Trade Kittle for Tee Higgins and 1st. 1st turned into Pitts.


Daaaaaamn son


Yeah pretty happy with it.




Good lord


I traded my 2021 3rd (pick 24), a 2022 3rd, and Darius Slayton to essentially move up from pick 24 to pick 14 where I took Elijah Moore. I am very happy with that decision. I would rather pass on 3rds whenever I can if that means moving into the 2nd where the hit rate is much higher.


Also moved a few thirds to get Elijah Moore in the second. Has also been a great move for me.


I try to get out from under 3rds every time. The only exception is if I am highly confident they are in the first few picks. Even then, I want to sell high on them, saying they are practically 2nds. How have you been able to move on from your 3rds? I really struggle to move 4ths more than anything.


I just got lucky moving on from Slayton at the right time and packaging him with the 3rds. Don't be afraid to move on from a young guy you are waiting to break out if that means moving up in the draft.


I’d love to sell Viska with a 3rd for a late first but I doubt anyone does that


Yeah I'll be trying to sell Callaway, Laviska, or Edwards with a 3rd for a 2nd for sure this off season unless I see one of them break out


You think we can pawn Viska and a 3rd off on somebody for a 2nd? Would you send Viska and 3.01 to move up to say, 2.07 in a 12 man league?


You could probably easily do that, but you might be able to move up even further


How high do you think?


traded my 2022 2nd (i am currently 9-3 so it will be low in 1QB) for Deebo Samuel before the season


Great move!


Actually it was a move I didn't make. I hung on to Aiyuk through the whole season and it looks (hopefully at least) it could really pay off.


I traded Aiyuk half way through this season for Claypool and Jakobi Meyers. I think we are both happy, though I will feel better if/when Claypool gets a different QB.


Great trade


Traded him for Diontae and a third. Up until the last few weeks it looked like a landslide trade win. I still think I won but not by as much as I initially did.


Traded my 22 and 23 1sts for Swift. Currently the best record and highest scoring team, so the 22 pick will be late. 23 projects best as mid to late as well. Feels like a big W.


Huge W. Can’t imagine moving swift for only 2 first at this point. Fleeced him.


CMC, 1.01 and a late 2nd for JT, 1.03, 2023 1st, 2022 2nd and Reagor


That’s a great haul, minus Reagor lol


Traded the 1.03 for 1.06 and a 2023 1st and still got Javonte lol




Absurd is that I have six 2023 1sts now lol


Jesus, well done…congrats on shutting your league down by 2025


Lol thanks. I also have two firsts and the for sure 2.01 next year. May try to flip those for 2023 1sts to try to get the entire first round, because in theory I think I can get it done.


Adams for Diontae + 2 1sts (late 2021 + 2022 1st I traded to get Fields) + 2nd Chubb for Javonte + Aiyuk Golladay for Corey Davis + 2023 1st


Everybody undervalues Diontae.


They’re still doing it lol


Which allowed me to take him in 100% of my money mixes


Not dropping Patterson.


This one hurts my soul. Wish I was you.


I was lucky that my RB room was so horrible in a couple leagues that I could justify it.


I traded Phil Lindsay for Cam Newton in late May. Boom. Beat that, redditors


Seems like a lateral move really


Seems like a joke really




1QB .5 PPR 10 team... in the off-season I traded 1.01 to the juggernaut in our league for Ekeler and (pre Akers injury) Hendo. Rolling with Ekeler, JT, and Hendo has been nothing short of spectacular.


gave Michael carter and golladay and recieved mixon and a mid 3rd




i had pursued mixon for like 1.5 years, and all the other offers i made woulda worked out way worse for me. aaron jones and jamaal williams from mixon in aug 2020 after mixon signed his extension. diggs for mixon in early oct 2020. of course mixon goes on to miss the rest of the season and the guys i kept smashed. ​ so after the mixon owner traded too far back in the draft and missed sermon and carter (he wanted an rb) i said im taking carter(@ 1.10, 1qb) but ill trade him to you. then i wake up to this offer EXPIRED in my inbox, hed sent it late with end of day expiration. had to sound not too eager to offer it back, but he said he didnt mean to make it expire like that and accepted


Traded Gage, slayton, and Kenyon Drake for kupp


this is the way


Lord almighty. I've been trying to acquire Kupp since his rookie year. What a trash group of players to give up. Teach me your ways.


Good on you, but holy taco!


I traded Mahomes for Hebert Mooney 1st 2022 and 1st 2023 the 2022 is gonna be top 3.


Traded Gallup for Mooney


I'm happy to have both but that's a solid trade! We have no taxi squad(old f#@k$ still using Yahoo) so Mooney was dropped late last year and I swooped him for free... Injuries also made me have to do something similar with Hunter Renfrew his 1st year tho 🙄


Got offered Pat Freiemuth for my Pollard before the season started. League knows I like Psu. I smashed accepted.


I traded Cooper and my 22 2nd (although it has ended up a lot earlier than I liked) for Higgins and Gallup. I’m pretty content


My off season moves lead to Ettiene / Zach Wilson and took away Rodgers and Henry, so basically none of them. I've decided I simply shouldn't make moves off season because they're usually terrible.


Me getting Keenan Allen and James Robinson for Javonte. Me getting Diggs for 2022 1st and tw 2nds. Trading R Anderson for D Samuel before preseason


Robby Anderson for deebo is the biggest dub imo


Traded Waller for Fournette do to my lack of running backs after snagging Knox and Schultz on the waiver wire for free Also traded zeke, pollard, and Ruggs for Trevor Lawrence. Feel a lot better about it after Ruggs accident


SF league?




For sure a good trade then.


Trading away James Conner that turned into 1.06 (Justin Fields) in Superflex.


Drafted Elijah Mitchell with a late 3rd


Drafting Elijah Mitchell in the 18th round of a start up


Traded Antonio Gibson for 2 2022 1st (one will likely be 1.01 and the other a mid first) and 2 2023 1st


On the other hand I traded Cooper Kupp for Golladay straight up. So they weren’t all winners.


I would have asked for more picks....


I traded Monty and Goff and received Wentz+Cooks+MG3. I traded MG3 for a '24 1st, and sold Cooks+Jakobi Meyers for Michael Carter


Aaron Jones (hurt, Dillon looks good, Rogers might leave) Samuel (hasn’t done anything) and 2023 1st for DK and Singletary.


Was moving into a reload and traded Lockett and kittle (TE prem) for mclaurin and their first which was the best offer I had gotten for a month so I took it, and that first is now sitting at 1.04. Same league traded Robinson (before ETN injury) and Hopkins for Jeudy, 1st (late now), chuba, Ronald Jones. That one looks worse now I think but I used Jeudy and that first plus my own first (currently 1.07/8) to get Justin Jefferson. So essentially traded Robinson Hopkins 1st for Jefferson chuba and Ronald Jones which I think was a really solid trade, especially if I can now flip chuba back to that same guy who is the CMC owner (no idea why he traded him away). I’ve won way more games than I anticipated with all the moves I made this off-season (this is only 3 of 6 total I’ve made the last 3/4 months) and I’m still sitting pretty with the 1.04 and 4 2nds.


Traded Melvin Gordon and a first for Higgins and Jeudy


I traded Russ and Metcalf for Herbert and AJB. Obviously it’s been a down year for AJB but getting Herbert has been great!


I traded my '22 1st for Andrews right after our rookie draft and I'm in 1st place, so I feel pretty great about that one. I only really had Logan Thomas at the time, and right before the season I traded him for Landry, a '22 3rd, and a '23 2nd


In preseason gave Lance and a 2nd for Swift and Pollard. Was expecting to build for 2 years down the road but the move has made my team a contender


Traded kittle and DJ chark during the off-season for diggs and a 1st which ended up being Michael carter


Traded Matt Ryan, Mike Evans and Raheem Mostert for Daniel Jones, 1.03 and 2.03 in SF. Took Chase at 1.03 and Elijah Moore at 2.03.


Traded Cam Akers for the 8th overall pick, drafted Waddle. Got worried about the Achilles injury coming back. Wanted a promising young receiver.


I'm amazed someone gave you a first round pick for a guy who has an injury no RB has ever come back from.


2 reasons helped me. He is a huge rams fan, and he already had 3 1sts. Was able to slot Akers into his IR


Woods and an early 2nd for Javonte who was drafted at 1.05 and trading ETN post injury for 2 firsts that got packaged to get me Mahones, JRob, Kelce, Diggs and Dobbins in separate deals to make a run and still maintaining 2 firsts after selling out last year due to injuries.


C. Carson and Diontae J for Deebo and JRob


In the off season I traded CMC + Drake for Kamara + Julio + 21 late first. Had a few holes to fill but can’t complain since I’ve gotten more games outta Kamara than he did outta CMC.


Traded Mattison and a 3rd for Cooper Kupp. This is not a joke. Sure he was the Cook owner but still


I bought Javonte for a projected early 2022 1st and 2nd right after the rookie draft. Whole league clowned me because the picks that I traded away (not mine) belonged to a bad team. Those picks are now projected to be the 11th and 23rd overall picks, and Javonte looks like Beastmode with hands. Happy boy.


Packaged Trey Sermon in a trade that got me Mahomes in dynasty.


Trading Julio for a first, trading Woods for a first, and NOT trading Andrews


Traded $20 FAAB (20%) in preseason to get Dawson Knox. Great value in any league, but especially considering TEP and need to start 2 TEs


Dealt Reagor + 2 + 3 + 4 in '23 for 1st in '23. All projected to be mid picks. If that '23 first can be a mid and I can land a blue chip prospect - that would be ideal. Not dealing away Mooney & Knox early and being patient was likely my best move. They are be my TE3 depth and WR5 depth for years (hopefully many years).


Traded AJ Brown for picks that ended up being Chase, Moore, Mac, and Wilson. Traded Calvin Ridley for Cooper Kupp, Deebo Samuel, and Damien Harris


Cook and Kamara for davante ekkler 2 first and a second. 2 first for Cd I’m still liking too. In another league Gave up ekkler and ETN for JT and rhamondre so a massive steal I did that week 2 tho since that’s a startup


Traded Dalvin and B. cooks for 2 late firsts (22&23) 2 late 3rds (22&23) and Will Fuller


I still don't really see this as a good move? 2 late firsts for Dalvin isn't that great


Also Cooks has been eating as well lol bad trade.


Traded Corey Davis & Robby Anderson for Deebo Samuel.


Traded Miles Sanders, 1.08 and my 2022 first (late) for Najee. Definitely the right move there. Traded 2.02 for Darnell Mooney and 3.12. That’s looking pretty good too.




I traded a package that highlighted Dak for a package that highlighted Michael Thomas in the off-season. It was a really good decision… for the other person.


Traded Tyreek for Waddle, Ruggs and two firsts Flipped Waddle and Mixon for Chase, Elijah Moore a first and a second.


I moved the 2021 1.12 and a couple 3rds for a 22 1st and a 23 2nd. It's potentially looking like a top 6 pick based on standings but a lot can change. At worst I get the same pick back, I did not like how the back end of the 2021 draft was looking so I moved it late July or early August.


Traded Monty and Aiyuk for Chase. Aiyuk is finally starting to come around but I believe I won that trade.


Traded Golladay for a 1 that turned into Devonta Smith. There might have been some other small (irrelevant) pieces involved. I'm v happy though.


(had 1.01, 1.03, 1.08) Traded CMC for Elliott and 2 21 firsts (1.07, 1.09), then flipped Elliott and the 1.01 for AJB and 2 firsts (1.03, 1.06) then traded 1.07 and 1.09 for 1.02. ended up with Najee, Pitts, Waddle, Javonte then traded the 1.08 for 21 2nd (Lance) and 22 1st. Then traded Gaskins and Lance for Etienne.


I traded Mayfield, a late 2022 1st, a late 2022 3rd, and 2023 3rd for Trevor Lawrence and JuJu. Pretty happy with that one.


Friend of mine traded Russel Wilson to another league member for a 2022 first, and 2 2023 firsts. The 2022 first turned into Jamar Chase. The other picks project as mid 1 firsts this year. I’m the other league member, and I now hate Russel Wilson lol


I traded away Aaron Donald (IDP) and Kenny Golladay for 2021 2nd (Got R Bateman and a 2022 1st (likely #2 or 3 pick)


Decided it was time to rebuild. Here are three of my best trades in the process: Traded away Kamara, DJ Moore, and Marshall for Zeke, Pollard, Meyers, 2022 1st and 2023 3rd. Flipped Zeke and Kirk for Sanders, D. Smith, and 2022 2nd. Flipped Pollard for Lawrence and 2022 3rd. An extra one for fun since I got rid of age, Patterson and Golladay for Gallup and Marshall back.


Some dude in my league traded Mike Davis away for Brady and AJ Dillon. Seems to be working out for him, he’s 10-1


bought lamb for Aiyuk and a 2022 1st preseason, which everyone thought was an overpay at the time. That 1st is going to be early since my team is now dead, but i'll still trust the process. also moved Danny Dimes and Aiyuk for Dalvin Cook preseason. Cook hasn't been a complete stud and is currently hurt but he's also kept me afloat several weeks. So basically cashing in preseason on Aiuk hype


CEH and Ridley for JT 🤣


Traded Zach Wilson on the Saturday night of week 1 for a 2022 first that will be 1.04-1.06, a 2022 second that will be 2.01 or 2.02, and a 2023 first. Obviously still early but I’m really liking how it’s looking


Traded Aiyuk for Kupp and a ‘21 first. During the draft, I moved the first for James Robinson a ‘21 second and a ‘23 second. Also traded a ‘21 second for Tua and Mooney. And lastly, traded Jacobs for Fournette and a ‘23 first.


I traded OBJ and some salary cap for a 2022 that is guaranteed to be either 2.01 or 2.02.


Kittle for 1.02. Got Chase.


Traded ceedee, miles sanders, 2nd and a 3rd for ekeler and dj moore. Turned dj moore into Keenan Allen and 2 2nds.


Traded Cook for Chase, a late '22 1st, and an early '22 2nd. Not upset about it.


> Considering the Dalvin and Henry injuries I feel pretty good about it right now. I don't think being results-oriented like this means that it was a good deal at the time. What was your record before Henry went down?


It was preseason when I made both trades and it was more of a gut feel trade in both instances. I felt that Cook was a high injury risk and that Henry was a risk bc of his high usage. I thought it was a good value either way, but I could’ve seen myself contending had they both stayed injury free all year. It was a good value to me already but makes me feel better that my gut feeling was right. I’ll have the 1.01 and 1.05 this year and 3 firsts in 2023 with some good young pieces on the squad right now


Oh right, forgot it was a preseason move thread. The cards definitely fell your way, but halfway through the season having Henry and Cook together would have likely have made you the title favorites. You'll definitely have a nice going squad, though.


Traded 2.07 and Bryan Edwards for Brandin Cooks.


i traded cook, evans, and a 2022 2nd for justin jefferson, josh jacobs, a 2022 1st and a 2023 1st.


Kept Deebo instead of selling him for scraps because of the Aiyuk hype.


Sold Waller for essentially 2 firsts and a second. Likely all mid.


I moved 2021 1.12 (from a trade) for Dak in 1QB. It matters more than it seems, I was rolling out guys like Baker before and finishing bottom three. Now I'm on my way to finishing 1st in the regular season, no other changes to the squad.


Bought Joe Mixon for a 22 1st and 2nd. Thought it was a fair trade at the time but I'm stoked about it right now, been really good this year


Mine would be a collection of moves, in my longest running dynasty. I started off poorly and felt like I needed to move guys while I can still get value...ended up moving Mike Evans, dalvin, Kamara, chubb, Gibson, kirk cousins, Kareem hunt, and some other random pieces...I now have 7 2022 1sts, 5 2023 1sts and will build with Fields, Lawrence, Lamb, AJ Brown, Elijah Moore, Mark Andrews and Kyle Pitts


Traded a late 2022 2nd for Deebo. Guy had Aiyuk and Deebo. This was when the hype was insane on Aiyuk and a lot of people thought Deebo was an injury prone bust. Turned out great for me and bad for him.


Traded Aaron Jones for Chase Claypool and what is now going to be a top 3 2022 1st. Before I lost Dobbins and Akers…Currently sitting #2 in a 14 team league with Jonathan Taylor, Cordarelle, Michael Carter, Gaskin as my RB’s.


Traded David Montgomery for a 2022 1st, 2021 2.01 and the 2021 3.01 and Jalen Hurts. Picks turned into Etienne and Kadarius Toney so it's still up in the air


Traded sermon for 22 1st and 3rd. I wasn’t terribly high on him, glad I didn’t get stuck with the bag.


Trade mike Davis, CEH, Cephus and my ‘23 3rd for swift and Damien Harris


Traded Aiyuk for a first which turned into Waddle (who I then traded with Patterson for Higgins and Pitts)


A rob for 2 2022 first at the start of the off season last year


I’m in year one of a full rebuild. I’ve made the following moves this off-season: Traded Saquon for 2022 1st, 2023 1st and Kareem Hunt. Traded Hunt for 2022 1st and Claypool. Traded Galladay for 2022 1st, 2023 1st, 2023 2nd and Hines. Traded a late 2022 1st for a 2023 1st, 2nd and 3rd


-> Sold DK Metcalf for DJ Moore and a 2022 1st (which if the season ended today would be 1.05). -> Sold 2021 1.03 (he took Kyle Pitts) for 2021 1.08 (I took Mac Jones), 2021 2.07 (I took Micah Parsons) and a 2022 1st (if season ended today would be 1.07). This is my second season in dynasty, I inherited a team that had never won more than 3 games in a season since its inception in 2016. Currently sitting at 7-5 at the cusp of the playoffs with 3 2022 1sts. Nuts.


Picked Chuba at 4.05 (14team-18roster). Not the end all but I got some starts when I needed them. 6-6 coming out of this weekend and got the news about CMC and said to myself my, my.


Traded Ruggs for Dillon. Traded a 4th for Gronk - not amazing but I'm all over those cheap vet deals (did the same for AB a year before).


Traded a 1st for Mooney and a 3rd and he is a big reason I have won the last few weeks and kept me in contention


Bryan Edwards straight up for Pat Freiermuth


Gave DJM and Sanders for Swift, this was middle of the whole swift backup thing, everyone in the league thought I lost it by a mile


Traded Diggs, MT and a second round pick for J. Taylor and Waddle 👌


Calvin Ridley straight up for Ceedee


In the offseason, I traded CMC for Joe Mixon, Tyreke Hill, and a second round pick. Then I traded Philip Lindsey for Deebo Samuels.


Traded cooper, woods, 22 1st for Tyreek. Felt like I was getting thin at the time but I’m sitting in 1st by 1.5 games and about 175 points clear of #2 in PF, and given the injury/covid to the other two, I feel pretty decent about it.


Gave: ARob & MT Received: 2 1sts, 1 2nd, Sermon & Elijah Mitchell


Ajb and kittle for the 1.06, 1.07, 1.10, and 1.11 that turned into chase, pitts, javonte, and Michael Carter. Flipped my 2nd round, so 2.06, for mike Williams then flipped him for waddle week 5. Traded Keenan Allen for Elijah Moore and a first 2 days after our rookie draft. Traded Henderson for Bateman the day before week one.


Traded CMC and 2022 late 2nd in week 4 for Chase, Jamaal Williams, 2022 and 2023 firsts. The firsts should be early to mid from a team that was trying to keep their team together through injuries.


Traded Monty, Aiyuk & 2022 1st for Scary Terry, A. Cooper and Goedert. I had a feeling about Aiyuk and traded him to a guy who was high on him.


Traded my 1.01 (Trevor) and Montgomery for JT and Baker (third qb in SF)


Trading Michael Thomas for two firsts.


Traded Kamara for: Josh Jacobs Sutton 21' 1st (became Devonta Smith) 22' 1st (likely top 5) 22' 2nd (likely early) Sutton, Jacobs, and Smith Haven't exactly been league winners, but have all been solids for me this year. Icing on the cake is that the Kamara owner is currently 5-7 and I'm 9-3. This was supposed to be his "Win Now" trade.




I gave: Darrell Henderson, Damien Harris, 2022 1st (currently 1.10), and a 2022 3rd I got: Mac Jones, 2022 1st (currently 1.01) I made the move about 2 weeks before week 1. I knew I could spare the RBs and I needed a QB3 (2QB 10 team league). I'm hoping I get the best of both worlds (2021 champ and 2022 1.01).


Traded M. Gaskin straight up for J. Williams. Dynasty league.


Traded away James Connor and Khalil Herbert for Javonte and the 2022 1.01 Also ditched Aaron Jones and Amari Cooper for a first each and Dawson Knox. One of those firsts will be 1.02 or 1.03 2022


2 different trades but in total gave away Robby Anderson, Miles Sanders, and 2 2nds (both looking late) for the picks that turned into Waddle and ETN. Obviously ETN didn’t pan out this year so you can’t say I won these trades yet but I feel good about my chances.


Traded the Aaron jones and the 1.03 in SF to a buddy who needed a QB (he drafted fields). Got back JT and the 1.06 that turned into Pitts, so now I have the RB1 and TE1 in dynasty


Picked up Heinecke off waivers after his playoff start.


Not really an off-season move. But, my trade in week 3 of 2020 foreshadowed my success this year. SF league. Gave: Patrick Mahomes Received: JT, 2021 early 1st (which turned in Javonte Williams), 2022 pick that’s looking like 1.01-1.03, and Baker Mayfield (flipped for a 2021 2nd)


Traded my likely late (and it will be) 22 1st last spring to get Pittman. Also traded my 1.09 (12 tm 1QB) for the 2.03 (R. Moore) and a 23 1st.


Traded a 2024 1st for Deebo Samuel.


I was sent this offer by another owner. I traded away Courtland Sutton for Deebo Samuel + 2022 1. I didn’t even like Deebo that much, just thought it was good value. Well now I really like Deebo after the year he’s had. For some reason I feel way better about trades when they are proposed by the other manager and it ends up working out way better for me.


Traded Hunter Henry for a 2nd and two thirds. The second became Freirmuth. Wanted nothing to do with Smith and Henry sharing targets in NE. Feel like it worked out for me.


Mac Jones and James Robinson for peanuts


My 2022 1st + 2nd for ekeler


(1QB league) Decided to rebuild and traded Henry for a 21 1st(Javonte), 2nd (Freiermuth), 3rd (traded this pick to move up for Terrace Marshall) and a 22 1st, currently the 1.09.


Sold Fields (1.06) for Swift+'23 1st. Pretty happy with that one.


Traded Allen Robinson and latavius Murray for laviska 22 early first (was not projected at the time) and 23 second.


Not trading my 2022 1st even though I thought I had a juggernaut. I'm currently in 7th and project to leapfrog 6th to claim the last playoff spot. But owning my own first gives me the safety blanket if I miss out. Squad was (1QB): Russ, Fields, Wilson, JT, Cook, Gibson, ETN, Dillon, E. Mitchell, Mattison, CeeDee, Ridley, Higgins, C. Davis, Bateman, OBJ, Crowder, Kittle, Schultz, Irv. Currently sitting at 7-5 (provided Gibson gets 6+ tonight).


Traded Miles Sanders and Mattison for 1.07 and 4.07. Wound up being Javonte and Eli Mitchell.


2023 1st (probably late) for Elijah Moore and 2022 3rd


100% faab on Mitchell


Traded Deebo and Mike Williams for Swift. Within 10 minutes finalized a deal to send Zeke and David Johnson for Justin Jefferson and AJ Dillon (this guy who made the trade has been chastised all year for this deal). I got younger and better. Followed this up with trading away Aaron Jones the week before he got injured for 3 1sts over the next 3 years. Now to sway the Chase owner with a big pile of picks if I can this off-season


I traded Saquon Barkley and James Connor for Justin Jefferson.


16 Team PPR I sold Zack Moss, the 1.14, and a pair of 2nds for the 1.09, then turned the 1.09 into Mark Andrews. I sold the 1.03 (would've been Etienne), Hunt, and Brandin Cooks for Derrick Henry. Sold Derrick Henry, a future 1st and future 2nd for Dalvin Cook. This may or may not work out in the long run for me lol but it's actually helped me out quite a bit this season. Also, this wasn't the offseason but was still just after week 2 - James Conner was dropped, and I got him off of waivers with a 35% bid.


Traded a 3rd and Aiyuk for Mac Jones before the season started. Superflex league and I’m deep at WR so I took the gamble.


Sold Russ, a 2021 2nd, & 2022 2nd for Tom Brady and the 2021 1.04, which ended up being Chase. Just sold Chase 2 weeks ago for 2 2023 firsts, Hockenson, and Amari Cooper. It was hard to sell him, but the offer was too good to pass up given my desire for draft capital


Saquon for JT, Javonte, Deshaun Watson a late 1st and 2nd


Traded Henry and Wentz For Austin Ekeler and the 1.04, I took Javonte.


Traded Julio Jones, Jalen Reagor, and a 2022 2nd for Aiyuk, Gaskin, and a 2022 4th.


Picked up Heinekie in several places for nothing


Sent Trey Lance for 2023 1st and Ekeler in a push to compete. Working out well and Ekeler has obviously been a staple of line up. 2023 1st is looking top 4 right now. Would love a RB but might be looking at Garret Wilson.


I traded Reagor for Mattison and a 3rd as a Cook owner.


That cook/Henry trade still may not be that good


Traded CEH, Jeudy and my mid 2nd for Davante Adams and 1.05 which ended up being Pitts.


Handcuffing Rojo with Fournette for a 2nd.


8 player keeper, so not full dynasty. In the 2021 draft (11 rounds) I traded 3.03, 5.02, and my 2022 9th for a 2022 1st, 10.11, and 11.11. The 2022 first is almost locked into a top 2 pick, and with 3.03 and 5.02 he took Terrace Marshall and the Washington DST. To round out my team I need 1 more stud RB, so hopefully I make the right pick in next year’s draft.


Traded ARob for a 1st


Traded 2021 Rookie 2.04 for 2022 Rookie picks 1, 2 and 3. The 2022 round 1 pick is 1.03


Gave: Hopkins/Edmonds Got: Kelce/Brady


Traded AJB for a 2022 mid 1st, 2022 min/early 1st, 2022 2nd, and 2023 2nd. His knees worried me so I cashed in on his value. No regerts.


I managed to pick up Ruggs for Marvin Jones and a 3rd which looked great for a few weeks. I chalk it up to good process bad outcome. Otherwise picking up CP for a late 2nd as a contender looks a great move. Giving away Hollywood for Gus Bus feels bad now


Traded Mclaurin for Deebo and 3 firsts in the off-season. Huge success Same league, also traded JT for DMont and 2 firsts. Thought I came out even but hugely regretting that one haha


Another team needed a RB & I needed a WR. So I traded him Ronald Jones for Deebo Samuel.