The 2023 draft has talent at every one of the core fantasy positions. Greats QBs, top tier RBs, a pair of WRs that might go top-10 in the real draft, and a top end TE prospect. It also has a ton of quality depth. It's a great overall class. The top of the class is very likely to be 2 WRs, 2QBS, 2 RBS. In the back half of the 1st you'll see some great WRs and RBs along with any other QBs that managed to ascend during the season.


While it’s early to speculate who will stay a top prospect and who will declare, this class is generally loaded with top prospects in all positions. The first round picks should be great to fill any holes you might have aside from QB. In a sf league, the top few picks will probably go QB if Stroud and Young maintain their trajectory. Aside from that picks 1.03 - 1.12 will still have plenty of talent for skills positions. RB’s have Bijian, Bigsby, Gibbs. WR’a have JSN, Boutte, Addison. Even TE has some great prospects like Mayer. So to answer your question, if you’re not looking to take a QB then you’d probably be good acquiring mid and late 1st’s, the talent should be there.