That would mean not good things for the Chiefs.


Time for Chiefs to make the switch to Henne


I think I can say that there was no way Mahomes was going to put up 25+ points every single week for his whole career. He’s gonna have bad patches just like literally every QB in history has ever had. But I will say these weeks go beyond bad fantasy numbers. He honestly doesn’t look like a good QB right now. On routine plays he throws really bad passes. Idk what is up with him but it feels like he’s trying to do too much right now and he needs to settle down. He knows he just signed his 500 million dollar contract so he feels he needs to be worth that money but he thinks he needs to do more than he actually does. At the end of the day, this is Mahomes we are talking about. He’s already historically great at his position and we’ve seen what he can do. He just needs to get past this. As a Raider fan I fucking love it but I know he’s probably gonna figure it out against my raiders in a couple weeks and shit all over them lol.


The Raiders and Derek Carr are easily better then KC and Mahomes.....silver and black will curb stomp them when they play






Look up the origins of that phrase….and then remove it from your vernacular


How about you stop being so sensitive.


You're dumb. My friends and I were saying curb stomp in the early 90's, my brother and his friends before that. You think because some guy got curb stomped in Americsn History X it's somehow a racist term? Absolute moron.


American History X didn't "invent" the phrase, that was most likely Nazis....but are you arguing that curb stomping is something other than what was depicted in that movie?


No, I am arguing that the phrase curb stomp is fine to say, unlike some other clowns suggested.


It’s a horrible act but the movie it’s from is showing how terrible nazism and racism is. It doesn’t glorify it in any way. It’s a fairly common phrase at this point




I think there has been a plan for beating KC for a while now. Take away Hill. Take away Kelce. Get pressure and take your chances with the rest of the JAGs. Still easier said than done. They need a good possession WR or a big outside guy if Gordon can't be that. ARob or Crowder would be nice for them.


Teams play KC differently - some take away Hill, some take away Kelce. Some have tired to take away both. How teams have done it has been different, either as a whole or situationally. Some have been playing a cover 2 shell where they aren't letting Hill get deep, or are having safeties attempt to jump his routes. A soft cover 2 with safeties already playing a few steps deep is daring KC to run the ball. We've seen a similar doubling of Kelce, either an attempt to bracket or a flat out double. We even saw NYG pretty much triple him on that key third down play late. KC isn't adjusting adequately. They tried to have Hill exploit things short. That's fine, you can still move the ball but moving the ball methodically isn't exactly KC's MO due to a below average run game. We've seen games where Kelce is the key target, that Hill was able to get behind coverages - that's not working with the deep shell. What can KC do? Take a god damn page from the NE Patriots. 2 years ago, teams were doubling and even tripling Edelman on third downs. What did they do? Threw him out side and said you can double him and I'll take my advantage somewhere else. I think that's what KC needs to do with Kelce. Throw him out wide and pull the coverage away from the middle of the field. Use Hill to open the underneath and then have Hardman be the guy in the voided space. CEH would be a good option but he's injured and he hasn't shown enough speed to create chunk plays like Hardman has. Force defences to adjust. Show them Kelce flexed, keep running bunch formations with Hill and Hardman to create any separation by formation or confusion on Def.


Gallup would be really good at the Y slot


If this is the case then I would convince my league mates this is true and then proceed to buy low


So... the same thing we say about Brady every couple years?


Chiefs offense with & without CEH for regular season games in 2020 & 2021. With= Played 18 games. Scored 567 points. Average 31.5 ppg. Only once scored under 23 points. Without= Played 6 games. Scored 114 points. Average 19 ppg. Only once scored over 23 points. Their offense is a different beast when CEH plays.


Confirms that CEH should be the half billion dollar man.


This is fascinating.


They are not able to establish the run and the o-line is utter trash, all the new pieces are not meshing together and it sucks for them and CEH value. CEH is kinda meh rn due to the oline so I wonder if he would be a cheap buy in dynasty!


Spitting facts, thanks for sharing.....


You’re welcome


This is really fascinating, any thoughts on why? I have always actually thought Andy Reid seems to run a lot more when CEH is out, and also a lot more dump offs to RBs. Is it because CEH is a very good blocker?


It's more likely because most of the games CEH has played are from last season, and most of the games he hasn't is from this season.


This seems like a great example of correlation =/= causation. I wouldn’t read into it much. CEH being off the field potentially has an impact, but certainly not that large.


I personally think because CEH is a threat in both running and catching the ball the defenses can’t just attack Mahomes and cover the Receivers. He keeps the opposition in 2 minds and it opens spaces for Mahomes to work in.


Yeah CEH is a great pass blocker and a good enough runner and pass catcher.


That would mean the price of a brick going down




Is this a rhetorical question?


Realistically speaking Mahomes is suffering from really bad interception luck and poor play. He looks like he's trying to do too much and looks like he hasn't really learned how to play a game manager role or take the easy passes. That can be learned. Some of the stuff is just bad luck but he needs to take a step back and not force everything.


Mahomes had ungodly good interception luck last year... Like it doesn’t make sense that a QB could get as lucky as he did. I think it was something like 20 dropped interceptions last year.


This is 100% true.. I've been saying Mahomes was overated for 2 years now. Not a bad player but not a god. A good player in a great situation, with a lot of attempts. Even before this year, his on target throw % and bad throw% was NFL average.


Surely Wentz is having better luck this year? His best receiver has been DPI, I'm not even kidding. Colts legitimately throw it deep to draw penalties and it's worked every week, multiple times.


Hypothetically, as recently as 2019 rodgers had 3 consecutive runs of 3 weeks where he had less than 16.5 fantasy pts by my settings - 13.9/16.4/14.3 - 13.9/10/10.5 - 12.4/15.4/8.3 Also in 2019, Tom Brady: - 13.4/8.5/11.3 - 11.8/14.9/18.2/14.8 Mahomes has had like 8 weeks total under 18 fp in his last 52 g (games as starter, basically his entire career). So it’s much more likely that this stretch is just a really shitty aberration, that the team is under some kind of stress/drama we aren’t aware of or he has an injury we aren’t aware of. All are possible. Does this recent stretch blow? Yes. But I’d bet on him righting the ship sooner than later as bad as he’s looked.


The 2019 Packers went 13-3 and were winning games. The 2019 Patriots went 12-4 and were winning games. While neither QB were playing great during those spans they weren’t really playing awfully and throwing a bunch of interceptions and losing to and struggling vs some lower end teams. I’m not saying Mahomes won’t recover or that he isn’t a great QB. But it’s a bad comparison to use when in 8 weeks he has already lost more NFL games then Rodgers did in 19 and has lost the same as Brady did in 19. He also has almost thrown as many INTs in 8 games this year as Rodgers and Brady did combined in 2019.


Surprisingly, total wins is not a QB stat. I don’t need to look up either team to tell you they didn’t have historically bad defenses. And as much as mahomes hasn’t been himself, from watching games probably half his interceptions have been the fault of the WR. The bigger point was that fantasy QB box score is not an indicator of whether NFL teams have “figured him out.” I could pick out every QB in the NFL with the same comparison, I just chose to pick 2 of the best to make the point. Something that’s often lost in translation is how synergistic football is. Turnovers + short fields help spur the offense and facilitate more scoring. Mahomes is getting 0 in that regard, and at the same time the offense is slumping. He may not return to peak this year but i don’t think anything’s dramatically changed in regards to how teams are defending him so much as they just aren’t playing well.


I’m not saying total wins is a QB stat alone. But his play greatly affects the wins. Mahomes has always thrown a good number of dangerous passes. He has been extremely lucky to have such low INT numbers because he had an insane number of dropped INTs. I would value the defensive argument more if the offensive was doing something and he didn’t have the weapons to succeed. He has the weapons and he isn’t getting it done. I don’t think anyone has figured out Mahomes in a sense. I just think he was a bit overrated. I think he is a great player but I don’t think he is the best QB to ever play like many seemed to believe.


If “best qb ever” was the consensus, than sure. He needs longevity for that. But it’s hard to overrate performances like 5400 yds- 52 tds-12 ints in 2018. (Literally one of the best seasons of all time.) His INTs are up no doubt - he is not as sharp as he has been. But he also has at least 4-5 INTs that are SOLELY the fault of the WR from watching the games. What’s more likely: - mahomes is bad? - or the internet is suffering recency bias from this poor stretch? The chiefs are 4-4. They have maybe the toughest schedule in football. Their defense is ~30th? 31st? In the league despite the offense. Again, he hasn’t played at an elite level. But players don’t usually do that every single year. It’s also quite understandable that ints go up when he’s trying to compensate for an atrocious defense. The teams around KC in def yds/g: - Mia/sea/HOU/NYJ/WSH/JAX/BAL/DET/NYG. The teams around KC in def pts/g: - DET/HOU/NYJ/MIA/JAX/WSH/ATL/KC/LAC/NYG In both circumstances, out of about the 10 bottom teams you have 1 with a win/loss record above .500. It is really hard to be efficient/effective when you need to go 90 yards to score every time.


You may be on to something


Mahomes narrative is dumb, yeah he is kinda playing dookie compared to his past self but there is a lot going in to it. Their Oline is not very good, injuries with weapons like CEH, their defense is really bad, Mahomes still has a 9 month old infant at home, and honestly it looks like he is playing through a nagging injury of some sort. Dude is only 26, sometimes shit just is hard to balance, he'll figure it out.


His contract is more complicated then just a fully guaranteed 10 year deal. Alot of different things can and will happen as the years go to move the money. Most likely, the pay will be just fine as cap continues to increase. Mahomes hasn't really done anything different, just the potential turnover throws he is making at this point are actually becoming turnovers vs near misses in the past.


Mahomes was lucky his interception ratio wasn’t much much worse last year. He plays too much hero ball. The amount of times he could check down to CEH or whoever the safety net is for 5-10 yards but completely avoids it to throw 60 yards downfield to double covered hill is annoying. He’s got to learn how to make game manager plays like the rest of the truly great QBs do.


And they signed kelce for like 6 years. They invested heavily in the passing game. Defense is terrible, run game is terrible. So now other teams can hone in on passing.


Mahomes can be an above average/below elite QB and his contract would only hamstring the organization for the next two years. Cap will continue to go up and he will be surpassed as a higher paid QB. The contract isn't the problem


If that did turn out to be the case KC would be seriously behind in the years to come. Would have to make some real good moves to bring it back.