Treylon Burks with a Moss style long TD catch. Continues to pile up highlight reel plays. Potential top 15 pick in April.

Treylon Burks with a Moss style long TD catch. Continues to pile up highlight reel plays. Potential top 15 pick in April.


I get the idea and it’s a nice play. But when I think Moss I think the CB is in prime position for the interception/swat and the WR through sheer force gets over the corner getting the ball. This was nice for Burks just don’t think I would call it Moss style.


Its an overused term just like how posterized is overused in basketball


Yeah that was just a very generic catch.


When I think Moss I think how he would put his hand up because he knew that he was just faster than the guy covering him and knew he had him beat. In this case the corner was all over him but he made the catch anyway (which I'm always wary of, thinking back to N'Keal Harry)


I would say this doesn’t remind me of Harry. Burks has the guy beat but has to slow down due to ball placement. Harry rarely got separation and he wasn’t playing in the SEC.


True, I haven't watched much of this guy's stuff so I don't know if he usually beats his guy but it seems like he does here pretty well


As an Arkansas fan, most of Burks production comes off yac. He’s gotten like 200 yards just off big plays he’s made (like 70 yard plays). He’s really Arkansas only receiving threat too


Ya my man went UP but he didn't Moss anyone.


If I can’t get Spiller or Hall, he is a very nice consolation prize.


He looks great . He's got that Deebo thick body where they can use him all over the field if they wanted to . I wonder what his 40 time is?


OP didn’t watch much of Moss.


Yeah - nice play, don’t get me wrong, but nothing like moss


I love the physical big WRs who win like that, I don’t watch much college but is he continuously going up and getting the ball like that similar to Chase Claypool in college?


More yac than plays like this


I'll probably pick in the 5-8 range in SF. Would be delighted to draft this kid


I’m starting to wonder if he will be available there. He should be, but If he’s the number 1 WR and the QBs end up being lackluster he MIGHT go earlier.


I think the hope for people in that range is that I don't think there will be a consensus for WR1 this year. I think there will be Wilson, Olave, and London fans so Burks could slip in the right league.


Yea I think he has the potential to go in the 3-5 range if non of the qbs go top 8. I’ve seen burks projected top 15 in the real draft


Burks, London, Cropper Good WR Class coming up.


Who is Cropper?


Jalen Cropper. Fresno State. Dude can contort his body to catch passes in ways that stand out. Check him out. I think he’ll be a relative unknown, like Davante Adams, and go under the radar. Edit: Just realized he’s only a Junior. Probably looking at 2023 for him.


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For me Pickens is #3 after Burks and London Shame he’s hurt and not playing right now


Yeah, I’ll check him out. I’m not listing any sort of order. Just 3 players I’m eyeing. Burks and London are big names. Cropper is someone who has skills you see in NFL prospects. He’s not well known yet.


I added Cropper to my watch list!


Can’t teach 6’3” 230 that’s for sure. Definitely moving up my draft board


Moss does not belong in the same sentence as this catch.


Man this class is looking really good. So glad I traded all my 2023 picks for 2022.


Too bad my devy league folded... farewell Burks, doing too good in my other leagues for a chance.