stevenson for me, especially with harris out. it's hard not to look at projections to make decisions, but don't fall into the line of thinking that they're "scheduled" for that many points. Analysts are wrong all the time. Stevenson's projection will shoot up considerably now that harris is out, too.


Tbf didn’t the data show ESPN projections were far far more accurate over time than fantasy pros or reddit rankings? There was a post on it. Ever since I saw that, I started going with projection almost every time, and bounced from 3-5 to 7-7 and into the playoffs.


I also have both of these guys, Id go Stevenson no question but luckily I have a bye


He had about 12 last week so makes sense. I’m leaning towards benching him for a Carter or AJ Dillon


That’s only because they never threw the ball so he didn’t have any PPR points, this week will be different


Ya they’ll be forced to throw to keep up. Might try and sneak him in the lineup


Thoughts on Stevenson vs Michael Carter? Who’s the better start?


I’d feel much more comfortable starting Stevenson given that Harris is out and this is Carter’s first week back from IR. Could see Carter having a nice PPR day. Stevenson just feels like the safer play to me.


Great to know that I miss the playoffs with 5th highest points, and now Harris is out (I have Stevenson), urban Meyer fired (I have Robinson), Michael charter off IR (I have him duh), chiefs finally see throwing to Hill and Kelce is winning formula (I have hill).