This is probably terrific for you. Awkward, because you do still have to find a QB somewhere, but there’s nothing wrong with having a Matt Ryan tier QB and a roster full of studs at other positions


Well the rest of the team sucks too unfortunately


I agree with the others, this is a blessing. They’re actively harming their teams by prioritizing qbs. You’ll get value at more important positions because of their quirks. Just find a serviceable level qb and stack the other positions. All it’ll take is one owner who has a stupid amount of qb depth to realize they need help at another position, that’s when you pounce and get them for cheap.


it shouldn't at all. in fact, let your league keep overdrafting qbs and just take advantage of whoever falls. I got waddle at 1.07 last year bc someone reached on trey sermon and trevor lawrence in a 1qb league.


Who else fell? In TE premium I got waddle at 1.07. Pitts/chase/Najee/Williams/Smith/Etienne were the first six


Grab other non-QB talent (which is more valuable in your league) and put those other owners through the ringer to trade with you. Don’t bother trying to get the top QB if they start asking you for multiple 1st rounders either. In a single QB league they aren’t worth that. The top RBs and WRs are and you will get them if other owners keep trying to draft and horde QBs.


It shouldn’t. You should just capitalize on everyone else overvaluing the position because I’m sure this means there are plenty more valuable people on waivers because of this. Roll with your Matt Ryan, but don’t overpay for a QB in a 1QB league.


If i'm you, I let them figure out the values, which they will sooner or later. In the meantime, you reap the benefits of getting the high end WRs and RBs from the draft. If you're willing to part with Ryan or your back up and can get anything like a 2nd round pick for them, I would do that as well and build the rest of your team. Your leaguemates will learn quickly that having 4 guys on their bench that give them zero points each week is not a great strategy, unless you have really deep benches (30+)


Seems like an easy league to dominate


If your only QB is Matt Ryan then it is pretty important to get at least one of the top rookie QB’s to have some young depth. Baring that, are there any unsexy starters on the waiver? Something like Mariota, Goff, or Winston. Those could be acquired for nearly free in most league. Above all else, I don’t think there are any QB’s in this draft that I would jump way high on. It might seem like the right move because of your QB situation but you could probably take a high end skill player with the same pick and trade it for a QB+. They can only start one QB regardless of how many they want to hoard so even with their elevated value in your league it’s not worth reaching for.


Mariota and Wentz are the only starting qbs on the waiver wire. I actually picked up Winston to be a backup since I'll be unable to stream the position.


All my leagues are 1 qb and one of them is like this with qbs. Last year, rookie qbs went about 5 to 8 spots above where they went in all my other leagues..TL went 1.6 and the next 3 were gone by 2.5. Means guys like Waddle, DaVonta Smith, E Moore and Carter fell.


Matt Ryan is a fucking stud


I’m in a 1 QB league, 10 team. Deep rosters but many people have 3 QBs. Definitely helps to have Murray, Watson and Lamar on a team and force opponents to start Tannenhill or Ryan.


I wouldn’t let this skew my rookie draft towards QB, I would target a QB I liked where I have them ranked, if others reach then so be it. As for your QB situation it could be beneficial for you to be vigilant on the waivers once the rookie draft happens and your league forces roster cuts. If the other owners hoarding QBs have rookies they like they are more likely to trim those fringe QBs that could help you out.


I’m in a league like this as well and I have mahomes, burrow and Tannehill bcuz if injury or bye week happens there’s no one on waivers but I have been looking to sell burrow or Tannehill. Which one should I sell and how much should I sell for?