Sinyk always has "ranting" scenes: where Harry gives public speeches where he denounces everyone who's been mean to him in the past. RobSt's goblins are always supremely helpful to Harry and his allies (I wouldn't be surprised if he invented this trope tbh, has anyone tried to track down the sources of tropes like this?) Cambrian Beckett : >!GAGHK! GAGHK! GAGHK!!<


I like RobSt, but some of his dialog is a tad too florid for me. One day I'll count how many times Hermione says "my Harry" in a fic or how often someone describes her as delectable. Nobody talks like that that much!


Yeah, his dialogue can get cringey to me too-- especially when someone gets up on a soapbox or has some passionate words that rise to a crescendo with EXCLAMATION POINTS!


>(I wouldn't be surprised if he invented this trope tbh, has anyone tried to track down the sources of tropes like this? That's something I'm willing to give to RobSt. Tropes like the Helpful Goblin might be boring and overdone today, but when he wrote Harry Crow (around 15 years ago I think?), it was truly something novel. The guy either invented the trope, or at least popularized it. I may not like his stories, but that's something worthy of respect.


/snert/ yeah, you got me with cambrian


........isn't that normal? Like authors who almost exclusively write thrillers or court dramas or romance novels?


There is a smut fic series author I follow with a stupid user name Riotstarter on Archive of our own some other name on FF. He always has Harry develop sex toys that don't exist in the magical world. Sometimes it works other times it doesn't and it just seems added in when it doesn't need to be. He has an interesting spin with it but it's almost always there. He also has Harry with mommy issues and an overwhelming sense of baby fever which makes sense in part if he is with older women like Narcissa. I know it's repetitive but I'm addicted to smut.


I'll rat myself out for things I notice I tend to do: an emphasis on strong father-child relationships and how my characters either dance ballet/play an instrument. Or both. I also forget side character names, but that's hardly a feature...


I can’t remember who it is, and because of that every once in a while I get tricked into starting a story by this one author who is really into teen pregnancy. Like, the summary seems interesting, like the story might go somewhere cool, and then *boom* oh yeah, Hermione got pregnant /when/ she got rescued from the troll because…reasons? But like - it’s in all their stories. A weird pregnancy thing. It is severely squicky to me, and I always stop reading immediately, but I always feel grossed out and let down at the same time.


Yes, every author has his/her headcanon how things work in the Magical World.


Samvelg (on ao3) usually writes fem!Harry stories (although not always, C is for Cuthulu comes to mind).