bri'ish museum

bri'ish museum


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Hey let’s be fair. That mat belonged to the Turkish craftsmen of Smyrna.


You mean Greek craftsman of Smyrna (probably go swimming in 1922)


Well, at least I can enter there for free. And not like some churches that cost a week earnings just to see what they did with the gold and resources they took from my land and also since I was a Christian I paid for many different services offered by the Church, so now I have to pay to see what they've done with the money... Man


Let’s be fair we brought the Elgin marbles


You may have your country we have your gold ;)


Hey they stole those fair and square


Also spanish and french I'm pretty sure.


Its funny to hear the British defend their museums. Like, I live in NYC, and all our museums actually bought their artifacts (and we have way more then most museums in the world). Then again, the idea of an entire ethnic group owning something is a bit of a problematic idea. I think it's best if things stay where they are.


Did you really just pretend NYC museums are morally superior? hahahahahahah fucking hell. hahahahaha


OwO I'm not wrong.


'muricans after guns got banned (they are not happy)


Let's get real for a second. With the rate of regime turnover in some of these countries, the artifacts are much safer in London.


Indians artifacts would be better in India, can’t say about others.


A similar argument was used to justify colonization: "These n******s can't possibly 'take care' of themselves, gents! We must do it in their stead." And now you're like: "These people can't take care of their own cultural inheritences, gents! We must do it in their stead." I know Syria or Afghanistan is not safe rn, but Nigeria, India, etc.? Who decides? The British who had a million PMs in a week? Just don't... mate.


I was thinking of Egypt and how much has been looted or blown up in the last decade, but those are good examples too. Edit: I wouldn't lump India in with the other four countries previously mentioned.


Can you give me an example of artifacts blow up or looted in Egypt the last decade? I've never heard of it, especially since the artefacts are very well garded in Egypt


Rioting near Tahir Square, Cairo, 2011: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/culture/article/110131-egyptian-museum-looted-artifacts-damaged-egypt-protests-mubarak


Easily. Egypt has been a bit of a shitshow since 2011. There's more where this came from. [https://www.nationalgeographic.com/history/article/130823-museum-mallawi-egypt-looting-artifacts-archaeology-science-antiquities](https://www.nationalgeographic.com/history/article/130823-museum-mallawi-egypt-looting-artifacts-archaeology-science-antiquities)


Bombing in Cairo, 2014: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/culture/article/140124-cairo-egypt-museum-islamic-art-bomb-artifacts-destroyed


Wait you can justify theft like that? Brb going to steal


Tbh I prefer all those artifacts from around the world in just one museum for convenience rather than forcing me to travel to 60 countries around the world just to see them. As a museum, they'll do a better job of showing and displaying history to a large audience than a small local museum ever will


This has to be the weakest argument I've ever heard. By the same logic I would prefer if I didn't have to travel all the way to London to see artifacts that were taken from city I live in.


Britians shit we stole sections must be huge.


If we so rich, how come we can’t afford a roof