So Tired Of Hearing These Guys...

So Tired Of Hearing These Guys...


Y’all leave the commentators on?


That was my first thought. Most of the time I listen to podcasts or my own music when I play. When I don’t, I love to hear the field announcer(?) call first downs or loud crash of hit sticks and things like that. You can’t really hear game sounds well with the announcers.


When I wanna catch up on my podcast, I put on Madden and keep the volume low....I still like hearing the game sound efx tho


Podcasts are the only reason why I still play Madden. I need something simple to occupy the other parts of my brain while I'm listening to something, so I load my franchise and put the game on mute.


Yeah, I just leave the on-field announcer and remove the other ones.


same like if you don’t like the commentator just shut off the commenting


It’d be nice if they didn’t say the same 20 things though


I want an immersive experience playing a franchise and podcasts or music isn’t that


Haven’t had em on since madden 16


I've said this a million times. It doesn't matter who's broadcasting as long as the game is programmed to have such robotic transitions for discussions. Compare fifa or 2ks commentary to Madden, much more fluid and natural.


Y’all leave the audio on?




Honestly, give me anybody. A new commentary team would at least make the game feel refreshing


Maybe they should focus on making the commentary fit with what's on the field. Sometimes it's like "Looks like no gain he could only get back to the line of scrimmage." When it's a loss of like 2 and then immediately when they get to the next play they are like "After that loss of 2 I wonder what they're gonna do here." Or what players actual roles are even. They refer to Mike Evans as a Running Back "To his Running Back Evans" is the quote I shit you not, turn on M21 commentary and pass to him over and over you'll get it at some point. It's actually insanely baffling how bad this games commentary is.


"and with good blocking on the return they'll start the drive at the 25!" No, Brandon, that was just a touchback.


They talk about blocking in commentary more than my 5 99 OVR MUT OLineman actually block 3 man rushes.


If my blocking FB would actually block an OLB instead of just running past I would be so happy. Just hit him, occupy him for one goshdarn moment. Please!


Though I do like when they point out fun coincidences, like "Gain of 8 to the 8" Or "from one 46 to the other 46"


I've had them say and he's stuffed behind the line yet again or his nightmare continues as he's stopped behind the line against after a 10-15 yard run XD


Imagine Pat MacAfee as a madden commentator


That would be incredible


It really doesn’t matter who you have, it’s all going to get repetitive and their AI that determines when to say what is going to screw up fairly often still. They really just need more commentators, asking two guys to put together enough commentary to not get repetitive over a year is impossible.


Booger McFarland it is!


Booger McFarland and Jason Whiten is the Madden commentary dream team!


Al and Tony don’t even do commentary together




Jim Nantz


Neither did Collinsworth and Gus Johnson


The above user has admitted he was misremembering.


Jim nantz and romo would be awesome huge romo fan he's had alot of attention for it so it might actually happen one day


I hate them both for no reason other than the fact that their condescending voices are tied to so many awful feelings


QB: does a QB sneak into the end zone Charles Davis: is he a quarterback or a running back? Almost everytime This games logic is terrible


Any time I do an RPO and give it to the RB they say the QB kept it The PA announcer is bad too haven't played attention in a bit but any time I run in with Baker they say Broncos touchdown instead of Browns


I was excited when Madden announced they would have their own team of commentators but it's not good. I don't dislike either of these guys in and of themselves. But when you listen to the commentary and Madden it doesn't feel like you are listening to two guys in the same booth. It just feels like you're listening to recorded lines that are alternating. If that makes sense. Like I've never been a huge fan of constantly listening to video game commentary but like when I play NBA 2K the commentary sounds natural meaning it seems like they are truly in the same booth going back and forth. Madden it just feels robotic and clunky.


2K also has an amazing list of guests that come in and talk for like 10-15 minutes, the same way a real commentary would bring someone in. Bill Simmons, Shaq, Candace Parker, Kobe, etc


I will give it that the commentating has come a long way from “RANDY MOSS!!!! with a… 35 YARD!!! completion for a… FIRST DOWN!!!!” But every time I hear Charles Davis I just can’t do it lol.


I’m not much bothered by commentary either way, but it would be refreshing to have a new voice. Ultimately if you play the game for a handful of months the voices are going to run together anyhow regardless of who it is, so a new commentary team is like no.84 on the list of things to do I suppose.


Yea after the first week of playing I usually play on mute and listen to podcasts or music while playing anyways


I don't remember the last time i played Madden with the sound on.


I only have the commentary on for franchise mode to know how many touchdowns that player has on the season. But most of the time I just get “A GREAT EFFORT THERE” or “TAKING IT IN”. Seriously don’t understand how hard it is to flash a graphic or something. Or even to not have a generic couple of lines play every time. Even FIFA and NHL have more variety and emotion than Madden. I’d rather listen to Lee Dixon and Derek Rae all day long than to listen to these two guys. And it’s sad because Charles Davis is actually not that bad of a commentator irl. He’s actually enjoyable to listen to. But in madden it seems he only knows how to praise the defense no matter what. Brandon Gaudin is just awful though I seriously hate his voice


I hear you. I recently finished a season where Miles Sanders broke the rushing TD record. You'd think they'd make a slightly bigger deal out of it but I just got "And another touchdown, this is getting ugly" or whatever he says


I hate when they mention we’re playing a video game, like holy fuck you don’t say? Completely kills the immersion of a game that has very little immersion already


One of the worst lines in the game. Its so annoying


The absolute worst. Hearing them say "well it is just a video game after all" like who the FUCK at EA thought that was a good idea?


Like I get that if you play games like me and win 256-0, but hearing it in an actual close game is annoying as shit


Be careful what u ask for or else they’ll give us Joe Buck








Down to the twenty five


Now here’s a guy…


Imagine if we got a blend of multiple commentary teams for Sunday night/Monday night games


First thing I do with every new sports game.... Menu Music: 0. Announcer Level: 0. Save.


You’re missing out as 2K has some good commentary (though Webber is pretty meh just like IRL)


After so many hours.....


Gimme nantz




I personally don't like Nantz but he would be better then what we have now.


Nantz and Simms never needed to be replaced


Phil Simms for sure needed to be replaced.


You're kidding? I was so happy to find Simms was gone from Madden back when 17 was released that I almost shit my pants. Lol


Can't wait to hear the absolute gem of a soundtrack they put in this year


Won't be as good so you won't Throw It In Rotation


Tis a gem


Mind Your Manners is still the best Madden soundtrack song for me - at least for the last decade


I dont like them either i play with commentary off cuz of them. Ruin the whole game for me when they talk


I remember when these were announced and the first game they were in. Everyone loved them lol.


I play madden on mute, makes it way better. Those commentators are awful and even if they were good they need a refresh anyway


They should just get a rotating crew and maybe even do a “cmon man” but for the halftime show. How would they do that, well from my understanding that may be out of date, the replays are a lot like Smash Bro’s in that they are actually recreations of the events of the play not the play itself. So why couldn’t the CPU generate plays from the other games (or “highlights” from other users.) They can even have a hidden “ditka” score on plays to warrant what would make the reel. I mean the replays all ready have a “score” on them even though they don’t actually dictate anything besides how cool the play is (according to madden)


Agreed. Having new and rotating commentary would keep the game from feeling stale.


Unpopular opinion: I miss Chris Collinsworth.


Better than phil simms sorry ass


I rather have Gus Johnson


They would make Gus Johnson sound like shit unless they somehow made the commentators react in real time rather than saying nothing until a player scores.


He was great in Madden 11, but you’re right they most likely would ruin him.


I'm just glad Chris Collinsworth is gone. I won't miss his "expert analysis" that "Steven Jackson keeps offensive coordinators up at night wondering how to stop him". And no, that's not my mistake above.


Took me a long time to like Chris Collinsworth in real life because of the old redundant madden games 😂


Now here’s a guy that doesn’t let video games sway his real life opinion.


Okay, Frank Caliendo. Let's not get carried away with the John Madden impressions. Lol. No, really.....I read that as Frank doing a Madden impression.....without even thinking about it. Very weird. Lol


Yeah, madden is one of the games I can go no volume on and have the TV blasting or an ebook. When I play F1, I need some volume so I know when my pit boss is talking but other than that, f it.


So glad im not the only one.


It's better than the commentary system that came before them.


Only on for my QB franchise, keeps the immersion I guess?


True but (real talk) I was emotional when Gaudin said he was honored to be calling the Super Bowl with his “best friend” CD. 😂




I always keep commentary turned off and just listen to the field announcer.


I’ve been playing madden on mute for 2 years. Just play music or podcasts on in the background.


Nothing like C-level broadcast guys to represent the true NFL broadcast experience. Here's a list of better options, they could've mixed and matched: \- Jim Nantz \- Tony Romo \- Joe Buck \- Troy Aikman \- Kevin Harlan \- Rich Gannon \- Ian Eagle \- Trent Green \- Greg Gumble \- Tracy Wolfson \- Kevin Burkhardt \- Daryl Johnston \- Kenny Albert \- Dick Stockton \- Aquib Talib


Perfect list. It's no reason NBA2k can get multiple commentators each year, but a company like EA can only afford two


I liked the old duo, I know not many do, but they are my favorite commenting team that doesn’t include romo




It’s not the voices it’s the repeated into the ground voice lines


I leave them on alot more realistic feel even though its a bit repetitive


lmaoooo this is so true!!!!


I'll take those guys over Phil Simms and Cris Collinsworth any day. Those guys were arrogant and so damned annoying. Criticzed the shit out of everything.


Same honestly. Tired of Gaudin and Davis


Mixing up commentators would be a great idea, really. The usual Sunday network crews, the Thursday night announcers and MNF commentators doing their usual gigs would be great. Copying and pasting the same commentary bits that Gaudin and Davis recorded 6 years ago is incredibly lazy. They still talk about Super Bowl 50 during every game, for crying out loud! At the very least, those guys coming back and recording fresh material would be a breath of fresh air. Hell, at this point, I'll take the NFL Blitz guy and Frank Caliendo doing his John Madden bit right now!


Hopefully we get a new team in 23, I think its too late to see new commentators for 22. Its just tiring hearing the same lines


Yes, it is. You'd think they'd do stuff every year to change it and keep things current but with MUT becoming the company's main focus, they're not gonna do anything else unless they have to.


Imagine playing Madden with the commentary turned on


How hard is it to change 2 PEOPLE? 2!


It actually is hard. It's a ton of time to record the voice acting. It's part of the reason it's the same every year.


Even 10 new lines each a year would add up tho


Anyone else just want celebrities? Like I would kill to have Snoop Dogg and Mr.Beast. Or maybe coaces. I'm sure Mike Tomlin and John Harbough wont be busy after the wildcard round.


EA UFC uses Snoop Dogg which is super dope. I wish Madden would do the same since they're apart of the EA Sports branch


Wouldn't even have to be Snoop, they could just pay some money to add a clause in the superbowl halftime show that says whoever does the superbowl halftime show has to be a commentator in the next madden. Then they both guarentee big names AND extra variety.


Agreed. It would add some form of excitement to the game. Also makes the halftime/Super bowl feel more meaningful


Give me booger mcfarland and jason witten please EA, it would be a direct upgrade. Anything would be better than these two again, saying the same lines ive heard since fucking MADDEN 17


I like Booger McFarland. He has a unique defensive mindset that you usually don't hear. I also liked Aqib Talib for this same reason. He understands and explains coverages. A DB's perspective is pretty kick ass.


Lol @ wanting new commentators. A drop of freshness won't make this game any better.


Turn them off and then put on your Spotify.


At least we don't need to hear, "OLD SPICE BODY WAAAASH" anymore.


I would kill to hear John Madden tell me I de-cleated someone again


Mute the TV and put on music.


don’t care about Gaudin but Davis is a king, i will not stand for such disrespect


I haven’t not immediately muted a sports game in a solid decade.


I don't mind Gaudin and Davis, but their commentary hasn't changed since their first year together. And the last couple of years, some of their comments don't fit what's going on on the field at all. Can't blame them for EA's refusal to keep the presentation fresh and worthwhile.


I like the commentators, especially when I put on slow sim and just watch sometimes (I play owner and it lets me see how my coach/players do) But we gotta get new commentators at some point. The only reason they keep using these guys is for recycled voice lines.


No matter what, BOYCOTT MADDEN. NFL will see EA losing sale profits and revoke out of the exclusive contract and let other game studios to produce the football video game.


I don't think any other publisher can afford the $1.5B EA paid for the licensing. We can only hope EA changes.....lolol


So you mean any company can claim the exclusivity to publish NFL licensed video games? I’ll be damned, it should be illegal lol, NFL should have a right to decide what game studios they sign with.


I mean no one can outbid EA, the NFL isn't going to turn down hundreds of millions because gamers are mad at EA.


*it’s third down* CD: and I would expect pressure here


This is why I play on mute


If the announcers are the biggest complaint for M22 we will have a helluva game. I'd rather see deeper franchise (based on the beta it has improved), better gameplay and more customization.


“a timeout here to preserve the time, that’s why they called the TO” you wanna miss out on hard hitting commentary like this????


I just wish they revamped all the lines




It sucks for those guys. I wouldn't want people to think we're hating on them. I actually think they are fine football commentators. But it's just been too damn much. You need something new and refreshing once in awhile. I wish they would do multiple commentator teams per game. That would be too much to ask of EA though. And for god sakes, give Jim and Tony a turn!


It’s been like 6 years already


I have never understood why they don't add new commentators every couple of years, and then use that as a new broadcast, so then eventually we would have 3 or 4 different broadcast teams for things like SNF and MNF and a couple depending upon early vs late afternoon games. I mean, it is Madden so I guess it makes sense that they wouldn't put forth that type of effort and forward thinking strategy


I actually don't mind them for the most part. Key words are "for the most part", as that stupid condescending voice going "WeLl He'S wHeRe He WoUlD'vE bEeN hAd He JuSt TaKeN tHe KnEe"




How i miss the days of “ for JOHN MADDEN & PAT SUMMERALL “


Still better than Collinsworth