Is nobody else surprised that Moore is even on this list with the other guys ?


Yea I am too, I own him and I consider him to be way lower than those other 3 guys


Same. But when other things are considered like QB play, or the fact that we really haven’t seen him in a featured role that we have the other guys, he could find himself deserving of being on this list.


Yeah he straight up doesn't belong in this conversation. Adding Waddle is more interesting.


Questions like these are why the sub gets so much hate. “Who WILL be the best WR..” ??? And then you have a bunch of people ‘predicting’ their future out of their ass.


"hOw iS MoORe EvEn iN ThIS LiST??"




He doesn't belong because of usage. You're not wrong, but if he got the reps this conversation would likely change pretty quick.


The fact that he isn't getting usage reflects that he isn't nearly as good as any of these other guys. There's a reason he was a late 2nd rounder and not a 1st rounder. If he was a 1st round talent, he'd get reps.


That’s not really fair, he’s playing in a relatively crowded WR room. Even Hopkins hasn’t seen his typical volume this year. He doesn’t belong in the conversation here, but he’s by no means a bum.


You answered the critique. He doesn't belong in this conversation here. Moore fits with the Bateman, E. Moore, and Toney conversation.


Bateman is better than everyone listed tho






I would put a Moore there, but not Rondale.


As much as Rondale may be behind these guys, DJ is definitely ahead of them.


Moore is lower, for now. He's not exploded yet, but I'm looking forward to next year, see how he does.


I kind of think Im leaning Smith, Jeudy/Higgins, (tier drop or two) Moore


Smith > Jeudy > Higgins > Moore But I wouldn’t be upset at any of them on my roster


This is the answer


Smith > Jeudy > Higgins >>> Moore Is a slightly more accurate answer


I personally flip Higgins and Jeudy, largely cause of current QB play. Rodgers goes to Denver and maybe it’s different.


Talent over situation for me. Jeudy is potentially elite. If Broncos could bring in even a top 16 QB he’d be pushing for WR1 territory.


Totally fair, I like the market share approach and would love a piece of the Bengals offense. Cause to me situation is the foundation that lets talent thrive.


Yeah, I think this Bengal offense is definitely one to buy into and I don’t think Tee is a bad buy by any means


This but with Waddle in front.


This but with chase in front.


Very, very far in front.


It’s him CeeDee and JJ far in front but flip a coin between the three. Personally I have CeeDee at #1


Waddle is even with Smith for me. Wouldn't be upset with either.


Jeudy over Waddle


I had Waddle rated just a bit higher than Smith coming out of college, and both are excelling but one hasn't pulled away enough for me to adjust my original ranking.


If Jeudy gets Rodgers as his QB over thr off-season he jumps to #1 imo


Well, yeah, if situations change I would change my rankings. Rodgers to Jeudy would be awesome


I've got both so fingers crossed


Smith, Jeudy, Higgy, Moore.


Smith > Higgins >= Jeudy > Moore


This is my ranking as well


Smith Jeudy Higgins Moore Smith is definitely first and Moore is definitely last imo. I could switch Higgins and Jeudy.


This is my thoughts exactly.


I legitimately think Devonta could be Marvin Harrison 2.0 Definitely not because I own him in most of my leagues…


I'll go Smith, Higgins, Jeudy, Moore. I know people like Jeudy a lot, but he doesn't have a great adot right now....though this could be because of QB play.


ITT: *Current* rankings of these 4 guys because nobody knows who *WILL* be the best asset without making shit up


Smith, Jeudy, Higgins, Moore. And here's why: Smith and Jeudy are the most versatile in terms of the routes and plays you can run effectively with them. They're versatile and has the right size and skillset to do pretty much everything. Higgins is slightly more limited. He's not as quick as the top two, but he's big. If you're looking for the contested catch guy, he's the go-to. But he doesn't do YAC well, and he's not really that quick. That's why I give Smith and Jeudy the edge, because they too can to some extent high point, and still be great YAC guys. Moore is the most versatile in terms of different ways to get him the ball on untraditional plays, but his size obviously limits what plays and roles he can fit on a pass play. He's the best YAC guy here, but he's also the least polished overall. Talented guy, but I think we have to wait until next year before he's really in a featured spot.


Doesn’t do YAC well? It hasn’t shown in the league as of yet, although there have been flashes, but he was incredible in college


Okay so let me rephrase that: I think he can do it, but the other three are naturally more shifty athletes that I think could take any ball to the house. Higgins isn't that guy, though he could shake some people and break through a tackle or two. These are all very talented guys, I just like the versatility in Smith and Jeudy, with Smith being the best of the bunch simply because he runs routes so well and is a nightmare to stop when he releases.


That’s fair and we can agree to disagree. Maybe I’m just being biased towards Higgins


No shame in that, he's a very good player that I do like. Rondale is the odd man out in the group right now.


Without a doubt


Smith Higgins Jeudy Moore


This is it




Moore is nowhere close to these guys


I own Jeudy and would think that Smith is the only one that I like more than him


Smith Juedy Higgins Moore


Smith, Higgins, Juedy...Moore


Smith, Higgins/Jeudy, Moore. I think Smith, Higgins, and Jeudy are all pretty close, Moore is not though.


Smith > Higgins/Juedy > Moore


Devonta Jeudy Higgins Moore


Devota Smith is in his own tier imo


Tier 2 behind Jeudy & Tee




Smith, Jeudy = Higgins …………….. Moore Jeudy gets a slight edge over Higgins just because I think he is or will be the alpha on his team. Where as Higgins won’t get that chance with Chase. However, if Denver can’t figure out their QB, I trust Burrow throwing to Chase and Higgins more than ? to Jeudy. Also, Moore doesn’t deserve to be on this list yet… maybe he can get there, but not close yet.


Smith>=Jeudy, w/ Higgins right behind them, then Moore Smith has the benefit of not having much competition at all on his team whereas Jeudy has Sutton and now Patrick both looking great too (as great as possible with Teddy). However I see some changes in Denver in the near future so not much of a worry. I like Higgins a lot too but it's the Chase show out there rn Honestly not a ton of gap here like in other lists although I do have Moore a definite last of the 4 (but not by an ungodly amount)


yea they must be planning on upgrading over Teddy, I just cant see them rolling into next season with two average to below average QBs again. Plus who knows if they resign sutton.


Jeudy = Smith then a slight tier break Higgins then a larger tier break Moore


Higgins and smith are better than jeudy, Moore def the worst.


Smith, Jeudy, Moore, Higgins (biased Eagles fan)


Insane to have Higgins last to me In full games with Burrow (so admittedly not including the first two games of last year where he played >2/3% of snaps, and the Washington game) Tee averages 8 targets, 5 receptions and 71 yards. His 17 game pace with Burrow would be 136 targets, 87 receptions and 1,215 yards based on their games together thus far


I like Higgins but using what he did last year without Chase to project for what he will do with with Chase seems a little, idk misleading, for lack of a better word.


I mean sure but if you take out his first game back from injury this year he is still averaging 8 targets 5 receptions and 68 yards per game Also with his first game back from injury it’s still 7.8 targets, 5 receptions, and 62 yards. I don’t know that he has really even been ramped back up from injury yet he has only seen >75% snaps twice week 2


I see Higgins as a third down move the chains type player, think Jeffery when I’m 2017 with the Eagles someone who will get 6/80 on the regular with occasionally a TD but a big safety blanket


See I don’t see him as that as all. He’s gonna be a great redzone threat but Burrow loves targeting him downfield


As a chase/Mixon owner I have watched a bunch of bengals games and I don’t see it. I have noticed chase going on the longer routes with Higgins the short intermediate routes. I agree he is a good RZ target though for sure


This year more yes but the last 2 games he’s been seeing more downfield looks. Saw a lot last year too, and as Chase demands more attention there will only be more space for Tee


He has the same number of deep targets and redzone targets in less games....


Nahhh dude Hig is sooo much more than Jeffrey


Honestly I would have him higher if chase wasn’t the 1 in that offense


What exactly has Moore done?


I personally think Moore is more talented and once Ajg and Kirk are gone more will thrive with murray


Eh that’s fair but I believe it will develop back into 1a/1b as chase demands more attention. Tee isn’t Chase obviously but he’s still incredibly talented


I absolutely agree and again I think Higgins is great and right there. That’s why I prefer tiers instead of just straight ranks


Sure I can agree with that


Higgins as a "2" still produces more than most "1s" - it's all about pass volume


go birds baby🦅


Just traded a late 2022 1st in a 10 team SF league for Higgins. Not sure I would do the same for the other 3. Even tho I like them


That's a dynamite trade, but you'd hesitate to send a 1st for Smith???


Yeah. I like him but in SF that’s what he was bought for. And I’m not sure he’s done much beyond that yet.


Damn, those are some expensive picks in your league. I'd take Smith over a dart throw 10/10.


Higgins > jeudy > Smith > Moore. Crazy people have jeudy and Smith ahead of Higgins who only continues to produce


Can’t answer this yet imo with the exception of Moore being last. Smith and Jeudy might not even be close to their ceiling yet as their QB situation for the future is still unknown. I’d probably put Higgins 3rd just because this is probably close to what he is with Burrow and Chase. A rock solid WR2. Smith and Jeudy have the potential to be WR1s.


a lot of people are down on Jeudy but I can see Smith/Jeudy be tied for no.1. Jeudy/Smith > Higgins > another WR > Moore.


Jeudy, Devonta Smith, Higgins, R.Moore (on a whole different level below the others)


Devonte, Tee, Juedy, Moore




Tier 1: Juedy, if he's healthy I could see him being the no. 1 in Denver Tier 2: Smith & Higgins. Smith could go higher if Hurts was better & Higgins will have to compete with Ja'marr. Tier 3: Rondale Moore. He was someone who I was giving into the hype around him coming into the season but couldn't get him in my league and I'm not disappointed by it right now, seems like there are too many mouths to feed in AZ for the foreseeable future.


Smith, Jeudy, Higgins ..... Moore


Higgins > Smith > Jeudy > Moore. How is the guy that has an alpha target share, great rookie year, productive sophomore year, and tied to Joe Burrow lower than any of these guys?


DeVonta Smith, Jerry Jeudy, Rondale Moore, Tee Higgins




Jerry Jeudy Devonta Smith Tee Higgins Rondale Moore Smitty, Jeudy, Higgins, Rondale




Jeudy Higgins Smith Moore


Jeudy and Smith have tier 1 upside Imo. Higgins has tier 2 upside, and Moore… > Smith > Higgins Not sure where Moore comes into play.


For purely fantasy: Jeudy > Higgins = Smith >> Rondale. Jeudy is going to be a PPR machine regardless of who’s at QB. With Tim Patrick resigned it makes me believe they’re willing to let Sutton walk. The roles will be very clearly defined in that Broncos offense if Sutton does leave: Jeudy WR1, Patrick WR2, Fant/Albert O. to be YAC guys and Hamler to be the field stretcher and big play maker. Higgins is a WR1b on his team. He and Chase can flip roles and they’re both so diverse in terms of how they can win that it’ll be like the Lamb/Amari relationship now. When Higgins pops, he’ll pop big. He seems to have a great floor though from his RZ participation alone. Only thing holding Smith back is QB play and Sirriani. Not sure if Hurts can really support a top 12 guy so due to the nature of it all- going to say he’s equal to Higgins but has more boom weeks with a lower floor. Rondale *could* be exceptional. He’s a complete wildcard though and with how much Kyler spreads the ball around- I think it’ll be hard to get Rondale consistent looks and volume.