Feeling disillusioned with fantasy football and dynasty in particular

Feeling disillusioned with fantasy football and dynasty in particular


It sounds like you're really tied to the results and not the process. Im in 4 leagues and play dynasty because I love the game. I love riding the waves of value: selling guys high, trying to buy guys low, slinging draft picks in similar ways, etc. Winning or losing is secondary to that. If the only thing that makes you like fantasy is winning, you're set up to be pissed like this. Try to evaluate what it is that actually makes you play. If it's not because you love the game but only like to win, it might not be for you.


This. Dynasty is a whole different mindset from redraft leagues. I'm in the beginning of two rebuilds and one push for the championship, and I've had way more fun with the rebuilds than any other year I've played.


Rebuilds are the best part of dynasty if you have good process IMO.


Yea agreed the process is the best part! Trading, rookie evals, start sits, waivers, etc. In a 10 man league like this you only have a 10% chance to win, and if you wana call yourself a “true contender” you’re looking at 15%-20% chance to win. The probability is overwhelmingly against you winning and there’s a ton of luck involved every year. Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride, there’s always ups and downs.


I do really enjoy the process of making trades and the team building aspect of it - maybe i’ve become too results oriented in my approach. I LOVE doing rebuilds on madden and obviously following how my real life team goes about trying to build a winner, so maybe that’s the way to view things.




>Chase/Pitts/Brian Edwards/ Javonte Williams *One of these names is not like the others!*


Right? The one league I'm competing in I've made the playoffs in 5 out of the 7 years...and get bounced in the first round. Never made the final. So frustrating. (The other two years I had the worst team and #1 pick - Luck retiring unexpectedly and terrible injury luck). But these two rebuilds are SO much fun, and I'm picking up backups and trading them for anything, really.




The whole point is to have fun. If you make your fun dependent on winning, you end up like OP. But if you make fun about figuring out a process and improving that, then you'll always enjoy it. Winning is baked into that. *Of course* winning is a goal. It's all about finding a process that's better than others to improve your team to dominate. Im not playing literally just to send trades without any clear direction. But part of that is accepting that there's so much variance in football, so even if you do have a great process, at the end of the day a lot of it comes down to luck. If you're playing to improve your process, you can accept that you might get lucky or unlucky and be ok with that. But if you're *only* playing to win, you're gonna end up like OP who has an existential crisis any time variance goes against your favor, and now it's no longer fun.




Lol You do you my man


This right here. All my guys know I’m happier being right about a prospect than I am about winning LOL the process is the fun for me


To piggy back on to this (which I agree with all you said). If this guy really needs the wins to make it worth it, he should consider having his league also count W/L vs League Median in future years. I’m not crazy about this method personally but it’s a plenty valid setup that many leagues do, to cut down on the hyper randomness he is experiencing. But otherwise, agreed. FF is fun with friends with some money involved. Ride the highs and lows but most importantly, it’s a game, have fun.


See you next week.


Have some gold


Really, this is all that needs to be said




Go outside, get some air and remember what this is, a hobby. This is for fun. If are no longer having fun then maybe it’s time to step away for awhile


This was my thought too - I’m actually in law school and find myself browsing this sub and fantasy twitter more than working on school and other way more important things. Maybe time to step back.


My last night class in law school was 100% spent doing fantasy research instead of paying attention lmao you’re in good company


Same here and just got the news last week I passed the bar. Fantasy football research is more important than legal research


Precisely, you need some sort of an outlet. Law school is an absolute slog, fantasy football is a nice reprieve. Just don't let it consume you.


‘Law school’ is a dead giveaway for me. If you’re anything like me, real life stress is prevalent and is interfering in the fun you have with fantasy football. Add on losing, and then you start to resent the energy you put into this game. When I start having these feelings, I’ll take a week off from looking at anything fantasy related. Won’t visit this sub, look at my team, and even mute fantasy football folks on twitter.


this is great advice, thank you man


Counterpoint: unless this is your 1L year, you need hobbies to keep you sane. 1L year only alcohol can do that.


3L, graduating in April 😎


Excellent - best of luck to you!


Maybe delegate some of the responsibilities to someone else in your league while you focus on school. Remember though, it’s as important to have hobbies as to progress your career, don’t look at it as a time waster, look at it as hobby nurturing. There’s a line between fun and obsession though


Ya dude, take a break if you need it


Not law school, but grad school over here. I also wonder if I’m spending too much time on fantasy with all the fantasy podcasts I listen to. At the end of the day, it’s a great way to stay in touch with all my friends and even though I’m way worse at dynasty than redraft so far, it’s too much fun to see some of the crazy stuff that happens. Like who would ever think Alex collins would be balling out in 2021? Anyway, best of luck and sorry about being a lions fan.


I think if you get a co-commish to do some of the leg work for you that would help. Or get someone to take over completely. With the team you have you honestly don't need to do much right now so just set your line up before the games and then try not to think about it during the week. Sure you might miss out on picking up the likes of Demtric Felton for his two weeks of relevance,but I'm sure your team will be fine.


This happened to me in our first dynasty year. Every podcast I could get ahold of, consuming every bit of dynasty content, etc. I calmed down a good bit in year 2 and onwards and just appreciate the ride. You’ll be fine.


Take a year off, when you come back you'll have 1.1 😅


I just play in so many leagues that statistically I'm bound to be competing in some of them.


Underrated aspect of playing in too many leagues!


This is it. Doesn't feel bad going through a multi year rebuild when you're competing in a handful of other leagues.


I’m in 14 and I feel this way too. Two leagues where I’m highest PF I’m 1-5 and 2-4 but then there’s ones where I’m 4th or 5th In PF and am undeservedly 6-0 so it helps even things out!


Typical fantasy bad luck, it happens. Yea, the whole thing is a lot more meaningless and lucky than you think. Still, it's fun and plenty of strategy and intrigue to be had. Try to have fun, imagine being an actual bad team.


At the end of the day, putting up points is the only thing that matters. In the long run, even if you have some unlucky weeks being #2 PF playing against #1 PF, you will eventually even out on a long enough timeline. The only thing you can control is putting up the most points possible, you cannot control who you play each week.


In our league the final playoff spot is reserved for the team with the highest point total. This way a team like yours would get its earned spot in the playoffs despite the bad luck.


I don't understand how a "super active commissioner" didn't build this into the league. It's pretty darn common in newly formed leagues these days.


i suggested that the last playoff spot be reserved for most points for out of the non-playoff teams before this season, but the league voted against it


Enable league median points and it will help balance that out. It’s the difference between me being 2-3 and 7-3 this season. I’ve consistently put up 150+ points but I’ve had a tough schedule against the top teams. Since I beat the league median I’ve gone 1-1 instead of 0-1. Then in the matches I win, I go 2-0. Can help balance out the lucky scoring a bit.


I created a sf league this year and did league median. Best addition to a league I've ever experienced


I'll start by saying I know your pain. Across 2 redraft leagues and 1 dynasty league where I am regularly projected to win in all, I am going to be a collective 10-8. Injuries, bad luck, strange game flows, I'm experiencing it all. The best advice I have--and one I still struggle with--is to stop identifying so closely to this hobby. When all of these bad outcomes were causing me peak frustration, I realized I was starting to take it personally. I felt embarrassment. I'm our friends' data guy. I create and deploy models. I know how to formally analyze data and generate predictions. I should be the best at this, right?? Absolutely not. Do yourself a favor. After a week is complete, go back and check how the "experts'" pre-Sunday rankings stack up against the actual outcomes. Using week 5 in one of my leagues, the RB2 (Mattison) was the RB38 headed into the week. RB3 (Gaskin) was RB22. WR3 (Hollywood) was WR21, and WR23 (Tyreek) was WR2. And this is coming from analysts that have WAY more time to spend on this and resources than you do. Moral of the story is that luck is a larger factor in this game than anyone really wants to admit. So, winning a league or any given week, in my opinion, often comes down to who was more lucky. Sure, there is an element of skill in being able to decipher what teams are trying to do offensively, interpreting coach speak, and knowing how to create depth, but at the end of the day, it's a game of inches and no one truly knows how a game is going to play out. It's gambling. And in gambling, luck can cause both wins and losses. The next time you experience shitty luck or an unexpectedly bad outcome, force yourself to smile and laugh at it, and then go do something you have more control over. It'll help you re-center, I assure you.


Counter point: You’re heading towards an accelerated rebuild. You have Kyler, Barkley, swift, kamara, Metcalf, chase, Hockensen AND some extra firsts for the upcoming draft(s). Sure, there’s a chance the team goes on a hot run but at this point I would switch perspectives and enjoy what you have going on, especially since you didn’t sell your future to win this season.


My problem has been the influx of players who seem more interested in winning a trade than making a trade. More worried about “value” than actually winning games. They kinda suck the fun out of anything . And I swear, more and more, there are guys just there to tell you your player sucks so you should sell them to him cheap. Like, they’re multiplying.


This is exactly my life right now. Are you me? Super active commissioner with 1-5 "good team". It's frustrating, but I just remind myself fantasy football isn't life. It's still fun to interact with my buddies and talk football every week, even when getting very unlucky. There's always next year.


Fantasy football isn't about scoring the most points, it's about your opponent NOT scoring the most points. Points against is the league winning metric.


Adding a “extra opponent” which is the league average of points accumulated from all teams, makes a heck of a difference. I can’t recommend it enough.


Play on Sleeper and love the median, but in my lone redraft league (I do one dynasty one redraft) I'm 2-10 now instead of 1-5, which is ostensibly the same record but hurts twice as much.


If you’re going to feel pain, at least make it worthwhile!


It’s basically gambling, and is the craps table more fun when you’re down or when you’re up? It’s frustrating when it feels like it’s more tied to skill and you should be winning on paper, but simple probability is gonna fuck you up once in a while no matter how smart your moves are


Pick someone as Co-Commish and take a year off doing Commissioner duties.


Sometimes it’s just not your year. This year I had a redraft that went 1. CMC 2. Russ 3. Kittle 4. Chris Carson 5. ARob and then the rest of my team was awful. Tua, Fields, Callaway and a collection of players that didn’t work out. I’m losing games to people who are new to fantasy and have no idea what they are doing (they told me so). Even lost to someone who traded away most of their good players. Probably won’t win a game this year. It’s the worst experience I’ve had. Needless to say I hate losing and am not someone that takes any kind of losing lightly. I started questioning my whole process. There is still a lot of luck involved and on some level that still makes it fun unless of course you just have a very bad year and aren’t competitive when you want to be. The good thing about Dynasty is that you can still participate, evaluate and make moves no matter how bad your team is. It sounds like you have a lot of good players and that’s going to suit you well in coming years. There’s also an adjustment period when you try different kinds of leagues. Maybe you figured out how to completely dominate in a format and things changed and you are adjusting. In your case though it just sounds like pure bad luck. One thing I recommend is having multiple leagues. It’s really crushing sometimes to have one league and have your team be really bad. All your eggs are in one basket. Having multiple leagues allows you to participate on multiple levels and win while losing and balance the two.


Add in an extra matchup each week against league median.


I decided I hated dynasty over the off-season. I'm in a league that really just kills it for me. Last season the Kamara owner is a contender and late in the season Kamara had some injury questions and Murray was playing well so I offer him Murray and he responds that he'd never give up a pick or a player for Murray. He acted almost insulted I offered him his handcuff. Isn't that like...normal dynasty moves? Trade the handcuff to the RB1 owner when the RB1 has injury issues...nope. I mean I woulda taken a 23 4th FFS. This season I'm rebuilding and put Tyreek Hill and Kupp on the trade block....get absolute garbage insulting offers like a 22 2nd for Kupp...or Arob for Kupp straight up. WTF man. I am just trying to do like normal fantasy/dynasty moves here and getting absolutely cold responses. Just feels like I'm stuck with this team that is too good for a top 2 rookie pick and too bad to compete and don't see any way out because of this shit league. Really makes me appreciate redraft where one bad year is just one bad year and has no bearing on the future. Dynasty is fun on paper and can be fun in the right league but the vast majority of the time all the fantasy trade issues like people overvaluing their own players and treating other players like they are garbage get compounded in dynasty because you can be stuck as an ass team if the league just decides to never trade fair value with you or do anything to help your rebuild. And obviously they are under no obligations to help your rebuild but I'm pretty sure Tyreek Hill or Kupp would go a LONG ways to any contender and should be able to net the rebuilder some good future assets. But no.


Last year was our first for dynasty. My buddy has been commish for 10+ years, has missed playoffs 7 of those years in redraft. He finished second to last last year because he had like 300 more points scored against him than anyone else… he snagged up Najee at 1.02 and is 5-1 this year. He has least points scored against him by a wide margin. It blows to get screwed by being unlucky, but you have a squad and it’ll hit!


I don’t think there is an answer to your question other than if losing your fantasy matchup at the end of the week makes you upset enough that you’re asking for help then you probably shouldn’t play fantasy. If i told you there was an activity that you had a 60-40 shot to win but if you lost it would ruin your day you probably wouldn’t play right? You should participate in activities that bring you enjoyment. Life is too short to be upset about fantasy football, it’s that simple.


100% been in your shoes and felt the exact same way. Here are a few things I did that’s really helped - turn score notifications off - watch full games for fun vs following points - shifted my mindset to not be about winning I started focus on having fun and picking players I enjoy watching and believe in vs what the “experts” say Also switched my leagues to play against a league median to help with the less lucky H2H matches


Hell yea I want to quit fantasy football every single Sunday. Genuinely though sometimes you just have to cut back on the content and how into it you are. I've got a bit of a one track mind and get super into it at times and that can lead to me obsessing over dumb things I shouldn't. Don't take on too much, remember it's just a hobby, don't let it bother you, find new ways to have fun with it. You'll figure it out.


Me too buddy. Every Sunday I consider quitting, but by Wednesday I've done about 15 hours of research and have a bunch of potential trades in my head. I've felt like this for years even though I have been in 4 straight finals (2-2). When I complain, my wife tells me I should quit, but she's pretty stoked when I get the prize money.


Sounds like your the Vikings lol


The healthy answer: Yes, step outside, go pet a dog or walk through a stream and focus on something that doesn’t frustrate you. The degenerate answer: Join more leagues. Again, this is the opposite of the healthy and time-friendly answer, but managing a bunch of different teams at once does help tune out results bias and focus on the process.


Sounds like you're doing great. Just stay the course. It all evens out in the long run, unless you quit of course.


Fantasy Football needs the same mindset as gambling. In gambling, you should walk to the table and expect to spend all the money you allocated to gambling with no return, and whatever you sit down with is the cost for a night out of fun. Fantasy is the same way - your money down and your time commitment should be given with no expectation to win. If you win, that's bonus and great, but if you are raging against bad luck you will just make yourself and your league miserable.


Ever since joining Dynasty I cannot stand Redraft at all. I think your mistake was that your first journey into Dynasty was as a Commissioner. Luck has always been a part of this. You might need to personally take a step back and learn how to not care so much. Maybe once you realize it's a lot of research but also a lot of luck, you'll be better off.


This is you why you play 3 point weeks. 2 points for H2H and 1 against league med. You could very well be 1-5 but have 7 points and be sitting in a playoff spot. Everyone runs into bad luck, matchups or injuries. We have a contender who lost last week to someone struggling to put up 80 points a week (we have SF plus 2 extra flex and people average 130). Meanwhile, I'm trying to tank because I'm not ready to win (I do not own a second RB, ETN on IR) and I just crushed 3 of the best teams in a row thanks to Chase, Mahomes, Dak, and Najee. My "depth" flex are Gabe Davis and Preston Williams. I have no business winning games but.... no. I have a bare bones roster without an RB2 and I am still unfortunately winning. Even worst, I am not in position to select Hall or Spiller even though I own 3 firsts and 2 early to mid 2's. I've even tried to offer 4 of the 5 picks to move up to land that RB lol.


Every day


I had a stacked team in a league last year that dealt with the same problem. Played everyone in the league on their best week, and ended up barely missing the playoffs. Drove me nuts. I at least had my first, but its an awful feeling when you're repeatedly losing with a team that's always projected to win. Dominating this year (so far, knock on wood) with all the added depth from the draft, so kinda keep in mind that the bad luck breaks eventually. Everyone gets a turn getting 'fed in the a' by the fantasy gods eventually.


I felt like this during last season but I would up winning my first championship after like 9 years of playing this game. Now I’ve accepted that it’s mostly just luck (I was lucky to have won) and I’m just along for the ride and to chat with my friends. For an actual action you could take, look into playing an extra game each week against the league’s median score. Gives credit to teams that scored high but played the highest scorer that week


2-4 this year with the third highest pf. Pretty annoying


Dynasty is just not for everyone mate. You might just be happier going back to redraft and that is ok.


One thing that I did in my dynasty league that was a fun change is the League’s highest scorer gets the 1 seed and the only bye no matter their record. Then, the 2-7 seeds are all decided by record with points for being the tiebreaker. Gives the truly best team the advantage, and makes having a good record also essential for everyone else.


We make the final playoff spot “points scored” and not record. It’s really helped to keep people in it to the end.


Another quaalude you’ll be back


I have a new dynasty league that was started this year with a bunch of friends. We implemented a league median system. Takes away the randomness of the regular season. Basically the idea is you play your h2h matchup every week and you also play against the league median. If you win both you go 2-0 on the week if you win 1 then 1-1 etc. basically takes away the cupcake matchups that you’re talking about. It’s been 6 weeks and our league loves it


Just have to keep plugging, I’ve got a buddy in one of our leagues who leads the league in PF by like 150 but has played the highest scorer 4/6 weeks. It’s unlucky but you aren’t alone and eventually these things even out, you can’t predict spike weeks but if your team is consistently hitting high totals lean on that and play out the season.


Matches against the median would probably have your record closer to 6-6


You should really look into a weekly "against the median" matchup (Sleeper setting) - basically awards an extra win every week to the top 5 teams by points and an extra loss to the bottom 5 teams - helps with the awful feeling of losing to the top scorer as the 2nd highest


If you can’t have fun regardless of results then go do something else. (Not trolling, but actually) I love fantasy no matter what outcome. Maybe reframe your expectations and realize what the actually purpose is of our fun little hobby!


Turn on median scoring in addition to head to head matchups. Basically each week you can go 2-0, 1-1, or 0-2. Win for the matchup and win for scoring in the top 50% of the league.


The first year I won a title, I started 0-4 and then 1-5 with a similarly stacked team. Won my last 8 regular season games to finish 9-5 and make playoffs and then dominated there.


Man I want to quit every week. But when your friends blow up the chat with what’s going on Sunday, remember you are not only a commissioner for fantasy football, but a commissioner for fun with friends


One year in a redraft I had the highest points scored by about 150 to the next closest. I missed the playoffs. I had the highest scored against me by about 100 or so. The next year I won with the 4th lowest point total. 🤷‍♂️


i'm doing well for the first time in 3 years. luck has nothing to do with ff. /s


It happens. One of my teams is pretty stacked. Last year I played the high scorer almost every week and I was second highest. Finished highest PF and highest PA. Ended up with the 1.03 and got Najee. I’m on my way to being 6-0 this year. The year before I had a few teams that were unstoppable most of the year, then my team puts up duds in week 15 or 16. I wanted to quit all my leagues so bad. The year before that I won 3 out of 7 leagues. Luck is a big part of fantasy. It sucks spending 10+ hours a week pouring over stats and researching only to lose to the guy who hasn’t changed his lineup for 7 weeks and starts 2 guys on bye.


Exactly same here my man, I'm a very active commissioner and about to be 2-4 with the highest scoring team. Every team I've played has scored 130+ against me; I lead the league in points for and against. Not much you can do but ride it out. But if you have a rule in place where the last playoff seed is determined by points for instead of record, that helps a lot. Imo all leagues should have some sort of rule like this to avoid this exact type of bad luck.


the highs and lows of fantasy football. Its why we play!


I’m 2-3 with 2nd most points for. Sometimes people just destroy you.


You need to institute median scoring, if your platform allows it. It takes the sting out of bad beats and you get a more accurate record for the quality of your team. But having a stacked, young roster with a high pick next year isn’t a bad thing. Sucks this year but all the more power to you with those higher picks.


You should make the 6 and Finals playoff spot be total high points from a team not in the playoffs.


Stop trying to have control over it by doing tons of research. I used to do that and it made it insanely annoying to lose. I just do a little tiny bit of research like CB matchups, FF points allowed by opposing team, and start my best players 95% of the time. It's much more enjoyable now that I don't do much more than that


League median


In a couple leagues this year we are playing one extra game a week against the median score. I really like it for this exact reason. Mitigates having shit luck so the teams that are actually good have records that are more reflective if that. Sounds like you'd be 7 and 5 if you were doing this format.


Never fantasy football, but I've stopped rooting for "my" NFL team as heavily as I used to. There would be weekends where I'd spend three+ hours watching them lose then be in a bad mood for the rest of the day. I decided football was not worth doing that to myself and my family. Now I still enjoy football and fantasy, but I watch a little less, care a little less. I enjoy Redzone a lot.


My dynasty team is absolutely loaded by the looks of it, currently sitting at 2-3 and about to be 2-4 unless josh allen drops 40+


Now imagine your life as a real NFL GM. Start of the season, roster is jacked, morale is high, you still have draft capital from a few trades two seasons ago, this is the year. This is the year man! This is finally the year where you're not just a contender. But then the injuries start piling up. Bullshit losses in the regular season. Player X isn't happy with their contract and wants a trade. Three of them are caught on a night out prior to the season finale. You miss the playoffs. Again. Five starters off-contract. No salary cap space. Are we blowing it up, or are we having one final push to the summit?


One way to level the playing field is to make the 6th (or whatever your final playoff spot is) NOT based on Win/Loss record, which can absolutely be influenced by luck and instead based on Total Points Scored (or whatever it’s called in your favorite Fantasy app). This way a team that got screwed going against the best Points Scored each week, despite being a top scoring team themselves, can get a chance at the playoffs. Helps make sure the legit best teams are making the final dance.


You have a really good team and those guys are likely only going to get better, you've hit a really rough stretch so far this season but worst case you'll have a top pick and another stud to add to your lineup for next year's dynasty. Alternatively, you may regress to the average and completely win out or near enough from here on out The fact that it's dynasty probably makes the losses more bearable than if it were redraft honestly


Dynasty is a different beast. I began a startup league last year, and redraft strategy does not apply. The roster and decision-making you're citing tells me you'll get there - remember, it's a long-term thing. And hell, we're 6 weeks in, you could easily still compete for a playoff spot this year.


How is your team so stacked? Even in redraft the players you have make no sense, let alone a dynasty league, AND you mentioned you have extra firsts?


Yup my team is going the exact way too. Only one win and every team I've played has gone off. I have the most points against me right now. Pretty frustrating but I always come back for more for some reason


Last slot in playoffs should be for the team with most "Points For" not already in playoffs. Reduces the impact of bad luck


Every Tuesday morning I hate fantasy football and want to quit. By Thursday afternoon I’m back at it. Some things never change.


If you're disenfranchised against playing the highest scorer every week by luck; make each week go against the league median, so every team has a chance to go 2-0 , 1-2, or 0-2.


Feel you. I was disillusioned at the end of last season but recommitted myself to building a win-now roster instead of holding and hoping for young players I drafted to blossom. I believe I accomplished that. But unless diggs goes absolutely off tonight I’m facing 2-4. I‘ll likely lose to a genuinely terrible owner who has had the first overall pick in five of the last six years and has the least total points so far. I’m also commissioner in a different league where a faction of owners is so whiny and impossible to please that I’m exhausted by it all. Probably time to bow out of commish duties, then find a way to enjoy the process regardless of result. Namaste, y’all.


I usually end my sundays by saying ”fuck you, cya next week”


Dude.... I went 0-16 last year and 1-15 the year before.... you'll be fine


About 10 years ago I resigned from all my leagues. I was in roughly 8-9 leagues & it was just exhausting. They varied from redraft, to keeper, to full blown dynasty. I was getting married & I knew it didn't matter if I was in 10 leagues or just one league, I was obsessed & would spend just as much time dissecting the ins & outs of one league as I would if I was in 10. So I took a 2-year break. I'm now in 2 simple redrafts, one dynasty, and one keeper. The Dynasty is the one I spend 90% of my free time on. The ONE main thing I got out of my hiatus is this - the games will go on & the players will keep playing with or without me. I do NOT control the outcomes, so win or lose, just keep trying to get a little better, and realize the breaks aren't going to always go your way...but sometimes, they WILL 👍 One suggestion for your Dynasty league: use the "median" for an extra matchup each week...the top 5 scoring teams get one win, and the bottom 5 teams get one loss each week, in addition to the individual matchups. So you can at least salvage one win if your the 2nd highest scoring team, but happen to be playing the top scorer. (I'd be 2-3 going into this week if it was just single matchups, but I'm actually 7-3 because of the median matchup)


If winning is the only thing that’s important to you then I think you should step down as commissioner and maybe even take a break from fantasy for a year or two. >why put in all of the effort of being commissioner, chasing people to pay and organizing league settings and throwing parties Because it’s fun? Because having an active dynasty league with your friends is awesome? You’re not entitled to winning just because you’re a commissioner lol. That’s a lame view point. I’m a commissioner and put in all the effort because at the end of the day, I have a dynasty league that’s active and with people that constantly talk about it. It’s fun and I’m excited to see the league grow


If it makes you feel better this happens to everyone at some point or other. If you are consistently a high scoring team but are losing then you are a good team with bad luck. I wouldnt panic your luck should change.


I hear you on this for real. My last few years of fantasy have been accumulations of coming up short on what should have been a stacked team. Every single week last year I played against other teams that blew up in my face. I.e. I played against Emmanuel Sanders the one week he was relevant and put up 30 to smash my otherwise good week. For me I just keep trying and grinding. I'm hoping that it pays off. So far, not so much


Lately I've been finding it more fun and engrossing to manage a rebuilding team. Trading for picks plus stashing future players. At least in that regard you expect to lose every week 😭 My win now dynasty team gives me 100x more stress


In my opinion, having a solid team like you have and having a rough season sucks in redraft. While it also sucks in dynasty, the silver lining is that you will get a top half first round pick and it will only make your team more of a juggernaut in the future. We started a league like 7 years ago and the commissioner had 2 years in a row like you explained. The result? He got Gurley and Evans. He won the league 3 straight times and has finished in the money every year since 2015.


Bro i feel ya big time. I was 0-5 going into this week. I have the most points against. 10 team SF 0.5ppr, heres my team. QB: Rodgers, Wentz, Tannehill, Ryan RB: Cook, JT, Jacobs, MDavis, DHarris WR: Adams, Lamb, Keenan, Evans, Hollywood, Higgins, Aiyuk TE: Kelce, Gesicki, Engram, Ertz It sucks but it is what it is. I believe in my team to claw back into playoffs


Here's how I tried to explain it yesterday, to my commish, who is in the same boat at you. Incredibly built Dynasty team, but keeps running into bad luck weeks, and has a less than stellar record. First of all, we all like to win, and we all love football, but the luck factor creeps into any matchup, any given Sunday, as they say. The best thing we can do, as fantasy managers, is build the best team we can to obtain a statistical advantage every week. Does that mean you should win every week? Well, maybe, but does it mean you WILL? At the risk of using another cliche, that's why we play the games. You've built quite a roster, its a long season, and in the end, the cream generally rises to the top. Try to take a deep breath and enjoy the games, your payoff for your hard work is coming. Good luck.


Not sure if it’s been suggested, but we play our normal head to head game, and one against the median in my friends dynasty league. I’d suggest that to eliminate the frustration of being the second highest scoring team. To my knowledge, Sleeper is the only platform that offers this though. I will edit if (when) I’m inevitably corrected. ESPN and Yahoo! definitely don’t though. You got a solid team though. Hope your luck turns around


Man, and you’re also a Lions fan. Right there with ya bro. Still, this game is for fun. It’s an incredibly cheap way to have fun with your close buddies. Yeah, winning is great, but the camaraderie is a much bigger aspect in my opinion. Also, FTP.


I think there are two main cures for this. One, try to be less short term results focused, and more long term focused and two, use the sleeper setting to play a game against the median. Makes weeks like this suck so much less. (source, am 9-3, would be 3-3 in h2h, #2 pt total, and me and the #1 are not close to anyone else.)


Play with an extra game against the median


I find playing in multiple leagues to be much more fun. You get less invested in negative results, can try out different league types and scoring formats and can focus more on the ones you’re getting more enjoyment out of. Also can help to make you a better fantasy player imo. I never find myself bored of fantasy because there are always at least a few leagues I’m doing well in if not leading. In your specific situation though I would recommend the following. Increase your league size to 12 or 14 so that quality players are more likely to stand out for you each week. Play against the median - sleeper and I’m sure other platforms allow you to set up your league so that you get one win for beating your opponent and one win for scoring higher than the league median points total each week. This way a team like yours that scores a lot but loses each week will still be rewarded with one win against the median even if you lose to your opponent and not be bottom of the league. I also think it helps to just view this as a game. One you want to win and can take seriously but not be dejected about. Dynasty is a long term process in a good league so you will inevitably have down years and tough patches. Generally though I find 10 team leagues much less satisfying as it’s harder to differentiate yourself from your opponents.


I think the more seriously you get into fantasy the more you get away from the luck-based elements. That's why most serious leagues don't use kickers or defense. The most serious league I play in also does a "vs. median" game each week. This means not only do you play your opponent each week but you also have to have a score in the top half to go 2-0. If you run into the best team that week at least you still end up 1-1 for the week (conversely, if you get lucky and your opponent shits the bed you might still not go 2-0 if you're in the bottom half). I find it smooths out a lot of the bad beats. You still play people head to head and the playoffs are H2H only so there's still that sense of chance and competition but it's a lot more fair IMO.


Lol. My family has learned to stay away from me on Sundays.


I actually gave up FF for a few years, cleared my head then came back. Sometimes a break helps. I wouldn’t scrap this league though- maybe see if someone wants to co-commish and let them run the league for the rest of the season and you can come back refreshed in the offseason? I also ballooned up to 8 leagues last year and it wasn’t fun anymore- I cut down to the two with all of my friends in them and finally I’m enjoying it again.


Eh just play with friends and taper your effort. My best league I’ve been the perennial favorite since 2018. The running joke is that I don’t have a playoff victory since 2017. Pretty certain I own every regular season record and have typically had a bye most of the last 5 years. Get dumpstered or have a poor performance my first matchup of the playoffs every time. On track to start 6-0 and lead points scored by about 15-20% again this year with no hope of winning a championship. Fantasy had scorned me one too many times.


It’s the worst putting all that time and energy with nothing to show. But you have good players and a great foundation. Stick with the process. If you keep the same focus and get the best players available it’ll all equal out in the end.


A few thoughts... I'm 2 and 4 after this week in a redraft league and I have the most points. I'm not worried about it at all, i'm actually sort of happy. (in this league lower standings = waiver priority each week). I know statistically if I keep scoring the most points I'll end up winning more games, and I'll make the playoffs, and hopefully be setup to compete and/or win. Another thought, I try and look back at losses and see what wrong decisions I made. If I played the right guys and still lost, what can you do? You managed the team properly, and the other team brought their A game, it happens. If you're only playing to win, you're missing out on something. The friends, the comraderie, the stories, the insults, last year stuck at home I freaking loved having fantasy football to dig into! In my opinion it's much more than winning. Honestly sometimes I have a bad attitude about things, and someone gives me a kick and I reframe how I look at it and it gets better. Maybe this thread of yours can get you relooking at things. Good luck!!


I'm #1 in scoring and currently 3-3. It happens. The wins will average out and you will likely end up in the playoffs if you belong there. If not, you'll get better picks for next year.


If your team is putting up points and in the top few in total points scored, wins will come. Get into the playoffs and you have a shot to win a title. Points scored is a better determinant than record on seeing the quality of your team


You should add in a league median, pretty much eliminates this problem. You'll be fine though happens to all of us.


In my dynasty league, the last playoff spot goes to the highest scoring team not in the top 3. This accounts for bad luck in match ups and allows for the best teams to make it! Love that rule and it’s the only league I know who does that


I’d say the fact your family are Lions season tickets holders destined you to football misery for life. This is just what life will be like for you for eternity. Embrace it, sweet child.


There's no crying in fantasy football. Ok there is.


That is dynasty for ya. I have had the highest scoring team during the regular season four of the six seasons my league has been around and was the second and third highest scoring team in the other two seasons. I have only won the championship once in six years. It can be highly frustrating, but the small redemption of dynasty vs. redraft is that if injuries ruin your season or you get bounced from the playoffs early, you get higher draft picks the following year as a result, thus increasing the likelihood your team comes back stronger the following year. In redraft you’re just stuck holding a bag of poop.


A friend has been in my league since early 2000s. Like your league 6-7 years ago we switched to dynasty. Now this guy is active, he makes trades, always sets his line-ups. He still has only made the playoffs once. We play in a 12 team league and 6 teams go to the playoffs. He really enjoys the group in the league and the process of running his own team.


You need more teams... to invested in too few


Quit being a bitch


I was growing very disillusioned for a variety of reasons, but one thing I did was I stopped obsessing about my record, you can’t control how the other team scores, I did start trying to challenge myself on setting the optimum lineups, studying the matchups, trying to predict the best player at each position to start, and started enjoying it far more, and it is beneficial to record, this season I am at 88.8% of possible points, that’s pretty damn good.


As others have noted add in the median matchup, but hey at least you’ll be adding a nice first round pick this year to stack another asset. Always look to the future dynasty when you’re season goes bad


Hey dude I played against the last place team who started Damien Williams and Marvin Jones. I’m also a lions fan and commissioner of my league. Now I know there are at least 2 of us


Hey buddy, don’t give up! A core consisting of Kyler, Barkley, Swift, Kamara, Metcalf, Chase, & Hockenson is absolute INSANE even without the extra firsts! I’ll happily take over your team if you’re getting fatigued 😉 Seriously though, this is Dynasty — you can’t have a redraft mentality. Your team is absolutely set up for the future. I don’t think you realize how valuable your core is — especially Chase, Swift, Metcalf, Saquon, & Kamara. Again, I’d love to have a team like this. If you’re losing due to bad luck, that just means your extra firsts will be better. TLDR don’t give up hope. Your team is absolutely stacked and I’d love to be the dynasty manager of this team. GLHF


Wow this is exactly where I am with fantasy right now, what a timely post by you OP. I feel like this year especially, but even last year to an extent, fantasy just hasn’t brought me the joy it used to. It’s almost more of an obsession at this point, I feel like idk how to not take it so seriously and just be a casual player anymore. It doesn’t matter that I’m always thinking about trades, listening to podcasts, making the right waiver moves, trying to be better... the results just haven’t been there, and it’s really started to hit me that luck isn’t just an aspect of fantasy - a large amount of it is absolutely necessary to win your league. Injuries happen, consensus safe players bust, you play the highest scorer each week, or maybe you just have a down week in the championship. So much is out of our control, and you realize that the “better” or “more experiences” you get with fantasy football. So honestly I’m at the point now where I’m genuinely considering quitting. It feels like it has lost its luster, and maybe taking some time off (if even a year) could fix that, or maybe I’ll just be a lot happier enjoying football for what it is again and not being hyper-focused on every tiny outcome. For reference, I’m currently in 3 redraft and 1 dynasty, which I know is a lot but I really only care about my league of record and my dynasty leagues. Also, my teams are all over the place, some great, some terrible, so it’s not like I’m having a down year overall and just cant handle losing. For now, I’m planning to skip redraft next year and I’m 50/50 on whether I will still play dynasty (I have an absolutely dominant team with no picks and a ton of depth so its really just playing matchups next year). Idk, I might grab a friend to be a co-owner and let them run the team for a year instead. I don’t really have any advice, and I’m not sure I’m looking for much either I guess. This is just kind of where I am too and it’s interesting to me that I’m not completely alone. Good luck OP on whatever you decide.


The worm will turn when the worm will turn! Hang in their until it does!


If you enjoy the build just add more leagues, I'd you want to eliminate some bad luck add median scoring points. Both will make you a lot less frustrated


I was a huge WFT fan for years, got really really happy when they’d win a big game (every couple years) and really really upset when they lost a stupid game (a lot). I got upset when they made dumb draft picks, I “hated” all their coaches and front office personnel. I tried drinking during games, I tried staying sober, I tried watching alone because I felt so embarrassed about my reaction, I tried watching with other hardcore fans. Ultimately I realized I was brainwashed by advertising. I was sitting there acting like one of the people in the commercials - watching the TV that they advertised to me, eating the food they advertised me, drinking the beer that they advertised to me. Long and short, my problem wasn’t football, it was that I hated every other aspect of my life and was super depressed, and marketers can target people like that by promoting that feelings of tribalism over this game provide real joy and meaning in life. I took close to three years off watching all DC sports teams (caught the WS and Stanley cups that happened when I quit, go figure), quit all fantasy but one free dynasty team, and went out and fixed my life. Now I can keep the NFL on in the background and not care. My only allegiance is to the one free league and that I always always always root against WFT.


lol cry us a river man its just fantasy football


Not sure if you play on Sleeper or not, but it sounds like you should definitely implement the league median setting which helps mitigate the randomness/tough luck of the H2H schedule.


You’re getting fucked it happens. I’m currently 0-6 lowest PF but even if that was an issue I’m getting railed with the highest PA. Shit happens but the goal isn’t to win this season it’s to win every season. And I think my team is on a good path to maximize that. Sure getting railed every week blows but I enjoy rooting for my guys and look forward to absolutely shitting on whoever loses to me. It’s gonna happen someone’s getting fucked and I get to dance on their grave. I just can’t wait to be an absolute dickhead in the future. That’s the fun I’ll pay the price today to be happy tomorrow. It’s all about the long run. I’d be more disillusioned if my team was older snd I was in your spot. I’d be looking at three to four years from now instead of one to two.


Play in more leagues. I'm in 73 leagues currently and honestly don't give a shit when most win or lose any more.


For me, dynasty has saved me from feeling what you’re going through this year. I have been running a 10-team redraft since 2006. I’ve never won it. This year I have Brady, CMC, Najee, Chuba, AJB, Godwin, Hock, Patterson, MT, Javonte, and a few other solid pieces. With this roster, I thought this HAD to be my year. I’m 1-5 because certain people can not stay healthy. But I’m my two dynasty leagues, even if I’m losing, I feel like I’m still winning as long as I turn into the skid and gear things toward next year. Oddly enough, the team I own with the most wins is the one I’m actively tanking. How the fuck does that happen? 😂


If you want to eliminate a bit of the luck element try using Victory Points. In some leagues you can earn up to two VP per week- one for winning your matchup and one for being in the upper half of the league in scoring. Standings are then determined using victory points rather than wins


Are you me?