It’s been London or Walker in all of mine.


I traded back, but I probably would have taken Walker. London is a better player, but there are so many good WRs in this draft that the drop off between London and one of the top 5-7 WRs is so much less than the drop off between Walker and Cook/White/Pierce.


Walker, he looks like he’ll get a lot of usage in Seattle and that’ll be great for his value.


Took walker in one league. Traded up to 1.01 and took hall in another. Pretty happy overall.


Well, I can tell you my experience is exactly what you mention. One of my leagues had Walker at 1.02 and the other had London.


Dealers choice. It's not a great RB class, so I think Walker gets consideration. Assuming you have a late first or early second (like 2.02), you can likely get a good WR there. And Walker plus that WR is better than the RB you'd get there at the WR. In SF, I think Pickett is in consideration. I know he's probably not the best value, and there's thoughts his ceiling is Kirk Cousins. But, get a guy you'll start every week for years is pretty good. By rankings, the WR are likely the best value. I'm not sure which one, as you'll see various people like Wilson, London, Burks or Williams.


If his ceiling is Kirk cousins I’ll take a perennial low end QB1


Honestly, taking pickett isn’t a bad move. How often do we see an esteemed franchise with a well built team take a first round QB? You know he’s going to step in at some point this year and potentially lead a contending team


That's my feeling too.


In my SF Pickett went 1.07


I traded it for 1.06 and 1.12. I think I would've taken Walker, but I wouldn't have felt great about it tbh. The amount of people who think he's just a slam dunk kinda surprise me. There's a few pretty big red flags in his profile.


Like what?


Only one year of elite production after playing behind Christian Beal at Wake Forest. 19 career receptions in college (one of those not saying he can’t, but we haven’t seen it type things). Really bad game against Ohio State.


Drake London. Not forcing a rb pick when next years draft has 3 or 4 rbs you can debate are better than walker.


Traded with a win-now team for Bateman and a 2023 1st. Walker is the pick, but I would have traded him during the year anyway.


You shouldn’t be able to get that much, good work


This is a logical take… I have 1.01 and 1.02 and plan on taking hall/Walker but will probably trade Walker away for a WR during the season if need be


I traded the 1.02 and 2.10 for the 1.06 and a 23 1st.


I like turtles


Walker, you can easily trade for wrs


I traded it in a bigger deal. I would have easily picked Walker, though


Would have been Walker for me, but dealt that pick away in a larger deal that included a '23 (early) 1st.


I think Walker would be my choice, I had 1.02 and 1.03 and took Walker and London. I think Walker is a solid prospect and has a good landing spot with similar DC to Breece. If you’re going to take London I’d be more inclined to try to trade back and get a WR a bit later in the first.




I had 1.02 and 1.04. I went Walker, Jameson went 1.03 and I took London at 1.04. I'm not upset about taking Walker there, since I'm in an RB needy rebuild and have 2 '23 1sts


Was torn between London and Walker so I traded up to 1.03 to get both.


I had the 1.01, 1.02, and 1.04 in one of my leagues and went Hall, London, and Burks (Walker was taken at 1.03. I thought for sure Walker was going to drop to me at the 1.04 due to the 1.03 owner being in a deep rebuild and he has let everyone know how RBs are the very last position he goes after. I value London and Walker around the same so it really comes down to what position you need most. Since I already had Javonte, Swift, and Hall, I felt more compelled to grab the top WR over the RB


Traded to 1.05 knowing I could get the guy I wanted at 2 (Walker) Got 1.05, melvin gordon (I have javonte) a 2nd and a 3rd and Logan Thomas.


Praying the guy at 1.01 hits the wrong button.


Wanted to trade back but the value wasn’t there so went London. Felt better as time went on for some reason, I’m just excited that the dudes a monster.


I knew the guy at 3 wanted Burks so I flipped picks with him and moved my 2.11 for the 2.03. London was my guy though so was able to still grab him at 3