“Oh no I fell down. Guess I’ll just stay here on the ground for a few minutes.”


“Oh no the opponent hit the shuttlecock so hard that it makes me slide backwards and lock myself in place instead of being mobile in a SPORT”


Wobble shots happen when your timing is off or you can’t make it into position to hit it in time. It’s how the games don’t go on for hours.


Have better control would make it so we don’t need wobbly shots. You only direct the shuttlecock to some degree, often you swing to the left because the opponent isn’t there - but it hits it towards the enemy.


That doesn’t really happen to me very often at all. But I like to recalibrate my joycon in between serves. You should try that and see if it helps.


This! It drives me nuts!


Why can’t we move with the stick or something, have some control? Also sometimes no matter how much you swing, the game doesn’t make you hit the shuttlecock


If you ready yourself to receive the shot, your character will move into position


Still would've been easier to give us control they need to do that for some games for example how Mario aces you have control but for switch sport let's us swing with motion controls.


It's so frustrating when I swing my joy-con and they just don't hit it.


On the contrary I will always absolutely lose it in a fit of laughter seeing my opponent vigorously wiggle the racquet back and forth slightly as the shuttlecock daintily falls past them


if badminton didn’t have this mechanic each point would last like 10 minutes


They do though. It’s why I don’t play. Each volley can last theoretically forever, and it’s seriously not hard to hit a ten or fifteen minute badminton match


That part of it is annoying but I do think the mechanics of the game are the most real compared to the other games.


Personally I think they did an amazing job with badminton


I love Badminton but I disagree. Any videogame mechanic that take away your control of the characters are never a good design. Especially with NSS badminton where you are stunned for an insane amount of time. Also the animations don't do a good job of communicating when the player make a mistake, it does seem like you just randomly trip for no reason.


I almost always feel I “deserve” it when I trip, because I’ve swung with poor timing, or used a motion that wouldn’t have been natural for the character. I feel like they have a consistent set of things they reward/punish, and practice helps you improve. To me, that’s a win. The “stunned” mechanic is basically an instant loss, totally agree that it’s frustrating. However I feel it’s necessary to keep the game progressing because otherwise the matches can get LONG.


As someone who played competitive badminton, I personally think they did a really good job replicating a real badminton experience virtually. A lot of badminton is lunging and if timed wrong this is what causes a mis-hit. I also like how you can actually reach with your arm angle to get the birdie from far away if you time it perfectly it does a good job of mimicking the real thing. As for movement speed I dare you to try playing badminton against someone who even somewhat knows what they’re doing in real life and I think you will understand, they will have u diving across the court as the birdie comes in faster than u think.


You have to point your joycon where you want to go


That’s the most bullshit I’ve heard so far in the game. Damn nvm


It literally tells you in the waiting screen.


Bro ong I never got that at all I thought it just moves you automatically..


Yeah you’d think they’d explain it in the tutorial but they don’t really. If you go IGN though they’ll tell you the same


Alright cool, mb then thanks


And that right there is why I hardly play anymore.


Skill issue