as a card's fan and Rondale onwer: he's been a real stinker the past few weeks, idk what's up, his adot is bottom barrel and they really aren't using him. but he's a sick athlete and looks shifty af out there. i think if they can make the short passer-to-short catcher connection work, he's the young, high upside receiver to own in AZ. ajg and dhop are trending down but dhop especially will dominate targets for at least 2 more years. i am not a kirk believer, i think he's jag, but he has admittedly looked better this year with ajg/dhop opening things up for him i'd buy for an early 2nd, sell for a late 1st. he won't help you this year, and probably not next year, either. but he has a lot of potential as one of those target-hog ppr monsters if things work out.


nothing is really up, this is just who Rondale is, has and will be. He's a scheme-em-up player in the NFL, think Curtis Samuel, Tayvon Austin, with a dash of Steve Smith. Problem is, there are too many outside options in ARI to see what Rondale could do as a traditional X. He couuuuld maybe translate to it, but he's gonna need Kirk, Hop and AJG to all get out of his way.


Rondale will almost surely never play X in the NFL. Rondale will play the “primary slot” or slot flanker role in the air raid offense that Kliff runs out in Az. Which is good- he will consistently get mismatched vs either a slot corner or a LB/safety. Rondale can win down the field. It’s not impossible, despite his size. But the Cards don’t need that from him. They have AJG/Hopkins who do that well already. What Zona was missing big time was a piece that can keep them ahead of the sticks and brings explosive upside- should teams play softer zones or 2 deep safeties in man coverage, Rondale will massacre teams underneath. No one can play Az close when Kyler is healthy though. So they haven’t needed that “safety valve” that Rondale brings.


No. I prefer this class in that late 1st and early 2nd to RMoore. I would rather roll the dice in the last 1st and use early 2's to move up for another chance at a WR in the London, Bell, Pickens group


4 right now in my opinion. could rise to about 6ish as I learn more about Jameson Williams and see how bell tests at the combine


I'd advise against paying anything substantial for Moore. I just don't see him ever being a receiver you can reliably start week to week, unfortunately based entirely on his height. I am not aware of any wr at 5'7" who was consistently productive enough to start every week with confidence. Combine that with a 5'10" qb, and I'm just not signing up for that, and certainly not giving up meaningful assets for him. I'm sure he will have some games where he makes some big plays (as we've seen), and he is certainly dynamic after the catch... But good luck guessing which game he'll produce for you.


Jesus I didnt even realize he's only 5'7" - has their ever been a successful consistent receiver that short?


I dont think so. Shortest legit weekly FF starters that come to mind for me are Steve Smith at 5'9" and AB and Tyreek at 5'10".. I'm sure there are a few others I'm not thinking of, but definitely not all the way down to 5'7".


right! And I think Welker was 5'9" as well...surprised coaches never tried converting him to a different position like RB or something