My Teir List of all charms. Tell me if you agree or not. (I rated Kingsoul and Voidheart on actual effect not lore)

My Teir List of all charms. Tell me if you agree or not. (I rated Kingsoul and Voidheart on actual effect not lore)


Looks like you need to experiment a bit more. Quickslash is straight up broken, nailmaster’s glory is fantastic. In my opinion hiveblood is worse than deep focus+grubsong for platforming but maybe I’m just too impatient. Grimmchild and glowing womb are like meme picks lol. Carefree melody is also quite good


Hiveblood is decent for walking around, I think that's why it's so high up. Still not worth it though imo.


I'm a total noob at the game, but hiveblood helped me a ton going through the White Palace. You essentially have unlimited tries to pass all of the platforms there.


Hiveblood is the best charm for WP and PoP, but I don't think that would make it A tier by itself. Those are ultimately only two challenges in the game.


You don't need Hiveblood for Path of Pain. All the soul totems are limitless.


yes but not all checkpoints have soul totems


Good Luck with the Path of Pain and Godhome.


and steady body is insanely good


In my experience, steady body is great for overwhelm strats.


literally don’t think i could have radiant nkg without steady body, it made so many attacks more consistent to dodge (same goes for pv)


Yeah I figured quickslash would be number one easy. If not then shamans or strength.


Sir, why isn't Wayward Compass S tier?


I know this is a joke but jenuinely without it the game would be so difficult to play for the first times


this might sound like a humble brag (it's not meant to be) but some real world navigation skills actually helped me to the point of not having to use the compass


I just didnt think it was *quite* good enough to be S tier. I think A tier is good for it though.


You're all good, I'm just playing around cause of the memes. Other then that solid list


Quick slash should be S tier above U Strength because the dps you get is insane


Well this isn’t a godhome tier list, quick slash is very good there but in main game it gets out class’d outside of bosses, and the more nail upgrades you get the less you really need it


I’d argue though that your charm build doesn’t matter all that much during the exploration in the game. So much so that if we put memes aside people play the whole exploration part of the game with wayward compass dropping a full slot for convenience.


Heck, I typically dropped a second slot on gathering swarm too and I frequently had fragile greed equipped as well. Exploration doesn’t need anything special.




I cannot believe you did my boy Quick Slash dirty like that 😔


I'm sorry. Everyone keeps telling me I messed up and Quick Slash is S teir but I just havent used it enough to warrant it being super high.


Nah it’s all good dude! I just saw the opportunity for a funny one-liner; no need to apologise! Tbf it was a long time into my first run before I even realised charms were a permanent thing; I thought you slapped them on and they went away after a while/a boss fight or something




I have litraly never noticed its effect and its description just seems bad


I need whatever you're smoking if you cant notice its effect.


bad charm


Based on what exactly? Quickslash is straight-up the best charm in the game. Dreamwielder being so low doesn't seem to make much sense either, and Hiveblood so high up...? Not to mention the Steady Body disrespect smh my head.


sorry to ruin the fun but shaman stone is literally the objective best charm in the game


Shaman stone increases spells damage by 50 or 33% depending on the spell. Quickslash almost halves nail cool down, strength is 50% more damage to all nails, quick focus allows you to heal much more often. Even for a spell main player it's not the best, since you still need to use the nail to get soul, so strength is probably the same. Also you just can't say it's objectively the best, because of all the situations in hollow knight. Shaman stone is pretty terrible in collector because just use strength to 1 shot the mobs and you won't have enough soul to make shaman stone worth it compared to quickslash.


There is no objective best charm


Strength and Quick Slash are objectively better.


Just based on how strong I've really found them while playing. I havent used Quickslash that much, Dreamweilder is kinda weak, and Hiveblood is one of my favorites for doing platforming. Mess up, wait a bit, doesnt matter


Ohhh OK then. Generally speaking Quickslash offers the most amount of value for for its notch cost when it comes to dealing damage. Steady Body works nicely in conjuction with it, but separately they are both good charms as well. Steady Body being on the more niche side. Dreamwielder isn't the strongest by any means, but it's also far from weak. Being able to get 66 soul (2 heals / spells) in an instant is pretty nifty, and only for one notch. Hiveblood is really only useful for platforming, and even then it's meh (especially for its cost). If you're patient enough to wait the 12 seconds then you're immortal so I suppose it has its niche.


It's funny because my friend played the whole game with steady body and thus can't play without it, and I never put it on so I am used to making micro movements to compensate when I'm wailing on a boss so I can't play with it


Hiveblood was cool while travelling. As long as you don't take DMG more often than every 12 seconds (which you don't, unless the area is super deadly), you don't need to heal, ever. Also hiveblood is good for some bosses that dont have windows for healing. I did my whole first playthrough with hiveblood+compass+mantis pride.


I mean it's not the worst charm out there, but it sure is weak. Especially for four notches. I really don't see why you wouldn't just bring Dreamwielder for one notch so you can near-effortlessly get 2 heals worth of soul from any live enemy when travelling. In platforming it's alright, and against bosses there's just so many other charms that have better effects, usually for fewer notches. You can safely heal against every boss in the game, especially with Quick Focus. Some of those bosses need to be staggered for the heal to be 100% safe.


>I mean it's not the worst charm out there, but it sure is weak. Especially for four notches. I really don't see why you wouldn't just bring Dreamwielder for one notch so you can near-effortlessly get 2 heals worth of soul from any live enemy when travelling. I've been definitely underrating dream wielder the whole time, barely ever equipped it. But difference is, that in hiveblood, you don't have to stop, you don't have to focus, you just auto-heal wherever you are. This is extra useful if you don't know the map. What's gonna be behind the door? Hard flying enemy you can't hit with dream wielder? A couple of spikes? I've been so sad when i replayed the game and didn't have hiveblood. There was so much perceived safety when going anywhere and having the charm, from seeing the hiveblood masks auto-regenerate. I believe i even used it in the colosseum of the fools for the first finish with: Hiveblood + Dreamshield + Nailmaster's glory. I've eventually learned to use some different charms but hiveblood was the jack of all trades for me.


I mean... only the last mask you lost after *12 seconds* of no damage. If it's a difficult enemy that concerns you then Hiveblood likely won't do too much, unless you play really slow for it to take effect. It has its highly niche use, usually you're better off with other charms though.


That is right that it does nothing against most difficult enemies (especially if they do more than 2 masks of damage). It does wonders against getting hit once in a while (misplay / aspid / spikes) which enables you to basically stay at full health regardless situation.


My first time playing, i barely used Quickslash too. But once i started using it especially for bosses, i love it


Dreamwielder is extremely op if you need soul fast Which is why I put it in my pv and absrad builds


Dreamwielder is what made me pass the 3 Colosseum trails.


Hello Azir


Hell yes. Charm bindings through the pantheons was the hardest for me specifically because I didn't have Quickslash.


steady body is great w quick slash


So *everyone* has told me


W-why dream shield in A tier? Why a piece of metal that rotates around and MAYBE hit/block something at the same cost of unbreakable strenght Is so high in the list? AND WHY LITERALLY SPAMMING YOUR NAIL AT THE SPEED OF SOUND SOUNDS TO YOU ALMOST AT THE SAME LEVEL OF SMELLING LIKE POOP


are you insane quick slash is like s+ tier


Steady body is dope


I just dont see the appeal. You dont move when you attack. But if you attack up or down, it literally doesn't matter. The only time it affects you is when you attack left or right, and even so it just doesnt seem anywhere as useful as some others.


Makes sense since you said you also don't use quickslash much. If you're ever doing Godhome boss-rushes you should give them a try as they're both S tier. Quickslash effectively doubles your DPS if you're using a nail build, and steady body allows you to keep slashing without missing (you will get pushed back faster than you can hold forward). Obviously if you use spell builds more than they're not necessary, but for a pure nail damage build they're a must-have.


I can see the appeal others have with it, I just find way more benefits out of other charm combinations. I just, used the knockback to my advantage.


Steady body is S


Why is grimmchild so high ? It's the worst charm in the game


Is it? I'm a bit newer to this game, and the list itself is based on my experiences with all the charms/what I think they would be like. Grimmchild isnt the best, but it can help in some cases, I have used it a fair bit, so I thought it was good enough to be B tier.


It's definitely not better than carefree melody, chance to negate damage vs "I unstagger bosses to prevent you from healing"


How far are you into the game % wise? I didn’t use Grimchild much so i don’t know how strong it is


104% if I remember. I like completion.


that title would go to thorns of agony, no benefit


Thorns of agony can sometimes, once in a blue moon, deal low low damage to a boss that hit you, Grimmchild actively fights against you by unstaggering bosses, also it makes it near impossible to use enemy behaviour for skips and deals less damage than your nail. It doesn't hit hard or often enough to be good DPS wise


Have you tried thorns of agony and grubsong in the trial of the fools? You get hit and get rewarded for it. For 2 notches it's really good.


Actually it's total garbage which can get replaced by pretty much anything else. Getting hit with Toa is a punishment, you can't move or attack during the animation when you could easily dish out more damage and use the iframes if you were freely moving. Any other 1 notcher gives way more benefit than hindrance. heck, most don't even require you to take damage, and a lot make it far easier not to take damage in the first place. ToA activates even if nothing is in range, so you can get hit by a projectile and be stuck in that place with little iframes left to get back. Take NailMastersGlory or nmg for short, it's the best one notcher by far. Your narts charge in a second and deal a hefty ton more damage than ToA for the same cost. There's just no point is using ToA unless there are some very specific challenge conditions present.


I agree, but the 2 notches were worth it imo for trial of the fools. Helped me through the aerial sections, when I got hit by random bullshit. Straight back at them and I got focus back. I now rock nailmasters glory instead of ToA


Rip Deep Focus in D tier, i actually really liked that charm


It increases the timer to, which to me makes it only helpful in low pressure situations. Now it has its use which is why it isnt in F, but overall it doesnt feel super helpful. Maybe is was a bit harsh tho, I defintly wouldnt put it above C still.


Yeah i know it increases timer. I used it with Quick Focus, Shape of Unn, or Baulder’s Shell sometimes. Anyways, we all have our preferences.


That charm is what carried me through absrad


Through what? (Sorry I'm kinda new)


Same! I realized I wasn’t good enough to dodge all the attacks, so I needed to keep pace with double heals. Quick focus + Deep focus + grub song made the fight actually manageable.


Same here haha. It really helped me practice that boss


Deep focus is bad in most situations, but it hard carried me through the final boss fight. Grub song + deep focus + quick focus let me out heal the bosses damage output which I otherwise would not have been able to. But yeah, typically the extra time is too costly and dedicating so many slots to have quick focus + deep focus felt wasteful.


Deep Focus is great in combination with grubsong for platforming


Oh yeah! That’s what i used for the most Pain full one


Carefree melody is *awesome!* \~25% reduction in the damage you take.


1: cfm is actually better on average I think and 2: It's about the same as heart in terms of health gained per charm slot at 9 masks (pretty sure it's on average 3 from cfm) but you don't have to use soul to regain the health like with heart, but you do have to slightly rely on luck so if you are doing smaller challenges heart is better, and if you are doing p5 (which the tier list maker isn't taking into consideration anyways) you can't really use it because in the later bosses you are bound to have a bad streak (like 6 hits) at some point where you'd have a hard time to recover and 3: I think the guy has only done one playthrough where they probably went for grimm child instead of cfm, so they really can't rank it at all. Don't know for sure eon the third point though


I disagree with grimmchild


void heart should be s tier because even tho it doesn't do much it also costs 0 notches so you're getting something at the expense of nothing


Quickslash is certainly S. I'd put stalwart she'll in B or A.


Hell yes stalwart shell is brilliant


I mostly agree but personally, I would put steady body and Carefree Melody in b tier, put quick slash in S tier, and put stalwart shell in c tier


Yeah used stalwart shell in some boss to just sit in a corner and damage tank everything while attacking ex: fucking watcher knights


I like it. My criticisms would be 1. Sooo many of the charms have synergies which, overall, make them a whole lot better. And you're never going to be putting on just one of these, you're gonna stack yourself up. 2. Pantheons in Godhome, Radiant challenges, the main story, the path of pain, and the Coliseum of Fools all have different charms that work well. It's hard to tell what piece of the game you are trying to beat based on how things are listed, or if this is just IN GENERAL what you think is best. But hey, my criticisms don't matter, having fun matters. Keep having fun, little ghost.


quick slash is way to low, easy S tier


lemme adjust this list a bit from a more skilled player's prespective(im not like a top player i just have a lot of experience with the game) quick slash should go S or high A but i see from the other comments that you havent used it that much to find good spots so i dont blame you steady body has a very high skill floor so i understand why youd go with a low tier but f? thats just not fair. up slashes dont do shit on enemies to the side and in precise combat-platforming sections like kedge its really good to not get knocked back thorns of agony provides no benefit because by the time the thorns finish you couldve hit twice with your nail and adjusted position. waste of iframes. sharp shadow, as much as i hate to say it since i like the charm, is situational, and should go to middle B sprintmaster is dashmaster but way worse, and air speed isnt modified dreamshield, nah, low c tier shit, deals near no damage and gets disabled by random and often unblockable attacks baldur shell only has 3 uses, that speaks for itself starwalt isnt the second most useless charm in the game what, with quick focus you can heal back a mask without a single worry about taking damage, the extended iframes cover it for you, it also reduces knockback when taking damage and finally id say grimmchild should be lower because it misses a bunch and doesnt deal that much damage otherwise, great! theres a bunch of charms id move q couple spots down or a tier if they are already low but thsats not that big of a change so yea


Ok thanks for your opinions, let me go over them all real quick. 1. Thanks for reading some other comments and knowing about the Quick Slash situation 2. I personally haven't ever found a spot where sturdy body would be useful, maybe those spots appear later,but right now I got nothing there. 3. Thorns of Agony is... ok. I know it's not the best, but still it has a use. I found it a lot more useful in early game, but yeah in late game it ain't great. 4. Yeah Sharp Shadows placement *maaay* be a bit biased as I kinda love that charm to. 5. Sprint master may also be biased as it was one of my favorite charms for exploring, still kinda is. 6. Really? I thought it dealt damage. Yeah C then 7. I cant really say why this one is where it is. So yeah, it might go down to. 8. I didnt find the usefulness of it to be that great, kinda just never used it. 9. Ok yeah that's true.


Quickslash + steady body is very helpful setup in cetain bossfights since the combo allows you to stand still and spam blade attacks super fast and do a lot of dps in way shorter time without being pushed backward. I'm trying to flawless every boss in God Home and use this sometimes. Let's be honest, thorns of agony is a noob charm. I used it when I sucked and got hit alot, but you grow out of it eventually.


Ok ik Void Heart has minimal bonuses for replacing the decent ones from Kingsoul but you're not going to have to fight your shade anymore, and considering you have to do the Radiance after this I think it's worth it


Also a 0 cost charm with some utility that replaces the worst charm in the game. Kinda big deal


Kingsoul is mildly useful in Radiant Battles where thee's no penalty foor overcharming but yeah otherwise it's awful


You put STALWART SHELL in F??? That's S Tier for sure!




I’ve seen some players use it along with Steel Body, Quick Slash, and Strength to just tank bosses and slash it to death


no... Stalwart Shell is one of the only reasons I was able to do so many hard boss fights. My third favorite charm as it fits perfectly with my playstyle


Void heart does absolutely nothing


Really? I've yet to see anyone attempt radiance without it.


*technically* Void Heart makes it so your shade, siblings, and void tendrils wont attack you. So it does have to be ranked.


That’s in 1 area and it’s a small one


Well your shade can appear in any area you can die in to, so it again has a bit more of a use.


Void heart is actually good. It costs 0 notches and makes you recover shade easily. It should fall into 'exploring' category though, the same as wayward compass


Ehh, I think mark of pride needs to be bumped down to B, and wuickslashed and spell twister to s. But I’m I’m just happy someone finally recognizes the power of hive blood.


It's great in platforming but in every other situation you either can't dodge for that long consistently or could easily just get soul and heal. The only exception to this is probably early p5 where you could just use hiveblood healing but it's probably better to use the 4 slots in order to kill the bosses faster


In bosses like PV and nkg it's extremely good, and since I do nkg a lot maybe I'm biased


What makes it good exactly? I've done inferno king grimm and don't think it would be good in that, and I can't say on nkg at this point since he's to easy now


Since those are long fights, it helps to almost double your ho if you can dodge


Plus its not as good as deep focus grubsong grubberfly for parkour


I’m noticing a lot of salty quickslash lovers in the comments


Yeah, I wouldn't say salty just.... ready to share their opinions.


I agree with this tier list


Gathering Swarm S tier because it gets your money for you which is so great compared to having to pick all of it up because it's all over the map also it only takes one charm notch so 👌


Yeah. I kinda just didnt care enough to use it. I think that A tier is good for it though, as I know lots of people like it, and it does seem good.




What's that angry one in c


Fury of the Fallen?


Yeah, thanks.


Fury is actully cracked when used by pros like look at this https://youtu.be/TmcxrvqUiTU


See that may be true but this is a list based on my experiences with the charms, and as you may or may not know, I'm not a pro surprisingly enough.


Stallwart shell should be higher up, its useful for PoP, cuz the wings moulds wont through you into thorns


S teir should have steady body THE BEST CHARM and Qs in it


Why on earth is wayward compass in A tier and not SS+


Because I didnt get the meme apparently.


Quick Slash belongs in the top tier list.


The middle one in f tier I think is called stalwart shell is super useful for letting you tank through some bosses, like fighting lost kin with that and quick slash made it so easy


Grimm child too high up. Yeah it's cute and makes funny noises but he doesn't really do much. Melody can at least shield you from some damage. The only reason I get grimmchild is because I get to fight NKG Also imo Thorns of agony should be higher


Why is sprintmaster higher than dashmaster???


Quick slash s, and quick focus b


I would absolutely say that Shaman Stone, Quickslash, Mark of Pride and Strength and the best charms in the game.


Spell twister and soul eater are very underrated imo


Ah a fellow sprintmaster enjoyer, I see you are a bug of culture


Question, do you have grimm child or care free melody?


Grimm Child


I would have Quick Slash in S Tier, but identical otherwise


Shouldn't Voidheart be in C because it's neutral? also Longnail and QS being below Wayward Compass and Sprintmaster is just...


Imagine putting steady body in F tier


Give flukenest another try. Also, people tend to say dreamsheid, baldur shell, grimmchild, sprintmaster, and hiveblood are much lower, and dream wielder is better. Otherwise, it's mostly what the general consensus is, though I would personally move up joni's, carefree melody, nailmasters, and quick slash.


Hey guys can you let me know what makes the wayward compass so good?


I personally use steady body, it allows you to ram through enemies, and with boss fights, adding quickslash allows you to truly use it as you dont get the knockback of hitting the enemy.


The only time I've taken off steady body was for testing out stupid charm combos and while platforming what


steady body is s+ i buy it and rarely take it off


Spell twister should easily be further up since it allows 4 casts of a spell instead of the usual 3, pairing that with shamans stone, unbreakable strength and quickslash let's you do a ton of damage with both the nail and your spells


No. No no no. This is wrong. It ain’t right. IT AINT RIIIIGHT!!!


What ain't right?!!!




Well, now that the day is done (for me at least) I'd like to share a few thoughts of my own. Thank you guys for sharing your opinions (mostly telling me how wrong I am when it comes to QS and SB), and it definitely had me thinking in a new light about a few of them. Thanks for your upvotes, whether you commented or not, as this is my highest performing post by a *very* long shot. Whether it was memes about Wayward Compass, how certain charms are seriously the jam (and I found it funny literally no one defended Heavy Blow. It's just that bad), and when I was apparently right somehow, it was one of the more fun things I've done. Again thanks all, and have a good rest of your day!


I'm curious, how would you rate the fragile charms respective to their unbreakable counterparts?


To make it simple, one rank below the unbreakable versions.


To me Quick Slash should always be S tier. Mark of Pride and Quick Slash is always a staple in any physical build. Personally I don't even use unbreakable strength, too much effort gathering geo.


Only change i’d make is moving sharp shadow to S tier and carefree melody to A tier. Other than that great tierlist. Also obligatory compass should be S tier joke


Steady body is definitely up there! Having a knock back was the first thing I noticed when I started playing. I hardly take it off now.


Why is quick slash b tier and behind grimmchild


Why the FUCK is quick slash only b tier


boggles me that you put baldur shell higher than carefree melody. although realistically carefree melody deserves to be put on F because im not sacrificing grimmchild for this


Voidheart should be s tier, it literally does not take any space


Steady body deserves to be way higher. Only 1 notch, and it's a really nice Qol charm.


Quickslash is the best charm against like half the bosses


Do not agree on half of these but nice tier list nonetheless, a little experimentation and I think your list would change. Steady body, quick slash, and long nail allowed me to straight up bully most bosses. But as with this game it just comes down to play style


steady body can almost double your dps and it only takes up one notch


Void heart should be S tier, because it doesnt cost anything lol. And I personally would put quick slash at A tier because its much better than spore shroom or weaversong


carefree melody is A tier imo


Actually, Carefree Melody is one of the only ones I'd kinda move a lot, seeing as I have Grimm Child.


How is sprintmaster higher than dashmaster lol


Carefree Melody is like actually one of the best charms in the game. Sadly not many people use it because people usually just kill NKG instead of banishing him


Quick focus: S tier -> A tier. Fast healing is really not that important in many of the boss fights in this game. Sure it helps a lot, but you’re giving up 3 slots that you could have used on DPS instead. Sharp Shadow: A tier -> D tier. Absolutely worthless charm. The damage it does is pathetic (base nail damage) and the worst part is that it doesn’t generate soul. If it sped up your shade cloak recharge rate it would be great, but it doesn’t Quickslash: B tier -> S tier. Arguably the best charm in the game. However, it can make you very greedy which is why i understand having it at the bottom of S tier instead of at the top. Steady Body: F tier -> A tier. Extremely strong in combination with quickslash. Dreamwielder: C tier -> A tier. If you know how to use your dreamnail effectively, this is one of the best charms in the game. Having said that, it is admittedly very hard to use at first. Dreamshield: A tier -> D tier. Extremely gimmicky and takes up way too many notches for what it does. I’d argue it’d barely even be worth using as a 1 notch charm. Grubsong: B tier -> S tier. For 1 notch, it truly is an incredible charm.


I’m going to have to disagree on sharp shadow. While the damage isn’t great and neither is the lack of soul, there are a couple of places for it. Most notably, there are a couple of instances where the added distance can mean quite a bit. Most notably, sharp shadow was a key factor in my first successful radiant run of watcher knights since it let me stay slightly farther away while slashing and still be able to dash behind them to avoid damage and stay close enough to continue pumping out DPS. At worst, I think sharp shadow belongs in C tier, given that it can be so useful, even if its only in those situations.


On another reason why Sharp Shadow absolutely stinks is that it teaches bad habits. You should always dodge without your shade cloak if the opportunity is there to prevent getting stuck in a situation where you don’t have a shade cloak when you need it.


Sbody is s tier. Im not joking. Just try equipping it and doing the pantheons. Its op af. Quickslash too


Arguably dash master, thorns, quick slash, dream wielder, flukenest and nail glory would be higher in my opinion


Nail masters glory in B tier screams that you haven’t played the game that much it’s a top 3 charm. Quickslash should at least be top of A too.


i disagree with at least one every tier


I violently disagree with a few of these choices. Most notable would be Dream Wielder, Quick Slash, Quick Focus, and Void Heart. Dream Wielder is a spectacular charm in my opinion. It reduces the time needed to use the dream nail, increases its range, and doubles the soul you get. Plus it boosts the size and recharge rate of the Dream Shield, even though I don’t use it. All that for one notch. With a little planning, it can help you push through much of the colosseum by letting you have full health and soul before moving to the next batch of enemies. Quick Slash is critical for n maximizing DPS in the late game. With a Pure Nail and Strength, each hit does 33 damage. The ability to hit faster actually lets the nail out pace Shaman Stone boosted Abyss Shriek in many. Besides, there are instances where the faster swing will let you recover from a missed pogo. Quick Focus is one of the charms I consider as crutch charms. As you are learning the game, it can be helpful to provide a bit more survivability until you can learn how to beat difficult sections, but beyond that, there are other charms that will help you more since you either know when and where you can heal, or you aren’t getting hit in the first place. Finally, Void Heart. It’s effects are highly situational, namely shades, including your own, won’t attack you. Really only useful in the Abyss or when retrieving your geo. However, when you consider that it costs ZERO notches, that’s actually pretty good. Certainly better than King Soul. There are more I disagree with, but those are the ones I disagree most with.


Dream Wielder, I didnt know it had the other benefits, I didnt actually even know it gave you soul. I literally thought you just charged the nail faster, which on it's own is quite useless. Quick Slash. I havent used Quick Slash much yet, and seeing as it's based on how I've found their uses, it makes a bit more sense. I can see the value in Quick Slash, but not quite enough (yet) to make it higher. Quick Focus, well you kinda hit the nail on the head, as I am only on my first ever real playthrough of the game, and have kinda used it as a crutch. It is useful, but once you start to get gud, it gets outshone by skill. Void Heart, yeah it does that for zero notches, and actually while writing this reply and can see why that's useful. You've changed my mind good sir. Void Heart is definetly a better charm than D tier.


I think I would make quick slash A tier but other than that I 100% agree


Kingsoul is abyss tier. Literally the worst charm


I think long nail is better than mark of pride it's less expensive and an extra charm slot for slightly more range doesnt seem worth imo. Long nail still goes far enough.


Dude. Why isnt wayward compass on god tier


Void Heart should be S tier because it takes 0 notches, OP.


Putting grimmchild above Quick slash is illegal


So I've been told by around 100 people, and *technically* it wasnt meant to be ordered in the tiers to Grimmchild and Quick Slash are on the same level.


Have you actually played with these charms before ranking them?


Some of them, and the ones I havent played with, I ranked them based on how strong I think their effects are. I do actually have all the charms (except Carefree Melody) so I did to some testing with each before I made the list


Hiveblood is higher than quick slash? The only time I used hive blood was in PoP and the White Palace


Those S Tier charms are 100% my top 4


Why is steady body in F. This charm is so useful. Not having to worry about being knocked around from your own nail you do SOOO much more damage especially when combined with quickslash and mark of pride


Why are glowing womb, grubsong, and weaverlings b teir i would honestly put them in S at least


You messed up d and f. They should switch places.


What did u rate them on? Casual? Combat? Boss rush? Etc


On overall gameplay


I always use stalwart shell vs bosses. Makes them a cakewalk if you like to go full berserker Goes to show how good the charm system is


why is sprint master b tier


I do not agree


Hiveblood to high


Stalwart Shell so low? I mean it's not good but I would never think it's bad either


Dont show the quickslash placement to pros they might die


They already have.


Steady body underrated


Watch fireborns video


I’m not sure where in the game this list is based on but for godhome (since that’s the only place where charms really matter) quick slash and steady body are ranked way too low, hiveblood and bardur shell don’t make too much sense to me either (the only time I’ve seen baldur is in Any rad lmao) Grimmchild and glowing womb just suck. Carefree melody and dream catcher deserve higher.