LPT: If going in for surgery, do yourself a favor and drink some gatorade a few hours before your surgery start time.

LPT: If going in for surgery, do yourself a favor and drink some gatorade a few hours before your surgery start time.


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No such thing as an anesthesia student. Either you’re an anesthesia resident aka you went to medical school or you’re something else like a crna. And if you’re a crna student don’t hide your nursing background by generalizing things to “anesthesia student”’. It’s confusing to people who might think you’re a medical doctor Also your advice is bad.


What level of training are you at? But also, anyone reading this: don't listen to this. For a variety of reasons surgery times may get moved around and if you are chugging gatorade "2 hrs before" your surgery and the case in front of you finishes early or gets bumped for some reason, all of a sudden you won't be properly fasted and run the risk of a delay or getting bumped yourself. The best thing to do is to follow the instructions given to you at your pre-operative appointment. The points that this student makes are true about dehydration, but all are easily managed. ​ * Easier IV stick if veins are full (read: hopefully only need to poke once). * We put IVs into dehydrated people easily all the time - not an issue. * Less nausea afterwards leading to quicker recovery. * Yes, but easily fixed with an appropriate IV fluid bolus intra-op. Also no research supporting pre-op hydration as a preventative strategy for post-operative nasuea/vomiting. * Less meds to keep your blood pressure stable during the procedure. * See point above. * And of course, hopefully less dry mouth beforehand * A minor inconvenience, but can be managed with ice chips if it is a big problem. Source: Anesthesiologist.


Yes, asking myself wtf an "anesthesia student," but also don't forget CAAs and student CAAs


Ya - I edited my post to be less of a dick and just took the whole thing out :)


Those are nurse students with egos


Anesthesiologist, would drinking Gatorade 2 hours prior to surgery be contradictory to ERAS protocols and would you consider said protocol as “research” ?


It really depends on the patient. I wouldn't recommend gatorade to a diabetic patient for example. ERAS protocols utilize a drink with a high carbohydrate concentration in non-diabetic patients. Gatorade does contain carbohydrates, but less than the drinks in the original ERAS protocols. It's not research, because no one is collecting data on it. It just deviates from the original ERAS protocol, which is fine. We do things in medicine all the time that deviate from the primary research. Gatorade is definitely more accessible and less expensive than other commercially available carbohydrate drinks.


Whats an anesthesia student? Are you a tech, assistant, nurse or a resident physician?


likely a CRNA student. an anesthesia resident (aka someone who actually went to medical school and is a physician in training) would never refer to themselves as an "anesthesia student" and also wouldn't be dumb enough to put out such stupid advice onto the internet.


Someone who isn't a doctor that wants people to think they are a doctor


"anaesthesia student" OP is a CAA lmao


Never take medical advice online. Please don’t listen to this. Surgical cases varies. Please listen to what your surgeon and anesthesiologist (not CRNA) tells you.


I love your username


LPT never take medical advice from Reddit, especially the LPT section.


First, this is critically dependent on what kind of surgery you're having. Second, listen to your doctor, not a student on Reddit. Third, even though the post is technically correct, the reason doctors tell you no liquids is because people drink too much, or drink "non-clear" liquids, or whatever. If you tell them you drank something, they're going to question you on every single other thing they told you to do or not do. Fourth, you're having surgery. You're going to feel like shit. Deal with it. For OP: you'll learn IMMEDIATELY that patients lie. All the time. So you tell people to not drink anything because you'll assume they'll drink something, but if you say "none" they'll drink less than if you said "some." If you think as a student you are qualified to give medical advice online, I'd love to know what your medical school thinks about it.


OP isn't a medical student otherwise they would have said so. Probably a CRNA student which gives them even less authority to give this advice to the general population.


pro tip: don't drink gatorade


Lol please follow the instructions from your physician so you dont end up screwing up your surgical and anesthesia plan, or aspirating etc, and ignore this clown who is likely a brand new crna student, and not a physician


LPT: when preparing for surgery, follow the directions given to you by the nurses or providers TO THE LETTER. Do not do anything different. Read the instructions that are given to you, and call if you have any questions. We’d rather get tons of calls than cancel a procedure or have a patient have an adverse outcome. There are rationales behind everything we ask patients to do.


Normally, I would say do not take any medical advice from reddit however, I'm having surgery in a few days and they give out an electrolyte drink to drink 2 hours before coming to the hospital.


Thats specific to your surgery. OP is being dangerous af.


Hence my first comment, take no medical advice from the redditors.