Might as well hold. Doubt there’s anyone with higher upside on waivers




His high water mark was when he signed. If you've still got him he's worth next to nothing, might as well hold because there's still a snowball's chance he gets back to that 2nd round valuation


This is why when he signed, I was trying to move him for even a 2023 or 2024 2nd. I was more worried about bag holding than selling at a perceived loss of value if he took over. I'm more than okay with it. I had gotten him in a few places as a throw-in and promptly moved him after the news. Sometimes get the value you can if you know the player already versus what you think you could get due to injury.


What if CEH goes down and RoJo beats out Pacheco for the backup spot?


You mean what if Pacheco goes down and rojo beats CEH for the backup spot?




He made the Chiefs roster so I’d rather hold


I don’t see why you’d cut him at this point. He’s seemingly buried behind Pacheco and McKinnon, but they’re not exactly studs either. The backup situation can change and it all feels a bit muddled in KC at RB right now.


How dare you slander Pacheco! 😂


I’m still bracing myself for an onslaught of pro-Pacheco downvotes.


That’s the problem. He’s behind a cast of misfits and mediocre players. He’s become a roster clogger.


Things change quickly at RB.


Traded him for a 3rd two weeks ago somehow lol. I would try and move him or hold. Don't know your waiver wire but mine is pretty sparce.


i actually just traded Pacheco for picks and picked up RoJo to fill that empty spot. i would find it very funny if RoJo ended up having value as the RB2 while Pacheco faded into obscurity. (sidenote: i do like Pacheco's story and hope for him he has a successful NFL career!) good news is he made the roster, bad news is people were expecting him not to, which shows his potential for upside is pretty darn low. why don't we see how regular season plays out for a game or two to see how the pecking order really shapes up in KC. it's hard to differentiate between camp hype at this point.


Would u rather have pacheco or spiller


I would be willing to pay an early second, you should see if anyone realizes the elite rushing ability of Jones. He is a true spectacle, and can run very far and long. He is everything I want in my RB1.


An early second? Listen man I’m a Rojo truther but I only offered Sermon and a 3rd at the beginning of the off-season. The 2023 draft class is RB super heavy those early seconds are worth a lot


If you didn’t cut him during the preseason why would you cut him now? The hope was he would make the roster and now he did. He could well be the RB2.


Two injury prone RBs and 7th round rookie are ahead of him. Drop at your own risk


I traded him for a 2nd round pick as soon as the Chiefs signed/acquired him.


Wait until you see real game usage. This sub is so convinced Pacheco is the way, not because he did anything particularly great but because it's down on CEH and Ronald. And I'm not even convinced that is 100% true, I suspect it's equal parts willingly eating hype and trying to generate hype.


Traded him for a 4th…literally just sent the offer to every league mate and waited. Maybe try the same?


Lol I was thinking about trying this the other day. Probably the best thing to do with him at this point, good advice.


Hold for me. I also drafted him as a rookie. I think the backfield can change at any point.


What RBs are in FA younger than Jones?




that 1 yard shovel pass they always run.


You waited until he made the 53 man roster just to cut him?


Traded him for a 23 2nd after he went to the chiefs. 😎