Injury Support Group Thread

Injury Support Group Thread


Parris Campbell had 1 catch on 1 target for 51 yards and a TD…. and then the notification comes that he’s hurt and out the rest of the game. The most Parris stat line ever.


He is legitimately made of fine china


That's usually the John Ross line lol


Toney getting 6 points in the first drive then re-injuring his ankle hurt so much


Not as much as him getting NO points AMIRITE. I started him too. Rest up king.


I’m hoping his was just for the game and not long term


Had monty. Traded him and 2 firsts for chubb/hunt/julio 2 weeks ago. Wouldn’t be surprised if Julio retires at halftime Monday. I’ll be 4-2 in second place with 2nd PF so maybe i withstand the injuries but I have some shitty luck. My other RBs are Robinson and Jacobs.


I’ve had CMC in both my dynasty leagues and have been able to weather the storm to 5-0 and 4-1 records (Monty in this one), but now with Hunt who I have in both leagues, it’s looking rough for me to keep up


I’m in a rebuild and a few weeks ago I turned down decent but unexciting offers for Carson and Julio. Figured I’d let them ride a few more games and wait for bye weeks/injuries to build interest. Then Julio came up as doubtful for the next game, Chark broke his ankle TNF (he was also drawing interest from others), and then Carson laid the dud against SF and then suddenly has a major neck issue. I really need Julio to put up some decent weeks to make him sellable.


I was hoping he could be a decent WR2/Flex for me. Really need him to be solid for this run. Forgot to add that I also traded for Kittle+Monty last off season and kittle has done fuck all. But i picked up knox on waivers to cover me.


Checking into this party with Saquon, CEH, Akers, Etienne, Juju, and Gronk! I was able to scoop up Khalil Herbert off waivers on Friday so that makes me feel a little better


The CEH injury was so frustrating


The pain was further compounded by seeing Darrell score more points today than CEH has in any game this season


As a CEH owner, we all saw that coming.


Was hoping for a Terrace Marshall Breakout game but just don’t see it happening this year. Concussion and all


My contender SF team currently has: McCaffery, Dobbins, Kittle, Juju, Chark, Golladay, and now Hunt all hurt, so it definitely is a feels bad


Hey, look at the bright side; you don’t have any QBs hurt!


Oh you want to talk about injury luck? Check this out https://sleeper.app/roster/649999410452840448/5


And this one isn’t much better https://sleeper.app/roster/650047973950095360/12


Kittle Carson Hunt The pain is real Also traded Kamara for AJB + draft capital this offseason so I went from a top tier contender to a team fighting for a playoff spot


My starting running backs at the start of the season were CMC, Monty, and Hunt. Life is great :)


Dobbins Monty and hunt :)I feel the pain brotha


Currently injured: Akers, Dobbins, CEH, Fuller, Gallup, Landry, Gronk Might as well be injured: ARob


Let me add Claypool to the list now 😃


If you’re the #1 team, would you trade your hurt Hunt for AJ Dillion?


Definitely wait to see what the injury actually is first


They said it might just be a calf injury.


Never. Ever. What


Yea this isn't it. I know people are high on AJ but nobody ever seems to remember he plays behind Aaron fkn Jones.


I have one healthy “player” on my bench while also having a full 4 IR slots. My one healthy bench player is Carolina defense. I haven’t been able to start a full lineup for 2 straight weeks


Dobbins, Irv Smith, David Montgomery, Kenneth Murray, Carlton Davis, Just got Rashod Bateman back today.


Lost Akers, Hunt, Gallup and Tua (thankfully he’s back) - leaves me 3-3 with Kamara/Dillon/Javonte in what I thought was a contending year. Don’t know if I try and buy Patterson or call it this year.


Dobbins. ETN. Jeudy. Juju. Hasty. Kenneth Murray. Shaq Thompson. Tua (back now thankfully). Brutal year. Still 4-2 somehow


Akers, CEH, Cohen, White, Gallup, and Logan Thomas on my IR, Gronk narrowly avoiding it, and Hunt yet to be determined. That's all in the same league.


Had Chubb, CMC and Jeudy injured. Had to play some of my backups. Went for Reagor and Hyde at flex. Peoples-Jones and Osborn laughing at me from the bench


You want to hear me cry? ok. 1st leauge: 14 teams ppr. Players hurt: Chubb, Barkley. My backup runningbacks are miles sanders, zach moss and RoJo. Does not look good. Silver lining is Slantboy in my IR and comming back hopefully this week. 2nd leauge: also 14 teams std. And now it gets hard: Injured players: Carson, CEH, Kittle, Gronk (comming back hopefully) and Golladay. But the good thing about this leauge is i played the waiver game well and i am 5-0 and only need 6 points from Henry to make it 6-0. I have all the handcuffs: Hubbard, Mattison, Collins, also Gordon to fill in. Roster space is a serious issue with the upcomming byes.


On Friday, my IR/Out list could've fielded me a full roster. QB- Tua (luckily returned and filled in my SuperFlex as Zach Wilson was on BYE) RB - Chubb, Tony Jones (who I ended up dropping) WR - Gallup, Chark, Gage, Slayton TE - Kittle, O'Shaugnessey, Maxx Williams K - Blankenship (dropped, obviously) ​ But I may have gotten my first win this week unless Moss puts up 24+ tonight.


Have Russ, Dak and Baker. Hope Baker's shoulder is ok for him to start next week, otherwise screwed.


i just traded for Gibson for my title run