Who is the most disappointing player of the season (non injury related)?

Who is the most disappointing player of the season (non injury related)?


Feels like Aiyuk is the biggest disappointment. AROB is definitely up there, but where Aiyuks ADP was....Yikes. I say this as an Aiyuk owner :(


Especially considering age in this dynasty setting- Aiyuk was getting hyped to be a top 10 dynasty receiver after this year. Brett Kollman video said odds are he’ll be WR5-7 on the year which probably would’ve lifted him to a top 5 asset at receiver. As someone who took him in redraft and traded for him in dynasty, I am so sad


Oof the kiss of death from Brett


I think from a value standpoint yes Aiyuk. As you said he was a dynasty WR1. People were likely paying a 1st + a solid asset and know he’s not even playing half the time. I would say from a production standpoint it’s probably Arob. Aiyuk we had high hopes for, but it’s not uncommon for a hyped rookie to disappoint their 2nd year. Arob was starting to look like a locked in WR1 and pushing into a high end WR1. At this point he’s almost droppable in redraft.


Traded Pittman and Akers for him last week, I believe in Shanahan to figure it out


Bro what kinda trade is that lol have you watched him?


Brooo :( this is a bad trade. I feel bad and I'm not even involved in it lol. Akers alone is worth more than Aiyuk. If you believe in Shanahan to figure it out, then use this opportunity to buy Aiyuk low because his value is super depressed but you still personally have enough confidence to pull the trigger. Don't overpay just because you think a guy is going to be a stud.


What would it take to move Aiyuk? He’s been terrible but. I feel like there’s still talent there


I feel like Aiyuk is a perfect player you can ask for in a packaged deal, instead of him being the main attraction.


Yeah that makes sense. I’ve cleaned out myself of assets I want to trade by acquiring Bateman, Jeudy, and Dobbins since I started the rebuild this year.


I got him and Javonte Williams for Gibson and a late 2022 2nd


I was heavily reliant ok Aiyuk to be my WR3 in a couple leagues...it's not working out great...


My gut reaction is that it's easily A-Rob. He's on pace for a 60/663/3 season, by far his worst, in the first season with an *extra* game. He has proven over and over again he's QB-proof, but apparently he's not Nagy/gameplan-proof. I'm semi-expecting him to be traded in the next week or two at this point.


I would probably say AR15 or Sanders. You almost cant wait for either to get out of there current situation because the play calling and coaching is so bad.


I have both. Even traded FOR ARob in the offseason.


I traded Golladay for Robinson because I thought he would be more consistent lol. I also got Sanders as pretty much a throw in a trade becasue the guy was tired of him. I don't need him to start so Im fine with riding the season out with him or having him fill-in when I need.


Bought him for the 1.11 before the draft and thought I made out like a bandit. I was desperate this week due to byes and injuries and the thought of starting him didn't even cross my mind.


Yup, thought I had a set and forget WR2 and Flex with these two. Neither have started for me since week 1.


I think Robinson is more of a disappointment than Sanders. Both have been bad, but Sanders has a little bit of volume to fall back on. If he had, say 2 TDs (instead of Hurts stealing them all), we'd think he was underachieving but fine. When I think of "biggest irredeemable bust", a guy who has basically zero shot to bounce back, ARob is the guy. The volume just isn't there...he's Cole Beasley pre-2020 or Danny Amendola now and it's brutal.


It hurts so much because Sanders is obviously a mf beast 😭


I get the missing time rule you made, but even when AJB has been active, we haven’t had even a “good” week from him. So I understand the list but dang.


Week 1 he had a solid week. I’d even define it as good


Yeah, but as a top Dynasty WR, that week but a tad underwhelming. It’s the only week he didn’t do terrible, but I don’t think many people looked at his points and would be happy about it either. If that makes sense


Completely makes sense, just playing devils advocate. I guess good is all relative, for most players 12.9 HPPR is good, for AJB who was hyped up to be an elite dynasty option primed for a huge breakout it was kinda meh As a AJB truther this season has been tough even though the rest of my team is doing well


Don’t get me wrong. I have him in 2 leagues and he isn’t going anywhere unless some one blows me away with an offer and I don’t see that happening.


Sample has been really small and he's been hurt. I agree he's had some bad games but honestly everyone does


How did Cole Kmet make this list to begin with? Lol I’d say he’s performing as expected.


Anybody disappointed in his season was expecting way, way too much.


I'm not even kidding I saw people calling him a top 13 dynasty TE this off-season Not saying he can't become that but that was some wishful thinking


Don’t think he or Elijah Moore belong here


Through 5 games you were expecting more than 8 catches though. I have him and wasn’t expecting him to start right away for me. I wasn’t expecting Wilson to look this bad either.


And was anyone even on this sub all summer? There were seemingly daily Elijah Moore hype train posts. He has been a massive disappointment thus far.


Lol @ people who thought a guy who projected as a *rookie* , *slot receiver*, on the JETS was going to have a breakout year in his first year. The dumbest hype train I've seen in a while. People disappointed in Moore in YR 1 have no one to blame but themselves. Still give it some time, and maybe a different team, and he might be able to work up to a WR2 somewhere


I have no idea what people expected from him. I drafted or traded for him because I expected him to be good in 2022. It's like the people who are holding onto Gabriel Davis thinking THIS was the year. It's not.


he was quite hyped in the offseason. probably more for the long term, but there were some pretty bold claims about his value.


Yeah but he’s a rookie with a bad qb. Now if he finishes the season thumbs way then it’s a bust. Seen too many rookies turn it on usually after their bye week


Even then does he have much long term value? To be fantasy relevant as a TE you need to be in the top 1/3 of all starting TEs in the league which generally means athletic freak or in a super high power offence. Kmet is not an athletic freak so it all depends on the Bears being high powered...


In the off season I bought Kmet and a 22 third for a 22 second from a team who is currently winless....feels bad, man.


Easily Allen Robinson or Brandon Aiyuk. It’s probably Robinson because he managed to put put up top 10 seasons with nothing at QB and he’s just nonexistent right now. I sold Allen Robinson last week after holding on for dear life and hoping for some return to normalcy, but I got an offer I couldn’t pass up. I hope things get better as a Bears fan but I’m not optimistic it will with him. I think he walks this off-season.


As someone who would love to extract value from him, what did you get?


I traded him to a contender for Rashod Bateman since I’ve committed to a rebuild after selling off other players too.


George Kittle was up there before he got added to IR.


Top tier: Miles Sanders, Aiyuk, and Allen Robinson Next tier: Ridley, Diggs, Keenan Allen, Kittle Still disappointing but meh: Waller, Hockenson Tbh people just overinflated hype on Robby Anderson, Kmet, OBJ, and Ronald Jones.


Hock has been fine! A couple down games but that’s to be expected from any TE, still TE5 on the year which is right where he was being drafted.


I can say he was the reason I won two games this season that’s anything but a bust. And he had a 23 pt fame in TE premium formats which all my dynasty leagues are set too


100% agree.


Does mike davis belong somewhere in these tiers? Im thinking at least the overinflated hype group


Yeah I tried not to include guys where the ADP wasn't that great. Sometimes these guys are low to low-mid ADP for a reason. Not sure anyone reasonably expected good games from Mike Davis.


Miles Sanders has been disappointing but I'm not concerned. Let's see what he looks like the last half of the season.


Would you rather have Sanders or Edmonds ROS as a contending team this year?


Sanders for sure. He's the better talent imo and Conner looks like he's going to be a PITA to Edmonds owners. When the Cardinals are up big and want to run the clock Conner gets the look.


I thought I was stacked at wr going into the season. Aj Brown, Scary Terry, Bob Woods, Boyd, Chark, Golladay, ARob, Renfrow, Slayton. Drafted Toney. Fingers crossed that better days are ahead.


Thanks for excluding injuries. I hate people that bring them up. Like yeah it sucks but it's fluky as fuck. The real duds are the guys who without injury just suck ass


All my players: Diggs Calvin Ridley Gibson Tanny and even Mike Davis They aren’t bad they just haven’t lived up to ADP at all Edit: Dyami Brown also mainly because of the targets he has gotten and time with Logan and Samuels out


Tannehill kind of falls in the injury category a bit. Julio and AJB out means he's really just throwing it to nobodies.


I’ve got everyone except Tannehill. It’s been a rough season.


Apparently CD Lamb


haters gonna hate


People said he was overpriced not that he was bad or even just okay. His asking price in the offseason was 3 1sts. If you sold you likely profited (in my opinion).


For someone to be overhyped he has to fallen short of the hype thus being a disappointment I think three first for a 22 yo top ten dynasty wr is more than fair. Much like jjeffs value


Dude I definitely do not think Lamb is at the level of Jefferson. Jefferson has far outperformed Lamb on a weekly basis and as a rookie. If you think Lamb is three firsts, then Jefferson is 4 or close to it. There's a clear tier I also would absolutely not pay 3 firsts for lamb atm. He's an ascending talent but Jefferson is a proven talent doing it two years in a row.


I mean they’re separated by 2 points and that’s with lamb having a “overhyped” “disappointing” year and being over valued. But to each there own


Hey man I think you could be right. I didn't realize it was so close after Lambs explosion yesterday. It does feel like Jefferson is better ATM but maybe you are right it's closer than I think. I do value Jefferson's consistency over two years as "proof" but I think there's a high chance they belong in the same tier if this held by end of year Thanks for looking it up and getting me to fact check myself.


I love both for sure, I just like calling out the lamb hate


Allen Robinson or Odell, there’s no other answer. You can’t say Aiyuk, you could’ve asked a number of niner fans and they coulda told you before the season that he won’t be a WR1


Odell has been bad two years prior now though. I feel like at this point people haven't adjusted


due to injuries though, if we are looking at this year and his team that’s desperate for a WR1


That's not true either. In limited action he hasn't looked good in either of his years with Baker. He's also a 28 year old with THREE season ending injuries. That's gotta take a toll.


i think you’re missing the point of the post. i agree with you, but he’s still the best receiver talent wise in the team. even though i would love landry more on my team


Talent wise, OBJ is still good enough to be a WR1. But between being on a run 1st team and him completely not clicking with Baker, it's just not producing.


Do I get a prize for having the most. 5: Arob, E Moore, Shenault, Sanders, Anderson.


aiyuk because i have aiyuk


Arob has to be there as he was drafted to be a volume WR1.


Aiyuk 100%


I still believe in Elijah Moore just because he’s had some big plays that were pi or just Wilson missed him, but I’m starting to hate myself for taking him over toney. Still going to stash him for at least 3 full seasons if I can to see if he and Wilson make that leap


I think your top 10 list is pretty comprehensive. I'll include a few others that are disappointing so far IMO though: WFT D/ST - They were typically a top 5 D/ST during fantasy drafts this year. They are currently ranked 30th... Robert Tonyan - I got him in a multi-player trade. I didn't need him, but I thought I was getting a valid bye-week option. He was going around TE10 in redraft leagues... He isn't even in the top 30 TEs right now.


I'm going to have to go with Elijah Moore, as this sub led me to believe he was the second coming of Christ.


Aiyuk, Sanders, and ARob are brutal


Aj brown


I'll vent about these guys since I own them all on one team. In order of disappointment: aiyuk; sanders; mostert; and arob. Went from scoring the highest points in my league the last few weeks to last place this year. At least I'll have a fun draft last year now that i'm rebuilding


Where did the list come from? I wouldn't have expected much from anyone except the top 2, they all seemed like traps, between them it is a bit of a tie. I'd consider aiyuk more disappointing because I thought he had more potential. Robinson has been disappointing before, so it's more of a fields/bears disappointment than a Robinson disappointment.


Why did you just post my roster


Everyone on my team. Really though, Diggs, Allen, Higgins (when he hasn't had an injury chase has supplanted him in relevance). It's been rough.


I will respond for people other than me that I argued with on this very sub: Adam Trautman. He should have upwards of 40 receptions and 500ish yards at this point. 2 years ago two people deleted their accounts rather than pay pizza bets. This year no one would bet, but they talked a lot.


Calvin Ridley


the first 3 WRs i drafted in my redraft league were ARob, Aiyuk, and OBJ. it has been a rough year.


AJ Brown


Robinson, Aiyuk and Sanders have to be the top 3 considering what most dynasty owners paid, or hoped from them in terms of production.


Ryan Tannehill. QB20. Only one game over 30. Doesn’t look like a QB1 in the slightest this year. Granted they have run the offense through Henry and he’s thrown to his top two wideouts across 3 of 6 games but still a very disappointing return.


Robert woods, end of story. His teammate who he’s always been fairly even with in fantasy production is on a randy moss 07 pace, while woods has 1 good game…


Curtis Samuel. Hasn’t even really played and I thought he would be the steal of every draft just because he’s on the WFT and behind Mclaurin. He was the sneakiest most valuable flex. at his adp you could find, with immense upside and dynasty future. And yet. NOTHING. IR. One catch. probably go back to IR AGAIN.


I think Shenault has looked good with the ball and just not gotten enough targets.