Just traded for him as a contender with a massive overpay, so don't do that lol


Why would you make a massive overpay for him?


Because I felt the move locked me into championship contention, so I knew it was an overpay even at the time. I still haven't bought into the "Aaron Jones is done" talk just yet. He was RB#9 when i traded for him and he does damage in the passing game. I still thinks he returns to form to give me that push, but we'll see.


Sure, but i will rephrase my question: why overpay for some one that is loosing value and production? Why not overpay for someone that will increase/ keep value and production? If you are overpaying, you could have a better target in mind.


Yeah it came down to who was available really, and he was the only RB of that caliber that was that could help me with the push. But point is, I agree that it's something that I shouldn't have done. Champagne goggles clouded my vision lol.


Fuck that, made a move to win a title, the way it should be. If it doesn't work out, at least you had the balls to go for it.


100%. Anyway, what the original guy doesn't get is that a perfectly even trade never gets accepted. Not once in a hundred, thousand or a million. Each side has to feel like they're winning. When I really want a player, I understand that I may need to overpay to get it across the line.


This late in the season, only way you're getting trades done in a competitive league is to 'overpay'. Contendors & rebuilders have spent the last 5 months trading, so usually people are pretty content with their assets. Would you rather turn down the overpay, come in 3rd & have a worse roster in 2022, not win money until 2024? Cuz lots of times that's the alternative


What did you pay?






the rise of Quadzilla is inevitable.


The Dilldozer riseth


Man he’s a tough one to value, talented but a lot of stuff going against him. If your a contender your probably have to hold at this point.


He was clearly snap limited this week. There's zero indication that Dillon has taken over the 1A role long term. If Jones comes back healthy this year he'll likely be a high end RB2 and Dillon a low end RB2. They're both pretty much guaranteed to be there next year and if Rodgers is gone both will take a hit


I would discourage you from overreacting to a single game. Jones will be healthier next week and probably not at full health for another week or two after that. If you are competing, he's worth holding through the fantasy playoffs. It might not work out, but there's always that risk. If you are anything other than playing for a championship this year, he is probably a sell. The committee with Dillon will become more Dillon/less Jones with time. The two make for an excellent combination - which is probably bad for fantasy all around and definitely bad for the back that doesn't get the goal line work. Dillon's pass catching chops are a dagger in the heart of Jones' future fantasy value.


I mean I get reamed for moving him (and a late 2nd) 2 weeks ago for Jacob's and a 1st on a retool. He's just trending in the wrong direction and some people don't want to admit it. Dillon has looked solid and Jones is starting to miss time.


I mean he's still a low RB1 / high RB2 on the year depending on league settings. Is he trending down? Probably, yeah, he's almost 27. But with his skill set he probably has 2-3 more years of fantasy relevance.


How many 29/30 yr old RBs are fantasy relevant right now?


Jones has fewer than 1000 career touches. Age isn't necessarily the most important factor. Most guys in the league at age 28/29 have far more wear than Jones.


Had this discussion in my fantasy league chat. Was greeted with several who disagreed saying after 28 rbs are worthless. What they fail to realize is that may have been the case, but most teams if not every team is gonna go be heavy RB committee. Which means less snaps running the ball but more snaps catching the ball. Maybe it’s because I have Jones and am blind, but I still think he has 2-3 good fantasy years in him.


How many backs from the 2013 / 2014 draft were fantasy relevant three years ago?


Dillon passes the eye test. He’s more Eddie Lacy than Derrick Henry. The Packers came out giving Aaron Jones the bulk of the work but ended with Dillon. The days of Aaron Jones as a RB1 are over. He was TD dependent and any sane person can see Dillon is the better goal line back. I’d sell Jones to a contender who is looking to buy low because Dillon is going to have one helluva (NFL) playoff run with GB getting home field advantage.


I’m rebuilding and sold him. It wasn’t easy and I’m sure I could have gotten more value but I feel like his value will just continue to plummet


Sold him for Carter, Ridley and a second. Worried about Ridley ever returning and the seemingly inevitable Jets RB committee, but it feels like a decent return/risk to take given the rise of Dillon. But I do think Jones will have much better weeks ahead of him. He’s coming back from an injury so it’s normal that they’d ease him back. He’s too talented not to have a sizeable role moving forward if he’s healthy.


I was really confused about who Carter Ridley was for a moment


You haven’t heard of Carter Ridley? Lol Punctuation added ;)


Sold him preseason along with Samuel and a 2023 1st for DK and Singletary. Value has probably taken a dive. I did this after it looked like Rogers would be playing this year.


Deebo? Or curtis


Curtis thank god


I’m rebuilding and sold him for Sutton, a 2023 first and a 2022 pick swap from 2.01 to late 1st.


I mean gotta ride it for this season. I may look to turn him into something younger this offseason if I can.


I trade him and Terry for Lamb


I trade him too


Sold him for Travis Kelce. I already have JRob, Jacobs, CEH, Carter, Wilson and McKissic. I thought that getting the best TE at that miserable position could get me to the title. So far I haven't regretted it.


They can't cut Jones next year, his 2022 salary is less than his dead cap ($9.75M dead cap vs $5.75M salary). It's 2023 where he's $6.5M dead cap vs $16M salary, I don't think anyone expects the Packers to pay that.


I wouldn’t freak out too much. I think there’s a realistic possibility Rodgers remains with the Pack. Jones is clearly still the RB1 when he’s healthy imo. He’s a better runner than Dillon. Better in the passing game and more explosive. He just clearly was on a snap count yesterday.


IMO Aaron Jones is pretty talented. Nothing special but surely not a JAG. I can see him and Dillon sharing the load. Much like how Cleveland operates. I think post Rodgers Green Bay is a run first, hard nose defense type of style. Much like the Patriots, Titans or Cleveland. He’s almost 27 with a nice contract. After this season, I see him as a high end RB2.


I own both Jones and Dillon. The way Rodgers throws the ball I don't think this RB combo will be fantasy start able like the 2 Browns RB's. What really has me perplexed is the lack of receiving for Jones. He is electric but the Packers have used him less and less as the season has gone on, very strange. With a split backfield Jones will either need more passing game work or will need to get in the end zone to pay off each week.


As a GB fan and owner of both Jones and Dillon, it’s great to hold both and neither are leaving my team anytime soon. As MLF put it, they’re comfortable feeding the hot hand and who’s healthy. 1A and 1B, no backseat. Be patient and I’m sure Jones will be back to himself once back after bye.


sure. he'll never be the darling of the city running backs. who cluck their tongues, twirl their beards, and exclaim, "whatever is to be done with this aaron jones fellow?".