I have a full moon calendar tab open at all times. I get accurate full moons for all my fics, whether it's Marauder era, Hogwarts era, or next gen. I researched how children's services works in the UK as opposed to the foster system in the US. I looked at maps of London *many* times to find plausible locations for things, the cost of real estate, and the estimated salaries and equivalents for magic/nonmagic work. I researched foods other than treacle tart. I'm sure there's more, but that's the tip of the iceberg.


Thank god I'm early into my fic, or else I would completely forgotten to consider full moons.


I write about Remus Lupin in basically every fic. I need that moon calendar - helps with pacing too :)


I research the trends during that period. Say, if Harry wanted a sleepover, what food would be get? If he went shopping for muggle clothes, what brands/shops?


Baby spiders are called spiderlings. Most snakes are venomous, not poisonous (though two are legit poisonous). Venomous snakes have grooves in their teeth where the venom comes down from glands when they bite. Certain snakes can kill by constricting their food, even people for some enormous snakes.


so theres a scientific reason in the mcu for Tony calling Peter that!!!!


Not the only one who immediately thought of that then lmao


A good general rule for if something is venomous or poisonous is that if it bites you, its venomous. If you bite it, it's poisonous. Obviously there are exceptions but this is generally correct.


In this case some snakes are poisonous to eat, and eating snakes in some cultures is considered a delicacy. Never eat a garter snake, they absorb toxins from the newts and salamanders that they eat.


Now I'm intrigued - what's the exception?


>Baby spiders are called spiderlings. Have you never read a spider-man fanfic that's like their version of pup or kit


Ooh that’s really cool!


what is the difference between venom and poison?


Venom is specifically the stuff that the creature secretes and injects into you when it bites you. Poison can be a lot of different toxins that you generally ingest, breathe in, or occasionally you can be poisoned through skin contact.




two? I know garter is poisonous but what's the other one?


Japanese Grass Snake is both poisonous and venomous.


Old kitchen utensils. How people cooked things before gas stoves and refrigerators. I think it adds authenticity to know what items a pre-industrial person might be using in their kitchen. We know that Molly still uses a butter churn. I like knowing that sugar used to come as a cone instead of a bag, or that the salt box used to be screwed to the wall by the fire to keep the salt dry.


I didn’t know that about the Salt. I knew about the Salt Box and why the Lady of the House kept the Key to the Provisions. (chatelaine)


Times / dates of Concorde flights out of London and Paris that it would be unlikely wizards to follow for characters who are fleeing via muggle means. Actual events that have happened IRL to use as reference points or plot points.


That sounds like so much attention to detail right there.


One of my loves as a kid was aviation, so having a character kill a death eater and decide to escape via muggle means, knowing the Concorde schedules isn't that hard. Plus you can look up nearly any flight of consequence or even mundane ones these days. Concordes were a very simple and limited schedule. I think one thing that is greatly overlooked in FF are the muggleborns or even halfbloods that probably have a foot in the muggle world. There is absolutely no way that Hermione is not on the internet 24/7 when not at a Hogwarts. Yes it was new in the mid-90s but her parents were probably well-off as dentists. Highly doubtful they didn't have PC and weren't online.


British currency prior to decimalisation, and the intervening period when both decimal pennies and old money was still used. I haven’t been the same since.


On the same note I've researched medieval-1600s currencies of Scandinavia and France (this to find currency for magical Canada). I am of the opinion that the entire wizarding world using gallons, sickles and Knuts is both boring and unrealistic


Completely agree! Even if everyone used a similar system, I can see some countries adding other elements that fit their economies better .


When was decimalisation?


February 15th 1971


Dafuq Like you are not kidding here? That is just wild and weird in many ways. Something like that feels like it should have changed longer ago than half a century.


What’s even weirder is that some non-decimalised coins (like shillings) could technically still be used until the mid-nineties. In fact, in the early days of the change, a lot of shops displayed both the pre-decimal and post-decimal prices on items.




Things I've specifically researched for fanfiction purposes: Premier League football in the mid 90s. Styles of dresses, especially wedding dresses. French cuisine. Indian (Hindu) wedding traditions. Gothic churches in Europe. Legal ages for marriage in different countries. Catholic funeral traditions. Release dates for various movies, albums, TV shows, games, etc. And last but not least-- how a body decays when left buried in a shallow grave for a year.


That last one probably got you on a list somewhere 😂


I know, now the FBI tracks all the porn I watch. XD |||| |:-|:-|:-| |||| ​ |||| |:-|:-|:-| ||||


stupid shit. i sent a good hour researching hawks mating behaviors for how long it takes before eggs are laid. i researched far to much baby development for someone who doesn’t like kids. Emotional incest, birth dates and character names. edit: japanese school year, whole my hero acidemia timeline, horcrux creation timeline, is tobias snapes canonical middle name? and other random details were looked up. if i ever finish any of my fics i’m gonna have to do more research on child development, child abuse, emotional incest, psychopaths, behavior of child psychopaths in loving homes and abusive ones, serial killers and more stuff on snakes. also, maybe on how hot water burns work.


What is emotional incest?


Very simplified, it's when parents or any adult treats their children or Minor relatives like romantic partners. Different than " normal " incest, it's doesn't involve sexual contact,


You’re not the only one who researched the MHA timeline… Horikoshi, just what the hell did you do.


I felt the Japanese school year. I once wanted Harry to attend the Japanese school of Magic (I can't spell it off the top of my head and I don't want to mess up) and so I was trying to figure it out. Let's just say I dropped it when I figured that Harry doesn't exactly know Japanese and why would he be going there in the first place


Period language. One of my fics stars the diary horcrux in a major role, and I try very hard to prevent her from using any saying that originated post-WWII.


Wait her? Also do you have any homophobic insults that were used in the 1940s in the UK. I have to search that eventually but I have put it in the back burner for the moment.


It's Tendra, author of Departure From The Diary. I'm not keeping up to date, but from what I recall, it's a good fic.


Yeah, as Wiwerse said, I'm the author of Departure from the Diary, a long, slow burn fem!Riddle fic.


*I researched a lot about the structure/format of professional European soccer leagues *I also read a ton about castle architecture, before saying fuck it its a magic building nobody cares *A lot about general population trends and sizes of various societies *I learned how the British school system worked


At least now you know about machicolations


I had to research how serpents hear because I wanted to take the Canon weakness of basilisk dying to a rooster crowing and make it more interesting. I found out that snakes can't actually hear a rooster crowing so it became some kind of awful misleading hint because a basilisk would die if it heard the crowing but he wouldn't be able to hear it unless you were able to charm him into changing how his ear worked. Now in order to do that you needed to land an obscure spell in the inside of their mouth because it is the only part of him that isn't magic resistant. Oh also I searched a site that documented the place where most bombs were dropped during the battle of england in order to make sure that my dramatic scene where the leaking cauldron was just besides two demolished buildings was accurate (it was!) I also searched how much venom you could milk from a snake and the price of the most expensive venoms in the world. Oh I also searched both how informed was the British public about the war that was about to start at the eave of WW2 and when were the orphanages evacuated. I wanted to see if I had to send Tom to visit a friend in order to have a historically accurate scene where he returns from Hogwarts only to find a closed down orphanage. Did you know that they evacuated before the start of the war?


The London - Edinburgh timetables for 1994. London - Darlington in particular. The snow heights in Lapland in mid-January 1997, as well as the weather in Franconia a few days earlier. The BBC Weather reports for Devon, 23rd of December 1996 and London, February 7th 1997 (all of these were for different stories). The Burma campaign and which Gurkha regiments saw action there. Which planes were used for London - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria during the summer of 1995. Eastern European folklore surrounding magical plants. Wineyards in England. And most of all, hours in Street view in Somerset, Kent and Devon, as well as more recently, around Appleby


Met office have great historical weather for the UK reports if you ever need them again. I am obsessed with getting weather right in fics.


There's a website that uploaded like every other BBC weather forecast, if not more. Well, they uploaded it to YouTube and provide an index.


I think I found the Met Office when trying to figure out exactly how cold it was on Nov 1 & 2, 1981, in Surrey. (Not freezing cold, but chilly, IIRC.)


The street view one is so true. I try to write scenes in places I’ve been to (I’ve been around the UK quite a lot) but if I can’t do that, then street view is my best friend😅


Well, I've been in the UK only once, a few days in London. So it's quite useful to get a feel for an area, especially in villages that haven't changed as much as Greater London in the past few years.


Currently? Signs of starvation and slow but constant blood lost. Not it's not that weird. Why do you ask?


I was just curious. I have heard people talk a little about there research and I spend an insane amount of time researching so I knew it was had to be interesting.


Everything 1920s: fashions, music, dance, slang, frozen treats, the most prestigious brands of fountain pens, West End theatre opening nights and how they line up with moon phases, etc.


Had to look up how hospitals work and learned some really gnarly shit


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I think family trees, Japanese culture, Shintoism, ww2 era London, spent hours upon hours searching up names, how long it takes to bleed out, ww2 era japan, pre ww2 Japan, um and a lot of other stuff.


How long does it take bleed out? Every time I search that it sends me to the suicide hotline.


It’s usually you die if you lose over 40% of your blood, which usually takes around 2-5 minutes but can depend on how bad the injury is and can take much longer for something like slow internal bleeding.


What is the formal recognition of a new peer in the UK? (No longer a fealty oath, like in the old days. Seems to be mostly a sort of welcome in the House of Lords...and IIRC, even that may have changed since 1995.) Protocol when meeting the Queen (modern day). Foster care in the UK. How are abandoned babies named? What kind of stipend should the carer get? (Had a hard time with that, particularly in the early 80s) Lots of time with maps and occasionally street view to decide where the best place is. (Did you know there are towns called Dursley, Snape, and Grindelwald out there?) Random myth and folklore, mostly British and Greek, but not exclusively. Notable Native American people, preferably with a known magical/mystical/spiritual bent. Plus a lot of time on the various HP wikis, the Lexicon, and the Wizarding World sites.


I have traveled down so many rabbit holes for my fic that I have a secondary doc that is hundreds of pages long to keep track of the links and back stories. A few: Audio of snowy white owl vocalizations. Weather during the summer of 1993, London area. UK top 10 songs, summer of 1993. Google Earth to look at crosswalks, walkways, and hedges. Ley lines and the towns that intersect them. Global mermaid mythology. Calendar showing the phases of the moon, summer 1993, London. The symbolism of different types of wood. Scent of an Albus Agapanthus.


Real life major events (harry potter era) that can possibly affect my muggleborn oc and her muggle parents.


What the medical process is for a caesarian section, alongside fat distribution for cuts and cauterization.


Weather on specific days (if a date is mentioned), or in general for the month at the very least is a big research thing for me. I’m a bit obsessed with getting weather correct even though I know it probably won’t be noticed by anyone. I do it when I beta too. I fact check as much as I can. Also music, technology etc. I spent a fun hour researching what phone would be available to buy in 1999 and what stuff was on it in order to ensure historical accuracy. For my 80s fic I look up music release dates and UK number ones far too often too. Fashion of the period too. Not for my own writing, but as a beta, I have researched the habitats of red squirrels and where you’re most likely too see one. And I had a really fun afternoon studying the witch trials of Europe.


Oh quite a lot. Wandlore for example, also some spells or family trees. I looked for relation between french and engliah lestranges for a while (only to find nothing) I usually always have a tab open for the Harry potter wiki, running on my second screen.


The way American and U.K. military & intelligence services liased back in the Nineties. Geographic maps of Western Massachusetts. Translating English words into their Latin, Spanish, German, Russian and Old Norse equivalents. U.K. military ranks in their different armed forces. The monetary systems of Wizarding Britain, Great Britain and the U.S., and conversions between the three. American military and boarding schools.


* system of dental care in the Royal Navy (yes, Mr Granger could have a dental surgery on board of HMS Hermes during the Falkland War) * whether it was possible to find a doctor just by name anywhere in NHS system (yes, apparently both NHS and the British Dental Association has telephone lines for that purpose) * a lot of time on Google Maps, both for estimating times for travel between for example Little Whinging and Itchen Worthy near Winchester (home of Grangers), or Little Whinging to the Box Hill (of Jane Austen’s “Emma” fame, just some forty minutes drive from Cambereley, which is my IRL location of Little Whinging). Also, a lot of time spent on the Street View to see how things look in the real life (arranging a motorbike accident for my heroes; https://osm.org/go/evzFIHdjt-?m=&way=464901209) * organization of special deaneries and chaplaincies (e.g., for military or magical believers) in the Church of England.


A lot of somewhat out there stuff! Welsh/Irish/Scottish mythology and trying to synthesize that into something that would make sense. Which is made really hard with how much Wicca and neo-paganism information has sort of snuck into the "real" mythologies. LOTS of wandlore. I changed up Harry's wand for my fic and I wanted to make sure I got it absolutely right for what I wanted to do. Trying to find a Roman family that could somehow be the origin of various pureblood names. Particularly proud of tracking one down for Potter. And Roman holidays around the start of each term! So I have a whole giant list of dates and holidays for the sole and express purpose of putting Opiconsivia term into Harry's Hogwarts letter. Medieval British legal theory. Which sucks and is awful but also if you assume that it's the basis of Wizarding Britain's system the whole thing makes a lot more sense. Ancient forests in southern England. Not a lot left! The most assholish car available for sale in roughly 2007.


I've done that with the surname origins, but mostly only to the Middle Ages (although my SO has given the Black family a Silurii origin from the late Roman era and I've lifted it for my fics).


Sex working, drugs, things like that 🤣 But also healthy eating, herbalism, gardening.


I look up British phrases and a few documentaries many times...I also look up if Oxford has an escort service...😆


I’ve done a fairly deep dive into British aristocracy as well as the history of the British monarchy But that was nothing compared to the amount of searching I had to do to translate one stupid sentence into Anglo-Saxon just because I wanted authenticity


I did a lot of research on the characters, and due to a large chunk of this story taking place in the First Wizarding War. I’m going to be doing a lot of research on what wartime would’ve been like, mentally, because while this takes place from 1971 onwards, there are times I get the impression that this Wizarding War was somewhat akin to Nazi idealism. I especially won’t be holding much back. A lot of the trust issues, paranoia of spies within, and several people who must decide between what is right, and what is easy.


I’m sure I’m on a list somewhere for searching for the term days for British schools lol


Recently I spent several days down a rabbit hole of Victorian flower language lore and ikebana for less than 2 paragraphs in a fic. lol


been there. and without writing 2 paragraphs about it 😂


How people are radicalised into extreme political ideology. Was super interesting.


How long it would take to walk from the Essex coast to Little Whinging and then how long it would take to walk from Little Whinging to Hogwarts. What types of berries are available in forests at what time of year. When the full moons in the 1970s were (although I'm using the accurate dates and POA doesn't - so that's a problem), discovering there was a lunar eclipse on the June full moon of 1973 and working it into the plot. How much things would cost in the 1970s - so far Lily has scraped together the 26p it would take to buy a pack of cigarettes (also researched what brands were popular) and Sirius has bought a toaster to tinker with (that was impossible to find a price for - I had to use how much some other similar electrical appliance would cost \[no where told me about toasters\] in American dollars and then work out the exchange rate from the 70s). How to walk from Luxembourg to Albania, cities/ towns and foods in the Balkan countries as well as architecture, train routes in Croatia, the Bosnian war and forests in Albania. As well as folklore legends for various European countries for Remus and Sirius to encounter and have to fight their way past. oh - and words in different languages. I can now count to five in Bosnian and know their word for werewolf. Plus so many canon and post-canon details that I've had to check and recheck. The list of Ministers for Magic, the meanings of different types of wandwood, potions ingredients, magical creatures ... The Harry Potter Wiki is a life saver.


Do I count as an author if I haven’t posted anything? For Harry Potter: I was writing a Marauder Era fic and was looking up bands/books that came out for the specific time span. If I include crossovers: I have a mega-crossover I’ve been workshopping for some time. At one point I started making a list of everything that could be used as a potions ingredient, categorized and with point form effects. That said the most out of pocket I’ve gotten in recent memory, was for a crossover of Star Wars and a small fandom: Because of a throwaway line in a book from the other fandom I needed to operate on an intergalactic scale. So I had the joy of figuring out the coordinate system used for intergalactic distances to build out a vague political map. Then I built out another political map for Clone Wars, which used its own coordinate system, because why not. I read a brief bit on how universal expansion would impact travel times on an intergalactic scale. Then of course, I needed to read up on wormholes and the theory behind creating artificial wormholes, and what the limitations seem to be for both. Star Wars however uses its own Faster Than Light drives, which also means that Hyperspace operates at different speeds based on an alleged calculation that I couldn’t actually find. Then I also had to factor in the Star Wars lore behind their intergalactic travel, and what exists on the outskirts of the galaxy. All in all, two maps with two different coordinate systems. Two different travel methods and notes on each. A few astrophysics and theoretical papers. Some random and crazy lore, and a way to in-depth look of the politics of a fictional war. All for a map and a notepad of notes of what I might actually use, for a fic I probably won’t end up posting... ahhhhhhhhhhh.


Pagan Nordic culture and mythology to construct a magical Nordic society. It's a very natural step in my opinion to increase the importance of runes in this kind of society


Dresses and hairstyles.


Research about snakes, what kind of toys were most populr in the 80s, Italian currency before EU, how much does an estate cost in Scotland, peers in the UK, inflation 90s vs now


Oh man, a lot of things. Catholic Church history, Wiccan holidays/ traditions/ superstitions/, PTSD (luckily I have a friend that is a therapist so she let me have a PDF she has with a questionnaire she gives to patients), lots of going back to the books and double checking, folklore from around the world, Shakespeare, clothing, history, and medical stuff. The medical stuff I ask my husband to help me with-he’s a general surgeon. I once asked him which side would be the best place to be stabbed if I didn’t want someone to bleed to death right away and what helping them would like. His response was “please don’t stab me”🤣.


God lord were there a lot of things i researched. Some would think i am even a serial killer - * Full Moon Chart * Family Back grounds * Child services * NHS in the 80s * Map of England * Muggle Born trends of the period - show refernces, movies, food * Emotional Incest * Ptsd, ppd, other mental illnesses * different sexualities and their experience * muggle torture * torture in general * muggle weapons * hours thinking of ways to fill plot holes in jk rowlings world building without making it an au and keeping the story canon compliant * hours of researching and reading sub-reddits to understand the psyche of characters


• LOTS of Wandlore, I've read the entire HP wiki page about 20 times and other sources as well. • I always have a calendar and the map of Britain open. • Backstories of most professors. • Wars in the 80s • Symptoms of hyperventilation as well as aftereffects and how to treat it. • Also studied genetics because I have an explanation of how there are muggle-borns and squibs. • Trends from the 60s, weather in the 70s, music from the 80s • The most interesting research I did was watch interrogations, criminal trials and read books/watch videos on body language


What title does the eldest grandson of a Duke get, and if he marries a man, what title does that guy get? What health complications arise if your arms are chained together behind your back and at what point does the damage become permanent?


>if he marries a man, what title does that guy get? They conserve the title!?


The person he married doesn't get a title. Not even a generic Lord or Sir. So, if a Duke marries a woman, she becomes a Duchess, but if he marries a man, that man remains Mr. Because the peerage decided it would be "too confusing" to try to figure out a better solution. At least in the UK.


I'm surprised they are allowed to marry someone with the same sex


I use fanfictions for my research on certain things


I've researched a ton of mythology from many different cultures. Ancient British history, cultural migration, language development. British laws, child services, educational policies, postal system, transportation, technology in the 80s and 90s. Geography of the UK. I think I know more of the counties of England than of the state I live in.


It's crossover research, but... I was working on a Dragon Riders of PERN crossover a while back where Harry, the DA, and the Inquisitorial squad get thrown across space and end up on the southern continent about half a decade before the ninth Pass. Timy-wimy stuff occurred and they found a few dragon eggs. The madness spiraled from there, and I abandoned it after a few chapters that were never published to a site. A lot of my research was PERN based(native flora and fauna in particular), so I won't bore you with the minute details to avoid derailing anymore than I already have. BUT, one of the primary subjects I found myself really, really digging into for research was geography and its effects on weather patterns, climate, etc. Gravity and mass was another. Let's just say distance and numbers have always been... weird... on PERN, and I didn't want a planet the size of North America. The density required for the gravitational field would make things absolutely unlivable as far as agriculture goes. I also did a little digging into what happens to someone when exposed to an environment their immune system isn't prepared for. You have to figure an entirely different planet would have a bunch of diseases unrelated to our own world.


* The hospices near Cranbrook. * Primary schools on Anglesy, which transformed into a rabbit hole on the history of Welsh language education. * Dates, times and locations of total lunar and solar eclipses. * The roman occupation of Britain * Term dates for Oxford, and an attempt to figure out which courses were at which college in the 80s/90s. I do not recommend this search. * which movies were playing at the cinema during a particular week (Clueless and Apollo 13) I also have calenders for the year open, usually. Did you know the twt first task was on a THURSDAY? What the fuck.


Currently? If it’s possible to strangle someone with their own intestines before they die. I need it for a certain… scene.


Train systems around London. I have a ticking clock in my current fic - I spent two hours trying to figure out if it was possible to get from MCs house to Kensington at 6am before giving up and having there be repair work at the stations to force the damn characters to go via the timeframe I’d already plotted out.


security measures in the louvre and more specifically security measures for the mona lisa lmao


I’m currently researching slang and pop culture references for Harry’s Hogwarts years


The recipe for gunpowder.


I tried witing fanfics but they're so bad and trope-y they remain in my drafts As for what I research? Mostly grammar, since I'm not from an English speaking country. That and guides on how to write a more or less good character and flower language Also, the usual writer Google searches, but not a lot because then I go down the rabbit hole and have no evidence to prove that no, I'm not planning on torturing someone to death and no, I won't make arsenic green even if I wasn't failing chemistry


my main hp fic is currently undergoing a long ass rewrite, but some of the things i have had to research for this fic and/or others \- an in depth check and chart of the timeline of the Bioshock games \- self sacrificial rituals \- im pretty sure at one point i spent time looking at the idea of 'a proper woman' but i also have no recollection of it ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯ \- workout routines for youths in the 1990's things i will have to research, on the other hand for this hp fic and others \- the overall treatment, lifestyle, rights, and struggles of Native Americans around the 1860's-1880's \- comparison of driving cars from different eras \- how hard it might be to fake a british accent for what is essentially a weird undercover mission \- lists of ingredients in various medicines to be cross referenced with plants n stuff (comparison of potions and medicine!) \- guns. lots of guns. from the 1880's, 1910's, 1950-60's, and 1990's \- lore of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and similar lore noted throughout history \- some genuine reading and research of the torah, bible, and quran


I went and researched what a Muggle news paper in the UK in 1991 would cost so Harry'd have a frame of reference after Hagrid paid 5 Knuts for a magical one. So much celestial bodies for anything relating to Blacks. Mythology & Shakespeare to cross reference. Whether Disney movies already existed when they are casually mentioned. Full Moon for certain dates. Any and all history before I randomly tack a magical event to it lest it turns out to be tone-deaf. The meaning of names, and so much canon-fact checking... And so much stupid shit that never went in a published fic at the end...


> after Hagrid *paid* 5 Knuts FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*


I always know when a marauder's era follows the real moon calendar. I learned about flower language (not very successfully, I admit). UK geography and which points are the closest to the continent. I tried to find floorplans of an old manoir in the UK (don't matter where, and I'm still searching, if anyone can help me) I know the time difference between some places in the US and the UK. I know by heart most of the canon birthdays given to us.


>(don't matter where, and I'm still searching, if anyone can help me) There are several famous mansions in England, perhaps seeing them and extrapolating from that information would be best.


How old a manor were you thinking? Start with Audley End, maybe; sounds like parts of it were built in the late 16th or early 17th century. https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/audley-end-house-and-gardens/ (I don't know if they have a floor plan, though) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audley_End_House


I made a three-dimensional star map in blender, based on Nasa data, so I could have precise locations and distances/travel times for my stargate crossover. For example, a Goa'uld vessel travelling from Epsilon Eridani to Sol via hyperspace at about 10 times the speed of light would travel ~ one year and 18 days. I had to downscale canon travel speeds a lot, since if Anubis could just sweep to Earth in like 2 hours from the other side of the galaxy, it would be a relatively short story lol




How to write Hagrid's accent. Birthdays (some of which I changed). I swear, I've looked at a dozen different versions of the layout of Hogwarts, read all the wiki articles on it, and decided to just make my own map. Wand woods and their meanings. Star names (why are there so few pretty ones? Especially for boys). Trying to figure out how the currency works, both magical and Muggle British. And countless other random minutiae.


Some things I’ve had to research are the fates of certain characters. I write fan fiction that the average human eye would find ridiculous, but I like to include a bunch of cannon as well. Sometimes in the books or movies we don’t really “see” the characters die or whatever. I like to make sure their alive or dead.


Okay I had to come back here just to let everyone know I spent the last 3 days researching Pashto idioms/fables, in Pashto, for a *single line* in this dumb fic. I fail at this being productive at writing thing. lol


Studying International culture and creating a corresponding wizard culture that would make sense. Seriously JK Rowling knows nothing about the world outside the UK. All the other magical schools are just magic castle or magic place translated to their respective languages. Beauxbatons students wear silky thin clothes in the Pyrenees mountains. The Brazilian school is Portuguese and have stone temples, even though it was made by natives. Indigenous Brazilians made wooden temples and would have fit so well with it being known as a school about herbology and magical creatures. Did wizard colonialism happen in JK Rowling ideal world? And the fact there are basically no schools. Wizard populations are not that small. And many cultures and countries going to the same school, but the school is known as the French or German one. Putting that many cultures into one school is extremely non sensical. But if you want to do that write in depthly how that came about, the wizarding culture that sprung up from it. Is it a good or bad thing. Do characters want their own schools or not? What are the pros and cons? What are the obstacles stopping change from happening? Everything about magical America makes no sense. One part it’s frustrating because it’s reductive and erases culture. And most of its just ignorance and laziness. On the other hand it’s so rewarding when you can make a believable and accurate world to set your story into.


I know. I hate the way she presents wizarding America. It feels so British. Always annoying.


Hernias, weirdly enough.




I think you responded to the wrong post or read it wrong, this is the authors talking about what they did research.


I've done a ton of research on the culture/ government of pre-roman England, and what aspects of culture the Romans brought with them vs things that were here first. There isn't much in canon about the organization of the wizarding government, but it does say that the Wizengamot was based on the Wizard's Council which came before it. Mostly to pin down exactly what "Ancient and Noble House" means in the context of the history of the wizarding government, and outline some possibilities for other forms of magic that predate Latin spells and wand-based casting