Absolutely, but I'm not sure I'd do it in June.


Agreed. Hell yeah go all in to win, that's the only goal. But we're a long ways from games being played and the season is even longer. I learned my lesson already about going all in during the summer. Injuries, suspensions, rapists, etc put a real damper on that last year and I barely squeaked into the playoffs


I agree that in a perfect world you should wait, but at the same time you can only make the deals that are available. So if someone is rebuilding/tanking it's very possible they're going to sell pieces now to the highest bidder as to not mess up their wins/pp.


That is a good point. And I don't necessarily disagree with the idea of making trades now by any means (especially if the value is there), but my main issue with this specific scenario is that OP called it an overpay. So if you overpaying now to "guarantee" a ship, you better have other assets to fall back on later if things go tits up.


This just happened in my league and I traded the seller first for Kittle, Gronk and Thielen. The next trade was for Conner. The Conner trade was such good value that unless he plays less than a month I did well. Trading for older RBs in summer is terrifying to me. The same manager traded Derrick Henry but I didn't want to pay for Henry in June coming off me finishing in last place. My team feels like a playoff team now which is exciting.


While that's true, if you're willing to overpay you'll be able to find a willing suitor anytime of the year really


I'm not saying anything about overpay. But if a tanking team puts a win now piece on the block now then you may have to make the move now.


This was going to be my answer as well. Save these kind of deals until a few weeks before the deadline. I used to believe in making these trades AT the deadline, but I've found that by the time the deadline actually hits, most of the non-playoff teams have already traded away their win now pieces. There's a few reasons to wait on making this kind of deal: 1. If you're truly a legit contender, you shouldn't need these players in the first 8 weeks of the season to be on track for the playoffs. 2. Injuries! Your draft picks won't lose value, however a guy like Henry could easily injure his foot again in week 3, killing his current and future value. If you trade for a healthy player in week 8 it's more likely he'll be healthy come playoff time. 3. Value. As the season progresses and teams realize they're not playoff teams, the picks will increase in value.


But rebuilders don't want to wait until the deadline to sell pieces. So by waiting you've taken lots of options off the table. Possibly still worth it, of course, because you'll add additional options from the teams who thought they were competing who ended up not making the playoffs.


This is a good point. We’re always eager to make moves now, but if this trade/overpay is only the ONE player to take you over the top, you can probably get either them or someone similar from a rebuilder at a lower cost during the season. If you’re getting 2+ pieces, then now may be the time.


Of course if you wait, the price could go up, or the owner decides they no longer want to trade. There are always inherent risks when making trades, but there are risks for waiting as well.


Good point, I thought I had basically secured my ship early last year and my team just hit injuries throughout the year


This 100p. Do it right before the playoffs not before the season


Yea this screams disaster


How is that an overpay? That's a smash accept lol


Yeah that’s not an overpay at all


That’s the trade?! He’s robbing that guy. Lmao. Overpay?


Yes..nothing like the joy of winning a title in a competitive league, especially if its known friends..I'd overpay for that


I was going to say no until I saw the trade details. That's not an overpay.


You need to give specifics for us to give good feedback, even though you technically aren’t allowed I guess with sub rules. A bold swing in June can bite you in the ass pretty quick. I’d prefer to wait then buy from a losing team so that you have some time to see how the season is going. For example I traded a 2023 1st last off-season for Dobbins, then he tore his ACL later that day. Not a great feeling when your plan for dominance takes a hit in preseason


Especially in leagues with no trade deadline. I'd honestly wait to buy until I absolutely need to


Seeing the actual trade, I'm not sure I think that's really an overpay. Evans is worth the 2023 picks (late 1st + late 3rd), Diggs is worth at least the rest of the picks (24 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 25 2nd), you don't think Henry is worth Winston and Spiller?


It just seemed like a lot of draft capital to spend on three older players. The way I saw it, if any of them decline over the next 1-2 years then I won’t have any picks to make up the holes


I don't disagree, but I think that's the real point of the post, current points vs future value. I'm just saying if you're going to make that kind of "win now" move, I wouldn't consider this particular one an overpay.


That’s a good take on it. I appreciate the input, my goal of the post was trying to just get different views on the general idea of trading away your possible future for the ship. It got derailed into the specifics for the actual trade


If it makes you feel better, I'm pretty sure I would do it. I think the result will be 2 years of a great contending window, after which Brady will be gone, Henry and Kelce will be worth very little, Adams and Evans will still have moderate value to a competing team, and Diggs will be right around the age you would want to sell now before his value drops. I don't know what the rest of your team looks like, but I don't think the rebuild will be as painful as you think.


Win the title, then turn around and sell Kelce, Adams, Diggs and Henry. They'll all still have value (unless Henry doesn't recover, which feels unlikely but not impossible).


You can have the top 3 players at each position and still not be guaranteed a championship. Luck and the lack there of will always play a factor. Don't "wildly overpay".


I won my championship this year and my two highest scorers in the final were Rashaad Penny and Sony Michel. You’re right, once the fantasy playoffs start, anything can happen. Some studs could go cold at the same time. Championships are never guaranteed.


I lost in the championship round Dalvin, Swift, Tyreek, Zeke and DJM combined for 24 points...


I won with penny, Michael carter and rojo as my surviving rbs. Bonus points with ertz as my TE. Just gotta make it there baby


Amon Ra St Brown was the only reason I won my final.


I lost to Boston Scott and James Conner in the finals last year


The team that traded the entire farm for zeke won that year but his team is so bad now that it has me worried they’ll leave and kill the league.


If they’re really bad shouldn’t they be able to do a 2-3 year rebuild?


The amount of draft capital provided is embarrassing to say lol 4 1sts 3 2nds. But they haven’t been relevant since the first year of the trade so even starting a 2-3 year rebuild now means from 2020-2025 their team is awful with no chance to even sniff the playoffs. Plus some people don’t know when to tear it down and rebuild. Quite silly.


This is an absolute smash for the get side lol come on now. Insane


This is not even close to an overpay, you’re overvaluing the later picks you’re giving up. Just because you’re giving up multiple of them doesn’t make them any more than the sum of their individual values which is low


Man the problem is, come week 14 when Dare Ogbowale (sp) and 10+ td James Conner have emerged from the wreckage of the regular season, things look very different. I'd save some trade ammo so you can target a potential breakout or replacement for your team mid season when people who thought they were contenders start bailing


Nothing is a guarantee


What how the hell do you not accept that? 2 first a 2 2nds and a bunch of other crap with spiller and Winston for Henry evans and diggs?!?!


"3 top 5 in their position vets" I'm doing this every time just about. I don't even think you're overpaying, lol


Don’t overpay to win championships. Definitely don’t overpay to win championships in June. You likely aren’t moving the needle as much as you think by doing this trade. (No clue without more details) and are way more likely to just hurt your team long term


This is the comment I was looking for. And since they're part of the game, you have to weigh the risk of injuries as well and what it could do to you if it were to happen to the big player you acquired. If you're overpaying at this time in the offseason, you best be doing it for the long-term benefit of having that player on your team. You can make moves for certain vets that could help a lot in other ways.


People love to make big moves. But realistically the actual league winning moves are small moves for players that can drastically outplay their situation. This time last year Kupp WR1 wasn’t considered a possibility. Deebo >>> Aiyuk was wildly unpopular. Conner was a JAG nobody cared about. Penny was LOL never healthy. Schultz was gonna get outplayed by Blake Jarwin. Finding ways to be early to those types of players while maintaining a championship caliber core is so much better than just blindly overpaying for an additional top tier player


Is it really an overpay though?


The deal is not an overpay at all. Do it


Why wouldn't you? That's the whole goal of playing


Because it’s June and it’s impossible to predict who the actual best players are gonna be in December


That's not really the question imo but ok


Right but the question OP is asking is a bad one. He’s overestimating his “guaranteed my team wins the ship” It’s virtually impossible to have more than a 60% chance to win a chip. Overpaying to win (especially with a trade right now like OP is talking about) is a good way to wreck your team.


I honestly dont think that trade is an overpay in any form. 2 1sts 2 2nds a bunch of random throw in picks spiller a 4th round RB and winston? Diggs is worth 2 1sts at this point still most likely. Evans might be worth a 1st and a 2nd. Add henry on top of it? Id say hes underpaying.


Yeah OP started the discussion without stating the actual trade. I agree 2 1sts and a bunch of trash for Henry/Diggs/Evans is more than fair


Even 60% seems like a stretch. I'd say 40% is more like the tippy top of teams.


60% is a sim result for a team with a bye a top 5 QB, Top 5 TE, Top 12 at RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/Flex vs slightly above average rosters. It’s basically impossible to have a better situation than that. Realistically yeah 40% is like a peak outlier team, and 20-30% is realistic for “The best on paper team”


Oh gotcha, I was thinking more from start of the season.


I’d love to hear what this “guarantee” is lol


Based on OPs comments so far, I'm guessing this is either the exact trade or something very similar https://www.reddit.com/r/Fantasy_Football/comments/uvr4jt/which_side_would_you_take_sf_1ppr/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Smash chase side


It’s actually not this trade. Very resourceful of you, I’m just trying to not get the post removed by the mods


It has a ton of interaction so I can't imagine they remove it at this point. I think writing the specifics in a comment will keep you safe


Take the trade. You’ll have picks again by the time you need to start building up again.


That's actually not an overlay at all. It's quite bad if you ask me. If they accept that I'd be surprised.


The posted trade is not even close to overpay


I'm not 100percent sure this is an overpay. I would do it but i am notorious for trading picks away.


Can’t wait to see your “guaranteed” championship team face the ‘22 version of Burrow/Chase stack lighting it up in week 17 and crushing your dreams.


Unless it's Mariota and London or Wilson and Wilson, I really don't see that happening again. You get a generational WR talent paired with a fantastic young QB. That's extremely rare


Jefferson and Cousins would be most probable. Doesn’t matter what their ages are.


I guess but it ain't exactly cheap to buy either of them. Maybe if you own Jefferson you can go and get Cousins, but Chase was a rookie pick last year and now he quickly became basically impossible to acquire


I think you’re misinterpreting my post. All I’m saying is there’s no such thing as a guaranteed champion and the arrogance of such a statement is sure to anger the fantasy gods who are very capable of putting any team in an unwinnable matchup.


This happened to me. I have a fucking super team too. Kill me.


Well yea, but you’re not gtd


First rule of dynasty is that there is no such thing as a guaranteed championship


How does one “guarantee a championship”?


I absolutely endorse this trade you can’t give specifics on!


Nope. Personally I’d rather be 95% and roll picks into the future than be 110% and leverage my future.


Lol thats not an overpay...ur destroying him...smh


Is that deal even an overpay? Are you super flex or 1QB cause 1QB I feel like that’s a steal lol...


That trade doesnt seem like an overpay at all Last year I traded CMC (IR) + Godwin (IR) + Claypool + 2022 1st + 2nd for Ekeler and Davante Adams to win the ship


That's such a smash yes trade I probably wouldn't need to wait until the season tbh


Yes lol, I’ve done it 3 years in a row now, won the title this year and lost in the title game the previous year because of it. It’s great too because my league keeps playing the “you have no future card” despite my team having a ton of youth and fire power lol.


It's not like vets are always going to completely fall off a cliff...most of the time they just lose a little value. Kamara, Kelce, Kittle, Aaron Jones, Rodgers, Mike Evans, Keenan Allen, etc., They'll still at minimum hold value as an RB2, backend QB1, WR2-3, or TE1 for at least the next 2-3 years. Looking at years past, Forte, Brandon Marshall, Frank Gore, Adrian Peterson, Wes Welker, Antonio Gates(I think?), Knowshon Moreno...all had fantasy relevant seasons in the twilight of their careers. Hell, Emmanuel Sanders, Antonio Brown, and Marvin Jones had value until about the midpoint of the season last year. Just because your roster is old doesn't mean you won't be able to trade them for youth/picks/upside down the road


It's amazing how undervalued a guy is just because of age. You're telling me Mike Evans is worth less than Garrett Wilson just because he's 28 and Wilson is 22? We've seen Evans be a WR1 basically his entire career and he probably has another 2-3 seasons at that level, if not more. Yet people would rather take a guy that hasn't played an NFL snap, but if they get Mike Evans production out of him, that's a huge W... So just take the guy that's already great


Exactly this. The sweet spot is hoarding those 26-28 year old guys where people start devaluing them because of age. That’s normally 3-5 years of solid production still easy and if you’re building out longer than that, you’re doing it wrong


I'm in a startup right now with this exact plan in mind. I have one pick made before the 4th round, but I'm about to have 13-15 picks between round 4-10 to just hammer these veterans that are going in the top 3 rounds in redraft leagues. It's especially nice because people are bending over backwards to get young QBs. Lance went like 2.06, Hurts 2.10 and Fields 3.08. I'll honestly take Cousins in late 6th who easily has another 4 years or even Brady that could be a top 5 QB again going in like round 8 I had to take Kupp at 2.03 because you literally can't find his production anywhere. He outscored the WR2 last year by like 100 PPR points


Hell yes. Say I needed an RB2 and only the Dalvin Cook owner was in a position to sell and he wanted 2 firsts and a young RB. Cook isn't worth that but 4 weeks of his production and you could win your league and pay off your league dues for at least 5 or 6 years while you figure it out from there Well worth it


What if Cook gets hurt


That's always possible, but I'm talking like week 12 here. But honestly I'll probably go and overpay for Mattison too because we've seen Mattison have RB1 games filling in for Cook Sometimes you just get unlucky unfortunately


Absolutely! I want to win and in my team’s case, I’m sick of missing out on the playoffs.


pls dont overpay just to make the playoffs


Oh no I wouldn’t do that. But to guarantee a ship, I wouldn’t hesitate.


As others said it's hard to guarantee. But yes if your team is in a position where filling one final need puts you over the edge it's probably worth overpaying a bit to get there.


In November, yes! In June, No!


Just post the actual trade


Honestly it depends on how much of an overpay. If you are sending 7 1st round picks for CMC, you could win the championship but that cost is way too step. If the overpay is a little one sided on a trade calculator then go for it. My rule is to not front load my starting roster so much that one injury could derail my season and I lose the championship AND have no future picks/ youth.


Yes, but there's nothing guaranteed. Can't tell you how many teams that looked stacked in the offseason ended up not even making the playoffs due to injury or just general disappointment from their players. Fantasy football is still 80% luck at the end of the day.


No such this as a guarantee. Each playoff round is essentially 50/50 and you can’t convince me otherwise. Fantasy is 50% skill based and 50% luck.


No guaranteeing you win the ship, I laughed when I read that part. Even on my most stacked teams I would say at best I have a 25% chance. Too many things happen in the playoffs and throughout the season. Make win now moves later unless its great value right now. Post the trade in the comments.


I would trade away three years of my future to win one year if I were guaranteed. ​ BUT it doesn't work that way. Imagine in 2019 mortgaging your future for Todd Gurley, Julio Jones, Adam Thielan, and David Johnson. You'd have thought you were basically guaranteeing yourself a playoff team but have tanked your team for the near term future. If you hemorrhage value to gain what you perceive as short term success, you aren't doing yourself any favors.


nothing is "guaranteed" in fantasy so the truth is you're giving up future probability of winning a league in order to maximize your probability to win now. and that really just depends on your current team. for example, if your current team is anchored by young cornerstone pieces (QB/WR for SF) then you can probably contend for 2-3 years and move all of your picks for vets who fit that timeline. when the vets age out, you'll still have your cornerstone pieces to build around for another run.


This is how you destroy teams. You can have the best looking team in June; and have 1-2 major injuries and be the 1.01 next year with aging assets.


I've had teams "guaranteed" to win a few times. Had people trade me a top player (that I had to overpay for) because it was "the last piece I needed" and it would "guarantee" me a title. Total bullshit. A few of those teams were projected to go undefeated. None came close and I'm not even sure I earned a bye. Finished 2nd or 3rd every time I looked unbeatable. Even if you load up, it only puts you in the conversation. It's still you against the field and the field usually wins. Maybe if it was a daily format like basketball or baseball, but football is too volatile with only one coin flip per week. Don't overpay and ruin your squad. If you can find the right deal, great, but stand your ground and don't assume anything is a guarantee. And, as others have said, wait to see if you need to make a move and then don't do it until mid-season if you can.


Yes I would. The problem is that so much of fantasy, especially if you have playoffs, comes down to luck. So there's no way to guarantee anything.


I would and have tried. Last September just before the start, I traded away Jamaal Williams, at 22 late 3rd, a 23 (should be) late 1st and late 2nd, and 24 1st for Monty a 23 3rd and 24 2nd. I lost in the semis with the 2nd highest single game score of the season, to the 1st highest single game score of the season. He went on to lose the ‘ship and I would’a won it all. Go figure. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat


Depending on how many picks you’re actually talking about, acquiring 3 top five position players for a collection of picks and a second round rookie player from this years class doesn’t sound like a wild over pay to me. If the players you’re acquiring are really that valuable they should hold that value thru next year allowing you to recoup some value if you don’t actually win this year.


You’re never guaranteed the ship, especially this far out. You could make it all the way to the end and bust. Your players could get injured, etc. wait until later. Last year, players like Kupp, Samuel, and Andrews came out on top, whereas players like CMC did nothing for you. Don’t overpay at this point. But, I’m biased, I like the idea to buy low and pray for an underdog, it’s more exciting to me. And the feeling of buying high and watching it not pan out hurts.


I did this exact thing last year mid-season. I sent 4 firsts to a contender for Jonathan Taylor.That grab guaranteed me the 'ship against the guy I bought JT from. I figured, if I won, I can re-flip JT for at minimum 2 first-round picks and the cost of the other 2 would equal a championship to me. I ended up flipping JT +Mooney recently for Devonta (prior to AJB news), Pittman, ETN and the 1.04.


I might consider it close to the deadline but no way preseason. You could have multiple players go down before the season then you overpaid for nothing.


Go big or go home. This sub *LOVES* value but sometimes you're going to lose value but gain wins. It's a balancing act and you can always go too far and decimate your team for years. But if you think the upside is there I say take it.


Yes but I'm also interested in hearing about the details of the trade. I have made pretty large trades in the May-July part of the offseason in the last 3 seasons (this one included) and I'm going for my 3rd championship in a row. The bigger trades that I made in the offseason are the foundation for my championships and as long as it keeps working I'll keep doing it.


Just tell us the trade wtf


Well what’s the trade


Yes. We play to win


I’m a huge fan of an overpay to go for a championship, heck I did it myself last season right before the trade deadline. What I don’t like is an overpay in June. A lot can change between now and the run up to the playoffs. Do you think your team is a solid contender prior to this trade?


I lost in the ship last year. Except for Adams move to LV, none of my players really lost value or changed situation. I also gained Bateman before Hollywood got traded. I have good young depth at WR and RB so I’m just looking for a few pieces to really push my team over the edge


If you truly think that these three guys put you over the edge then by all means go for it. If this were my team I would wait. It can be tough to get through the dog days of summer without feeling the blockbuster trade itch but so much will change in the coming months. Fantasy is a lot of luck and situations change so fast.


I'd take that


As Brian Windhorst says, if you win a championship, you get an A+ for every trade you’ve made


Nothing is a guaranteed championship. Do the deal.


I sold off Dobbins and a 23 1st for Ekeler last year around week 12 when my team took a leap ahead of others. It was the right decision bc I got the title. Wait until you know you are towards the top


In a league with randoms maybe not if it hurts my chances at long term consistent success but in a league with friends where I’d get gloating rights for a whole year you bet your ass I’m doing it


In general overpaying for players is a bad idea to me, one injury, one contract issue, etc can change everything. I prefer solid depth and draft picks.


Wait until your trade deadline then do it


What’s really the point of keeping older guys like Brady, Adams and Kelce if you aren’t going to do something this? They’re nearing the end (Brady and Kelce at least). If you don’t do something like this maybe you should be selling those guys instead.


2 1sts and 2 2nds (and a bunch of junk) for Evans Diggs and Henry is not an overpay. It's an extremely stupid trade to make in June, but it's not an overpay.


Diggs > random 23 1st Evans > random 24 1st Henry > Winston, Spiller 23 3rd, 24 2nd, 24 3rd, 25 2nd?? Idk it doesn’t feel like a massive overpay to me, and it’s hard to imagine you can get at least 2 1sts back in 2023


There is never a guarantee you win it. My team has been stacked beyond belief the last three years and I demolish people in the regular season but I haven’t won the last three years


There was a guy in my league who gave up his 1st for Gus Edwards since he felt it guaranteed him the chip. Edwards blows his knee out two days later, a couple more injuries and that pick became 1.1 Always proceed with caution


Smash that trade button!


First, IMO, if anything you are underpaying for what you're getting. Second, while I totally agree with others that going all in at this time of year is generally a bad idea because injuries will happen and players will inevitably underperform expectation, I think you have to balance that concern with the potential reward. Here, it seems like the other owner is trying to rebuild now. If that's the case, they're going to be actively shopping their vets for picks now. You may not have the chance to do a deal like this later on. I would probably take it and hope for the best.


Not even sure this is an overpay, let alone a wild one.


Of course. That’s the entire point of playing. I make those moves before the trade deadline though.


That’s a smash accept and wouldn’t think twice about it.


Bought Adams and Kamara at the Trade deadline to make an all in push. Got booted after the bye (lost by 7 points) by underperformance of kamara (6.9 pt) Kittle (3.1 pt) Barkley (3.3 pt) Stafford (9.8 pt) and overperformance of KC Def (13 pt) Kyler (21.9 pt) and Rex fucking Burkhead (27.9 pt ....) and other pieces on my opps side (His RBs were Burkhead, D. Freeman and Dillon). Calling a Roster "an almost guaranteed championship" before a season even starts is absolute bullshit as you are always 3 injuries away from beeing fucked. If you wanna go for it wait for the deadline or mid of the season because you will get Vet-Production without overpaying big time as the non-contenders value picks higher and want to get off of the win-now pieces.


I would, our league prize is absolutely worth any downside to this scenario. Unfortunately, that’s a guarantee only one man could ever make, and his name was Biff Tannen.


Yes. It’s not an over pay if you get rings


I would absolutely overpay for a championship.


Wildly overpay? in general, no. A championship requires a great team and a healthy dose of luck. For every ONE championship you expect to win, you need to field a great team multiple years. in your case, accept!!! You would not be WILDLY overpaying.


I overpay all the time.. never have any picks lol


Near the trade deadline two years ago, I was rotating defenses and constantly getting negative points. Guy with three of the top four defenses and I started talking. I was tied for top of the league with ridiculous RB and WR depth. He wanted Deebo for the 49ers dst. Now, at the time, Aiyuk looked like he was going to be the guy in SF. Never even used Deebo as he was WR6 on my squad. Pulled the trigger for 49ers DST and a 2nd for Deebo and a 3rd. Went on to win the ‘ship. Winnings paid for an awesome vacation and the 2nd turned into AJ Dillon. But watching Deebo explode last year hurt as all my WR’s had off years. But knowing how it played out I wouldn’t change anything.


I would wait until late July or august and then take that trade. You will win this year for sure and next year will look pretty dang good


If it guarantees a championship, there is no such thing as an overpay.


Toss out Henry he will ll be a bum this year.. but yeah i would overpay 2 years ago I gave up 2 1st and 2nd round nd picks for Kelce and it won my the championship that year.. next year i didnt even make the playoffs. would do again.


That’s not an overpay that’s highway robbery for you


This isn’t even close to an overpay so make the trade


Money league? Yes. Free league? Absolutely. You play to WIN THE GAME


Yes. Pull the trigger in September or maybe October


If you think there is such a thing as a guaranteed championship in fantasy then you haven't played long enough.


With that being said I would accept the trade.


Yes I would trade my whole team and all the picks for any championship. That’s the reason we play for all the glory


That's a huge underpay imo


First of all, there is no such thing as a guaranteed, or nearly guaranteed championship on June 1. Secondly, you're not overpaying at all, and this may well be rejected.


You gotta do what it takes


What platform are you using that lets you trade a "late" 1st? I've only used MFL and only been able to trade a specific pick not a "late" or "early" one


If you use the trade calculator on KTC they separate future picks by early, mid, and late. You have to just guess based on your perception of the pick you’re getting though.


Anything is worth it if you win it all. I would literally trade away my first and second round picks for the next 10 years if I was guaranteed to win the chip. Once you’re a champion they can’t take that away.


10? 1st and 2nd for 10 Years? I'd bet alot of money you'd be in the extreme minority there


Lol no kidding. This guy would sell 10 years away for 1 championship? One? You should be able to win one championship in 10 years without selling any future picks


Winning is all that matters. I don’t care if I lose every year in that league forever, I won once and I’d be happy with that.




>Your legacy In your little home fantasy league is irrelevant and 10 years paying your winner is dumb AF That’s not for you to decide. And who cares about dues in a “little home fantasy league” anyway? What’s $50 a year among friends? It’s entertainment, not a job. I’m not relying on the income to pay my mortgage dude, chill out. Who gives a shit if I’m happy with winning?




OP asked if I would overpay to win a championship and I gave my answer. You didn’t have to get involved. Have a good one


I would do that trade. Henry gonna show out


Honestly man youre giving up a lot but id take that


Yes, I over paid for Chubb last year after CMC went down. I was easily the league favorite and wanted to ensure the ship, so I moved 2 firsts and Mac for Chubb and proceeded to win the league with ease. The core of my team was also 25 or younger so I didn’t really care about the next 2 firsts. I’m going to be the league favorite for the next 2-3 years more than likely Don’t let outsiders influence you. If you are confident in your chances a slight overpay is fine. I got ripped to shreds on this sub for my deal but I’m $1200 richer bc of it