not even close, chase alone is worth almost the whole other side


I think it's closer than the voting results so far, but I still took the Chase side. The consensus value on Chase is about 3 1sts, maybe a little more to some. This has 2 23' 1sts, 1 early. 23' is supposed to be a very good draft class, so if you can walk away with Stroud or Young with the early 1st, get Bijan or Smith-Njigba with the other, that's a pretty good haul. Pickens is late 1st/early 2nd. So those 3 assets for Chase isn't terrible. Then it comes down to Barkley and Brady for Lawrence. If I wasn't in serious championship contention, I'd probably trade away Barkley and Brady to get Lawrence. If I was in championship contention, I wouldn't.