We heard Neal has health issues but never heard what the issue is - does he have high blood sugar, eczema or chronic knees? I haven’t heard what the issue is. Pickens has really big red flags but the examples seem really vague.


I mean he punched a Georgia tech corner and got suspended for the SEC championship game when they were up by like 4 touchdowns or something lol


I love that Lamar posted that video and liked it because “dawg in him meme😃”


Reports are from as far back as a highschool senior as he supposedly beat up a handicapped kid. This dude has real impulse control issues and if they go unchecked, I see Rae Caruth, Aaron Hernandez type shit going down Said this 2 months ago; For me the biggest red flag that nobody ever talks about is the potential character/mental health issues. With the ejections for throwing punches, the Tennessee water squirting penalty, to the rumored assault of a mentally handicapped student back in high school. This dude might be talented as everyone thinks but if he's not right between the ears, then no thank you


Where'd you read he beat up a handicapped kid?


If this is true. If he lands on Colts he should feast ‘in his element’. Can beat up Texans and Jags 4x a season.


Counter point, if he lands on the Giants he might throw punches at his QB


Yoooo Or…DJ runs away but trips over his own two Feet and breaks his nose




Down in the comments someone posted a screen shot of the assaulted guy replying to the video and he posted that he's not handicapped nor abused. This is a weird story.


It hasn’t been widely reported, but he was involved in an incident just this week where a current Georgia player was arrested for reckless driving and colliding with another vehicle. I’m sure he won’t get in trouble for it but it’s just another item on the list of potential red flags that will probably drop him down a little bit.


But was there a bong in a photo with him?


I’m ok with his flags if I’m taking him after 1.09. I’m actually glad that he’s starting to come down a little because over the past few weeks, he’s been climbing boards and I was hoping he’s still there in the late first.


Out of curiosity, who are some successful NFL WRs with a similar level of college production?


Justyn Ross? S/


DK Metcalf was kind of similar. Pickens and Metcalf both had elite talent when they played, but had injuries that caused them to miss significant time.


The Pickens "headcase" narrative feels similar to the hate Randy Moss got for his overblown character concerns.


I mean, Moss had [real documented character concerns](https://sports.jrank.org/pages/3347/Moss-Randy-Expelled-from-School.html). He largely cleaned it up in the NFL though so it is possible


I know all that, but it's all overblown. His battery charge was a case where Moss, a child, went overboard in response to vile racist behavior by a classmate. Then he got caught with weed. Despite being relentlessly attacked in the public, how did Randy respond? He owned his actions and never blamed anybody. He wasn't perfect, took plays off, and definitely preferred his time on winning teams. Randy Moss was the most badass dude I ever got to see play.


Matt Corral has had a couple of hit pieces on him in the last week, probably some team wanting to draft him late in the first. If he actually falls far then they might have some merit, at least among NFL scouts.