuries compared to other RBs. The flip side is that he had the highest ceiling of any RB in today’s NFL. Both predictions could turn out to be correct.


I’m not sure it has much to do with his physique. Most RBs not named Derrick Henry have fallen off after consecutive 300+ touch seasons and CMC is just falling into that category unfortunately


Eh he’s still prone to missing games then. Either way you slice it, he’s not available as much as you need him to be


Uh, no, dude, it was at least two last year alone.


When he's healthy he's such a beast as a contender so it doesn't make sense to move him but these injuries are getting frustrating.


If only there was a way to know that giving 400 touches to RBs would lead to injuries and a shortened career....... hmmmm.......


Derrick Henry would like a word on this


It’s still early. And Henry is a BEAST.


And they have two VERY different athletic profiles. If I had to guess who would handle 400 touches better, I’d have always guessed Henry.


Right. Granted CMC has added weight but at what expense?


I don’t really know… what was the expense?


Kids say the term “built different” these days, Derrick Henry is ACTUALLY built different for the RB position.


They ran him into the ground. This is why smart teams use RBBC


It’s a hamstring injury. Cmc is just not durable.


I’m hoping they finally did this so that he’ll actually be back after the 3 weeks of rest instead of playing this week to week bullshit game that they have been. It’ll put him on track to play 5 games after the injury(which was the original time table) so if he’s not back by then, I’m selling him for peanuts because it means he’s finally getting the designation of being injury prone.


So is the Panthers medical staff just shit at dealing with soft tissue?


What a fucking joke lol


Ok, so now I have Michael Thomas, JK Dobbins, Gus Edwards, CEH AND CmC on my IR. FML!!! 😭


Wow CMC stock nosediving


Ended up with 1.01 for our startup this year. Took him by default but immediately said he was in the trade block. After a series of two trades, I sent away CMC, a 2nd and a 3rd for Swift, 2x 2022 firsts and Slayton. 0 regrets for sure


Good work man


Ahhh yes, the David Johnson career arc.


This is Matt Rhule’s fault and you can’t tell me otherwise


price check on hubbard? i got screamed out for suggesting at least a 1st a couple weeks back. that seem reasonable now?


A first isn’t reasonable IMO. If he was absolutely ripping it up I’d say maybe, but he’s just been alright


Still probably not, as soon as CMC comes back Hubbard has little value above your standard backup price. Hubbard is still just a rental for however long this hamstring issue lasts.


It goes fast


Guy in our league traded him for Gibson, a late 22 1st and a mid 23 first. I didn’t think it was enough but maybe it was


I think he robbed the other guy


The guy getting Gibson + picks mauled the other guy


How could you possibly know the 23 first will be a mid round pick this early? Doesn't it matter where that team finishes the 22 season?


In non ppr is Antonio gibson enough for caff straight up?


Lol no


The guy who has him is 0-5


Still no but Swift and Taylor should be able to get him at this point.


I’m not sure I would sell Swift OR Taylor for him


I own all 3 in a league and cmac is ranked 3rd for me at this point jfc


I agree with this assessment


Swift AND Taylor for CMC? Hahahahaahahahahahah


I think they meant either/or


Yes. Gibson is worth CMC now.




Is this a precaution or is he actually injured?


Well he has to miss 3 games now so I'd say he's actually injured.


Traded him OBJ, and Kirk for Eck, Deebo, Cooper, a 1st, two 2nds, and two 3rds when he went down with an injury. Feeling pretty good about that now lol.


That’s a fantastic haul man, wish I could get that. Congratulations


Traded cmc and 2nd away for swift, mike Williams and a 4th. Thoughts?




Literally traded him yesterday with Stefan Diggs for Jamarr Chase, Tee Higgins, Rondale Moore, '22 1st and a '23 1st. Couldn't be more happy with that haul after this news.


Man did I dodge a bullet. I tried to trade for CMC once he first got hurt. Ive got allot of depth so I offered Swift, JT, and Ridley. This was rejected as he also wanted my 22 1st too. Said no to that and walked away. Thank fuckin god


That guy was an absolute dumbass for rejecting that




What the hell were you thinking? That was like 5-6 1sts. There's overpay and then there's crazy.




Still probably a decent value if you’re contending and those firsts aren’t gonna be early.


I’d still pull, that’s an amazing deal




This fuckin guy.


Started 4-1 but with the byes this week and next + my injuries, I’m a very easy opponent. Just hope I can somehow keep my playoff bye


There’s always next year


Welp I am safe next week because my opponent has a shitton of people out on bye, and CMC is out now.


My big brain play of grabbing up Hubbard in the rookie draft is seeming like the best play out. Also not CMC owner.


Laviska, CEH, and 2 2021 2nds enough to get him?


As a CMC owner, I’d decline this easily. Maybe if you find someone who loves CEH


Would you consider Javonte Williams straight up?


My brother traded him away last week for Nick Chubb and Mike Williams


He’s missed 18 out of 24 games since signing his big extension… when are we going to have the conversation that he’s isn’t the rb1 anymore?


Just sold him for three first for 2022. All three picks are currently from the three worst records in the league. Hoping 2 of the 3 land in the top 3 of next years draft.


I traded Jeudy for Chuba, Hubbard, and a 2nd this year the week CMC got hurt. Could not be more thrilled.


This helps me so much. I drafted Hubbard and he’s done well for me as a Flex when I need him


Owned him from since he came in the league. Now I'm selling as soon as he comes back healthy*. Frustrating.


his sell high window is officially closed after back to back injury filled seasons