I traded CEH for Etienne & a 2023 1st right after week 2 when CEH was struggling. Still quite happy with it as my team is full rebuild.


Interesting one. I like your side of the deal


I love that deal for you, especially if the 1st ends up becoming early


I did something similar. CEH and Christian Kirk for Etienne and a 22 1st in a rebuild scenario.


I too drafted ETN at the 1.5. Traded him for Jeudy + a third the other day.


That’s a W. I think the only reason people are doubting this is because Jeudy has been out since week one. Very good chance he’d be balling out this season by now in which case that would be an even more obvious W.


U won even if Etienne was healthy lol


Hard disagreed here if Etienne was healthy. Rbs are too valuable to trade him away for a top 24 dynasty WR


This assumes Etienne actually ends up with the lead back role, which, despite his draft capital, wasn’t even certain before the injury and is now even less so given how well J Rob is playing, again.


He would crush a Kamara/Swift role


Definitely not. Even if Jeudy is a better player than Etienne (which I don't think he is, honestly), RB vs WR puts the favor to Etienne. I've got Jeudy in the very late teens in terms of WRs for dynasty (like, 17-20 range). Even after his injury, that's about the same spot I have Etienne for RBs. I'd much rather have the 18th best RB than the 18th best WR.


It’s just my opinion. I’d rather have Jeudy than an RB who had to take the backfield from James Robinson & wasn’t even the guy they really wanted. Then factor in Urban being the coach and the dumpster fire that is the Jaguars. I traded away from Etienne and have 0 regrets


The whole "wasn't really the guy they wanted" thing is so dumb and I don't understand people that use that as an argument against Etienne. I bet the 49ers and Jets really wanted Trevor Lawrence instead of Trey Lance and Zack Wilson, but that isn't a knock against them... Why would them wanting Kadarius Toney be a knock against Etienne? Etienne was clearly still their 2nd choice at that pick.


Whenever they have a fantastic running back and drafted their second option it matters to me. They didn’t want an RB there. They were going to ride with Robinson. If that didn’t give u concerns about Etienne’s usage I don’t know what would have


dude that is crazy if they didnt want a rb and were good w jrob they would not have drafted a RB in the 1st rd lol


He was running slot routes all camp. It seems they wanted a slot. Maybe they wanted Kadarius Toney. Too bad we will never know because Urban would never tell… oh wait.


dude urban is notorious for deploying his RB's out wide think percy harvin think curtis samuel at OSU. Of corse they wanted toney they ALSO wanted ETN they have a similar skill set. Do you even watch college football? everyone and their brother knows ETN is going to be used as a high volume receiving back. Urban has ALWAYS been about speed and explosiveness Jrob does not fit that scheme this is why ETN was selected in the FIRST round. Do you really think an UDFA RB (that urban didnt even sign) is going to get in the way of this?


The *second* best UDFA RB in football history? The UDFA that rushed for 1170 yards and caught 49 balls? The UDFA that’s the best player on the whole entire team right now? Yes. And obviously they thought so too based on Etienne playing slot all camp long. Why would I want Etienne as a WR when I can have Jeudy. Make it make sense please. I don’t even own JRob anywhere. Whatever scheme Urban was trying to do wasnt showing a ray of hope. Once they started giving JRob the ball they put points up. If you think he’d be phased out you are a clown


If they plan to use ETN as a WR, who can also be the 3rd down back with JROB, and an immensely valuable hand cuff, Plus matched up with his College QB who dumped off to him previously, I would say ETN has lots of value already, especially in PPR. Add on that if he is a receiving back who could be a everydown back who dethrones JROB he has elite fantasy upside.


It is literally the opposite... They like Etienne so much that they spent a 1st round pick on him despite already having Robinson.


you do realize teams dont draft players in the FIRST round because they "dont really want them" correct?


are you joking ? did you forget the /s?


Fucking A man that’s a W


I’m a bit shallow at RB now in that league. But it’s full PPR and I’ll gladly move on from a questionable RB in Jacksonville


I love Jeudy too


damn you got roasted thats a shit trade. a barley low end WR2 for a 1st rd pick RB you should have held bro


Mid to late first in SF IMO. If I need rb, I'd prefer an early rb like Spiller or Breece, but once you get past pick 5 or 6, I think the rbs will be very thin this year.


The problem is that’s what he was taken with this year right? ETN went around there in my 12 team SF leagues so I’m not sure anyone is paying at or even above what was just spent on him when he’s lost a full year of value


The common thought is that the 2022 draft is significantly weaker than 2021 though. Just have to find one of those people.


Good luck trying to pull a mid right now.


If I need rb, and my pick isn't looking like it's going to be top 5, I'd probably take ETN. I don't trust there will be great rb value in this draft after the top 2 guys. This rb class is weaker than last year's in my understanding, plus it also won't have the benefit of the top guys being pushed down due to elite qb prospects.


Picks are picks (especially in SF) and people want them. Rookies get hyped and the extra QB or two mixed in will have the mid range still a spot that people want to have some stake in, even if the quality isn't as good. Even 2019 had players you were looking at near the middle and late. I certainly wouldn't do a mid 2nd right now seeing the mess in Jacksonville and Robinson tearing it up a second year. You can use the pick for future trades as well.


I got him for Robert Woods. Seems about the right asking price to me




I’d sell for that also


I still think he’s worth a first


In my league we drafted after the injury. He went 9 I think so he's still a the 9th overall for me


That’s wild considering I got him at 8 in two leagues *prior* to the injury.


Must be 2qb right? I'm talking 1qb


I traded a 2024 1st (most likely later half), Mooney, carter for Etienne and a 2023 3rd a few days after he got hurt. I’m a big believer in him and think he will be able to recover fine. Non-SF


Overpay, but if he's your guy...


Traded Etienne and a first for Ekeler.


Probably a late first. That injury seems like really bad news to me, so personally I’d only give up a second. But I understand why people wouldn’t give him up for that


Someone just offered me 2022+2024 1st and 2022 2nd for Etienne and JRob. Its an overpay but I'm competing. My other RBs are JT, Kamara, Ekeler, Mattison and Conner so I think I can take the risk and do the deal. What do you think?


You're competing and thinking about selling a consistent, high-scoring RB? Since Urban has realized that JRob is a good football player, he's averaged 21.7 ppg.


In a 1qb league if you REALLY want to move him, take a future 23 first. Far enough out to not know exactly where it lands. If you take anything for 2022, must be a mid first projected. However I doubt any team on the edge of a playoff run or rebuilding would move next years first for him.


What's he worth, likely an early 2. But the '22 class won't have any RBs. So I wouldn't send him anywhere unless I'm 100% getting back Bell, Wilson, Pickens and that's likely 1.08-1.09 range.


Huh? The top few picks will be rb


Likely the first 2. So unless you're 1.01 or 1.02. You're shit out of luck for an RB.


As of now I actually have more confidence in the tier 2 of RBs in this class compared to last year. Charbonnet, Walker, and Williams all look promising as fantasy players, plus there could always be some late risers.


As someone who likely owns 1.07-1.08, 2.03, 2.08. I will send everyone of those picks to land Hall or Spiller instead of taking 4 darts at tier 2/3 RBs


A lot can change before rookie drafts (injuries, non declares, falling in the draft) and I’m not saying you’re wrong to do what you need to get the top guys but I’m just saying I don’t feel as shit out of luck missing the top tier this year vs last year. There is a reason sermon was pushed so high up in rookie drafts even though he wasn’t a good prospect. For the record I think Hall and spiller are actually underrated currently, both look like true studs to me. Is reason to be concerned about Hall’s athleticism? Because otherwise I don’t see how he isn’t a stud.


My league is very defined. We have 6 teams tanking.


I’d take JRob over Etienne straight up easily


I traded ETN for Monty the week before Monty got hurt (I'm competing, other owner is rebuilding)


Get rid of him. The list of RBs that have come back from his injury is the same as the lost that have come back from blown Achilles. 0. If you can get a 2nd, take it. There's 0 chance you're getting a 1st, and he's coming back from a serious injury to a backfield that has a top 10 RB and still has the normal risk of any rookie being a bust. Risk is extremely high so I'd take what I could get. Edit: I'll add that he also came into the league with significant college usage so his shelf life is a year or two less than most high end RBs.


I’m my league, he got traded for Henderson and a 3rd.


I gave up what projects to be 1.10-1.16 + 2 2nd rounders in a 16-team league over the weekend.


Wouldn’t give up more than a late first for Etienne in superflex, even in this supposedly weaker class. No guarantee he even recovers well from Lisfranc surgery and Meyer and co. have now seen first hand what J Rob is capable of. I think it’s unlikely he takes a backseat to Etienne next season given how well he is playing (assuming that keeps up). It’s possible he’s able to carve out another role on this team but then you’re almost looking at him being more of a utility-type player, which just isn’t that interesting.


Traded him to a rebuilding team for Henderson and a 2023 2nd


drafted him at SF 1.05 and traded him the day after the injury for a (presumably) late 2023 1st


I’m completely rebuilding and projected to go 0-whatever. And anyone older than 25 is useless to me. A guy in my league has no QB and basically no RB’s this week due to byes. He’s a contender and he’s considering my offer of Goff, Freeman, and two 3r.22 picks for ETN. We play full IDP (7 active IDP) so a 3rd has a bit more value than non IDP. Might be a great way for some of you to steal him. He can’t afford to lose the week. And I’ve got the only real options available that won’t compromise this season for him.


I gave up Goff and a most likely late 2nd next year in SF for ETN. My backs are now Swift, Gibson, Javonte, ETN, Marlon Mack and Akers


I’d say he is still worth an early first round pick. He hasn’t done anything to change that. I’m thinking anyone looking to trade him will still want at least that. So you are getting jrob plus a 2nd? That’s probably fair.


> He hasn’t done anything to change that I’d say getting injured changed that. I think he’ll ultimately be fine but nobody trading for him is giving up an early first when they’d be the one assuming the risk. And James Robinson continuing to show he’s a bonafide lead back while Etienne is out isn’t ideal for him either.


He hasn't done anything other than get a lisfranc injury


Curious how you got to that price unless it’s 1QB, he was a mid 1st rounder in SF drafts and I don’t think many people are paying that for him until he comes back and shows he’s good from his injury. It could even be a RBBC next season if they keep James Robinson.


It is a 1 QB league to clarify


Then you shouldn’t even consider taking a 2nd, that’s not even close to his value.


He went top 3/4 in every rookie draft I had. Most went Harris, Chase and Etienne with Pitts mixed in some.


1QB that makes sense then, I still don’t think people would be paying where he was drafted with the injury but I agree most owners aren’t selling for less either.


No he wants Etienne because he has Robinson. I’d be getting Gus Edwards (I have Dobbins) and a 2nd


That’s terrible


I thought so as well haha


I would not do that. Hold if you don’t get a first.


I traded Etienne and AJ Brown for Gibson and Golladay. Needed help at RB in win now mode. Thought it was fair value.


Etienne is done, sell him for what you can, if you get a mid 1st it's a steal. any future 1st, steal. Even if you get someone to sell you two 2nds and some rookie handcuff player who hasn't shown much. STEAL. I'm treating this like Akers Achilles tear because history has shown, a lisfranc surgery is a death sentence for RBs.


Didn't Lev Bell have a lisfranc injury when he was a rookie? And Julio Jones definitely had one as a younger receiver and it did not slow him down at all. Same with Brian Westbrook who was a RB1 post-lisfranc.


not surgery [https://www.reddit.com/r/DynastyFF/comments/pbb5r7/travis\_etienne\_a\_thread\_on\_players\_who\_had/](https://www.reddit.com/r/DynastyFF/comments/pbb5r7/travis_etienne_a_thread_on_players_who_had/)


You’re right, Bell’s injury was a sprain. Julio Jones and Marquise Brown definitely had surgery though and recovered. I don’t think we can definitively say this is a death sentence. It’s pretty fucking bad though.


[https://www.draftsharks.com/fantasy/injury-history/julio-jones/4692](https://www.draftsharks.com/fantasy/injury-history/julio-jones/4692) He never had a lisfranc surgery. He had one to remove a bunion and one pedal toe fracture. And while Marquise Brown had a lisfranq surgery to remove a screw, you can clearly see the difference that it took him close to 1 and half a year to get back to top form and that being a WR. Etienne is a RB. Im selling that guy for as high as i can and im not looking back.


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