Engram is a strong hold right now, hell I think he is even a buy low. Buying wherever I can


The one thing Engram has going against him is that he’s bad at tackle football


Good thing he doesn’t need to tackle.


If he was required to tackle, he’d surely struggle with that as well.


Or catch


Mark Ingram or Evan Engram


Deshaun Watson is the easy answer here. I hate the fact that I have him. And I hate myself for trying to get a decent return for him.


Stay hopeful. I was just buyer. After he settled 20/24 cases I grabbed him for Daniel Jones and projected late 2023 1st in a 16 team 1QB. You will likely have buyers soon after Tuesdays meeting with NFL. I bought with the general thought that he will be suspended a year because I don’t play FF under a moral moniker (completely fine if you do). There are buyers like me out there looking to buy the dip.


Some of us have a conscience. It’s fantasy football. It’s less fun having a rapist on your team. And even less fun actively trying to buy the rapist. But cool. Go you!


Oh come off it. I'm all for shaming the Watson owner but pretending you're "having a conscience" is a bit ridiculous lol.


I would say even shaming more than giving someone a hard time for holding him is a bit much. He's a shitty person. He's a great NFL QB with 3 years of consecutive top 5 performance on a team that was more than happy shipping their top talent elsewhere while he was performing at that level. Let me know how many fantasy points I get for shipping him because he's a shitty person. I bet it's a lot less than holding him. He's a worth a lot more on my team than someone else's until any sort of punishment is doled out.


You have to root for the guy every weekend if you invest anything in him. If it’s a steep discount fine (if SF it won’t be) but I’m not paying market value to place a bet on him. He’s going to be one of the most reviled active players ever.


Post your roster. I can just about guarantee you have a guy on your roster that pulled some shitty stuff once upon a time. Mixon, Hunt, Tyreek? Ever roster Big Ben? How about AB? Why don't you focus on making a stand that actually matters rather than not rostering certain guys on your fantasy team? Wow...


Watson isn’t a “once upon a time” offender.


So you're ok with rostering someone accused of rape, so long as its been a few years? You dancing around the question was all the answer I needed... You are rostering or have rostered at least 1 of the guys I mentioned. If you avoid guys with a record in fantasy football, it doesn't mean you're fighting the good fight, it just means you're bad at fantasy football.


"Rapist"? Jesus man, clearly the guy is a douche but come on...


Guilty until proven innocent, right?


Would you sell him for a single 1st?


Not OP but another self loathing Watson owner. I expect to go down with the ship and let him ride IR indefinitely since he’s still potentially worth more than that long term. He’s cost me 2 seasons of contention counting this one. I hate him, but can’t sell him for peanuts because I’ll hate myself even more if he’s worth 3 1sts+ next year.


You’re LUCKY that you get to put him on IR. I feel like serious leagues don’t allow suspended players to do so. I’m stuck with Ridley on my active roster in two leagues.


Can confirm, no suspended players on IR in any of my 4 leagues


I traded Ridley last season for Antonio Brown and a second round draft pick for this year, I’m happy, at lest I end up with something


Yeah this one is a (Allegedly) casual free league and I own no other shares in serious leagues, fortunately for me. Downside is the benches in this league are 10 guys. Hardly dynasty if you ask me. I also have Ridley on this team lol. Guy I inherited it from knew how to pick ‘em.


10 isn’t bad. Our league has 8 bench spots. Just play with what you have.


I don’t mind it too much in this league (It’s a friend and newbie thing).


Yes, suspended on IR isn’t a thing in any of my leagues. I’m carrying DHop & Ridley in a small rostered 12 team. Killing me!


I probably would at this point. Especially if it were an early-mid 2023 first rounder. I’m pretty stacked at QB and his status is really ambiguous.






I bought him for a single first 😐


> And I hate myself for trying to get a decent return for him. Unless you have to move him to make space then you should hold unless you get a decent offer. Fantasy football is about championships and winnings. You don't earn those by dumping morally compromised players. It may mean being a total loss as it continues to develop, but if you're not getting reasonable offers it's a wash


I have a buddy who, at the start of the DWAT allegations, put him up for trade and then promptly asked for 3 firsts and a starter. The same day I sent out a meme offer of my 1st and a 4th plus Kyle Trask, bc he’s my buddy and I wanna fuck with him. He laughed it off and said if I have a real offer get back to him. Long story short, I never did, and last week he texted me asking if that offer from forever ago was still on the table. I honestly didn’t even have a counter offer as I don’t have *any* roster spots to burn and very little draft capital left. A cautionary tale for cutting your loses for sure..


Keep clutching those pearls while those of us who treat this like the game this is clutch Ws


Its a game and its ok to not want to roster or root for him.


Is it okay to just play the game and take advantage of the discount? I don't root for the piece of shit in the long run, but I can read the tea leaves, and I think he comes back earlier than expected. Is it wrong for me to take value where I see it?


Games are supposed to be fun. If having a serial sexual assaulter on your team hurts your enjoyment of the game, I think it's reasonable to want him off your team.


Keep clutching your illiteracy while the rest of us actually understand the English language.


As an illiterate I seem to have a superior understanding of the words "accused", "dismissed", "civil", and "settled".


Oh so you have an inside track on exactly how many games he’ll be suspended for? And there can’t possibly be anymore skeletons in his closet…


Does it feel wrong to you to roster him and try to maximize a return for him because of his potential suspension/ban or because of the accusations against him? Your original comment clearly implied the latter.


Cool now try moving onto some phrases like “nearly impossible to litigate” and “obvious signs of impropriety” and “the court of public opinion is not beholden to the same burden of proof as a court of law” Or just downvote and move along, lots of posturing for someone not willing to keep going down with the ship


I understand all those phrases perfectly. Especially and unfortunately the 3rd one. If only the court of public opinion could understand why the difficulty it presents to litigators paints the entire situation grey.


If only you could understand that even if it were gray (which it’s not, you believe him or you don’t), that there’s no reason he should get to continue to make a quarter billion dollars to play a game and be in the public spotlight? Like sure, you put in a lot of hard work, but when you admittedly hire 66 “instagram masseuses” and admit that some of them led to consensual sex and one ended with you apologizing to a crying woman, then you get to get a job at Home Depot like everyone else now. Dudes a fucking clown at absolute best, which makes everyone supporting him staying in the league fucking juggalos at best. Enjoy celebrating randomly picking actually talented people and bragging about it like it means something. Grab them fantasy Ws that’s all that matters!


Personally think people would be fools to drop Engram, big opportunity in Jax


Especially if you've held him through any of his time for the Giants. I been unfortunately holding him for 3 seasons now. Why? No idea. But I'm not going to let him go for the piddly-winks offers I've seen so far, dammit.


I believe Engram could have a solid season with TLaw. He targets his TEs at a healthy clip. I have been asking for Engram in bigger trades and got him this offseason in two leagues.


Agreed. Even though it's a new regime TLaw has shown that he targets TE. Should be easy to sell once the season starts.


If he performs, why would he be a sell?


Not sure what OP means either, I've had guys try and buy him low off me and I've bought him low, so he isn't in that Antonio brown tier of no one wants him lol


That's what I say about OJ HOWARD!


Tbf, Howard looked like a bust since day 1


please take Robby Anderson and Darnold off my hands


Someone told me I could throw in Robbie or a 2023 3rd to get a deal done, the choice was a no brainer


My waiver wire was happy to accept Robby


Love this thread lol. Creative stuff from OP I'm looking to tier down from Deshaun Watson in my 1QB league because at some point it's just diminishing returns in that format.


I got A Mattison, T Brady, and 2.07 in 1 QB. Got to get creative in 1 QB.


When did this happen? It’s not a great haul imo but I don’t blame you for getting out.


About 1 month ago. Yeah I’ve been shopping for a long time. Only a few buyers and there’s no getting his actual value. I was pretty happy at the end of the day. Plus 1 QB sucks due to how many decent QBs are out there right now


I get it, in play in a 10team/1QB league and can’t imagine what it would get if I was trying to sell Watson. Do you own Cook?


I can obtain him right now for another 23 1st. I’m just not that big on Cook. I’m just ready for him to fall off the cliff. I like Mattison as a player and believe he either gets more opportunities this year or will sign with a new team as starter as a free agent next. I see your tag, I also own Chris Carson :(. Praying for a miracle


I don’t think Carson plays again… But when I first got into fantasy, he was the one guy I bought into bigggg. He was great while it lasted.


Sterling Shepard.


Couldn't even get a 4th for him from the contending Giants fan in a league.


Kamara and Watson


I have both as well


Lockett. I grabbed him everywhere I could a couple years ago and now can’t get anything for him. The best I’ve been offered is a 24 2nd. I love him as a real life WR, but I’ve got him in two rebuilds and can’t get anything for him. Both leagues overvalue young players and draft picks.


It's a struggle wanting to rebuild in leagues where everyone else does, too.


Always be rebuilding


I traded lockett and a late 1st rounder for aj brown early last year.


> The best I’ve been offered is a 24 2nd. Why didn't you take that? lol




He’s really only worth anything to the CMC owner.


Yeah we’ll I’m the CMC owner and I don’t even want him


Yeah, it’s hard to roster what is probably the RB3 on the Panthers.


I think the Panthers are just going to RBBC if CMC gets hurt again. Chubba still a decent guy to have like McKissic tier. Then again a lot of my leagues are deeper so that kind of effects my thought process.


Strongly disagree with McKissic tier, especially in PPR.


Offered him to a CMC owner for a probably late third and he smashed no in less than a minute. I think the general consensus amongst CMC owners is that he doesn't have a clear backup.


Maybe not a clear one, but the one I want is very much Foreman.


It’s crazy Chubba went before Foremen by 2 rounds in my recent startup


So a 3rd for Foreman and 4th for Chubba?


I don't really expect anyone to jump for a 3rd, so maybe a 2nd plus a pick back as functionally similar as that is. I got lucky he happened to be one of my end of season stashes last year. I don't really want Chubba but I could see buying him for a 4th just on the chance he is the #2.


I want to sell Jalen Reagor but nobody is going to give me anything for him because he's trash


Same, hoping the trade rumors pan out, and he gets a little boost in interest, similar to Bryan Edwards.


Calvin Ridley. A year ago, he was the crown jewel on my team. I laughed at measly first round trade offers. Even though I know he’s going to burn me, I just can’t bring myself to let him go.


Turned down Jefferson for him and a 2nd a year ago if that makes you feel better






Thread over


Same. Was offered Pittman and a 1st for him a while back


I almost took him at 2.1 in our dynasty startup last year




Someone recently gave up their Juju for Ridley? Great haul for you and foolish of them.


CEH for the love of god!!!


What would you accept for CEH?


As a CEH owner it would take at least a 1st round pick. I know he is very much trending towards BUST status but I couldn't justify letting him go for anything cheaper then a 1st considering what I paid. If he doesn't pan out this year again, I would drop my asking price to a 2nd. If he does pan out and produce, then multiple 1sts are on the table. I don't know about y'all, but the worst feeling in fantasy for me is getting impatient with a player, trading him for peanuts, and then watching him ball out on another player's team.


Hate to break it to you but if CEH “doesn’t pan out this year” he’ll be borderline droppable in all formats


Yep. Not paying a first for a guy who's shown he's circling the drain this year


Corderelle Patterson. No more WR eligibility so now he’s just a 31 year old RB. I should have sold high last year now I’m stuck with him


I mean is there much upside for a WR/RB. I mean unless you have really stringent format. I'd think the upside is having a rb that is getting you wr/special teams production. Worst case you flex him. IDK there seems to be 1000 WR and only 10 rb so I don't see the designation alone being that valuable. WR getting RB designation is important RB getting WR designation not so.


Sold him for Tee Higgins recently (owner also had J. Chase) and I’ve never been more pleased.


Kamara No one wanted him, either. I also have Ridley.


I am willing to buy, but what is the price in your opinion?


I bought him for the 2022 1.07 and a mid 2023 2nd. Felt like a good price.


I’d do that.


Especially for a contender


I wanted a first and a third. 14-team league IDP. I wound up taking Myles Jack and 3.10.


That was.... nowhere close to worth it. Sorry to break it to you.


I get that. My gamble is Jack turns into a top 10 LB in Pittsburgh. If he does, the deal feels better.


For Kamara?


I traded Kamara for Dionte Johnson. I had enough RB depth and the guy who wanted him needed a decent RB. Feels like an even trade.


Kamara > Dionte Johnson


I feel you.


I moved Kamara for two 1sts early this offseason and boy oh boy am I glad I got out when I did. I still think he's a value if you're already a competing team and would be looking to buy him low right now if I was, but if you're not, RIP.


Robbie Andersen.


Matt Ryan


Just got traded in my league for Darnold and 2 22 2nds, should be buyers, will be a valuable backup


Corey Davis but his value is so low I can not bare to move him right now


I traded him for a '24 2nd about a month ago


Yeah I am trying to get a second. No bites.


Claypool. Someone take this man-baby off my squad (s). I don't want to deal with the headache of rostering another AB.


Another AB? Lmao cmon bruh.


The Twitter drama, the shenanigans on the field, celebrating rather than focusing on winning, the signs are there. There is only one AB, but claypool has shown enough similarities that I’d rather sell him if I can get decent value. I’m not saying he’s a bad player, just too many red flags for mw


AB was an excellent fantasy receiver for a ton of years before being a head case. We can only be so lucky if claypool follows that path… But actually, totally different problems. AB was smart on the field and dumb off the field. Claypool is dumb on the field but hasn’t really had any off field problems. Not a good comparison. A better one would be desean Jackson dropping the ball before the end zone multiple times. That’s the kinda stupid things he does.


Agree to disagree on that one after seeing his Twitter feuds with other players in the league (Browns), but my point was more that on or off the field, he has shown enough red flags I’d rather move him for a similarly valued but less potentially volatile piece. It’s just how I play typically


You clearly don’t follow WRs enough if you think his Twitter feud was anything bad lol. Even Tom Brady talks smack on Twitter. Did you avoid Randy Moss, TO, Chad Ocho Cinco, etc. too?


Man I don’t know why you are battling me so hard on this. We can agree to disagree lol. I’ve read plenty of Twitter drama on WRs , i know it’s common. AB obliviously wasn’t the right comparison, he was more the first person that popped into my head because Steelers + headcase = AB A more apt comparison is probably Michael Thomas but far less talented


Cause my whole point was that comparing him to AB was way too extreme. He sexually assaulted people, froze his feet off, domestically assaulted his baby mamas, etc. Claypool has done nothing even close to those things. That said if you don’t want him on your team then fine trade him. His value is pretty much at its low though so I don’t recommend it.


AB is mental brother. Claypool is just a man-child who’s trying to market himself for life after football. Claypool was never an issue at ND and balled out his rookie season. His stats were pretty similar last season minus the TDs. I don’t blame you if you don’t like him and his tic-toc shenanigans. But the dude is not AB.


I'd love to buy him from you


What would you accept for him?


Amari Cooper


Sold him for Trey Lance and a 2023 2nd in a SF league


In a superflex?? You fleeced that guy wtf


Drafted pollard in too many leagues but cant get anything for him


I got a 2023 first for him lol.


That’s probably not common.


I got the 1.09 from the Zeke owner/contender


I’d probably just hold. He’s going to do a lot this year


Moved him + Fant for Hock. He’s a rare handcuff that actually has value to add to the value of your other trade piece.


Amon-Ra can only keep 12 and he's my 13th man trying to get a 2nd and no one's budging


Crazy. He’s easily worth a late 1st


Damien Harris


One of the trades in my leauge this offseason was Watson for Henry, straight up. Might be solid? But that new Watson owner must be shitting his pants


I'm trying to sell Gibson right now and no one seems interested. I think I'm just disappointed because I traded for him a week before the draft, where they took Robsinson. I also received Mitchell and Metcalf in that trade (before the Russ/49ers taking TDP news).


I bought him. I like his price at this point.


KJ Hamler. No one wants him, but just doesn’t seem like he should be on waivers quite yet. Plus I’m a PSU fan, so I’m tethered …


What’s the least you would sell him for?


I don’t care, I’m not dropping Keyshaun Vaughn yet! I DONT CARE


Julio Jones. Just want him to sign with the Packers so I can maybe get a 3rd for him


Unpopular opinion. Lamb


Hunter Renfrew. He's a sell high opportunity for a few more months.


I feel like the sell high opportunity passed when Tae went to Vegas.


During the season I got him through waiver and sold a few months later sold him plus a late 22 2nd for JK Dobbins.


What are you hoping to get for him?


I sold Renfrow for 2.01 when the pick was on the clock (selected Jahan Dotson). I'm happy with it.


Something in early 2023


Cordarrelle Patterson for sale but no one is buying. You jokers just wait until he puts up top 10 RB numbers for weeks 1 & 2 then come see me.


I've already seen what a full season of Cordarelle looks like with a better QB and no Drake London and it wasn't pretty in the second half of the season. What are you trying to sell him for?


Somebody please put me out of my Mimsery. Genuinely hoping he either gets cut in training camp or opens the season as a healthy scratch so I can finally stop holding on to hope. And a useless player.


Same! I also have Marlon Mack too and it's painful


If Mack actually starts then he can be flipped for something, I'm happy I stashed him


I was able to trade him for a 2023 early 2nd. Felt like holding out until the season was a risky bet, but he could do well and end up worth a 1st


As a rebuilding team: Ekeler. He's going to score way too many points but no one is willing to pay anywhere near fair value right now. I suppose I'll have to wait until the season to declare my independence


Hold until you’re in season, I was able to get 2 1sts and a 2nd for him last year in season. One of those turned out to be the 1.11, but still solid value.


Oh yeah I'd be ok with that


I'm an Ekeler owner that may commit to a tank. Hold him until some RB's get hurt (happens every year), then sell him to a competing team for 2 1'st or 1 st and a good young RB


I'm worried that Ekeler might be that RB that gets hurt and then I'm stuck. Obviously it's a complete crapshoot but I dont have any choice so my fingers are crossed.


ride or die!


Ekeler has been pretty good at staying on the field though.


Did you ever think that maybe your assigned fair value on him is too high? Trade charts are helpful, but each league is its own little market of its own.


The two best offers I've received are: (1) the 2.03 and 3.08 and (2) Christian Kirk and a 2023 3rd. That being said this is my home league where guys just make shit up as they go and don't necessairly play by the same rules as everyone else.


Diontae Johnson. I think he's a great NFL receiver & will be good long term but I don't think this year will be great with Mitch/Pickett. I don't remember the exact stat but the number of receivers that have had WR2+ seasons with a rookie QB is incredibly low. Big Ben was real life horrible but was great for fantasy & helped Diontae a lot. Diontae was second in targets & sixth in receptions last year but certainly isn't valued around there, especially with said QB issue. I'd love to move him but the market isn't there at all.


I’m still excited for Diontae. Won’t have as great a season as last. But neither will any Steeler. Out of all receivers I still feel DJ has the best floor and after this season he’s a free agent so he could end up in a better situation.


Talent wins! He's talented, so I'm good with keeping him, uncertainty or not.


What if I said I like my entire team 🥴🥴🥴 only 2nd year and I won our first year so I’m still riding happiness haha


Id love to get rid of Kamara. I'm going to wait for him to come back from suspension then try to flip him. Just think it's about that time I try to cash out while my return value is high.


I was finally able to dump Michael Thomas for a 2023 2nd which will most likely be pick 13 or 14 and I’m very happy.


Get Gibson off my team pronto


Why? What are you trying to get for him?


Darrell Henderson


Jared Goff




Tyler Higbee is my roster clog, but my TEs suck too much to get rid of him.


OBJ. Managed to trade him in one league, but still have another share


Gabe Davis and Rondale Moore


I sold Amari Cooper for a good haul (including future picks) to a contender but the trade took awhile to go through. The guy ended up quitting the league a few days ago and future picks require a deposit so now the trade has been voided.


As a contending team, DeAndre Hopkins is kind of a gross hold right now because of the suspension. Not sure I can sell but he is also the exact kind of player a contending team needs.


Chris Carson. Just let him fail his physical and retire from football and stop edging me. I’ve loved having him but it seems a little ambitious to say he returns to form after his neck surgery. I hope the best for the guy but I need the bench spot and I’ve heard zero about his return.


I dropped him and no one picked him up


Same thing for me.


Really hope I can get an offer I like for Mixon before the season starts. He was great for me last year but his value is going to plummet very soon.




Not a sexy name, but Sammy Watkins hopefully a few weeks into the 2022 season. He’s finally gone. I’m in a dynasty league with a ton of flex starters and super deep benches so basically anyone with a pulse and a potential flex option should be kept. I got Watkins right when he joined KC so the hype was high. He’s been an afterthought with some flash games here and there at best, but I can’t cut bait. Drafted both Christian Watson and Romeo Doubs in my rookie draft for a cheap value. As soon as I start to see snap counts and target share shift (or if he never even gets off the block) — I’m out. I can be free of the Lizard King.


kadarius toney😕 in my ONE and ONLY high stakes league, I drafted him. I legit have slight anxiety just knowing I have to deal with that this year😅


Trey Sermon. I want to drop him but I invested too much capital in him ;(


Evan Engram calls.


Miles Sanders. But nobody wants him


Aaron Rodgers for me... Have Russ and Lance and it's only a 1QB league.