Their neutrality is from the fact that the country is a deadly fortress to cross.


It is also most likely your bank.


And not really worth crossing in the first place.


And therefore its neutrality is accepted


And they’re still pretty neutral. That’s why everyone sane respects their neutrality


A part of why people didnt tend to pick fights with switzerland thats often overlooked is the fact that swiss mercanaries were so fucking awesome basically everyone used them. And its kinda hard to attack switzerland with an army that consists to 50% of swiss soldiers


they had this cool knives with can openers.


Didn't several European powers sign an agreement not to deploy Swiss mercenaries against one another at some point? Like an early SALT treaty?


It was the Swiss themselves that forbid it (mercenaries), infact it is still Illegal today. For example, a swiss person fighting in the Ukrain would be punished in Switzerland.


Cheers for the info!


Unstoppable until Marignano (1515) in which French artillery rendered the famous Swiss pike square obsolete.


Spanish Tercio is beautiful


Laughs in Battle of Rocroi.


U know, still today, the Swiss army is one of the best in the world. We’re obligatorly going to the military service when we’re 18-25 years old. it is not for nothing that it is the Swiss army which guards the border of the two Koreas as well as the Pope. The 32th military power


Russia was considered the second best military in the world on paper until recently. It's easy to say you're a good military when you dont go to war. No doubt training et al are superb, but it's an untested battle doctrine that hasn't seen modern warfare. "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face"-Mike Tyson. The Swiss are formidable, don't take my words to be derogatory, invading them today would be the biggest quagmire in all of historical blunders. The last general to invade Switzerland was Napolean and he was helped somewhat from the inside.


No plans survie first contact with the enemy


Quagmire, hehe Giggity giggity, lets have sex !


brudi laber kei scheiss


Dengsch des net?


sicher nöd "one of the best". De Vatikanschutz isch e zeremielli position wo us tradition begründet isch. In korea sinmer au weg de neutralität und nöd wüld armee irgendwie fähig wär


I don’t speak German, I’m come frome the part of Switzerland who speak french But you know, in Vatican, behind the guard with hallberd, there are real troops. So yes our army is not "one of the best" like I said, but rather one of the best trains


I just hate their stop weapon sell when there is war law, i mean if u stop weapon deal when there is war then for what purpose are u making arms contracts.


For the purpose to not support any terrorists group or dictatorships. To what specific deal are you referring to?


To Germany, recently.


Ah yes, just did a little research. The thing is, swiss companies are not allowed to deliver weapons meant to be used in active conflicts/war (because of Swiss neutrality). Germany wanted to use swiss produced ammunition to support Ukraine so the swiss government intervened. The whole neutrality thing is a big discussion here in Switzerland, specially know with Russia attacking Ukraine.


I know it's like selling condom but if u find out someone is using it for sex don't sell it anymore.


There are other uses for ammo though. Hunting, training, competition…


More like not selling condoms to rapist and pedophiles (in the general case). The thing is if Switzerland actively supports weapon deliveries to Ukraine, it completely gives up its neutrality. Then it cant keep its role in futere diplomatic situation, where neutral parties are needed. I'm fully behind the support for Ukraine btw, but in general it's still better to sell weapons to peaceful contries rather than support a war and make profit of it. So I personally do agree with the war law on weapon exports.


More like refusing to sell condoms to rapist and pedophiles...


There we go, Swiss sucking their own d***s again


"Come and tell the Swiss guard's story again"


One Elite unit doesnt make a whole army. I'm pretty sure OP is talkin about the swiss mercenaryism which was a pretty huge thing in the 18th century.


The swis guard


It's hard to rope Switzerland into a war when you know you'll need their awesome mercenaries at some point