Part of playing fantasy football is having guys you like & like to watch & will contribute to you having fun playing fantasy. That can get lost here where there’s tons of people that are in 10+ leagues & are in a forever-rebuild. If you like someone & will enjoy having them & think they’ll be better then go for it. It’s not like you’re taking Haskins at 1.01 or something. Get your guy & enjoy the ride.


So easily forgotten. A dude in my redraft league (been going nine years this season) took Aaron Rodgers in the first or second every year. Why? He likes Aaron Rodgers and doesnt ever want to see him on another fantasy roster. Had decent success early on in the league with that strategy, ironically, but the dude just wanted Rodgers. Sure, the goal is to win, but I think it is forgotten that for a lot (maybe even most) casual fantasy players, the goal is judt to have fun and give shit to your friends/family. Happy cake day btw


To steal this no one should ever complain about how someone drafts (especially in redraft), because it only affects them When people make dumb trades for guys they like purely because they like then that's when it's annoying I had a guy once trade George Kittle and Allen Robinson for Watkins after week 1 because he was a 'chiefs fan' (fake chiefs fan), and of course the other guy dominated and won the league


The classic watkins after week one trade


Me with Josh Gordon.


Wow the Hassan Haskins slander


I’ve been sparring with you all day today about Shenault. But happy cake day! I hope you have a booty buffet.


pro shenault or anti shenault? i made a bad trade to get him pre-free agency, so i think he’s gonna be an absolute god of course


That’s a good way to look at it. I’m in two and I’ve considered a third. But one is two years old going on three. And the other is one going to two. Wanna see if I’m any good at dynasty before I jump all in I guess. Got two auctions and two redrafts every year too. Just enough I suppose. Yet I still lose in all of them lol


I mean 90% or more fantasy teams don’t win every year.


Exactly. Also, this may be a different sport but markelle fultz was essentially the consensus number one pick in his draft when he entered the nba. He had handles, vision, passing, and shooting basically all down. Enter the league, man catches the yips and is one of the biggest busts ever. You really never know what will happen. If you like kw3, get kw3


I almost always get my guy. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not, but I like never having to deal with the “why the fuck did I listen to PersonX?!” Chase 1.02, JJeff 2.08, Sanders 1.05… Like I said, sometimes bad.


Jjeff 2.08!?


Yep. 10 team, and I was accused of being a homer because I’m in MN!


Dang, lucky you. Maybe my memory is wrong, but i thought he was generally pick 8-12 that year


He was. That’s a taco league.


Dont be that guy lol


We have two people who are constantly drafting qb’s in rd 1 even though it’s 1qb. Recent ones I remember: Kyler went 1.02, burrow went 1.04…if you’re drafting end of rd 1 it’s safe to assume 2 people that shouldn’t be available will be. Hell, tua came off the board before jjeff too. Reagor also, to the resident Eagles fan.


Yeah but he was a top 10-12 dude even in SF. Dropping to the 18th pick is gross.


I have one of those. Always drafts a rookie QB too early, and carries like 4 starters.


Ugh I grabbed Pittman over him in the second :(


If you tried to trade to 1.02 and didn't have any luck and Walker was your guy from the beginning, you got your guy so good for you. Everyone thinks they can predict the future but we don't know who'll have the better career between Hall and Walker, and if you wanted to leave the draft with one of them, trying to trade down any lower than #2 would've been too risky. I traded up to 1.01 in one league and drafted Hall. Traded for 1.02 about 6 weeks before the rookie draft in another league and attempted to move up to 1.01 from there and the owner wasn't budging, so I drafted Walker. As long as you're happy with the outcome, that's all that matters. Good luck, hope it works out.


Couple things, love the confidence but I definitely would be taking Hall. Also shocked that you couldn’t find a deal to trade out of the 1.01…


1.02 seemed to like both equally, and 1.03 was a hawks fan. It is what it is


You also didn’t have any leverage over 1.02 unless you possibly convinced them that you were taking Hall at 1.01.


Yeah, either cover was blown or 1.02 was also lower on hall than consensus perhaps


Tbf the act of trying to trade back from 1.01 to 1.02 suggests he likes Walker a comparable amount.


Man that’s a tough draw. Good on you to get your guy anyways, as someone who is drafting Breece 1.01 tomorrow, I hope they are both great


I took Garrett Wilson over Drake London for the same reason. Get your guy


I agree with this, think dotson and wilson will be the best guys for first season production




A ton of rankings has Wilson over Drake. This absolutely doesn’t deserve a yikes.


Ended up with K9 at 4 and Burks at 5 in my league...never in my wildest dreams did I think that's how it'd play out.


Whose K9?


Ken walker. He wore 9 at MSU. Was one of his nicknames.


I got Ken at 3 and Burks at 5! Good luck to us.


I very much intend to take him first overall but more to fuck up sleeper ADP, I also have the 1.2 pick, where Hall will be mine.


I did the same and made my league think for a minute. Lol


Give them some hope.... Yank it the fuck away. This is the way.


Yup I also had 1.04. Then I traded Dobbins for Jameson who went 2.01. Also got Justyn Ross and My hometown boy Metchie


Jameson went 2.1? He's my number 1 wr... thought about taking with 1.2 but need RB too much.... Hope he's around for the 1.6, but my leagues in Detroit, he'll be gone.


Yeah I took drake at 1.04


Dobbins for Jameson is a stretch but hope it works for you


My other backs are swift, j.williams, gibson, etn, hall, walker and Dillon. I think I got another piece with jameson.


This is the way


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I had 1.01-4 and took hall 4th so my league mates can say they saw hall fall to fourth


Yeah I'm gonna do the exact same lmao


If the 1.02 knows you’re trying to trade back, they know you don’t want Breece - which means they give up nothing and get him at 1.02


[Right there with you, Walker Texas Ranger](https://www.reddit.com/r/DynastyFF/comments/uroiws/some_idiots_rookie_rankings_2022_class/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Your rankings are pretty similar to mine. Dobbins was my guy too in 2020. I love a b10 back with elite balance and burst.


> I love a b10 back with elite balance and burst. You have great taste.


Love it when the messiah of Treadwell-Diggs has nearly identical rankings as I do. Wonderful confirmation bias haha.


Funny, Wilson is my 1.01, with Walker at 1.02. Nice to see that top tier for you too.


Changed my team name to Walker, Washington Ranger


Dang, that’s way more clever.


I would have picked him 1.01, but I never had the opportunity.


You said it - you’d hate it if KW3 ends up being better and you took Hall, you would’ve known it was bc you succumbed to the groupthink. Better to be able to sleep at night PS- 2 year ago CEH was the hands down consensus 1.01….. in a class with JT, Swift, and Dobbins. Nobody really knows


There’s no comparison to why Hall is consensus 1.01 vs why the CEH hype machine got out of hand. Hall has an athletic and production profile on par with JT. CEH was a slow, uninspiring RB completely overshadowed by all the other RBs until KC took him in the 1st the season after Mahomes threw for 50 TDs and lead one of the most explosive NFL offenses ever. CEH was pure hype and situation. Hall is just a good process play. The same process would have had you take JT over CEH in 2020.


Exactly, CEH at 1 would’ve been a horrid process play. His college production was decent, not great, and he is undersized.


I came here to beat this horse, but from the looks of things it's previously deceased.


I’ll still be shaming CEH drafters on my death bed


Shaming others on a throwaway account is peak reddit lol


> The same process would have had you take JT over CEH in 2020. Exactly. I get tired of how so many people insist on learning the wrong lessons from the CEH situation.


Ceh wasn’t consensus until after the draft though, and that was solely due to landing spot. Breece was rb1 before the combine. Very different situations to me


I wouldn't say hands down but it was like 75/25 CEH vs JT


Exactly. I remember being on the clock and almost taking CEH because the hype train was out of control, but before landing spots were determined that year, my personal feeling was 1. JT 2. Swift 3. Dobbins 4. Akers 5. CEH. I took the guy I felt best about, Jonathan Taylor. None of us know, as much as we like to think we do.


That was pretty much the consensus. CEH was a surprise first off the board, and his hype train took off mainly because Kareem Hunt gave everyone unrealistic expectations for what KC’s RB1 could be.


Andy Reid RB, 1st rd pick, Patrick Mahomes offense, No good backup, National Championship winner, Pass catching back… He’s either JAG or going to break out this year.


CEH wasn't even fractionally as consensus as Hall is. At most he had a plurality. There was almost as large of a contingency of Taylor supporters, a significant Swift wing, and even some Dobbins and to a lesser extent Akers truthers.


One dude took Taylor over CEH and got absolutely CLOWNED by my league relentlessly. So bad he traded Taylor for Saquon straight up lmfao


Ceh is a much different case. CEH wasn't a good prospect like Hall. He was an ok prospect that got propelled by his receiving chops in a pass heavy offense. Hall is a legit prospect, who has multiple tools in his bag. PS CEH wasn't consensus best prospect. Far from it. Taylor, Swift and Dobbins were all considered better prospects.


1.1 is the only pick where you get to choose anyone you want, not the guy everyone else tells you to take.


I'm with you. And I know the manager at 1.02 likes him better too, so I can't trade out. Go get your guy.


So capitalize on that to see if you can sell him for more than he is worth right now. 1.01 for the 1.02+


I took JT at the 1.01 over CEH and got downvoted to oblivion for sharing that here. Glad you got your guy.


Only thing CEH had more of than Taylor was draft capital. Hall has better draft capital, combine numbers, and a better collegiate career. I see what you are saying, but not sure it’s a good comparison


Go and get your guy. It's really not a reach to take a guy going 2 or 3 at number 1.


I have Ken Walker Jr Jr much closer to hall than most it seems but my league starts 3 wr’s and 2 flex so I’m taking London over either (@2) and hoping for more longevity than either rb. That said I hope you’re right and KW3 kills it. God speed my man.


This is not entirely the same as Walker at 1.01 but I’m a Saints Fan and had no Olave shares so ended up taking him at the 1.04 in one of my last rookie drafts (over Burks/Jamo other consensus guys) I think there definitely is some value that is lost but getting your guy is so much more worth it then the headache of trying to trade for him and holding on to someone you don’t wanna have Kinda echoing what others have said I think you should enjoy your teams .. or that’s the approach I have to team building


I think Chris Carson will come back and start most of the game but when his contract is up I think they will ride with Walker which at that point I think he will be better fantasy wise then Hall. So short term I think hall long term i think walker is a better pick


This is quite the take. Most expect Penny to be the guy Walker has to beat out. General consensus is that Carson is more than likely done with football. That injury is no joke...especially for a back that runs like he does..


Wow I haven’t heard anything about Penny being the guy but I think walker will have a good chance against him tho. I am hoping Carson will be back but I don’t think he will be back for the first few games.


Carson isn't recovering well. I don't think they even draft Walker if he was. Penny played so great to end then season. When he's healthy, the guy is a serious talent. It's never been about Penny's skillset, just about him staying healthy. There's no way Walker is taking the majority of snaps from a healthy Penny IMO, but time will tell. Assuming Penny stays healthy is also a HUGE assumption too.


Kudos to you for sticking to your convictions. No one has a crystal ball. At 1.01 I took Breece and would have traded back to land KW3 but every league is different.


Well, as a Penny owner, I hope you’re wrong. But as a football fan, Walker is sure an exciting player




League winner Penny. Did you see how amazing he was to end the season? Make no mistake...if he's healthy...he's their starting RB. People very quickly forget just how good Penny is when he's healthy....mostly because he doesn't stay healthy for long. Haha. If he does manage to stay healthy though...look out...


My co-manager had KW3 as his RB1 (so you’re not alone!) and we got him at the 1.03. We applied your logic to Christian Watson; Watson was my WR4 and my co-manager’s WR3 prior to the draft, so despite the fact that calcs and ADPs across the board told us to take Jameson at the 1.07, we stuck to our guns and took Watson. While yes, we “missed out” on value, I’d rather piss off a calculator than piss myself off by second-guessing myself on one of my guys and losing out on a great player that way.


People here saying no like they know WTF they’re taking about Pick who you think is best. No one had any fucking clue how any of these players will turn out no matter how many different metrics and formulas and voodoo magic they show to explain how they’re right Do you and have fun doing it my guy


I get the dilemma. Objectively, there’s a huge consensus value gap between Breece and KW that you should have been able to capitalize on to maximize value, but if your leaguemates that have the picks you’d be trading down for don’t see it that way then the value doesn’t really exist. So you really didn’t “lose” anything by taking him 1.01 if that’s your guy. I like him perfectly fine at 1.02 but I think the realistic “bad outcome” for Breece would be Carter staying as a persistent 1B and the offense staying kind of bad. The realistic “bad outcome” for KW are that he’s the 1B and the offense is really bad. Their best outcomes are a lot closer, though. KW’s ceiling will hinge on the question of whether or not he can run routes at the NFL level or if his receiving production will be limited to a handful of dump offs every now and then.


Respect man! I’m rooting for the kid to succeed.


I went to MSU and watched Kenneth dominate all season, still took Breece first. We’ll see if I regret it


Why? Low on walker having watched him, or just wanted the safer play?


Absolutely loved Walker watching him - as I said, he dominated all season. Almost wish I had 1.02 instead so I could have taken him. I felt like I had to go with the safer play because of my team, the community values Breece so high that I thought he’d be the more valuable asset out of the 2


Something I tell everyone is follow your gut. Listening to “experts” and “analysts”, you’ll regret not going with your gut, wrong or not. I’m going Walker with the 1.01 in our rookie draft too. Hall was the best talent coming out of college, but I like Walker coming out due to the potential he has in a run heavy offense that usually goes with just one back and not a committee.


I took Walker 1.01 too. He's been my #1 guy all offseason, for as much as Breece is an excellent player he never wowed his way into my heart the way Walker does. I'm also a Hawks fan so the landing spot further cemented the pick for me.


EVERYBODY told me to take CEH over JT. Glad I didn't listen. Doesn't work every time. But go get your guy.


Got walker at 1:04 and in love didn’t think he would be there


I’m strongly considering it myself.


Get your guy. I took Garrett Wilson at 5 and actually passed on Walker.


I did, I just couldn't pass him up. I wanted to ride or die with my guy. I also took London at 1.03


KW3 > Hall No matter the analytics-only people will tell you, Hall's not an elite prospect. He's simply a good one. So is Walker, I'll take the more explosive and better ballcarrier any day.


How is he not an elite prospect... he's a good margin above kw3


He's an indecisive runner who frequently leaves yards on the field by refusing to hit the hole without dancing first. Despite his solid size, he doesn't display any plus power and has average to slightly above average contact balance. He runs high. He ran a 4.39, but that speed really doesn't show up on tape. He's not the gamebreaker that his measureables would indicate. He got a lot of touches via the air, but isn't a plus receiver as an RB on tape, more of a basic screens & swings type of receiver. Aot of his receivering work was as a result of simply being the best player in the offense, not because he's actually an elite receiving back.


And he’s on the Jets


Everyone is a Breece Hall fanatic. Regardless of his talent, he’s a Jets RB at the end of the day… KW3 will have the better career imo


And Barry Sanders was a lion cool story. Jamall Charles was on a then really bad chiefs team? That argument is not a good one lol


Congrats… no cares, named two ancient running backs. Name the last Jets drafted RB that was actually “good” in the upper half of the league.


How many times have the Jets picked a RB in the first two rounds of the draft in the last 20 years?


Not to mention, once they started giving Carter the majority of the snaps, he was a great ppr asset last season...


Alright edge lord chill


Why is it worse to be a Jets RB than a Seahawks RB? At least in dynasty, there's no guarantee that the Seahawks will continue to be a run-heavy offense long term. They're likely to be really bad this year, and Pete could be gone. The Jets are an ascending offense assuming Wilson takes a step forward and they just drafted elite talent at WR and RB. The Seahawks downgraded from Russ to Lock/Geno, and they already have a talented first round RB, albeit an injury-prone one.


It’s the Jets.


What a great argument. What is this, a redraft sub?


It’s dynasty, it’s the Jets.


So because they've been bad for a while, they'll always be bad? Got it.


As long as they have a bad organization and bad players; I believe they will remain bad.


Jete gonna jete


I think the Seahawks was a great landing spot, better than the Jets. Breece will have a timeshare with Carter, and they have a ton of passing weapons all of a sudden for Wilson to work with. Walker only has to compete with some beat up mediocre vets on a team that has traditionally put out good running backs for fantasy. Russell being gone only means they will lean on the run more. I very much wanted Walker with my third pick but sadly he went #2.


> Walker only has to compete with some beat up mediocre vets on a team that has traditionally put out good running backs for fantasy. Beat up...sure, but mediocre? Penny is an absolute beast when he's healthy. I get that the dude can't stay healthy, but the Walker truthers need to be prepared for their guy to play the change of pace role for at least the first half of the season if Penny does manage to stay healthy. Its not like Walker is gonna walk into a Najee Harris like role right off the bat. Penny is an outstanding all around back and Walker can't block. If Penny somehow stays healthy...that is his backfield.




Welp, there's always next year


Yeah, luckily I already traded my 23 1st so I won’t be able to take Achane 1.01 over Robinson


What did you get in return?


Ask the people who took Swift or CEH over JT I’m 2020…. Or the guys who took Javonte or Etienne over Najee last year. Take the best player if you can’t move back….


ETN amd Williams will have better careers than Najee.


well they already have some major catching up to do...


This was my response too. Especially people making the landing spot argument of Seattle > NY. We just dont learn around here


You got cute. Walker may very well be the better player-even NFL execs and scouts get it wrong-but you're playing against the odds.




Even as a Seahawks fan, if I really really wanted Walker I’d either trade out of the 1.01 or draft Breece and trade him for Walker or extra assets to acquire Walker. He’s just worth too much in comparison. You played yourself.


He said that the trade would have been 1.01 for 1.02 & a 4th. Seems like he explored his options & there was nothing.


Still, why not at least get the 4th… worst case scenario is the guy takes Walker and he gets the best player and a 4th round pick… which no one who is trading up from 1.02 is doing so to take Walker.


He thinks Walker is the best player. Why risk not getting who someone thinks is the best for a 4th? A 4th is worthless, especially in this scenario.


Yeah or draft breece. Trade him away for x, y, z And then use x, y to go get walker Free z


Because most leagues don't operate like a trade calculator.


That's fair but the value gap between the two is big enough I'm sure you could have figured something out.


Sounds like there was at least a 4th


Dick smokin ass dude


Even if you like KW3 over BH I would have thought of it in terms of RB you could trade Hall for vs KW3. I like KW3 but I think there are other RBs I like more then KW3 that I could reasonably trade the 1.01 for.


> more then KW3 *than *Learn the difference [here](https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/when-to-use-then-and-than#:~:text=Than%20is%20used%20in%20comparisons,the%20then%2Dgovernor%22).* *** ^(Greetings, I am a language corrector bot. To make me ignore further mistakes from you in the future, reply `!optout` to this comment.)


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Good human.


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Not that it was the same situation, but CEH was the consensus #1 too


I don’t think there’s much separation between Walker and Hall but I personally hated both their landing spots. I had 1.01 in one league and bundled it with another first and Matt Ryan for Herbert (SF). In another I traded away Kamara to get 1.02 and another first, and I took Drake London. Point of what I’m saying though is trust your gut and plant your flag. If your gut says take Walker, don’t second guess it!


I like having the confidence to say no I’m right everyone else is wrong and get your guy at 1.01 but… The problem is it’s not either Hall or Walker at 1.01. It’s Hall, Walker or ANY other vet. You could’ve gone shopping for whoever your favorite of AJ Brown, Higgins, Waddle, Deebo, Metcalf, Adams, Diggs, Moore, Moore, Ekeler, Johnson, Cook, Kamara, ETN, Mixon, Barkley etc… and likely gotten a deal done. With Walker the likelihood of getting one of those trades completed is very diminished.


All depends on the leagues trade market.


Massive L


The issue is not that you got your guy, but that you didn't trade down to get any extra value.


I would’ve liked to trade down to 1.02, but he was only offering a 4th or some waiver fodder. If walker pans out, I’d rather have the bragging rights for having the balls to take him 1.01 than a 4th rounder.


This is dumb and I don't respect it. But, I like it.


Everyone always says this but how many have actually accomplished this. In my experience it is extraordinarily difficult to make a trade down work.


It's skewed by the people that play in tons of leagues. I've seen like three "trade downs" in five years & the league is overall willing to trade.


Usually you can at least get something, if only just an extra 2nd.


Bad pick


I traded for 1.03 and got Walker. I think it will be a CEH/Taylor situation. Where hall is CEH. At least I’m hoping it is


I wouldn’t call taking the consensus 1.02 at 1.01 a bold move


I had the 1.01 and 1.03. Walker was always going to be my 1.01. The owner who had the 1.04 and ended up trading me both of them without my having to give up either pick because I had him convinced I was taking both of his guys right before him. Sometimes it’s about mind games.


I was thrilled he fell to me at the 1.04! I wouldn't have taken him at 1.01 but I am a big believer in his talent.


There were a lot of Walker “truthers” this off season but very rarely did I see someone willing to bet on him over Hall at 1.01. I may disagree with your choice but I can always respect someone willing to go with their guy.


Even if you think kw3 and hall are the same, adp says otherwise. That suggests that you should trade the 1.01 away, or draft hall and trade him away, instead of drafting kw3 because the next two owners didn't want to trade up for hall. If you've spoken to the rest of the owners, and can't get a fair price for the 1.01/Hall, then sure grab your guy kw3.


My only concern is the offensive line blocking for him.


Josh Jacobs


That's legit taking KW3 at 1.3 In my league this is what happened... 1.1 - Breece Hall 1.2 - Drake London (my pick) 1.3 - Kenneth Walker III


Are you worried at all about the oline? Recently ranked worst in the nfl.


No, his line at MSU was bad and he still dominated. I think with his vision, power, and tackle breaking ability he’ll be ok. Plus, it’s a lot easier to make a bad o-line decent at run blocking than pass blocking. Scheme can hide poor players better in the run game


I had the 1.01 and wanted Walker so I traded back to 1.02 and got a 2nd. Maybe I could have got more but I look at it as getting a free pick.


This is fine except I'm having a very hard time believing you "couldn't trade back." If that guy wants Breece Hall, he'll give you the 4th/5th add on to trade up unless you had already made it very clear that you're going to take Walker if you have to make the 1.01 pick. Either you didn't play cards to your chest enough or you thought the one spot trade up was worth more than he was willing to give and you cut off your nose to spite your face by not just taking whatever you could get for the trade up.


As soon as he told the guy with 1.2 he wanted to move back, that was a signal that he probably did not want Breece. So if 1.2 wanted Breece for himself, he has minimal motivation to pay anything to move up.


I think I’d feel pretty confident that majority of people are taking Breece over Walker right now and just take Breece and then immediately ask 1.02 for his pick and a 4th for Breece. But I suppose if you have to have Walker and don’t wanna risk anything just make your pick yeah.


With this being a Walker thread, would you trade Kamara for Walker?


Yes, I would. Unless your trying to win next year and you need rb help


When I first started playing in 2014, Carlos Hyde and Bishop Sankey were top 5 rookie picks, whereas Jeremy Hill was early 2nd ([link](https://fantasyfootballcalculator.com/adp/rookie/12-team/all/2014)), yet going into year 2 Hill was dynasty RB4 and Hill / Sankey were 13/ 43 ([link](https://fantasydata.com/nfl/dynasty-adp/rb?position=3&season=2015&leaguetype=6&type=dynasty)). Same thing could happen with Walker. For the remainder of the offseason, Breece will probably have more trade value but that can all change after week 1. If you can't get anything meaningful for trading down to 1.02, might as well stick with your guy.


I grabbed Hall in both dynasties where I ended up with the 1.01, but I think Walker's going to be a stud. I'm a Penny truther, but the RB room in Seattle is dinged up. Pete likes to run the ball, and the Hawks have done that well over the years. Walker has a great chance to come out strong and take a stranglehold on that position, and I'm glad I got him with the 1.03 in one of my leagues. I think Hall's talented, and the Jets will be committed to him this year. But he's also on the Jets, and somehow, someway, regardless of talent, they remain hard to trust to produce. Until that changes, Hall's risky.




honestly you should have tried to trade back to 1.3-1.5, that's where walker went in every draft i had, most being at 1.5. get your guy, but get value as well. if nobody in the top half of the draft will trade, then sure, grab your guy. otherwise you're just leaving money on the table.


That’s just silly




Walker was my RB1 from a talent perspective. He can catch the ball, don’t let people discourage you from that. His biggest concern is pass protection which I’m sure he can learn. The real question is would you rather have Zach Wilson or an unknown Seattle QB? I still thing his talent is worth the pick though.


zzz$'xtggfg gf


Breece is pretty easily my RB1. That said, JAMO is my WR1 and I took him at pick 3 in multiple leagues, so where I don't agree that KW3 is worth 1.01, I respect going for your guy.


I'm not saying it doesn't work out. I just like halls chances better.


Either way you go, it's not really bad. I don't think either is destined for RB1 status right away. Jets look like they have a lot of mouths to feed and Zach Wilson doesn't like handing it off or passing to RB's, so Hall could be the odd man out on that offense. Meanwhile, Seattle doesn't have an offense. That could change fairly quickly. I'd expect KW to be in a similar role year 1 to Najee Harris. I'm picking late first, so I don't have a horse in the race.


That’s a bold move Imo, I don’t think KW3 will ever even reach top 10 RB numbers, least in PPR. His passing catching ability is literally one of the lowest target %’s coming out in the last decade. That’s a very damning stat when you notice that historically RB’s that don’t catch balls in College will almost Never start doing so in the NFL! So in order for KW3 to balance the lack of Receptions he will have to be a generational beast of a pure rusher (think D. Henry or A. Peterson) but he’s not exactly a inhumane beastly runner like D. Henry nor does he have the ridiculous body structure. Plus he’s on a team that is one of the most well known RBBC’s in the league, hell even the HC has already said KW3 is going to be Part of their RBBC. Honestly the only player other than B. Hall I would even consider taking at 1.01 would be D. London someone who is a genetic freak that just walked into the WR1 Role with a Unicorn at TE to help take defensive attention. Hell I’d lean more so to taking KW3 at 1.04 even, but hey if he’s your guy than it’s a good pick for your team, in the end none of us truly know what these rookies will do in the NFL.


Josh Jacobs


Why not trade down to 1.02 1.01 is basically considered the 1.02 and 2.02 at this point


Bc the person at 1.02 will know you’re trying to not pick Breece if you’re trying to trade back


In 2017 Fournette was RB1 by ADP and CMC was RB2. In 2019 D'Andre Swift was going after Jonathan Taylor, and certainly you'd rather have Taylor right now but anyone that went with their gut and picked Swift first is fine with that call. These are all percentage plays. I think Hall has a better percentage chance of being good, but they might both be good, or they might both bust. They might both hit or bust to different degrees. We don't know for sure.


Honestly I prefer the landing spot in Seattle over the Jets. Seattle has shown they love to run the ball, Carson looks like he never may get back to his old self, Penny is injury prone as well. The Jets look good on paper but I’m not buying it til I see it. So if you think Walker is the better talent then more power to you taking him 1.01.