Are you a Pretender or Contender?

List your roster, format, scoring settings, and any other helpful info to see if you have a chance this year.


I'm just happy to be included


You’re going to make it


10 Team 1/2 PPR, 2QB QB: Tom Brady, Trey Lance, Deshaun Watson, Daniel Jones, Jimmy G RB: D’andre Swift, Javonte Williams, Elijah Mitchell, CEH, Tony Pollard WR: Ja’Marr Chase, Davante Adams, Courtland Sutton, Elijah Moore, Brandon Cooks, Mooney, Brandon Aiyuk TE: Kyle Pitts, Dalton Schultz, Cole Kmet




This thread has 1.5k comments wtf


Everyone loves a good rosterbation. I like how my above comment has 40+ likes and it just says W but my actual team which is arguably better than his only has a few upvotes loll. When i commented on the post as soon as i saw it this morning there were 13 comments, and by the time i typed up my team there was 81 in a matter of a minute


Just took a look at your team and I don’t think it’s arguable. Your team is better than mine lollll


The friction from all the rosterbating in this thread could power a city for a week.


Go get that Dub this year my guy!


I appreciate all the love for my team!


Please check out my team in the thread and judge me accordingly.


This team is sick


Contender for sure


Very good team, but I don’t quite think it’s a lock. In 10 team, I’m sure there are a couple of other teams in a similar position as yours. Near guaranteed playoff team, but I wouldn’t categorize this as a super team locked for top 1 imo


No such thing as a lock for #1


Yeah, I agree. I need some things to break my way too. Definitely not a lock


Definitely contender


Team is a playoff contender for a 10tm but not the favorite


Solid team, definitely a playoff contender but in 10 team I wouldn’t say lock for chip by any means. Love javonte but we all know we have no idea what his workload is gonna look like. I don’t project swift as a sure fire too 5-10 back like a lot of people on this sub so maybe that’s the difference. Love your top 3 receivers and buying low on Aiyuk. Solid squad. See if you can take advantage of the swift hype and upgrade. Good luck.


Contender! Slight worry about RBs in half PPR, in a 10 teamer.


Solid team. If Mitchell stays healthy / javonte takes control I think you have a legit shot


looks good




Send out your picks for a high end RB and you’ll have it in the bag


5 quarterbacks why


How often do you rosterbate? There’s no wrong answer with that team


Damn I gotta ask how you built this one? That's so many elite assets.


A lot of trading and lucky waiver wire success haha. Traded for 3 2021 picks which turned into Pitts at 2, Chase at 4, and Lance at 7. Picked up Schultz, Mitchell, Mooney, Kmet from the waiver wire Traded Tee Higgins for Javonte and a second Traded a second for Aiyuk when he was in the doghouse and the owner lost faith in him And I’m lucky Brady unretired lol


Looks like a chip right here.


Contending asf


people saying "solid" are cray. that team is straight up yoked. In Superflex you have 6 players who all go in the first 3-4 rounds -- and then factor in the RB depth, WR depth, and Watson coming back week 11 (or trade chip) -- absolutely sick team. don't listen to the people underselling it.


You’re just making me more excited for the NFL season lmaooo. Thank you 🙏🏽


12 team. 1/2 PPR. 1 QB, 1-2 RB, 1 WR, 3 Flex QB: Josh Allen, Tua RB: J Taylor, CEH, Mattison, Zamir WR: Dionte Johnson, Aiyuk, Terry McLaurin, Doubs, T Boyd, Jameson Williams, N Westbrook, Shenault Def: Bills and bidding today hoping to pick up Saints or Browns until the Bills get a little better matchup.


Pretender, weak at RB depth and WR


Ya this seems like a middle of the road last in or first out team


Top heavy at QB and RB but I would say pretender because of the lack of WR depth. Perhaps you could ship out a couple of those mid tier WR's and a pick to get an elite WR


Good team! Not sure how I feel about your WRs, though, and you can use a little more RB depth. But in a 12 team, I could see this as a contender


Agree about the WR but Josh Allen and JT should be able to pick up the slack. Diontae Johnson is no slouch either


12 Team 1QB PPR QB: Mahomes RB: Swift, Javonte, Etienne, Hall, Penny, Michael Carter, Jamaal Williams, Kyren Williams WR: Kupp, Deebo, Amon Ra, Toney, Claypool, Juju, Watkins, Tim Patrick, Ty Thornton, John Metchie TE: Kittle, Gesicki, Likely


Easy contender. Very nice team


I don’t know, kinda weak at RB7


Assuming you won or at least played in the championship last year? This team can go either way for me but I’d still say you could swing a championship with them. A lot of these players could be insanely good this year or an underwhelming middle ground. Since I have a lot of the same players, best of luck! Haha


Actually I was a basement team last year lol. I punted year 1 and traded for injured players + picks, then eventually once they got healthier and we got closer to the draft I traded those assets for some of the guys I have now


Assumed you had a lot of these guys already, especially because I missed seeing that you had Hall. Good moves then imo! You definitely played your cards right to get a young RB foundation and a bunch of stud/potential stud WRs. As long as everyone stays healthy, you should be set. I’m personally not high on your TEs but they all have a lot of potential.


Yea by the end of the year I felt good rolling into the next season and made some win now trades for Javonte, Kupp and Kittle. Added Breece in the draft and parted ways with all my other draft cap pretty much to get them.


I think this team is a playoff contender but it may be tough to see it win a championship. If Javonte/Hall however pick up steam in the later half of the season, as is the norm for RBs in their situation, this team could win it.


Should be a lock for Top2, can win it all if Kittle stays healthy. RBs yound and good, with 4 starters plus 2 Top-Notch WRs and a generational QB - This is how you can go for a ship by investing in holes that might pop up due to injury during the season, gl mate!


Yea I love Kittle the football player but a little eh about his fantasy production, but he should be better than Gesicki. I moved back from 2 to 5 and gave up 1.11 to get him so I don’t think the price was crazy or anything - pretty much helped me solidify TE and helped a rebuilder with picks. I did, however give up a 23 2nd for Likely cause I’m a mad man


12 team PPR SF: QB: Burrow, Hurts, Baker RB: JT, Conner, Hines, McKissic, Carter, Herbert WR: Metcalf, Gabe, Keenan, Mooney, Elijah, Skyy, Zay Jones TE: Kittle, Hooper, Brevin


Solid foundation, not sure of it’s enough to go the whole way but if you ever decide to quit dynasty would gladly take over lol




I like what you are doing. Get a good rb prospect next year, plus the extra first for Monty hopefully. Javonte, elijah and pitts are awesome young talents, hopefully Lazard starts strong and you can trade him as well. If Walker falls to 10 that would be pretty great. Jamo as well


I also inherited an orphan team that was very bad with only 4 good assets to trade. Sold all and believe I got maximum value to rebuild. Packaged Derrick Henry, Alvin Kamara and Travis Kelce to a contender for Jaylen Waddle, Kyle Pitts, 2 2023 1st and a 2023 2nd. I also flipped Cam Akers for Tee Higgins, as well as a few other trades to pick up 2 2nds. My new roster now includes Waddle, Higgins, Amon Ra and Pitts with 3 2023 1st and 3 2023 2nds. Going to tank hard and hopefully get some more pieces to be a real team by 2024!


This one is tough. I think it’s on the verge of contending or could even go all the way with a bit of luck. But I also think it could fall apart quickly from regression by Jalen Hurts or lack of depth at RB and WR. Edit: brain went on autopilot


I’m the opposite on Hurts, I think he takes a josh Allen type leap this year with AJ Brown in town and another year in the same system. Not saying he’s gonna be josh Allen; but I think he locks himself firmly as a starting QB. It’s hard to imagine now, but all the same questions and doubt were being ask about Allen before he broke out too


I definitely think you’re a contender, if not a favorite especially in a 12 team dynasty


Depends on the depth of the starting lineup - but it feels like this team is a contender if it’s 2RB / 2WR / Flex. A lot hinges on the health of Conner / Kittle - as things could fall apart if either of them have another injury filled year (albeit Conner was solid in that regard last year.)


Oh yeah sorry, it’s 1QB/2RB/3WR/2flex/1SF. So I’ll be starting 5 WRs


W just for somehow landing Burrow, Hurts and JT


Finally, someone with an opinion that confirms my bias


12 Teams | 1PPR | 1QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/2FLEX QB: J. Herbert / J. Goff / J. Love RB: K. Walker / C. Akers / T. Etienne / E. Mitchell / B. Robinson / M. Mack / A. Smith / B. Scott / J. Patterson / T. Davis-Price / T. Badie WR: J. Waddle / T. Higgins / D. Smith / K. Toney / T. Thornton / Q. Watkins / M. Callaway / K. Osborn / D. Eskridge TE: D. Goedert / A. Trautman / D. Bellinger


Feels pretender to me because you’re lacking top end talent at RB and WR; things could certainly go your way though


Thanks, I agree. 6 firsts in the next two years to fix that.


Beautiful, you’re in a nice spot then. Could also move sone firsts and contend now. I’m very impatient though so take that with a grain of salt


You’ll be running your league in a year. Good foundation!


That running back room is 50/50 between "dominates the league from 2023" and "spend 50% of your games on IR" Love the foundation though and think you're set up nicely with all those 1st round picks


12-Team PPR SF **QB:** Kyler Murray, Trevor Lawrence, Mac Jones **RB:** Travis Etienne, JK Dobbins, Breece Hall, AJ Dillon, Kareem Hunt, Ke'Shawn Vaughn, Chris Evans, Jaylen Warren, and other depth guys. **WR:** DK Metcalf, DJ Moore, Rashod Bateman, Darnell Mooney, Allen Robinson, Drake London, Adam Thielen, Nico Collins, DPJ **TE:** Hockenson, Freiermuth, Parham, Bellinger **2023 Picks:** Two firsts, two seconds, one third


I would lean pretender for this year. Great core players but might be just a year away


Yeah, I think I'm likely a one-and-done playoff team this year. Not bad enough to miss the playoffs in my league, but not strong enough to hang with the contenders most likely. But I guess we shall see!


Probably an elite WR away but DK could be elite again next year with a young stud QB.


Unfortunately the odds of a rookie QB being able to support WR1 numbers are very slim. One can hope next year, but also be mentally prepared that DK won’t be a consistent WR1 until probably 2024


Yep, this is a team that has a ton of volatility, which is generally good for a rebuild scenario.


I think you could absolutely sneak into the playoffs and if you miss the injury bug you could make a push


Damn solid core with great depth. I’d argue borderline, almost contender. With the young core in place and great 23 draft capital, well on your way to contender by next year for sure. Solid build


Good young squad that can get lucky and stumble to a contender. But without luck, most likely a pretender imo.


Solid foundation. But a lot of unproven. Can see you winning but think pretender for this season


High potential but big question marks for pretty much h everyone but Kyler. I see you winning something in the next 4 years but probably not this year.


You season this year hinges on the performance of those young running backs


Pretender in this season except if ETN, Dobbins and Hall all 3 perform atleast on the expected level with one of them leaping ahead. Same with the younger receivers. However this is a Team with 3+ years of a window so not bad considering your 23 capital!


12 teams, hppr, 1qb QBs: Russell Wilson, Fields RBs: Swift, Zeke, M Sanders, K Herbert, Pollard, Pacheco, Zamir, Snoop, G Edwards WRs: Kupp, Evans, M Williams, Bateman, G Davis, Dotson, Lockett, Reagor TEs: Andrews, Jonnu, Tremble


I think this team might be able to do it unless you lose an RB or Andrews


this feels like a playoff team but not a championship team. There really isnt enough top end talent. Swift Andrews and Kupp are a good core but im worried about Russell Wilson, Zeke as rb2, and evans as WR2.


Russ is my MVP vote this year, but i think Zeke as RB2 could be your demise. Solid core, i’ll say contender


12 team, half PPR, superflex, 3WR QBs: Dak, Stafford, Tannehill RBs: Ekeler, Saquon, Montgomery, Burkhead, Boston Scott, Jeff Wilson, Benny Snell, Jerome Ford WRs: Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, CeeDee Lamb, Jakobi Meyers, OBJ, Romeo Doubs, Kyle Phillips, Zay Jones, Devin Duvernay,Nick Westbrook Ikhine TEs: Kyle Pitts, Dalton Schulz, Austin Hooper, CJ Uzomah, Dulcich (taxi squad)


Contender, but I worry a little about the WRs with two being from TB and a dropoff after Ceedee.


My dude, people see his WR room and use it as the basis for the Flat Earth theory. That drop off is **massive**


Contending for sure


You're a contender but I'm willing to bet you're not the favorite on paper. I think your lack of depth may hurt you eventually.


You need another reliable WR for depth. Contender though


12 team PPR 1QB QB: Rodgers, Dak, Lawrence RB: Mixon, Javonte, Damien Harris, Stevenson, Henderson, Akers, Perine, Eno, Warren WR: Adams, Elijah Moore, Sun God, DK, Godwin TE: Kelce, Hock, Albert O IR: Justyn Ross, Jamo Taxi: Likely, Garrett Wilson, Kyle Phillips 2023 Picks: 2 1sts, 1 2nd, 3 3rds


Is that Javonte and Najee Harris? This is a contender for a long time


my bad just edited it to show damien harris, which definitely changes things lol


Either way a deep room, especially considering you have Harris and Stevenson, and can start whichever gets the bulk of the carries


as the damien harris vs stevenson debate rages on i just hope that one of them takes the reins, i don’t care which one


12 team 1QB .5 ppr QB: Mahomes, Mac Jones, Willis RB: Zeke, Fournette, Mitchell, Jrob, Allgeier, Foreman, TDP, BRob WR: AJB, Tyreek, Hopkins, Mooney, Burks, Parker, Zay Jones, Atwell, Marshall TE: Hock, Gesicki, Jordan


Pretender. I'll give you a third for JRob.


Playoff team for sure, and if the cards fall right I can certainly see a championship


16 Team 1 QB 0.5 PPR QB: Burrow - Ryan RB: JT - Swift - Dillon - KW3 - Gainwell - Spiller - Sermon - Joshua Kelley WR: Higgins - Metcalf - Elijah Moore - Mooney - Jameson Williams - Alec Pierce - Parris Campbell - Shenault TE: Hock - Everett DST: Bills I think I’m well set for a few years with a fairly young team.


Contender for sure. Your team would be stacked for a 12 team let alone 16


Thanks dude. I don't have a draft pick until 2025 though...


It won’t matter your probably won’t need one. Even if you wanted to draft you could easily trade for picks mid season with all the depth you have


12 Team PPR, 1QB. I've been rebuilding for a couple years and things finally feel like they're coming together. Feel like I'm still a piece or two away from contender, though. QB: Kyler, Fields RB: Monty, Javontae, Etienne, Pierce, Edmonds WR: Waddle, Sutton, London, Aman-Ra, Kirk, Aiyuk, Gabe TE: Schultz, Gesicki, Irv Sm, Kmet


12 team PPR SF- QB: Brady, Lance, Winston, Garoppolo, Watson RB: JT, Dobbins, Gordon, Homer, Kelley, Warren WR: Kupp, Tyreek, Cooks, MVS, Toney, Van Jefferson, Gage, Jameson (PUP) TE: Kelce, Knox, Njoku, Brate Feel a little weak at RB, but very solid everywhere else.


Definitely a contender


I assume you probably start two RBs and JT will be in there each week. You can definitely play matchups and get by on the second RB spot.


Contender. Weak at RB but you could probably get a serviceable backup for one of your backup TEs to add depth


Dynasty Daddy says I am a Fraud, so I'll go with that! ​ 10 Team - PPR QB: Burrow, Z Wilson, Cousins RB: Mixon, Zeke, Pierce, N Hines, Kelley, Benjamin, Sermon, Evans, Haskins WR: AJ Brown, Dj Moore, Mooney, D Smith, C Davis, T Lockett, Burks, Gage, MVS, Duvernay TE: Schultz, Goedert, Tremble, Likely ​ Really need to get rid of Goedert, too many Eagles and already have Schultz. Do not know the value though. RB is thin! Currently starting 4 WR...


That looks like a playoff team, but not a contender.


12 Team PPR 2 qb league Qb : Russ,Fields,Mac Jones RB : CMC, Miles Sanders, Gus Edwards, Tony Pollard, Patterson WR : Scary Terry, DK, Bateman, Lazard, Toney TE: Gesecki, Irv Smith jr 1st and 6th pick in this years first round and 1st pick in rounds 2 and 3. Thinking of going 2 rb here at the draft since im pretty weak there i think…also probably need another qb at some point


Pretender for now with that RB depth and lack of a top 5 TE. Good draft cap tho!


12-team PPR: QBs: Burrow & Brady RBs: JT, Monty, AJ Dillon, Kenny Walker & Hines WRs: Chase, DK, Bateman, Aiyuk, Osborn, Nico Collins & Doubs TEs: Knox, Friermuth & Dulcich We also do IDPs and here are my guys: DE: Parsons & Chase Young LBs: Warner & Bobby Okereke DBs: Winfield Jr. & Minkah (We start one at each position group)


12 Team | 1ppr | 1QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/1Def/1K QB: Joe Flacco (yeah I know just for week one) / Stafford RB: D. Henry / A. Gibson / K. Hunt / D. Pierce / A. Mattison / C. Hubbard WR: T. McLaurin / C. Sutton / D. Johnson / E Moore / D. Parker / M. Gallup (IR) TE: TJ Hockenson Def: Colts K: D. Carlson


Team 1: 12 Team SF .5PPR 1PPR TE Prem QB/2RB/3WR/TE/2Flex/SF QBs: Jackson, Cousins, Mariota, Ridder RBs: A. Jones, Fournette, Mitchell, D. Harris, Patterson, Penny, Mostert WRs: Evans, Thielen, A. Robinson, Aiyuk, London, Chark, Kirk, Parker, OBJ TEs: Waller, Gesicki Team 2: 10 Team SF 1PPR 2PPR TE Prem QB/2RB/3WR/TE/2Flex/SF QBs: Herbert, Prescott, Mariota, Ridder RBs: Taylor, Ekeler, Fournette, Patterson, Hines, Allgeier WRs: Allen, Hollywood, A. Robinson, Hopkins, Thielen, London, J. Jones, Lockett, M. Thomas TEs: Hockenson, Goedert, Woods


12 team ppr best ball start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 R/W/T Lance, Fields, Mac Jones Hall, Walker, Mitchell, Edmonds, TDP, Zamir White Chase, Sutton, Hollywood, Renfrow, Gabe Davis, Palmer, Collins, Shakir Muth, Kmet, Likely


Future contender. I don’t think your RB are going to get going soon enough to compete, but I hope I’m wrong.


Thanks for the reply. I agree, I'm probably a year out from contending. I took ownership of this orphan last year and I'm pretty pleased on how its rebuild is going. I don't own a 2023 second or third, but I do own my 2023 first and another 2023 first from a decent team.


14 team half PPR SF (3 flex) Qbs: Hurts, Matt Ryan, mariota Rbs: JT, Kamara, Dmont, Singletary, Hines, eno Wrs: JJ, Pittman, Kupp, aiyuk, gage Te: Schultz, tonyan, trautman 2023 picks: 1 first, 2 seconds, 1 third, 1 fourth


Solid friggin team. I am a little offended you didn’t list JT first on your RB list. Lol.


Haha you right I couldn’t do JT dirty like that I switched it kamara could eat shit


12 Team .5 PPR, 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 2TE, 1 Flex QB: Herbert, Jimmy G, Pickens, Smith RB: CMC, Cook, Edmunds, Patterson, Wilson, Warren, Vaughn WR: Thomas, Robinson, Jeudy, Mckenzie, Chark, Sanders TE: Hooper, Hill, Uzomah, Deguara So many studs, but the roster feels so incredibly thin to me. I have all of my future picks and no extras currently


10 Team. 2 QB, 3RB, 4WR, 2TE, 2 Flex. Half PPR QB’s, Herbert, Fields, Tua, Mills RB’s, Swift, Barkley, Penny, Sanders, Gainwell, Walker, Edwards. Davis-Price, Mason WR’s. Chase, Waddle, Devonta Smith, DK, Thomas, Hopkins, Claypool, Pickens, Toney, metchie, Phillips, Thornton. TE’s. Gesicki, Everett, Parham, Bryant, Bates, Granson, Mcbride.


12 Team 1/2 PPR 1 QB QB: Lamar Jackson, Aaron Rodgers RB: D. Henry, Kamara, Ekeler, A.J. Dillon, Spiller, Darrel Williams, Josh Kelley, D’Onta Foreman WR: Davante Adams, Diggs, Keenan Allen, Michael Thomas, Hunter Renfrow, Allen Lazard, Cobb TE: Waller, Alie-Cox, McBride, Isaiah Likely Obviously a solid team but I didn’t win either of the last two years and I’m clearly on the older side, wondering if I should ride it out and try to win it this year or just try and get younger while I can.


10 team 1/2 PPR standard QBs: mahomes, Zach Wilson RBs: Akers, CEH, Dillon, Walker WRs: Kupp, Deebo, claypool, Bateman, moore, Garrett Wilson TEs: Goedert, freiermuth, Albert O


Pretender. Too much uncertainty at RB.


SF PPR 12 team QB: L Jackson, R Wilson, Tua, Minshew RB: Zeke, Damien Harris, R Stevenson JK Dobbins, K Herbert, Pollard, K Drake, James Robinson, Pierre strong WR: Stefan Diggs, D Samuel, K Allen, T McLaurin, Michael Thomas, Michael Gallup, H Reinfrow, Jarvis Landry, TE: Mark Andrews and some scrubs


You’re amazing at everything but RB, and you’ve got enough there to put together competitive starters week in and week out. I think you’re legit for sure.


12 Team PPR SF QB: Mahomes, Burrow, Russ Wilson RB: JT, Harris, Javonte Williams, Sanders, Ingram WR: Lamb, AJ Brown, T Higgins, E Moore, DJ Moore, S Moore, D Smith TE: Pitts, Gesicki, Conklin Have 3 1sts to react in season but hoping I don’t need them. My WR is a bit young Edit: spacing


Wow, nice team. That’s for sure a contender.


Is Harris Damien or Najee?




That’s a filthy team for a 12 man league.. not a contender—lord status


I didn’t even make playoffs last year. We have divisions and ours is just brutal


12 team .5ppr Qb: Mahomes , burrow , Wilson RB: Javonte , breece , dobbins , Gibson , Gordon , Mattison , Gainwell , Carter , TDP, Ingram WR: Pittman , DJM, Cooks, Bateman , thielen , Gallup , Chark TE: hock , Kmet , Everett , bellinger Thinking I might be able to contend this year but for sure next year when my RBs are fully healthy and incorporated


I agree with your thinking


12 team .5 PPR: QB: Allen, Mayfield, Howell RB: Dillon, Gibson, J.Wilson, Stevenson, J.Robinson, J.Cook, KyrenWilliams WR: Pittman, Kirk, Woods, Claypool, Moore TE: Pitts, Everett Super weak RB/WR Cores


10 Team Dynasty SF 1/2 PPR QB: | Kyler | Mahomes | Mills | RB: | Najee | Breece | Zeke | M.Carter | Gainwell | Eno | Spiller | McKinnon | J.Mason | WR: | Kupp | D.Adams | Waddle | Toney | Hardman | R.Moore | Lazard | MVS | TE: | Pitts | H.Henry | Likely |


12 team 0.5 ppr SF (start 9, bench 10, taxi 4): QB: Russ, Tua, Jameis, Jimmy G RB: Saquon, Ekeler, Swift, Conner, Henderson WR: Jamaar Chase, Tyreek, AJ Brown, Sutton, D Parker, Gage, Meyers, Shenault TE: Andrews, Hurst, Jelani Woods


Pretty confident this is a contender/. You just play matchups at the SF and if Barkley hits this squad should make a run.


I also own likely the 1.01 in 2023 (and my own 1st) so I'll have to decide if I want a top QB or top RB since Ekeler is not getting any younger


10T PPR SF - start 1QB, 3RB, 4WR, 2TE, 1SF QB: Lamar, Kirk, Zach Wilson, Daniel Jones RB: JT, Elijah Mitchell, Cam Akers, Rhamondre, Miles Sanders, Gainwell, Darrel Henderson, Spiller WR: Chase, Waddle, Arob, Sutton, Bateman, E Moore, C Godwin, Hamler, Nico Collins TE: Pitts, Friermuth, Kmet, Likely, McBride


14 team half ppr 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 flex no TEP QB: Dak, Cousins RB: Kamara, Mixon, Rachaad WR: Jefferson, Waddle, Higgins, Sutton, Cooks, Jameson TE: Waller, Albert O I’ve got multiple firsts to make a move on another RB, but I’m waiting for the right time.


10 team superflex ppr Qb: Josh allen, Lamar Jackson, mac jones Rb: d’andre swift, aj dillon, dameon pierce, Antonio gibson, Alex mattison Wr: tee Higgins, courtland Sutton, terry mclaurin, kadarius toney, Christian Kirk Te: Kyle pitts


10 team .5 ppr 3 WR 2 Flex QB: Brady, Lance, Mills RB: JT, CMC, Elijah Mitchell, David Montgomery, Tony Pollard, Miles Sanders, Khalil Herbert WR: JJ, CD Lamb, Michael Pittman, Rashod Bateman, Drake London, Romeo Doubs TE: Dawson Knox, Albert O


12 team 1 QB, 6pt PassTD, ppr QB: Hurts, Brady RB: Henry, Connor, ETN, Algeier, WR: Jefferson, Diggs, Bateman, McLaurin, Gage, Skyy Moore, Tolbert, MVS, Toney TE: Ertz, Kmet


Great lineup. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your RB health, if they hold up you've got a great shot.


12 Team PPR SF TEP 6IDP QB: Kyler, Baker, Geno RB: Kareem Hunt, Kenny Gainwell, absolute shit backup RBs WR: Higgins, MT, Mooney, Godwin, Isaiah McKenzie, Laviska, Van Jeff TE: Mandrews, Pitts, Conklin, Trautman, Gerald Everett 2 starting DL: Danielle Hunter, Leonard Williams/George Karlaftis if he goes crazy on pass rushing 2 starting LB: Foye Oluokon, Shaq Thompson/Anthony Walker 2 starting DB: Kevin Byard, Taylor Rapp/Jayron Kearse/Quandre Diggs I know I’m a pretender, but how easily can I shape this into a contender in the coming years with 3 2023 firsts. Definitely need to move off andrews for elite QB/RB but we shall see


You badly need rbs to turn this around. Gotta hit all 3 of those ‘23 1sts.


Sorry buddy, you might be pretending.


12 TM 1QB 1/2PPR TEP QB: Stafford, Cousins RB: Najee, Javonte, ETN, Breece Hall, Gainwell, Hubbard WR: Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill, Higgins, DJ Moore, Claypool TE: Pitts, Kmet


10 team, PPR 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex QB: Stafford, Lance, Tua RB: JT, Barkley, Dillon, Etienne, Mitchell, Gibson, Pierce, Edmonds WR: Adams, Kupp, Lamb, McLaurin, Waddle, Diontae, London TE: Andrews, Higbee, Jordan


10 team 2QB .5 PPR QBs: Herbert, Mahomes, Brady Rbs: JT, Kamara, Mitchel, Gibson, James robinson WR: Kupp, DJ Moore, Keenan Allen, Tee Higgins, Pittman, Aiyuk TE: Kelce Picks: early 2023 1st, mid 2023 1st


Im a contender for them 1st pick of the draft....for the next 3 years


12 team PPR SF QB: Prescott, Stafford, Darnold, Goff RB: Barkley, Ekeler, Dobbins, Edmonds, Strong, Moss, Pacheco, Forman, Allgier, Samaje WR: Pittman, Diontae, Lockett, Mooney, Jeudy, Olave, Wandale, Woods, Meyers, Edwards, Davis TE: Waller, Cmet, Jordan K: Bass Start qb rb rb wr wr wr te k sf and a few irrelevant (low scoring) idp spots I feel like I'm going to be perennially top 4 but my qb room could come crashing down at any moment.


Ten team SF half ppr QBs (Allen, Mahomes, Carr, Mills, Wentz) RBs (JT, Fournette, Hunt, AG, Dame Harris, McKissic, Hilliard, McKinnon, Abdullah, Jeff Wilson, Jerome Ford, Keaontay Ingram) WRs (Kupp, Adams, Lamb, Higgins, Claypool, Olave, Chark, Alec Pierce, Wan’Dale, Shakir) TEs (Knox, Gesicki, Engram, Likely)


I don’t see how this team doesn’t make the playoffs. Easy contender. TE isn’t great but you’re stacked everywhere else. Only thing stopping this team could be some bad injury luck at RB.


10 team 1QB, 2 flex PPR : Jalen Hurts, Justin Fields, Daniel Jones RB: Jonathan Taylor, Najee Harris, Saquon Barkley, Travis Etienne, Kenneth Walker, David Montgomery, Nyhein Hines Wr: Jamarr Chase, AJ Brown, DK Metcalf, Michael Thomas, Treylon Burks, Christian Watson, Rondale Moore, Donovan People Jones,Kadarius Toney, Michael Gallup, Jaylen Waddle TE: Dallas Goedart, Austin Hooper, Isaiah Likely, Noah Fant


You must have drafted with absolute idiots


League imploded after four years, so neither.


**12 Team .5 PPR SF** - **QB:** Mahomes / Lamar / Carr - **RB:** Swift / Jacobs / Rhamondre / Jamaal Williams - **WR:** Jets / Diggs / Waddle / Jeudy / DJM / Bateman / Chark / Gallup / Boyd - **TE:** Kittle / Engram / Tremble / Ruckert - **Picks:** (2) 23 1sts / (3) 23 2nds I’ll make a push for RB depth closer to the playoffs. I like to run a shallow RB roster until the playoff push.


10 team SF PPR TEP QBs: Dak, Brady, Fields, Z. Wilson RBs: Swift, Saquon, Javonte WRs: CD, Tee, AJB, DK, ARob, Tolbert TEs: Hock, Ertz, Fant


I think you know that’s a contender my man lol


Tough cause I'm 5th on projected points


Fuck projected points, you’re good to go


I’d say you’re a borderline contender, with plenty of depth to trade yourself into a high end contender status by the end of the season (DKM/Hock for Pitts or Andrews?)


10 team. .5ppr. 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1 Flex, 1SF QB: Justin Herbert, Dak Prescott, Mac Jones RB: Jonathan Taylor, Leonard Fournette, Damien Harris, Rhamondre Stevenson, Melvin Gordon, Kenneth Walker III, Trey Sermon, Kene Nwangwu WR: Deandre Hopkins, Mike Williams, Terry McLaurin, Rashod Bateman, Jameson Williams, Chris Olave, Allen Lazard TE: Dalton Schultz, Albert O, Brevin Jordan


Contender for sure


10 team SF, O.5 ppr, 0.25 per rush: QBs: Russell Wilson, hurts, Daniel Jones, Zach Wilson RBs: Kamara, Mixon, Gibson, Dobbins, Javonte, Khalil Herbert, WRs: Lamb, Tee Higgins, McLaurin, Bateman, Mooney, Toney, Claypool, Palmer, Nico Collins TE: Waller, Kmet, McBride


Only thing in question for this team is if you get that top 5 production you want from CeeDee. Easy contender but could be missing that WR1 piece needed to really put it over the top depending on how things go with CD as the #1 and just how much extra volume that translates to.




12 team PPR 1QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/2FLEX (First Year of League) QB: Murray, Fields, Watson RB: Gibson, James Cook, Spiller, Raachad White, Mike Davis WR: Lamb, Pittman, Waddle, Olave, Garrett Wilson, OBJ, Terrance Marshall Jr. TE: Pitts


12T 1QB 2RB 2WR 3FLEX 1TE DST/K PPR QB: Hurts, Mayfield, Wentz, Z Wilson RB: Swift, Cook, Monty, B. Hall, Mattison, Kyren Williams, Ty Chandler WR: DK, Waddle, Evans, Scary Terry, ARSB, Gallup, KJ Osborn, Alec Pierce, Parris TE: Gesicki, Kmet, Jordan Notes: probably trimming one QB off since 1QB (thinking Wentz) and Ty Chandler if Mattison doesn't get traded last second here, but don't know if I should hold the first couple of weeks in case another back goes down and a team then decides to make the move Mattison


12 team SF PPR QB: Dak, Lance, Flacco RB: ETN, Pollard, Pacheco, Khalil Herbert, Eno Benjamin, Boston Scott, Jerome Ford WR: Ceedee, Moore x3 (DJ, Skyy, Elijah), Jakobi Meyers, Tolbert, NWI, Kyle Phillips, Thornton, Metchie TE: Waller, Freirmuth, Likely, Bellinger, Woods, Ferguson 4 2023 firsts so my RB situation will be fixed next year lol


12 team .5 PPR 1 QB 2RB 3WR 1RB/WR 1WR/TE QB: Dak, Jameis, Daniel Jones RB: Ekeler, Gibson, Penny, Pierce, Hall, Vaughn WR: JJ, AJ Brown, Tee Higgins, Jeudy, Claypool, Juju, Rondale Moore, Drake London, Amari Rodgers, Alec Pierce TE: Njoku, Fant, Tremble, Dulcich


10 Team SF 0.5 PPR Start 10 QB: Herbert, Hurts, Wentz, Mariota, Trubisky RB: JT, CMC, Swift, Mixon, Mitchell, Jacobs, Sanders, etc. WR: Diggs, Higgins, DJM, Diontae, ARob, Bateman, Woods, Kirk TE: Hock, Goedert 2023: 3 1st’s, 2 2nd’s, 2 3rd’s, 2 5th’s Lost the ship past two years in a row!


that's tough losing the ship twice in a row with that RB core


10T, 0.5 PPR, 1QB, 2 FLEX QB: Cousins, Lawrence, Pickett RB: Swift, Saquon, Edmonds, Rhamondre, Mattison, Drake WR: AJB, DK, Bateman, E Moore, London, Gage, G Wilson, C Watson, Metchie, J Williams, Doubs, Pierce TE: Kittle, I Smith Got a haul of young WRs. KTC has me finishing last this year but with the best assets. Curious what people think


12 team, 1QB half ppr start 8 QB: Brady, TLaw RB: JT, Chubb, Hunt, B. Robinson WR: Evans, Pittman, Elijah Moore, London, Olave, Kirk, Nico Collins TE: Hock, Mcbride And, for what it's worth, I'm the defending champ.


10 team PPR ...1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 FLEX, 1 TE QB: Hurts, Fields, Mac, Lawrence RB: Javonte, ETN, Dillon, Tyler Badie, Kyren Williams, Pierre Strong, Herbert, D'Ernest Johnson WR: Jefferson, Waddle, Lamb, Bateman, Pittman, Marshall TE: Njoku, Gesicki, Bellinger


12 Team Superflex TEP I feel like I know the answer QB: Herbert, Dak, Tannehill RB: Cook, Chubb, Zeke WR: Keenan Allen, Lockett, Jakobi Meyers, Tyler Boyd TE: Kittle, Hunter Henry


This is my first year in a dynasty league 12 team superflex te premium 3wr, 2rb, 3 flex Qb: Herbert, Russel Wilson, ridder RB: Aaron Jones, Damian Harris, Kareem hunt, Michael carter, Hines, Gus Edwards, foreman, Khalil Herbert, R White Wr: dj Moore, waddle, Pittman, jeudy, M Thomas, Kirk, callaway, A rodgers, tutu atwell, Te: Austin Hooper, alie-cox, Howard, Kyle granson, Greg dulcich


Guessing it’s DJ Moore? Must specify that one. TE situation is a nightmare but solid squad otherwise.


10 team SF / .5 ppr QB: Russ, Tua, Pickett RB: Chubb, Akers, Dobbins, Walker III, J Robinson WR: DK, Waddle, Sutton, McLaurin, Lazard, Gallup TE: Pitts, Higbee


10 team sf, 0.5 ppr, 2 flex 1 wr/te flex QB: Lamar, Rodgers, Goff, Tannehill, Minshew RB: Montgomery, Conner, D Harris, Herbert, all SF backups, Dernest, Kyren williams WR: Ceedee, Evans, Bateman, D Johnson, DK, DHop, Dotson, berrios TE: Pitts, Ertz, sample, bryant, woods


12 team SF 1 point ppr start 2 RBs 3 WRs and a flex. QB: Herbert, Fields, D Jones, D Mills RB: Barkley, Dillon, Henderson, G Edwards, M Davis, P Strong, K Williams (rams) WR: Lamb, DK, Cooks, E Moore, D Hopkins, J Dotson, N Collins, Z Jones TE: Hockenson, J Woods, H Hurst


12 team half ppr SF 3 WR 1 Flex, funky contract rules QB-Allen, Winston RB- Barkley, Evans, Foreman, Gordon, Herbert, Hunt, Moss, Penny, Pollard WR-Diggs, Hollywood, Cooks, DJ Moore, Pittman, Watkins TE-Knox, Fant, Brate Taxi-G Wilson, TDP, K Brooks, Robinson, A Smith, D Bell, Doubs


12 Teams | 1PPR | 1QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/2FLEX QB: J. Hurts / J. Goff RB: A. Ekeler / A. Jones / D Henderson / K Hunt / R Burkhead / B. Robinson / R. Mostert / D Johnson / T. Chander WR: K Allen / A Robinson / M Brown / A Lazard / J Williams / OBJ / N Westbrook-Ikhine / W Fuller / J Reynolds/ B Berrios/ A Brown / E Ezukanma / K Philips/ D Gray TE: T Kelce / D. Bellinger


12 team superflex te premium/ Start 10 Qb: Dak, Lawrence, Zach Wilson Rb: Swift, Gibson, Walker, Dameon Harris, Rhamondre Wr: Higgins, Elijah Moore, DJM, Mike Williams, Skyy Moore, Sutton Te: Hock and Irv Smith




1QB .5 PPR 2 Flex LJax, Brady, Goff Henry, Jacobs, Conner, McKissic, RoJo, McKinnon, Burkhead Sutton, DJ Moore, Elijah Moore, Juju, Thielen, Woods, OBJ, Lockett Hooper, Engram, Logan Thomas


12 Team PPR SF 1qb/SF/2rb/3wr/flex/TE QB: Hurts, Burrow, Fields, RB: Ekeler, Swift, Aaron Jones, Dameon Pierce, d'ernest, spiller, gus WR: Jefferson, Tee, DK, Elijah Moore, amon ra, Thornton TE: Ertz, Kmet, fant, Mcbride




Close but TE and WR not ideal


10 team 0.5PPR TEP SF: QB: Lamar, Brady, Mariota, Love RB: Barkley, Zeke, AJ Dillion, J Jacobs, D Pierce, K Walker, I Spiller, K Hill, J Mason WR: Diggs, Deebo, M Brown, Juju, Metcalf, Sammy Watkins, D Chark, Nico Collins, Shakir, K Phillips, Metchie TE: Knox, Tonyan, Engram, J Woods


Contender. Maybe not the first seed but that top end talent will get you to the playoffs for sure


10 team .5ppr 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1Flex, 1SF QB: Josh Allen, Trevor Lawrence RB: Swift, Dillon, Stevenson, Herbert, Pacheco WR: Waddle, Pittman, Hollywood, Michael Thomas, Mooney, Rondale, Pickens, Pierce TE: Engram, Brevin Jordan, Isaiah Likely, Bellinger