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I traded him for a 2024 second and then flipped that second into Robert woods


I threw Trubisky & Mariota together to push a bigger trade through. I pretty much just gave him away. I think both are terrible values. You’ll be lucky if you can do the MT + 3rd for a 2nd trade. I couldn’t.


I doubt, given the sentiment surrounding his name, you will receive anything of value. A 2nd (depending on year) seems pricey for a guy most expect to fail. If you are looking to get a player, it will most likely be a depth option like Cedrick Wilson, Tim Patrick, or Jakobi Meyers


He is a 1, maybe 2 year max starter. I would go to the contenders/pretenders who need a 3rd QB. Ask for a 2023 2nd and 3rd, but be ready to take a 2023 2nd. The lowest I'd guy is a late 2022 or a projected late 2023 2nd


2 year max starter? Yeah, no. It's feasible for him to carve a long term stint as a starter. It's within the realm of possibility. Not likely but possible


Started my rebuild and traded Kelce for Gesicki and Trubisky in SF 12man. QB needy with a league who does Max PF as deciding factor for draft picks so needed to offload Kelce before season start. And I also believe and hope Trubisky learnt some stuff sitting behind Allen all year.


I get wanting to offload Kelce before he impacts your future draft position, but this is a pretty brutal return for a rebuilder.


That’s a terrible trade you made.


Well, I don’t really believe in KC offense this year, and think Kelce will start to fall off. And Gesicki will be in a more powered offense than before so I believe it was worth to “downgrade” to Gesicki and get a QB starter in a SF league. In 2-3 years time I have a hard time believing Kelce will be a top TE while I believe Gesicki have a higher chance to be one. If Trubisky finds some success I don’t personally think it’s a terrible trade.


I sold him for 2.04 + 4.04 in 10 man SF. I thought that was fair.


Trubisky has two real outcomes: plays well and keeps starting job or sucks and gets benched either this season or next. I personally wouldn’t buy him for a 2nd unless I was desperate for a QB, if I was offered a 2nd for him I’d accept as quickly as I could before they came to their senses.


Moved him and a 23 3rd for a 23 2nd, try and trade before the draft Steelers probably draft a QB